West Riding Muster Rolls 1680 - Part 2


West Riding Muster Rolls 1680 - Part 2

These Muster Rolls were kindly supplied by Denise Oyston.
The names of the sev'all principalls of the foot
Armes to the Militia of this division of Agbrigg

Surname Christian
name Rank Abode
ANDREWS, Ralph Musketeer Quick
ANDREW, Enuck Musketeer Quick
ANELEY, Edw. Musketeer Quarmby
ARMITAGE, Richard Musketeer Almondbury
ARMITAGE, John Pikeman Homforth
ARMITAGE, John Pikeman Meltham
ASHTON, Mrs Pikeman Emley
BEAUMONT, Abraham Musketeer Almondbury
BEAUMONT, George Musketeer Ov. Flocton
BEAUMONT, George Musketeer Dalton
BEAUMONT, Mrs Anne Musketeer Murfield
BEDFORD, Robt. Musketeer Dewsbury
BOOTH, Natha. Musketeer Battley
BOSVILL, Will. Musketeer Rothwell
BRADFORD, Edward Musketeer Ossitt
BRADFORD, Rob. Musketeer Ossitt
BRIGGS, Mr Joseph Musketeer Kirkburton
BRODDEL, Edmund Pikeman Homforth
BROOKE, Mr Will. Pikeman Hothersfield
BUCKLEY, John Pikeman Quick
BUCKLEY, Hen. Musketeer Quick
BURNETT, Jonas Musketeer Crigglestone
CASSAN, William Pikeman Middleton-cum-Thorpe
CASSON, Robt. Musketeer West Ardesley
CLAREBURN, John Pikeman Rothwell
CLAREBURN, Henry Musketeer Rothwell
CLARKE, Thomas Musketeer Hothersfield
CLAYTON, Mr Musketeer Crigglestone
CLAYTON, JUN., James Pikeman Crofton
CLERK, Mr Idle Musketeer Rothwell
COGGHILL, Ann Musketeer Rothwell
COOPER, Daniel Musketeer Hothersfield
COOPER, Charles Pikeman East Ardesley
COWDILL, John Musketeer Cumberworth, Agbrigg
COWDILL, John Thurstonland
CRASTER, Thos. Musketeer Morley
CROSLAND, Humphrey Musketeer Homforth
DARBY Mr Thomas Musketeer Almondbury
DARBY, Mr Tho. Musketeer Murfield
DAWSON, Geo. Musketeer Crosland
DAWSON, James Pikeman Dewsbury
DEITON, Benjamin Musketeer East Ardesley
DENTON, Tho. Pikeman Quarmby
DIXON, Chr. Musketeer Dewsbury
DYSON, John Musketeer Quarmby
DYSON. Geo. Musketeer Quarmby
EARNSHAW, John Musketeer Homforth
EDMUND, Mr Rich. Musketeer Norminton
ELLIS, Rich. Pikeman Wakefield
ELLIS, Jonathan Musketeer Homforth
EMPSON, William Pikeman Thornhill
FARRAR, John Pikeman Methley
FENTON, Abraham Musketeer Rothwell
FERTH Tho. Shepley
FITTEN, John Musketeer Kirkburton
FOREMAN, John Musketeer Rothwell
FOSTER, Rich. Musketeer Ossitt
FOXCROFT, Sam. Pikeman Battley
GARTHSIDE, Geo. Musketeer Quick
GARTHSIDE, John Pikeman Quick
GELDER, John Pikeman Warnfield
GRICE, Mr Rich. Pikeman Stanley
HAGUE, John Musketeer Quarmby
HAGUE, Jos. Musketeer Crosland
HAGUE, JNR., John Musketeer Marsden
HAGUE, JNR., John Musketeer Marsden
HALL, Will. Musketeer Soutill
HALL, Jos. Pikeman Sandall
HALL, John Musketeer Murfield
HARRISON, Rich. Pikeman Wakefield
HATFIELD, Mr Gervase Pikeman Stanley
HATON, Timothy Musketeer Battley
HEATER, Will Musketeer Sharleston
HINCHLIFFE, James Musketeer Homforth
HOLDSWORTH, Mr John Musketeer Aketon
HOLDSWORTH, Robt. Pikeman Murfield
HOPWOOD, Will. Pikeman Ossitt
HOYLE, Daniell Musketeer Wakefield
HURST, Joshua Musketeer Murfield
JEPSON, Joseph Musketeer Murfield
JOHNSON, Thomas Pikeman Crigglestone
KAY, Jonas Musketeer Homforth
KENT, John Musketeer Stanley
KINOSTON, John Musketeer Wolten
KITCHIN, Mr Musketeer Rothwell
LABURNE, Anth. Musketeer Rothwell
LANGFIELD, Will Musketeer Horbury
LANGLEY, Ath. Pikeman Dalton
LAVERACK, Richard Musketeer Methley
LAWSON, Mr William Musketeer Wakefield
LEAKE, Mrs Pikeman Horbury
LEDGERD, John Musketeer Murfield
LEVITT, Mrs Musketeer Norminton
LINLEY, George Musketeer Homforth
LITTLEWOOD, Richard Musketeer Honley
LONGLEY, Mr Pikeman Horbury
MAND, Gideon Musketeer Stanley
MARSDEN, John Musketeer Marsden
MASON, Will. Musketeer Warnfield
MASON, Thomas Musketeer Crofton
MATTHEWMAN, Richard Pikeman Homforth
MATTHEWMAN, Rich. Musketeer Shepley
MAUDE, Daniel Pikeman Stanley
MEAGER, Matt Musketeer Wakefield
MOREHOUSE, Matthew Musketeer Homforth
MORE, James Musketeer Rothwell
MORE, Rob Musketeer Rothwell
MORTON, Richard Pikeman Honley
MOSLEY, Will Musketeer Shelly
NAYLER, Mr Char. Musketeer Wakefield
NETTLETON, John Pikeman Dewsbury
NEWTON, Josias Musketeer Honley
NEWTON, John Musketeer Homforth
NICHOLS, Mrs Musketeer Norminton
NORFOLKE, JUN, Rich. Musketeer Wakefield
NORFOLKE, JUN, Mr Richard Pikeman Wakefield
OAKES, Mr Pikeman Soutill
OATES, John Musketeer Ov. Flocton
OLDROYD, Jos, Musketeer Dewsbury
OLEY, Mrs Mary Musketeer Crofton
OXLEY, William Musketeer Cumberworth, Agbrigg
PHILLIPSON, Callas Musketeer Almondbury
PRICKETT, Mr Musketeer Methley
PROCTOR, Francis Pikeman Middleton-cum-Thorpe
RHODES, Chr. Musketeer Crigglestone
RHODES, Will. Musketeer Flocton Nether
RICHINSON, John Musketeer Emley
ROBERTS, Will. Musketeer Methley
ROBINSON, Lawrence Musketeer West Ardesley
SCATCHER, Matthew Musketeer Morley
SHANN, Mr John Pikeman Methley
SHAN, Widd. Musketeer Sandall
SHAW, Luke Musketeer Dalton
SHAW, Geo. Musketeer Lepton
SHAW, Rich. Musketeer Wakefield
SHEPHERD, Thos. Pikeman Warnfield
SHEPLEY, James Musketeer Battley
SHEPLEY, Tho. Pikeman. Murfield
SHES Tho. Whitley
SMITH, Tho. Musketeer Methley
SPINKE, Mr Jeremy Musketeer Wakefield
SWIFT, Roger Musketeer Rothwell
SYKES, Mr John Pikeman Shelly
TAYLER, Edward Pikeman Meltham
TAYLER, John Musketeer Quarmby
THEWLESS, Richard Musketeer Dalton
THORRIL, Mr Pikeman Methley
THURGOLAND, Mr Geo. Musketeer Murfield
THURGOLAND, Geo Musketeer Whitley
TINKER, Will. Musketeer Shelly
WALKER, John Musketeer Horbury
WALKER, James Musketeer Quarmby
WATKINSON, Mr Jos. Pikeman Wakefield
WEBSTER, John Musketeer Sandall
WHEATLEY, Thomas Musketeer Emley
WHITEHEAD, Robt. Musketeer Quick
WHITLEY, Antho. Musketeer Ossitt
WILSON, Luke Musketeer Homforth
WILSON, Will. Musketeer Ossitt
WITHERS, Mr Musketeer Wakefield
WOODHEAD, John Pikeman Marsden
WOOD, John Pikeman Farnley
WORDSWORTH, Joseph Pikeman Stanley
WORTLEY, John Musketeer Shepley
WRIGGLESWORTH, Tho Musketeer Rothwell

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