Sir John Reresby's Militia Troop, 1623


Strafford and Tickhill wapentake:
Sir John Reresby's Militia Troop, 1623

Source=h:/!Genuki/RecordTranscriptions/YKS/WRYJackParry.txt The Troop of Sir John Reresby's bearing the date of 1623, relating to the following passage in his memoirs.

When the Scotch War broke out my father was Major in the militia regiment within the Wapontake of Strafford and Tickhill, and the other hundred adjoining, the Colonel of it at that time being Sir George Wentworth, and in the year 1639, he marched to York, where the regiment was appointed to rendezvous in order to their going to fight the Scots.

The list as in 1633, September 27

Samuel Savill, EsquireJohn Buckley, Esquire
John SandersonFrancis Stanley
William BirksHenry Wright
Godfrey YatesJohn Foster
Richard Mountney, EsquireThomas Dickinson
William DickinsonFrancis Dickinson
William LeadbeaterAlexander Cleyton
John DrewRichard Fulcher
Henry NicholsonRowland Shepley
John PeonsonAndrew Cleyton
Thomas Dickinson
Robert WhiteheadRichard Belk
Robert WhiteheadJohn Stacey
Edward SissonGeorge Taylor
Mr Clayton
Thorpe Salvin cum Wales
Edward BeaumontHenry Bentley
Thomas RobinettJohn Whitehead
Thomas Billam
John ClarkeRobert Pemperton
Thomas PagdenWilliam Emley
Nicholas KirkeJohn Kirke
William PighamThomas Kirke
Robert BaylesGeorge Taggs
Francis EllisMr Pritchett
Brampton cum Ha
Robert ArthurAnthony Gilberthorp
William KirbyThomas Milner
Robert SeatonThomas Lord
John BowerRalph Hertley
Robert Hertley
George BrithwaitNathaniel Eyre
William SpencerRichard Ward
Matthew Waterhouse
Laughton le Morthen
Robert Mirfin, gentlemanThomas Mirfin
John CheshireJames Ellis
George CheshireGervase Revell
Gifford SouthRobert Mirfin
Edward LaughtonWilliam Laughton
Robert ArthurAnthony Hatfield, gentleman
Christopher MichellWilliam Misterton
John Seaton
Aston cum Aughton
Godfrey SimonettGodfrey Scholey
Mr Fletcher
Thomas ShepleyRichard Staniford
Peter WilliamsonWilliam Harrobin
Richard BurroseWilliam Swath
George HarrisonWidow Tagge
Ye Countesse of Pembroke
Thrybergh cum Brinsford
James StiringeThomas Bilcliffe
Mr LeadbetterWilliam Stringer
Widow Laughton
James EllisWilliam Setchfielde
William YouleWilliam Potter
Thomas PriestleyJohn Tomson
John TomlinsonGeorge Stringer
George WestbyJohn Revel
James Gervas
Thomas HawkerheadWilliam Downes
Thomas WhatsonThomas Shirley
George LordMr Waringe
Hooton Robert
William NicholsonThomas Roades
Thomas NicholsonWilliam Nawthorpe
George Roberts
Thomas JacksonThomas Nell
John RobuckThomas Hurst
John HurstThomas Linley
Woodsetts cum Gildenwell
John BradshawHugh Nellson

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