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Help and advice for Alphabetical list and index for places in Yorkshire

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Alphabetical list and index for places in Yorkshire


If you haven't done so already, please read the explanatory notes in the Section Index.

Letter B

Babthorpe (E) : Hemingbrough
Bachelors Gardens (W) : Knaresborough
Badsworth (W)
Badsworth Hall (W) : Badsworth
Baffam (E) : Kirby Underdale
Bagby (N) : Kirby Knowle
Bagdale (N) : Whitby
Bagden (W) : Penistone
Baghill (W) : Pontefract
Bagley (W) : Calverley
Bagley (W) : Tickhill
Baildon (W) : Otley
Bailiff Bridge (W) : Halifax
Bainbridge (N) : Aysgarth
Bainton (E)
Bainwood Head (N) : Lastingham
Baitings (W) : Halifax
Bakestone Dale, see Bakestone Delf (W) : Rochdale
Bakestone Delf (W) : Rochdale
Balby (W) : Doncaster
Baldersby, included with Topcliffe (N) : Topcliffe
Baldersby Park (N) : Topcliffe
Baldersby St James (N) : Topcliffe
Baldersdale (N) : Romaldkirk
Balk (W) : Darfield
Balk Hill (W) : Dewsbury
Balke (N) : Kirby Knowle
Balkholme (E) : Howden
Ballifield Hall (W) : Handsworth
Balne (W) : Snaith
Balne Croft (W) : Snaith
Balne House (W) : Snaith
Bank End (W) : Adel
Bank Houses (W) : Calverley
Bank Newton (W) : Gargrave
Bank Side (W) : Adel
Bank Top (W) : Adel
Bank Top (W) : Darfield
Bank Top (W) : Rochdale
Bank Top, see Southowram (W) : Halifax
Bank Top, see Southowram Bank (W) : Halifax
Banks Hall (W) : Cawthorne
Bankside (W) : Thorne
Bankside Houses (W) : Snaith
Banner Cross (W) : Sheffield
Bantam Grove (W) : Batley
Barbot Hall (W) : Rotherham
Barcroft (W) : Bingley
Barden (N) : East Hauxwell
Barden (W) : Skipton
Barden Dykes (N) : East Hauxwell
Barden Lane (N) : East Hauxwell
Barden Pike Lodge (W) : Skipton
Bardsey (W)
Barf End (N) : Grinton
Barf Hill (E) : Lockington
Barforth (N) : Forcett
Barforth Grange (N) : Forcett
Barforth Hall (N) : Forcett
Bargh, see Barugh (W) : Darton
Barkerdale, see Bartindale (E) : Hunmanby
Barkisland (W) : Halifax
Barkston, see Barkston Ash (W) : Saxton, Sherburn in Elmet
Barkston Ash (W) : Saxton, Sherburn in Elmet
Barkston Ash (W): a wapentake
Barlby (E) : Hemingbrough
Barlow (W) : Brayton
Barmbrough, see Barnburgh (W) : Barnburgh
Barmby Moor (E)
Barmby Moor Inn (E) : Barmby Moor
Barmby On The Marsh (E) : Howden
Barmby on Derwent, see Barmby On The Marsh (E) : Howden
Barmby on Don, see Barnby Dun (W) : Barnby Dun
Barmby on the Moor, see Barmby Moor (E) : Barmby Moor
Barmer Lodge (N) : Lastingham
Barmston (E)
Barnaby House (N) : Guisborough
Barnawick, see Barnoldswick (W) : Thornton in Lonsdale
Barnbow (W) : Barwick in Elmet
Barnbow Carr (W) : Barwick in Elmet
Barnbrough, see Barnburgh (W) : Barnburgh
Barnburgh (W)
Barnburgh Grange (W) : Barnburgh
Barnburgh Hall (W) : Barnburgh
Barnby (N) : Bossall
Barnby, see also East Barnby (N) : Lythe
Barnby (W) : Silkstone
Barnby Dun (W)
Barnby Furnace (W) : Cawthorne
Barnby Furnace, see Furnace (W) : Silkstone
Barnby on the Marsh, see Barmby On The Marsh (E) : Howden
Barnby on the Moor, see Barmby Moor (E) : Barmby Moor
Barnby upon Don, see Barnby Dun (W) : Barnby Dun
Barnes Hall (W) : Ecclesfield
Barnfield Smithy (W) : Low Bentham
Barnhill Hall (E) : Howden
Barningham (N)
Barningham Park (N) : Barningham
Barnoldswick (W)
Barnoldswick (W) : Thornton in Lonsdale
Barnoldswick Coates (W) : Barnoldswick
Barnsdale House (W) : Kirk Smeaton
Barnsdale Lodge (W) : Campsall
Barnsgreen (W) : Ecclesfield
Barnside (W) : Kirkburton
Barnsley (W) : Silkstone
Barrow (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Barrow Hill, see Barf Hill (E) : Lockington
Barrowby (W) : Kirkby Overblow
Barrowby Grange (W) : Kirkby Overblow
Barrowby Hall (W) : Garforth
Barrowcliff (N) : Scalby
Barthorpe, see Barthorpe Bottoms (E) : Acklam
Barthorpe Bottoms (E) : Acklam
Bartindale (E) : Hunmanby
Barton (N)
Barton Dale, see Bartindale (E) : Hunmanby
Barton Le Street (N)
Barton Le Willows (N) : Crambe
Barton St. Mary's, see Barton (N) : Barton
Barugh, see Great Barugh (N) : Kirby Misperton
Barugh, see also Rook Barugh (N) : Normanby
Barugh (W) : Darton
Barugh Green (W) : Darton
Barughs Ambo, see Great Barugh (N) : Kirby Misperton
Barwick, see Ingleby Barwick (N) : Stainton
Barwick In Elmet (W)
Basedale (N) : Westerdale
Basedale Abbey (N) : Westerdale
Bashall (W) : Great Mitton
Bashall Eaves (W) : Great Mitton
Bashall Hall (W) : Great Mitton
Bashall Town, see Bashall (W) : Great Mitton
Basingthorpe (W) : Rotherham
Bassett (W) : Sheffield
Baswick, see also High Baswick (E) : Brandesburton
Baswick, see also Low Baswick (E) : Brandesburton
Baswick Steer (E) : Brandesburton
Batley (W)
Batley, see also Upper Batley (W) : Batley
Batley Carr (W) : Batley
Battersby (N) : Ingleby Greenhow
Battleburn (E) : Kirkburn
Battrix (W) : Slaidburn
Bawtry (W) : Blythe
Baxby (N) : Coxwold
Baxby (N) : Husthwaite
Baxter Hall (W) : Drax
Baxter House, see Baxtonhowe (N) : Hovingham
Baxter Howe, see Baxtonhowe (N) : Hovingham
Baxtonhowe (N) : Hovingham
Bay Hall (W) : Huddersfield
Bayesdale (N) : Stokesley
Beacon Banks (N) : Husthwaite
Beacon Hill (W) : Halifax
Beadlam (N) : Kirkdale
Beaghall, see Beal (W) : Kellington
Beal (W) : Kellington
Beal House (N) : Thornton le Street
Beale House, see Beal House (N) : Thornton le Street
Beamsley (W) : Skipton, Addingham
Beamsley Hall (W) : Skipton, Addingham
Bear Park (N) : Aysgarth
Bear Park (N) : Aysgarth
Bearswood Green (W) : Hatfield
Beasden (W) : Burnsall
Beatrix (W) : Slaidburn
Beck Bottom (W) : Kirkby Overblow
Beck Bottom (W) : Wakefield
Beck Meeting (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Becka Lodge (W) : Aberford
Beckermonds (W) : Arncliffe
Beckfoot (W) : Bingley
Beckhole (N) : Goathland
Beckmeeting (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Beckmill, see Beckfoot (W) : Bingley
Beckurmunds, see Beckermonds (W) : Arncliffe
Beckwith (W) : Pannal
Beckwith Green (W) : Pannal
Beckwith House (W) : Pannal
Beckwithshaw, see Beckwith Green (W) : Pannal
Bedale (N)
Bedale hall (N) : Bedale
Beech Grove (W) : Thorner
Beechwood (W) : Barwick in Elmet
Beecroft Hall (W) : Horton in Ribblesdale
Beeford (E)
Beeford Grange (E) : Beeford
Beeston (W) : Leeds
Beeston Hill (W) : Leeds
Beeston Park Side (W) : Leeds
Beeston Royds (W) : Leeds
Beggarington Hill (W) : Woodkirk
Beggarmans, see Beckermonds (W) : Arncliffe
Beggerington (W) : Halifax
Beilby, see Bielby (E) : Hayton
Beilby Grange, see Micklethwaite Grange (W) : Collingham
Belby (E) : Howden
Bell Busk (W) : Gargrave
Bell Flash House (W) : Ripon
Bell Hagg (W) : Sheffield
Bell Hall (E) : York Saint Dennis
Bell Vue (W) : Sandal Magna
Bellasize (E) : Eastrington
Belle Clive, see Bilcliffe (W) : Penistone
Belle Green (W) : Royston
Belle Isle (W) : Leeds
Belle Isle (W) : Rothwell
Belle Vue (W) : Doncaster
Bellerby (N) : Spennithorne
Bellwood (W) : Ripon
Belly Bridge (W) : Dewsbury
Belman Bank (N) : Guisborough
Belmont Bank, see Belman Bank (N) : Guisborough
Belthorpe, see High Belthorpe (E) : Bishop Wilton
Belwood Hall (W) : Ripon
Bempton (E)
Bempton Grange (E) : Bempton
Ben Rhydding (W) : Ilkley
Beningbrough (N) : Newton upon Ouse
Benkil Grange (N) : Bedale
Bennetland (E) : Eastrington
Benningholme (E) : Swine
Benningholme Grange (E) : Swine
Bennington, see Binnington (E) : Willerby
Bent's Green (W) : Sheffield
Bentham, see Low Bentham (W) : Low Bentham
Bentham, see also High Bentham (W) : Low Bentham
Bentley (E) : Rowley
Bentley (W) : Arksey
Bentley Grange (W) : Emley
Bentley Rise (W) : Arksey
Berry Brow (W) : Almondbury
Berry Moor (W) : Silkstone
Berrygate Hill (E) : Keyingham
Berwick, see Ingleby Barwick (N) : Stainton
Berwick (W) : Skipton
Berwick Hills (N) : Ormesby
Berwick in Elmet, see Barwick In Elmet (W) : Barwick in Elmet
Bessacarr (W) : Cantley
Bessacor, see Bessacarr (W) : Cantley
Bessingby (E)
Beswick (E) : Kilnwick on the Wolds
Beverley (E)
Beverley Parks (E) : Beverley
Beverley Saint John (E)
Beverley Saint Nicholas (E)
Bewerley (W) : Ripon
Bewerley Hall (W) : Ripon
Bewholme (E) : Nunkeeling
Bewick (E) : Aldbrough
Bewick Hall (E) : Aldbrough
Bickerton (A) : Bilton
Bickley (N) : Ebberston
Bielby (E) : Hayton
Bierley (W) : Bradford
Bierley, see also East Bierley (W) : Birstall
Biggin (W) : Church Fenton
Biggin (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Biggin Grange (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Bilbrough (A)
Bilcliffe (W) : Penistone
Bilham (W) : Barnburgh, Hooton Pagnell
Bilham Grange (W) : High Hoyland
Bilham House (W) : Barnburgh, Hooton Pagnell
Bilham Row (W) : Hooton Pagnell
Billingley (W) : Darfield
Billingley Green (W) : Darfield
Billings Hill (E) : Nunkeeling
Bilsdale East Side, see Bilsdale Midcable (N) : Helmsley
Bilsdale Kirkham (N) : Helmsley
Bilsdale Midcable (N) : Helmsley
Bilsdale West Side (N) : Hawnby
Bilton (A)
Bilton (E) : Swine
Bilton (W) : Knaresborough
Bilton Dene (W) : Knaresborough
Bilton Grange (A) : Bilton
Bilton Grange (E) : Swine
Bilton Hall (A) : Bilton
Bilton Hall (W) : Knaresborough
Bilton Park (A) : Bilton
Bincoe, see Binsoe (N) : West Tanfield
Bingley (W)
Bingley Seat (W) : Ecclesfield
Binnington (E) : Willerby
Binsoe (N) : West Tanfield
Birch (N) : Stonegrave
Bircham Cliffe, see Birchencliffe (W) : Huddersfield
Birchencliffe (W) : Huddersfield
Bird-Ridding (N) : Coverham
Birdforth (N) : Coxwold
Birdforth (N): a wapentake
Birdhall Flatt, see Birdwell Flatt (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Birds Edge (W) : Penistone
Birdsall (E)
Birdwell (W) : Tankersley
Birdwell Flatt (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Birk House (W) : Sedbergh
Birk Riggs (N) : Aysgarth
Birk's Hall (W) : Halifax
Birkby (N)
Birkby (W) : Huddersfield
Birkby (W) : Thorner
Birkby Nab (W) : Ripon
Birkby Nab, see Birkley Nab (W) : Ripon
Birkdale (N) : Grinton
Birkenshaw (W) : Birstall
Birkenshaw Bottoms (W) : Birstall
Birkin (W)
Birkinshaw, see Birkenshaw (W) : Birstall
Birkley Nab (W) : Ripon
Birkrigg (Farm), see Birk Riggs (N) : Aysgarth
Birks (N) : East Witton
Birks (W) : Woodkirk
Birkwith (W) : Horton in Ribblesdale
Birkwood (W) : Crofton
Birley Car (W) : Ecclesfield
Birley Carr (W) : Ecclesfield
Birley Edge (W) : Ecclesfield
Birstall (W)
Birstall Smithies (W) : Birstall
Birstwith (W) : Hampsthwaite
Birstwith Hall (W) : Hampsthwaite
Birthwaite (W) : Ripley
Birthwaite Hall (W) : Darton
Birtle (N) : Romaldkirk
Bishop Burton (E)
Bishop Burton Hall (E) : Bishop Burton
Bishop Monkton (W) : Ripon
Bishop Park (W) : Rochdale
Bishop Thornton (W) : Ripon
Bishop Wilton (E)
Bishop's Palace (N) : Northallerton
Bishopdale (N) : Aysgarth
Bishopside (W) : Ripon
Bishopthorpe (A)
Bishopton (W) : Ripon
Black Burton, see Burton In Lonsdale (W) : Thornton in Lonsdale
Black Dale House (E) : Norton
Black Hill (W) : Adel
Black Hill (W) : Harewood
Black Horse (W) : Aberford
Black Moor (W) : Penistone
Blackburn Moor (W) : Rotherham
Blackburne Common, see Blackburn Moor (W) : Rotherham
Blacker, see also Lower Blacker (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Blacker, see also Middle Blacker (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Blacker, see also Over Blacker (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Blacker Grange, see Over Blacker (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Blacker Hill (W) : Darfield
Blackley (W) : Halifax
Blackmoorfoot (W) : Almondbury
Blackrake (N) : Coverham
Blackshaw Head (W) : Halifax
Blackstone Edge (W) : Halifax
Blackstones (W) : Spofforth
Blacktoft (E)
Blades (N) : Grinton
Blaidroyd, see Blaithroyd (W) : Halifax
Blaithroyd (W) : Halifax
Blake Hall (W) : Mirfield
Blakedale (E) : Great Driffield
Blakestone, see Blaxton (W) : Finningley
Blakey House (N) : Lastingham
Blakey Topping (N) : Allerston
Blanch (E) : North Dalton
Bland Hill (W) : Fewston
Blandsgill (W) : Sedbergh
Blansby Park (N) : Pickering
Blaxton (W) : Finningley
Bleak Hey Nook (W) : Rochdale
Bleak Royd (W) : Penistone
Blean, see High Blean (N) : Aysgarth
Blubberhouses (W) : Fewston
Blue Anchor (N) : Middleton Tyas
Blythe (W)
Boardley, see Bordley (W) : Burnsall
Boarhurst (W) : Rochdale
Boarsden (W) : Slaidburn
Bodles (W) : Arksey
Bogg Hall (E) : Ganton
Bogg Hall (W) : Kirkheaton
Boldron (N) : Startforth
Bolsterstone (W) : Ecclesfield
Boltby (N) : Felixkirk
Bolton (E) : Bishop Wilton
Bolton (W) : Calverley
Bolton Abbey (W) : Skipton
Bolton Bridge (W) : Skipton
Bolton By Bowland (W)
Bolton Castle (N) : Wensley
Bolton Hall (N) : Wensley
Bolton Hall (W) : Bolton by Bowland
Bolton On Swale (N) : Catterick
Bolton Percy (A)
Bolton Upon Dearne (W)
Bolton by Bolland, see Bolton By Bowland (W) : Bolton by Bowland
Bolton-Hall (E) : Bishop Wilton
Bondgate (W) : Harewood
Bondgate (W) : Ripon
Bonwick (E) : Skipsea
Booltcliffe, see Bull Cliff (W) : Sandal Magna
Boosbeck (N) : Skelton In Cleveland
Booth, see Boothferry (E) : Howden
Booth Bridge (W) : Thornton in Craven
Booth Ferry (W) : Snaith
Booth Ferry Inn (W) : Snaith
Booth Wood (W) : Halifax
Booth's Town, see Boothtown (W) : Halifax
Boothferry (E) : Howden
Boothroyd (W) : Dewsbury
Boothtown (W) : Halifax
Boothwaite, see Bouthwaite (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Booze (N) : Arkengarthdale
Bord Hill (W) : Penistone
Bordley (W) : Burnsall
Boreas Hill (E) : Paull
Borholme (W) : Bowland
Borkesgill (N) : Coverham
Bornesses (N) : Croft on Tees
Boroughbridge (W) : Aldborough
Borrowby (N) : Leake
Borrowby (N) : Lythe
Borsea, see Bursea (E) : Holme on Spalding Moor
Borwins (N) : Aysgarth
Bossall (N)
Bosshill, see Burshill (E) : Brandesburton
Boston Spa (W) : Bramham
Botany Bay Inn (W) : Drax
Botany Bay Inn (W) : Kirkheaton
Bottom Boat (W) : Wakefield
Bottomley (W) : Huddersfield
Bottoms (W) : Rochdale
Boulby (N) : Easington
Boulcliffe, see Bull Cliff (W) : Sandal Magna
Boulton, see Bolton (W) : Calverley
Bourne, see Brind (E) : Wressle
Bourne Leys, see Brind Leys (E) : Extraparochial
Bouthwaite (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Bow Bridge (W) : Skipton
Bowbank (N) : Romaldkirk
Bowbridge Hill (N) : Aysgarth
Bowcliffe (W) : Bramham
Bower Hill (W) : Penistone
Bowes (N)
Bowes Castle (N) : Bowes
Bowes Cross (N) : Bowes
Bowes Hall (N) : Bowes
Bowes Villa (N) : Bowes
Bowforth (N) : Kirkdale
Bowland (W)
Bowland Forest (W) : Slaidburn
Bowling (W) : Bradford
Bowling Hall (W) : Bradford
Bowthorpe (E) : Hemingbrough
Bowthwaite, see Bouthwaite (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Boyn Hill (W) : Sandal Magna
Boynton (E)
Boythorpe (E) : Foxholes
Boythorpe Cottage (E) : Foxholes
Bracewell (W)
Bracken (E) : Kilnwick on the Wolds
Bracken Beds(Upper and Lower) (W) : Halifax
Bracken Bottom (W) : Horton in Ribblesdale
Bracken Foot (W) : Kirkby Overblow
Bracken Gill Lodge (N) : Coverham
Bracken Hill (E) : Roos, Garton
Bracken Hill (W) : Church Fenton
Bracken Park (W) : Bardsey
Brackenbrough, see Breckenbrough (N) : Catterick
Brackenby (N) : Gilling West
Brackendale (E) : Carnaby
Brackenhall (W) : Huddersfield
Brackenhill (W) : Ackworth
Brackenholme (E) : Hemingbrough
Brackenthwaite (W) : Pannal
Bradap House, see Braddup House (W) : Great Mitton
Braddup House (W) : Great Mitton
Bradfield (W) : Ecclesfield
Bradford (W)
Bradford, see also West Bradford (W) : Great Mitton
Bradford Moor (W) : Bradford
Bradgate (W) : Rotherham
Bradholme (W) : Thorne
Bradley, see Braidley (N) : Coverham
Bradley (W) : Huddersfield
Bradley, see also High Bradley (W) : Kildwick
Bradley, see also Low Bradley (W) : Kildwick
Bradley Brook (W) : Almondbury
Bradley Hall (W) : Halifax
Bradley Hall (W) : Huddersfield
Bradley Mills (W) : Kirkheaton
Bradshaw (W) : Halifax
Bradshaw (W) : Huddersfield
Bradshaw (W) : Penistone
Brafferton (N)
Brafferton Hall (N) : Brafferton
Brafferton Spring (N) : Brafferton
Braffords (E) : North Ferriby
Braham Hall, see Braim Hall (W) : Spofforth
Braidley (N) : Coverham
Braim Hall (W) : Spofforth
Braisty Woods (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Braithwaite (N) : East Witton
Braithwaite (W) : Keighley
Braithwaite (W) : Kirk Bramwith
Braithwaite (W) : Ripon
Braithwaite Hall (N) : East Witton
Braithwaite Hall (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Braithwell (W)
Bramelane (W) : Fewston
Bramham (W)
Bramham Biggin (W) : Bramham
Bramham Lodge (W) : Bramham
Bramham Park (W) : Bramham
Bramhope (W) : Otley
Bramhope Hall (W) : Otley
Bramley (W) : Braithwell
Bramley (W) : Leeds
Bramley Grange (W) : Braithwell
Bramley Hall (W) : Braithwell
Bramley Hall (W) : Handsworth
Brampton (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Brampton Bierlow, see Brampton (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Brampton En Le Morthen (W) : Treeton
Brampton Hall (N) : Kirby Hill
Brampton Ulley, see Ulley (W) : Aston, Treeton
Bramwith, see also Kirk Bramwith (W) : Kirk Bramwith
Bramwith Sand (W) : Hatfield, Barnby Dun
Brancroft (W) : Blythe
Brandesburton (E)
Brandfield House (W) : Sprotbrough
Brandon (W) : Harewood
Brandon Hall (W) : Harewood
Brandon Lodge (W) : Harewood
Brandrith Craggs (W) : Fewston
Brandsby (N)
Brandsby Hall (N) : Brandsby
Brandy Carr (W) : Wakefield
Braniers (W) : Low Bentham
Bransby, see Brandsby (N) : Brandsby
Bransdale (N) : Kirkdale, Kirkbymoorside
Brantingham (E)
Brantinghamthorpe (E) : Brantingham
Branton (W) : Cantley
Branton Green (W) : Aldborough
Brass Castle (W) : Fewston
Brawarth (N) : Stokesley
Brawby (N) : Salton
Brawith (N) : Leake
Brawith, see Brawarth (N) : Stokesley
Braworth, see Brawarth (N) : Stokesley
Braystay Wood (W) : Gargrave
Braythorn (W) : Kirkby Overblow
Brayton (W)
Breare Park, see Bear Park (N) : Aysgarth
Brearley Hall (W) : Halifax
Brearton (W) : Knaresborough
Breary Grange (W) : Adel
Breckamoor House (W) : Ripon
Breckenbrough (N) : Catterick
Breckenbrough (N) : Kirby Wiske
Brecks (W) : Birstall
Brecks (W) : Rotherham
Brecongill, see Bracken Gill Lodge (N) : Coverham
Breighton (E) : Bubwith
Brennand (W) : Slaidburn
Bretby, see Birkby (N) : Birkby
Bretonby (N) : Barton
Bretton, see also Monk Bretton (W) : Royston
Bretton, see also West Bretton (W) : Silkstone, Sandal Magna
Bretton Dykes (W) : High Hoyland
Bretton Park (W) : Silkstone
Briar Flats (W) : Ackworth
Bridge Foot (W) : Arksey
Bridge Hewick (W) : Ripon
Bridge Houses (W) : Sheffield
Bridge Royd (W) : Halifax
Bridgehouse Gate (W) : Ripon
Bridlington (E)
Bridlington Quay (E) : Bridlington
Brierholme Carr (W) : Hatfield
Brierley (W) : Felkirk
Brierley Manor (W) : Felkirk
Briers Chapel, see Chapel Le Grove (W) : Halifax
Briers Chapel, see Chapel le Grove.
Briery Busk (W) : Penistone
Briestfield (W) : Thornhill
Briestwhistle, see Briestfield (W) : Thornhill
Brigg Flatts (W) : Sedbergh
Briggswath (N) : Whitby
Brigham (E) : Foston on the Wolds
Brighouse (W) : Halifax
Brightholmlee (W) : Ecclesfield
Brightside (W) : Sheffield
Brightside Bierlow (W) : Sheffield
Brightside Green (W) : Sheffield
Brignall (N)
Brimham (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Brimham Crags (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Brimham Rocks, see Brimham Crags (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Brincliffe (W) : Sheffield
Brind (E) : Wressle
Brind, see Newsholme With Brind (E) : Wressle
Brind Leys (E) : Extraparochial
Brindsworth, see Brinsworth (W) : Rotherham
Brink, see North Brink (E) : Elvington
Brinsworth (W) : Rotherham
Briscoe (N) : Lythe
Briscoe, see also East Briscoe (N) : Romaldkirk
Broach Dale (E) : Kilham
Broad Carr (W) : Halifax
Broad Ings (E) : Pocklington
Broad Royd Head (W) : Darton
Broadfield (W) : Sedbergh
Broadhead Noddle (W) : Rochdale
Broadlane Houses (W) : South Kirkby
Broadshaw (W) : Skipton
Broakes, see Brokes (N) : Catterick
Broates House (N) : Salton
Broats (N) : Middleton
Brockden, see Brogden (W) : Barnoldswick
Brockhole (W) : Cantley
Brockholes (W) : Almondbury
Brockholes (W) : Drax
Brockthorn (W) : Slaidburn
Brodsworth (W)
Brodsworth Hall (W) : Brodsworth
Brogden (W) : Barnoldswick
Brokes (N) : Catterick
Bromaking Grange (N) : Burneston
Bromley (W) : Tankersley
Brompton (N)
Brompton (N) : Northallerton
Brompton By Sawdon (N)
Brompton Granges (N) : Northallerton
Brompton Hall (N) : Patrick Brompton
Brompton Upon Swale (N) : Easby
Brook Bottom (W) : Rochdale
Brook House (W) : Maltby
Brook House (W) : Penistone
Brookfield (N) : Acklam
Brookfoot (W) : Halifax
Brookhouse (W) : Laughton en le Morthen
Brooklands (W) : Leeds
Broom Hall (W) : Sheffield
Broom House (W) : Edlington
Broom House (W) : Rotherham
Broom Riddings (W) : Rotherham
Broomfield (N) : Northallerton
Broomfleet (E) : South Cave
Broomhead Hall (W) : Ecclesfield
Brotherton (W)
Brotherton Hall (W) : Brotherton
Brotton (N)
Brough (E) : Elloughton
Brough, see also Skipsea Brough (E) : Skipsea
Brough (N) : Catterick
Brough Ferry, see Brough (E) : Elloughton
Brough Hall (N) : Catterick
Brough Hall (N) : Catterick
Broughton (N) : Appleton le Street
Broughton, see also Great Broughton (N) : Kirkby in Cleveland
Broughton, see also Little Broughton (N) : Kirkby in Cleveland
Broughton (W)
Broughton Hall (W) : Broughton
Brown Bank (W) : Fewston
Brown Hills (W) : Batley
Brown Hills (W) : Slaidburn
Brown Moor (W) : Whitkirk
Browsholme Hall (W) : Great Mitton
Broxa (N) : Hackness
Brumfitt Hill (W) : Addingham
Brumley, see Bromley (W) : Tankersley
Bruncliffe, see Bruntcliffe Thorn (W) : Batley
Bruntcliffe Thorn (W) : Batley
Brunthwaite (W) : Kildwick
Brunton, see Brompton Upon Swale (N) : Easby
Brush House (W) : Ecclesfield
Bubwith (E)
Buckden (W) : Arncliffe
Buckrose (E): a wapentake
Buckton (E) : Bridlington
Buckton Hall (E) : Bridlington
Bugthorpe (E)
Bull Cliff (W) : Sandal Magna
Bull House (W) : Penistone
Bullamoor Houses (N) : Northallerton
Bulmer (N)
Bulmer (N): a wapentake
Bumper Castle (N) : Hawnby
Bunkers Hill (W) : Kirkby Overblow
Burdale (E) : Wharram Percy
Burghwallis (W)
Burland (E) : Eastrington
Burlees (W) : Halifax
Burley (W) : Leeds
Burley, see also Burley In Wharfedale (W) : Otley
Burley Hall (W) : Otley
Burley In Wharfedale (W) : Otley
Burley Woodhead (W) : Otley
Burlington, see Bridlington (E) : Bridlington
Burmantofts (W) : Leeds
Burn (W) : Brayton
Burn Bridge (W) : Pannal
Burn Cross, see Burncross (W) : Ecclesfield
Burn House (W) : Slaidburn
Burnbutts (E) : Watton
Burnby (E)
Burncross (W) : Ecclesfield
Burneston (N)
Burngreave (W) : Sheffield
Burniston (N) : Scalby
Burnlee (W) : Almondbury
Burnsall (W)
Burnt Yates (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Burntwood Lodge (W) : Darfield
Burrel, see Burrill (N) : Bedale
Burrill (N) : Bedale
Burrow Lee (W) : Sheffield
Bursall, see Burshill (E) : Brandesburton
Bursea (E) : Holme on Spalding Moor
Burshill (E) : Brandesburton
Burstwick (E)
Burtersett (N) : Aysgarth
Burton, see also West Burton (N) : Aysgarth
Burton, see also Highburton (W) : Kirkburton
Burton Agnes (E)
Burton Cherry, see Cherry Burton (E) : Cherry Burton
Burton Constable (E) : Swine
Burton Fleming (E)
Burton Fleming House (E) : Burton Fleming
Burton Hall (N) : Finghall
Burton Hall (W) : Brayton
Burton House (N) : Masham
Burton House, see Yearsley Burton (N) : Coxwold
Burton In Lonsdale (W) : Thornton in Lonsdale
Burton Leonard (W)
Burton Pidsea (E)
Burton Salmon (W) : Monk Fryston
Burton Upon Ure (N) : Masham
Burton cum Walden, see West Burton (N) : Aysgarth
Burtoncarr House (E) : Burton Agnes
Burtonfields (E) : Low Catton
Burythorpe (E)
Busby, see also Great Busby (N) : Stokesley
Busby, see also Little Busby (N) : Stokesley
Busby Hall (N) : Stokesley
Busby Stoop (N) : Topcliffe
Busker (W) : High Hoyland
Buslingthorpe (W) : Leeds
Butcher Houses (N) : Pickhill, Kirklington
Butterbusk (W) : Warmsworth
Buttercrambe (N) : Bossall
Buttershaw (W) : Bradford
Butterthwaite (W) : Ecclesfield
Buttertubs (N) : Grinton
Butterwick (E) : Foxholes
Butterwick (N) : Barton le Street
Button Hill (W) : Sheffield
Buttoner House (W) : Otley
Byland (N) : Coxwold
Byland Membris (N) : Coxwold
Byram, see Byram Cum Poole (W) : Brotherton
Byram Cum Poole (W) : Brotherton
Byram Hall (W) : Brotherton