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Help and advice for Alphabetical list and index for places in Yorkshire

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Alphabetical list and index for places in Yorkshire


If you haven't done so already, please read the explanatory notes in the Section Index.

Letter H

Habton, see Great Habton (N) : Kirby Misperton
Hackfall (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Hackforth (N) : Hornby
Hackness (N)
Haddingley (W) : Kirkburton
Haddlesey, see also Chapel Haddlesey (W) : Birkin
Haddlesey, see also East Haddlesey (W) : Birkin
Haddlesey, see also West Haddlesey (W) : Birkin
Hade Edge (W) : Kirkburton
Haden Carr, see Heathen Carr (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Hades (W) : Kirkburton
Hagg (N) : Kirkdale
Hagg (N) : Whitby
Haggas Hall (W) : Harewood
Haggett Hill (N) : Rudby
Haggside, see Spofforth Haggs (W) : Spofforth
Hagthorpe (E) : Hemingbrough
Hague (W) : Thornton in Craven
Hague Hall (W) : South Kirkby
Hagworm Hall (N) : Romaldkirk
Haigh (W) : Darton
Haigh Hall (W) : Darton
Haigh Moor (formerly Common Side) (W) : Woodkirk
Hainworth (W) : Bingley
Haisthorpe (E) : Burton Agnes
Haldenby (W) : Adlingfleet
Haldenby Park (W) : Adlingfleet
Haldworth (W) : Bradford
Haley Hill, see Hayley Hill (W) : Halifax
Halfpenny House (N) : East Hauxwell
Halifax (W)
Halikeld (N) : Kirby Sigston
Halikeld (N): a wapentake
Hall Bower (W) : Almondbury
Hall Broom (W) : Ecclesfield
Hall Gate (W) : Handsworth
Hall Green (W) : Sandal Magna
Hallam, see also Nether Hallam (W) : Sheffield
Hallam, see also Upper Hallam (W) : Sheffield
Hallgate (N) : Kirkby Ravensworth
Hallikeld (N) : Kirby Sigston
Hallows (W) : Bradford
Hallows Hall (W) : Bradford
Hallwith House (N) : Spennithorne
Hallytreeholme (E) : Leven
Halnaby (N) : Croft on Tees
Halsham (E)
Halsteads (W) : Thornton in Lonsdale
Haltemprice (E) : Extraparochial
Halton (W) : Whitkirk
Halton, see also Dial Halton (W) : Whitkirk
Halton, see also Halton East (W) : Skipton
Halton, see also Halton West (W) : Long Preston
Halton East (W) : Skipton
Halton Gill (W) : Arncliffe
Halton Moor (W) : Whitkirk
Halton Place (W) : Long Preston
Halton West (W) : Long Preston
Hambleton (W) : Brayton
Hambleton Hills (N) : Felixkirk
Hambleton Hough (W) : Brayton
Hambleton House (N) : Cold Kirby
Hambleton House (W) : Brayton
Hambleton House (W) : Skipton
Hamer (N) : Middleton
Hamerton Hall (W) : Slaidburn
Hamley Hagg (N) : Lastingham
Hamley Houses (N) : Lastingham
Hammer (N) : East Witton
Hammerton, see also Green Hammerton (W) : Whixley
Hammerton, see also Kirk Hammerton (W) : Kirk Hammerton
Hampole (W) : Extraparochial
Hampsthwaite (W)
Hand Bank (W) : Penistone
Handale (N) : Loftus
Handale Priory (N) : Loftus
Handsworth (W)
Handsworth Wood House, see Woodhouse (W) : Handsworth
Handsworth Woodhouse (W) : Handsworth
Hang Bank (N) : Melsonby
Hang East (N): a wapentake
Hang West (N): a wapentake
Hanging Grimstone (E) : Kirby Underdale
Hanging Heaton (W) : Dewsbury
Hanging Stones (W) : Ilkley
Hangsman Hill (W) : Thorne
Hanlith (W) : Kirkby Malhamdale
Hanlith Hall (W) : Kirkby Malhamdale
Haram, see Harome (N) : Helmsley
Haram Grange (N) : Topcliffe
Hard Gate (W) : Ripon
Hardcastle (W) : Ripon
Harden (W) : Bingley
Harden (W) : Kirkburton
Harden (W) : Thornton in Craven
Harden Grange (W) : Bingley
Hardenley, see Hardingley (W) : Kirkburton
Hardgate, see Hard Gate (W) : Ripon
Hardingley (W) : Kirkburton
Hardisty Hill (W) : Fewston
Hardraw (N) : Aysgarth
Hardraw Scaur (N) : Aysgarth
Hardwick (W) : Aston
Hardwick, see also East Hardwick (W) : Pontefract
Hardwick, see also West Hardwick (W) : Wragby
Hardy Flats (N) : Extraparochial
Hardy Flatts (N) : Bulmer
Hare Hills (W) : Keighley
Harecroft (W) : Bradford
Hareden (W) : Slaidburn
Harehills (W) : Leeds
Harenden, see Arrunden (W) : Kirkburton
Harewood (W)
Harewood Bridge Inn (W) : Harewood
Harewood House (W) : Harewood
Harker Hill (N) : Grinton
Harkers (W) : Slaidburn
Harkerside (N) : Grinton
Harley (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Harlington (W) : Barnburgh
Harlow Car (W) : Pannal
Harlow Hill (W) : Pannal
Harlsey, see also East Harlsey (N) : East Harlsey
Harlsey, see also West Harlsey (N) : Osmotherley
Harlthorpe (E) : Bubwith
Harmby (N) : Spennithorne
Harome (N) : Helmsley
Harpham (E)
Harpham Grange (E) : Harpham
Harrewood Well, see High Road Well (W) : Halifax
Harriet Air (N) : Helmsley
Harriot Air, see Harriet Air (N) : Helmsley
Harriotier, see Harriet Air (N) : Helmsley
Harrogate (W) : Knaresborough
Harrogate, see also Low Harrogate (W) : Pannal
Harrop (W) : Slaidburn
Harrop Green (W) : Rochdale
Harrop Hall, see Harrop (W) : Slaidburn
Harrop Lodge (W) : Slaidburn
Harrunden, see Arrunden (W) : Kirkburton
Harswell (E)
Hartforth (N) : Gilling West
Hartforth Grange (N) : Gilling West
Harthill (E): a wapentake
Harthill (W)
Hartlakes (N) : Grinton
Hartlington (W) : Burnsall
Hartmires (W) : Leathley
Hartoft End (N) : Middleton
Harton (N) : Bossall
Hartshead (W) : Dewsbury
Hartshead Moor Side (W) : Birstall
Hartshead Moor Top (W) : Birstall
Hartwith (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Harum, see Harome (N) : Helmsley
Harwood Castle (W) : Harewood
Harwood Dale (N) : Hackness
Harwood Well, see High Road Well (W) : Halifax
Hasholme (E) : Holme on Spalding Moor
Hasle, see Hessle (W) : Wragby
Hatfield, see also Great Hatfield (E) : Sigglesthorne, Mappleton
Hatfield, see also Little Hatfield (E) : Sigglesthorne
Hatfield (W)
Hatfield Hall (W) : Wakefield
Hatfield House (W) : Ecclesfield
Hatfield Woodhouse (W) : Hatfield
Haugh, see also Nether Haugh (W) : Rotherham
Haugh, see also Upper Haugh (W) : Rawmarsh
Haugh End (W) : Halifax
Hauxwell, see also East Hauxwell (N) : East Hauxwell
Hauxwell, see also West Hauxwell (N) : East Hauxwell
Haven Farm, see Cuckolds Haven (W) : Firbeck
Haverah Park (W) : Extraparochial
Havercroft (W) : Batley
Havercroft (W) : Felkirk
Haverdale House (E) : Weaverthorpe
Hawcliffe House, see Hallwith House (N) : Spennithorne
Hawes (N) : Aysgarth
Hawkestone Slack (W) : Halifax
Hawkeswick, see Hawkswick (W) : Arncliffe
Hawkhill Farm (N) : Easingwold
Hawkhills (N) : Easingwold
Hawknest (N) : East Harlsey
Hawks Stones (W) : Halifax
Hawks Stones, see Hawkestone Slack (W) : Halifax
Hawkswell, see also East Hauxwell (N) : East Hauxwell
Hawkswell, see also West Hauxwell (N) : East Hauxwell
Hawkswick (W) : Arncliffe
Hawksworth (W) : Leeds
Hawksworth (W) : Otley
Hawksworth Hall (W) : Otley
Hawnby (N)
Haworth (W) : Bradford
Hawpike (W) : Skipton
Hawshaw (W) : Thornton in Craven
Hawsker, see High Hawsker (N) : Whitby
Hawthorpe, see Howthorpe (N) : Hovingham
Haxby (N)
Hay A Park Farms (W) : Knaresborough
Hay Field (W) : Finningley
Hayholme Hall, see Heighholme (E) : Leven
Hayley Hill (W) : Halifax
Hayshaw, see Heyshaw (W) : Ripon
Haysthorpe, see Haisthorpe (E) : Burton Agnes
Hayton (E)
Haywood (W) : Campsall
Hazelhead (W) : Penistone
Hazelwood (W) : Skipton
Hazelwood (W) : Tadcaster
Hazelwood Castle (A) : Tadcaster
Hazelwood Castle (W) : Extraparochial
Hazelwood Hall, see Hazelwood Castle (W) : Extraparochial
Hazlehead (N) : Egton
Headingley (W) : Leeds
Headley Hall (W) : Bramham
Healam House (N) : Kirklington
Healaugh (A)
Healaugh (N) : Grinton
Healaugh Hall (A) : Healaugh
Healaugh Manor (A) : Healaugh
Healey (W) : Batley
Healey (W) : Dewsbury
Healey Cote (N) : Masham
Healey Hill, see Hayley Hill (W) : Halifax
Healey With Sutton (N) : Masham
Healthwaite Hall (W) : Harewood
Heaning (W) : Slaidburn
Heaning House (N) : Aysgarth
Heath (W) : Warmfield
Heath House (W) : Huddersfield
Heathen Carr (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Heathfield (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Heathfields (W) : Rochdale
Heathwaite (N) : Whorlton
Heaton (W) : Bradford
Heaton, see also Earls Heaton (W) : Dewsbury
Heaton, see also Hanging Heaton (W) : Dewsbury
Heaton, see also Upper Heaton (W) : Kirkheaton
Heaton Hall (W) : Bradford
Heaton Hill (W) : Dewsbury
Heaton Lodge (W) : Kirkheaton
Heaton Royds (W) : Bradford
Hebden (W) : Linton in Craven
Hebden Bank (W) : Linton in Craven
Hebden Bridge (W) : Halifax
Hebden Bridge Lanes (W) : Halifax
Hebden Moorside (W) : Burnsall, Linton in Craven
Heck, see also Great Heck (W) : Snaith
Heck, see also Little Heck (W) : Snaith
Heckmondwike (W) : Birstall
Heddingley, see Headingley (W) : Leeds
Hedgeholm (N) : Gilling West
Hedon (E)
Heeley (W) : Sheffield
Heighholme (E) : Leven
Height (W) : Almondbury
Heights (W) : Halifax
Heights Chapel (W) : Rochdale
Helaby, see Hellaby (W) : Stainton
Helgill Beck, see Hell Gill Beck (N) : Aysgarth
Hell Gill Beck (N) : Aysgarth
Hellaby (W) : Stainton
Hellifield (W) : Long Preston
Hellifield Cockins, see Hellifield (W) : Long Preston
Hellifield Green (W) : Long Preston
Hellifield Peel (W) : Long Preston
Helm (N) : Aysgarth
Helme (W) : Almondbury
Helming (N) : Thornton Watlass
Helmington (N) : Stainton
Helmsley (N)
Helmsley, see also Gate Helmsley (N) : Gate Helmsley
Helmsley, see also Upper Helmsley (N) : Upper Helmsley
Helmsley upon the black Moor, see Helmsley (N) : Helmsley
Helperby (N) : Brafferton
Helperthorpe (E)
Helwick, see Eldwick (W) : Bingley
Helwick Hall, see Eldwick (W) : Bingley
Helwith (N) : Kirkby Ravensworth
Hemingbrough (E)
Hemingfield (W) : Darfield
Hemlington (N) : Stainton
Hemmingfield (W) : Darfield
Hempholme (E) : Leven
Hemsworth (W)
Hemsworth Hall (W) : Hemsworth
Hemsworth Lane End (W) : Hemsworth
Hemsworth Lodge (W) : Hemsworth
Hemsworth Marsh (W) : Hemsworth
Henderskelfe (N) : Bulmer
Hensall (W) : Snaith
Henshaw (W) : Guiseley
Heptonstall (W) : Halifax
Heptonstall Park (W) : Halifax
Heptonstall Slack (W) : Halifax
Hepworth (W) : Kirkburton
Hermit Hill (W) : Tankersley
Herringthorpe (W) : Whiston
Heselton, see Hesseltone (N) : Finghall
Hesle, see Hessle (W) : Wragby
Hesleden (W) : Arncliffe
Heslerton, see also East Heslerton (E) : West Heslerton
Heslerton, see also West Heslerton (E) : West Heslerton
Hesley (W) : Rossington
Heslington (E)
Hessay (A) : Moor Monkton
Hesseltone (N) : Finghall
Hessle (E)
Hessle (W) : Wragby
Hessle Mount (E) : Hessle
Hessleskew Grange (E) : Sancton
Hesslewood House (E) : Hessle
Hestholme House, see East Holme House (N) : Aysgarth
Hetton (W) : Burnsall
Heugh (W) : Skipton
Hew Green (W) : Hampsthwaite
Hewby, see Huby (W) : Harewood
Hewick Bridge (W) : Ripon
Hewick Lodge, see Copt Hewick Lodge (W) : Ripon
Heworth (N) : York Saint Saviour, York Saint Cuthbert
Hexthorpe (W) : Doncaster
Hey Chapel (W) : Rochdale
Hey Green (W) : Huddersfield
Heydon, see Hedon (E) : Hedon
Heyshaw (W) : Ripon
Hickleton (W)
Hieldenley, see Hildenley (N) : Appleton le Street
Hiendley, see also Cold Hiendley (W) : Felkirk
Hiendley, see also South Hiendley (W) : Felkirk
High Abbotside (N) : Aysgarth
High Acaster, see Acaster Malbis (A) : Acaster Malbis
High Acaster, see Acaster Malbis (E) : Acaster Malbis
High Ackworth, included with Ackworth (W) : Ackworth
High Askew (N) : Lastingham
High Barn (E) : Bridlington
High Barn (E) : Helperthorpe
High Baswick (E) : Brandesburton
High Belthorpe (E) : Bishop Wilton
High Bentham (W) : Low Bentham
High Birstwith (W) : Hampsthwaite
High Bishopside, see Bishopside (W) : Ripon
High Blean (N) : Aysgarth
High Bradfield, see Bradfield (W) : Ecclesfield
High Bradfield, see also Low Bradfield (W) : Ecclesfield
High Bradley (W) : Kildwick
High Burton Hall (N) : Masham
High Catton (E) : Low Catton
High Catton, see also Catton (N) : Topcliffe
High Caythorpe, included with Caythorpe (E) : Rudston, Boynton
High Close House (N) : Stanwick Saint John
High Crossett (N) : Helmsley
High Dalby (N) : Thornton Dale
High Dalla (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
High Denby, see Denby (W) : Penistone
High Denby, see Upper Denby (W) : Penistone
High Eggborough, included with Eggborough (W) : Kellington
High Ellers (W) : Cantley
High Ellington (N) : Masham
High Entercommon (N) : Great Smeaton
High Faggergill, included with Faggergill (N) : Arkengarthdale
High Farm, see Black Dale House (E) : Norton
High Fearnley (W) : Birstall
High Field (W) : Slaidburn
High Field Lanes (W) : Womersley
High Flatts (W) : Penistone
High Fosham, included with Fosham (E) : Aldbrough
High Foxton (N) : Crathorne
High Frith, included with Frith (N) : Grinton
High Gate (W) : Skipton
High Gatherley (N) : Middleton Tyas
High Green (W) : Ecclesfield
High Green (was Bogden) (W) : Kirkheaton
High Greenfield, see Greenfield (W) : Arncliffe
High Greenwood (W) : Halifax
High Hague, see Hague (W) : Thornton in Craven
High Hamer (N) : Middleton
High Harrogate, see Harrogate (W) : Knaresborough
High Hawsker (N) : Whitby
High Healey Cote, see Healey Cote (N) : Masham
High Holtby (N) : Hornby
High Houltby, see High Holtby (N) : Hornby
High House (W) : Sheffield
High Hoyland (W)
High Hoyland, see also Hoyland (W) : Wath upon Dearne
High Hunsley (E) : Rowley
High Hutton, see Huttons Ambo (N) : Huttons Ambo
High Hutton Hang (N) : Finghall
High Kilburn, see Kilburn (N) : Kilburn
High Kingthorpe (N) : Pickering
High Levels (W) : Hatfield
High Leven (N) : Stainton
High Levett, see Hooton Levitt (W) : Maltby
High Mains (N) : Masham
High Marishes (N) : Pickering
High Melton (W)
High Moor (W) : Rochdale
High Mowthorpe (E) : Kirby Grindalythe
High Ness (N) : Pickhill
High Ness, see Ness (N) : Pickhill
High Newstead (N) : East Witton
High Normanby (N) : Fylingdales
High Oxnop (N) : Grinton
High Oxque, included with Oxque (N) : Marrick
High Paley Green, see Paley Green (W) : Giggleswick
High Paull (E) : Paull
High Pond House, see Pond House (N) : Thornton Watlass
High Road Well (W) : Halifax
High Royd House (W) : Almondbury
High Salutation (N) : Kirkby Fleetham
High Silton, see Over Silton (N) : Over Silton
High Skirlington (E) : Atwick
High Skirlington, see Skirlington Hill (E) : Atwick
High Snape (W) : Kirkby Overblow
High Snaygill (W) : Skipton
High Stakesby (N) : Whitby
High Stittenham, see Stittenham (N) : Sheriff Hutton
High Stonehills (E) : Barmston
High Sunderland (W) : Halifax
High Thirkleby, see Great Thirkleby (N) : Great Thirkleby
High Town, see Hightown (W) : Birstall
High Utley, see Utley (W) : Keighley
High Waupley, see Waupley (N) : Loftus
High Wincobank (W) : Ecclesfield
High Woods (W) : Ripon
High Worsall (N) : Northallerton
High Worsall, see also Low Worsall (N) : Kirklevington
Higham (W) : Darton
Higham Common (W) : Darton
Highburton (W) : Kirkburton
Higher Hawk Stones, see Hawkestone Slack (W) : Halifax
Highfield (E) : Bubwith
Highfield (W) : Sheffield
Highfield (W) : Silkstone
Highfields (W) : Bolton upon Dearne
Highfields (W) : Doncaster
Highgate Lane (W) : Kirkheaton
Highroad Well Moor (W) : Halifax
Highthorn (N) : Husthwaite
Highthorn House (N) : Husthwaite
Hightown (W) : Birstall
Hightown Heights (W) : Birstall
Hildenley (N) : Appleton le Street
Hilderthorpe (E) : Bridlington
Hilderwell, see Hinderwell (N) : Hinderwell
Hill Foot (W) : Sheffield
Hill House (N) : Welbury
Hill Side (W) : Kirkheaton
Hill Top (W) : Almondbury
Hill Top (W) : Darfield
Hill Top (W) : Ecclesfield
Hill Top (W) : Leeds
Hill Top (W) : Rochdale
Hill Top (W) : Rotherham
Hill Top (W) : Sandal Magna
Hill Top (W) : Silkstone
Hill Top (W) : Thornhill
Hill Top Hall (W) : Pannal
Hilla Green (N) : Hackness
Hillam (W) : Monk Fryston
Hillam Hall (W) : Monk Fryston
Hiller Green, see Hilla Green (N) : Hackness
Hillfoot (W) : Calverley
Hills (W) : Sheffield
Hillsborough (W) : Sheffield
Hillside (W) : Penistone
Hilston (E)
Hilton (N)
Hilton Manor (N) : Hilton
Hinchliffe Mill (W) : Kirkburton
Hinderwell (N)
Hindlethwaite (N) : Coverham
Hipperholme (W) : Halifax
Hipswell (N) : Catterick
Hipswell Lodge (N) : Catterick
Hirst Courtney (W) : Birkin
Hirst Grove (W) : Hampsthwaite
Hive (E) : Eastrington
Hoades Farm, see Audzus (W) : South Anston
Hob Green (W) : Ripon
Hobberley House (W) : Barwick in Elmet, Thorner
Hodderoyd, see Hodroyd (W) : Felkirk
Hode Grange (N) : Kilburn
Hodes House, see Audzus (W) : South Anston
Hodroyd (W) : Felkirk
Hogley (W) : Almondbury
Hogley Green (W) : Almondbury
Holbeck (W) : Leeds
Holden (W) : Bolton by Bowland
Holden Clough (W) : Batley
Holden House (W) : Ecclesfield
Holderness (E): a wapentake
Holdgate, see Holgate (A) : Acomb
Holdsworth (W) : Halifax
Holdworth (W) : Ecclesfield
Hole Bottom (W) : Halifax
Hole Of Horcum (N) : Levisham
Holen House (W) : Extraparochial
Holgate (A) : Acomb
Holgate, see Hallgate (N) : Kirkby Ravensworth
Holley Hall (W) : Penistone
Hollin Bank (W) : Rochdale
Hollin Hall (W) : Harewood
Hollin Hall (W) : Ripon
Hollin Hill (N) : Coxwold
Hollin House, see Holden House (W) : Ecclesfield
Holling (W) : Ripley
Holling Hall (W) : Ilkley
Hollingreave, see Holly Grove (W) : Rochdale
Hollings Hall (W) : Halifax
Hollingthorpe (W) : Sandal Magna
Hollins (W) : Keighley
Hollins (W) : Rochdale
Hollins End (W) : Handsworth
Hollinthorpe (W) : Swillington
Hollow Meadows (W) : Ecclesfield
Holly Bank (W) : Rochdale
Holly Grove (W) : Rochdale
Holly Hill (N) : Catterick
Holly Hill (N) : Well
Holly Hill (W) : Harewood
Hollym (E)
Holmbridge (W) : Almondbury
Holme (N) : Pickhill
Holme, see also South Holme (N) : Hovingham
Holme (W) : Almondbury
Holme (W) : Hampsthwaite
Holme Bottom (W) : Nidd
Holme Bridge (W) : Skipton
Holme Green (A) : Acaster Selby With Appleton Roebuck
Holme Green (A) : Bolton Percy
Holme House (E) : Holme on Spalding Moor
Holme House (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Holme Houses (W) : Keighley
Holme On Spalding Moor (E)
Holme On The Wolds (E)
Holme on Swale (N) : Pickhill
Holmes (W) : Rotherham
Holmfirth (W) : Kirkburton
Holmpton (E)
Holt Head (W) : Almondbury
Holt Park (W) : Adel
Holtby (N)
Holtby, see also High Holtby (N) : Hornby
Holtby Hall (N) : Hornby
Holwick (N) : Romaldkirk
Holy Hill (N) : Catterick
Holywell Green (W) : Halifax
Honley (W) : Almondbury
Honley Moor (W) : Almondbury
Hoober (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Hoober Hall (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Hoober Stand (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Hoobrom (W) : Almondbury
Hood Grange (N) : Coxwold
Hood Grange (N) : Kilburn
Hood Green (W) : Silkstone
Hood Hill (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Hoodlands (W) : Penistone
Hook (W) : Snaith
Hooks (E) : Tunstall
Hooton Levitt (W) : Maltby
Hooton Pagnell (W)
Hooton Roberts (W)
Hooton Slade, see Slade Hooton (W) : Laughton en le Morthen
Hope, see also East Hope (N) : Barningham
Hope, see also West Hope (N) : Barningham
Hope Hall (W) : Halifax
Hopetown (W) : Normanton
Hopewell House (W) : Knaresborough
Hopper Lane Inn (W) : Fewston
Hopperton (W) : Allerton Mauleverer
Hopton (W) : Mirfield
Horbury (W) : Wakefield
Horbury Bridge (W) : Wakefield
Horbury Junction (W) : Wakefield
Hordron (W) : Penistone
Horley Green (W) : Halifax
Hornby (N)
Hornby (N) : Great Smeaton
Hornby Castle (N) : Hornby
Hornby Grange (N) : Great Smeaton
Hornington (A) : Bolton Percy
Hornsea (E)
Hornsea Burton (E) : Hornsea
Hornthwaite (W) : Penistone
Horsehold (W) : Halifax
Horsehouse (N) : Coverham
Horsforth (W) : Guiseley
Horsforth Woodside (W) : Guiseley
Horstenley, see Austonley (W) : Almondbury
Horton (W) : Gisburn
Horton, see also Great Horton (W) : Bradford
Horton, see also Little Horton (W) : Bradford
Horton House (W) : Bradford
Horton In Ribblesdale (W)
Hotham (E)
Hotham Carrs (E) : Hotham
Hotham house (E) : Hotham
Hotheroyd, see Hodroyd (W) : Felkirk
Hough Side (W) : Leeds
Houghton, see also Glass Houghton (W) : Castleford
Houghton, see also Great Houghton (W) : Darfield
Houghton, see also Little Houghton (W) : Darfield
Houghton Chapel (W) : Gisburn
Houghton Chapel, included with Gisburn Forest (W) : Gisburn
Houghton Hall (W) : Darfield
Hougill, see Howgill (W) : Sedbergh
Houlsyke (N) : Danby
Houltby, see also High Holtby (N) : Hornby
Housley Hall (W) : Ecclesfield
Hovingham (N)
Hovingham Hall (N) : Hovingham
How Hill (N) : Seamer In Cleveland
How Hill, see Micklehow Hill (W) : Ripon
Howbridge, see Howe (N) : Old Malton
Howbrook (W) : Tankersley
Howden (E)
Howden Clough (W) : Birstall
Howden Grange (E) : Howden
Howden Price, see Haltemprice (E) : Extraparochial
Howdendyke (E) : Howden
Howdenshire (E): a wapentake
Howe (N) : Old Malton
Howe (N) : Pickhill
Howe Hill (N) : Danby Wiske
Howe Hill (N) : Seamer in Cleveland
Howgill (W) : Gisburn
Howgill (W) : Sedbergh
Howgill (W) : Skipton
Howgrave, see Sutton Howgrave (N) : Kirklington
Howley Hall (W) : Batley
Howlsike, see Houlsyke (N) : Danby
Howlsyke, see Houlsyke (N) : Danby
Howorth Hall (W) : Rotherham
Howroyd (W) : Halifax
Howsham (E) : Scrayingham
Howthorpe (N) : Hovingham
Hoyland (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Hoyland, see also High Hoyland (W) : High Hoyland
Hoyland Common (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Hoyland Nether, see Hoyland (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Hoyland Nether, see also Upper Hoyland (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Hoyland Swaine (W) : Silkstone
Hoyle Mill (W) : South Kirkby
Hubberholme (W) : Arncliffe
Hubberton Green (W) : Halifax
Huby (N) : Sutton on the Forest
Huby (W) : Harewood
Huby Burn (N) : Easingwold
Huby Old Hall (N) : Sutton On The Forest
Huddersfield (W)
Huddleston (W) : Sherburn in Elmet
Hudswell (N) : Catterick
Huggate (E)
Huggate Wold House (E) : Huggate
Hull (E)
Hull Bank (E) : Cottingham
Hull Bridge (E) : Beverley
Hull Holy Trinity (E)
Hull St Mary (E)
Hullenedge (W) : Halifax
Hullshire, see Hull (E) : Hull
Humber, see Little Humber (E) : Paull
Humberton (N) : Kirby Hill
Humbleton (E)
Humburton, see Humberton (N) : Kirby Hill
Humersty, see Hummersea (N) : Loftus
Hummersea (N) : Loftus
Hunderthwaite (N) : Romaldkirk
Hundill Hall (W) : Ackworth
Hungary Hungate, see Hungate (W) : Ripon
Hungate (W) : Methley
Hungate (W) : Ripon
Hunger Hill (W) : Ecclesfield
Hunger Hill (W) : Mirfield
Hungrill (W) : Bolton by Bowland
Hunmanby (E)
Hunmanby Gap (E) : Hunmanby
Hunshelf (W) : Penistone
Hunshelf Bank (W) : Penistone
Hunsingore (W)
Hunslet (W) : Leeds
Hunslet Lane (W) : Leeds
Hunslett Carr (W) : Leeds
Hunsley, see also High Hunsley (E) : Rowley
Hunsley, see also Low Hunsley (E) : Rowley
Hunsworth (W) : Birstall
Hunt House (N) : Pickering
Huntington (N)
Hunton (N) : Patrick Brompton
Huntwick Grange (W) : Wragby
Hurlefield (W) : Handsworth
Hurn (E) : Beverley
Hurry, see Hury (N) : Romaldkirk
Hurst (N) : Marrick
Hurst Courtney, see Hirst Courtney (W) : Birkin
Hurst Green (W) : Ecclesfield
Hurtlepot (W) : Thornton in Lonsdale
Hury (N) : Romaldkirk
Husteads (W) : Rochdale
Husthwaite (N)
Hut Green (W) : Kellington
Huthwaite (W) : Silkstone
Hutton, included with Hutton Cranswick (E) : Hutton Cranswick
Hutton, see also Sand Hutton (N) : Bossall
Hutton, see also Sandhutton (N) : Thirsk
Hutton Bonville (N) : Birkby
Hutton Bonville Hall (N) : Hutton Bonville
Hutton Buscel (N)
Hutton Bushel, see Hutton Buscel (N) : Hutton Buscel
Hutton Conyers (N) : Extraparochial
Hutton Cranswick (E)
Hutton Hall (N) : Guisborough
Hutton Hall (N) : Hutton Magna
Hutton Hang, see High Hutton Hang (N) : Finghall
Hutton Le Hole (N) : Lastingham
Hutton Locras, see Hutton Low Cross (N) : Guisborough
Hutton Longvilliers, see Hutton Magna (N) : Hutton Magna
Hutton Low Cross (N) : Guisborough
Hutton Magna (N)
Hutton Mulgrave (N) : Lythe
Hutton Pagnall, see Hooton Pagnell (W) : Hooton Pagnell
Hutton Rudby (N) : Rudby
Hutton Sessay (N) : Sessay
Hutton Wandesley (A) : Long Marston
Hutton Wansley, see Hutton Wandesley (A) : Long Marston
Hutton in the Hole, see Hutton Le Hole (N) : Lastingham
Hutton juxta Rudby, see Hutton Rudby (N) : Rudby
Hutton upon Derwent, see Huttons Ambo (N) : Huttons Ambo
Huttons Ambo (N)
Hyde Park (W) : Doncaster
Hythe, see Hive (E) : Eastrington