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Alphabetical list of Places in Yorkshire.

Explanatory Notes

The general format of this Index/List of places in Yorkshire is:
Xxxxx (R) : Yyyyyy or
Yyyyyy (R)
where Yyyyyy is the name of the parish (before 1834, or 1890s),
Xxxxx is the name of the place within the parish (before 1834, or 1890s),
and (R) is the name of the Riding:
(A) = The Ainsty and City of York
(E) = The East Riding
(N) = The North Riding
(W) = The West Riding
(there never has been a South Riding, though there is now a South Yorkshire).

The parishes given are those which existed for some hundreds of years before 1834, when civil (as opposed to ecclesiastical) parishes started to be introduced. If you are researching before 1834, it is essential to know which parish to look in or you may never find the relevant parish record.

The parish name is always highlighted and selecting it will take you to the appropriate parish page. On that page you should be able to find some information on each place within the parish (the amount of information varies considerably).

Where there is more than one place with the same name, there is a separate entry for each place, however there may be more than one entry for those parishes which overlap Riding boundaries (e.g. Acaster Malbis). I have tried to put in all the variations in spelling that I know about, however I have undoubtedly missed some, so if you know of any, please drop me a line.

Please note that these "Where is it" pages form an index to all of the place data on the Genuki Yorkshire pages. These pages refer to pre 1974 boundary changes, and most of it to the parishes before 1834, thus North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Cleveland, and North Humberside are not listed (all post 1974).

If you fail to find the place you are looking for, consider a different spelling: - you might like to try Roger Quick's guide to strange Yorkshire place names for some ideas, or, for the West Riding only, a list of very old names (Domesday onwards) with their modern equivalents, generated by Carolyn Fenwick.

In order to assist in searching for names which have been changed by "Chinese Whispers" etc. (see Roger Quick's page above), a list containing all the place names, but with no hyperlinks, is available. This allows the names to be searched with the browser. You will of course have to go back to the hyperlinked files given below to get to the place you want.

Three words you need to know about:

  1. "cum" means "combined with" and would refer to two villages or hamlets forming a township (or part of a township). This is not seen much now but was common in the days of "townships".
  2. "juxta" or "by" means "next to" and may refer to a river or a place. It is often used to distinguish two places with the same name.
  3. "Ambo" has a similar meaning to "cum", but is used when the places have similar names as in "Huttons Ambo" (High and Low Hutton), or "Luttons Ambo" as in East and West Lutton.
If the place you are looking for starts with Great, Magna, Little, Upper, Higher, High, Low, Lower, North, South, East, West, etc. etc. and you can't find it, then try looking for the other part of the name.

If your place name ends in "brough" or "borough" and you can't find it, then try the alternative spelling.

If your place name ends in bro' or boro', these are abreviations for "brough" and "borough" respectively, however they are not always used correctly so you should look at the other spelling if you can't find the one given.

If the place name can be split eg. REDHOUSE, then try under the split name (RED HOUSE), and of course vice versa.

If you want to locate the place on a map, then you can download a large and detailed map of the county which you can keep and print. Not all the places are marked, but all Cities, Towns and Villages and at least 90% of the Hamlets are marked, along with some single houses.

Of course it may be that the place you are looking for may not be in Yorkshire at all (despite the Census data saying it is!). Try the web mapsite:

  • UK street map. This returns a 3 by 3 kilometre square section of the Ordnance Survey Landranger map series (or better). You can re-centre the map by clicking on the square you want in the centre. The inputs are Place names, London Streets, Post codes, Longditude/latitude, Grid reference or Telephone Code (the latter is not too accurate).
Finally, you are very welcome to save all the place lists (or any other pages) on your computer for your own personal use, however if you are considering their use for any other purpose please see the conditions of use page.

Happy Hunting!

Colin Hinson.

If you have read all of this page and:

  • You cannot find the place name in the list(s) and have searched the list of all place names (see in the notes above) for parts of the word you are looking for (e.g. You have "Naresborough", have you tried looking for "sborough").
  • You know where a place is, but it's not on the list(s).
please contact me please turn on Java Script (scripting) to get the email address. giving
  • The Place name
  • The source of the name (e.g. census record)
  • Any other information which may help such as dates, general area etc.
and please use capital letters in the right places, along with punctuation, and NOT text messaging format! - if it needs deciphering, I will ignore it! "Capitalisation and punctuation are courtesies designed to help readers to understand a story without stumbling".