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Yorkshire booklist by Yorksgen mailing list members


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This list of books about Yorkshire has been assembled from recommendations made by members of the YORKSGEN Rootsweb mailing list. The titles are loosely arranged by topic, although in some cases this has been difficult to determine. Where possible, the recommender has provided a short summary which should be used as a guide only.
The books are a mixture of old and new. An attempt has been made to provide sufficient information for you to search in new and/or second-hand bookshops, or to obtain a copy at your local library or through an inter-library loan facility.

YORKSHIRE, EAST, NORTH AND WEST [3 Separate Volumes] A part of the King's England series.
Edited by Arthur Mee. First printed in 1941. The contributor's copies are from a reprint in 1947. Printed and bound in Great Britain for Hodder & Staughton, Limited. by Richard Clay and Company, Ltd., Bungay, Suffolk.
To quote from the frontispiece, "This visitation of Yorkshire for The King's England was completed in the early months of the Hitler War, and is a picture of the County as it was before the aerial bombardment of the Island. It is not possible here to take note of changes the war has brought about in churches and other buildings; this book stands as a record of Yorkshire before the Blitzkrieg."

The North Riding volume,
275 pages, typical of all three, contains 96 photos in a sepia tint and the text includes 201 (my count) villages and towns, is well indexed and it contains a fold out 18" by 14" map of old Yorkshire (the entire county) showing all the places mentioned in the text. The style is "tourist guide" prose, but quite complete. For example, the entry for Robin Hood's Bay, one of the contributor's favourite spots as a youth, occupies a little over one page.
A little old fashioned perhaps, but for members of the "older generation" it will bring back a surge of wonderful memories.

YORKSHIRE. F.R.PEARSON. B.A. (Senior History Master at Bridlington School).
Published in 1928 by Alfred A. Knopf, Ltd. Part of The Borzoi County Histories Series, General Editor: S.J.Madge, M.Sc., F.S.A.
A marvellous book about Yorkshire, it includes physical features and geology, prehistoric Yorkshire, and Yorkshire during the following historic periods: Roman, Anglian and Danish, Norman, Mediaeval, Tudor, Stuart, the Industrial Revolution and Modern. The book includes photographs taken in 1927/28, sketches, maps etc., etc. This is an absolute must for anyone wanting to know about Yorkshire from it's earliest period up to 1928. The writer is a History Master, his work is accurate.

A HISTORY OF YORKSHIRE. S.L. RAWNSLEY and F.B. SINGLETON. Part of the Darwen County History Series. Published in 1995 (third edition) by Phillimore and Co. Ltd., Sussex.
ISBN 0-85033-930-8.
"This book is the story of the historic county, from it's earliest times to the present day". The book has a proud history. The first edition, by Tate and Singleton was published in 1960 and enjoyed remarkable success. After a number of corrected reprints a new edition appeared in 1986 which was much more than a revision of the original book. The great W.E. Tate had died and Dr. Stewart Rawnsley took his place as co-author of a completely re-written book, greatly expanded to take into account new research and interpretations, with much new material on industrial Yorkshire, the discoveries of Viking Jorvik, the boundary changes of the 70's and 80's and on cultural and leisure pursuits; the illustrations were also greatly enhanced."

FAMOUS YORKSHIRE HOMES. William HEBDEN. Published in 1974.
ISBN No. 0 85206 199 4.
A tidy little book, it covers the areas of: Halifax and the Calder Valley; Huddersfield district; Around Wakefield; Bradford and Airedale; Leeds and Wharfedale; North of Leeds; East of Leeds; Along the Great North Road; North of York; East Yorkshire and the Coast.Some houses are covered better than others.

ISBN: 0901934070

HIGHWAYS & BYWAYS IN YORKSHIRE by Arthur H. NORWAY, Illustrated by Joseph Pennell & Hugh Thomson. This book was originally published in 1899. Also published in 1903.


YORKSHIRE: MILLSTONE GRIT REVISITED, by Glyn HUGHES. Published in 1985 by Chatto and Windus/The Hogarth Press. This is an updated version of an earlier book, Millstone Grit, published in 1975 by Victor Gollancz. The book is probably long out of print.
ISBN 0 7011 2960 3
A "must read," especially for those with ancestors and links to the Calder Valley/Haworth and Saddleworth areas. This is a beautifully poetic account, part autobiographical, part historical and anecdotal, of how the author, a Cheshire man, came to live in the Calder Valley in a tiny derelict cottage in the hamlet of Mill Bank, near Sowerby Bridge, that he bought for £50. He takes journeys on foot through Haworth, Todmorden, Heptonstall, Hebden Bridge, Luddenden, Halifax, etc, writing about the Pennine landscape, moors, wild places, industrial history, characters, the Brontes, Luddites, weaver-poets, non-conformists, millworkers, farm life and more. The author also lived at Saddleworth and writes about that area, too. A splendid work.

THE BUILDINGS OF ENGLAND. Yorkshire the North Riding. Nikolaus PEVSNER.
ISBN 0 14 0710.29.9.
This series offers descriptions, spiced by lively and informed comment, of every building of architectural importance in every county of England. Besides the grand set pieces - cathedrals and their furnishings, great country houses and their parks, the commercial and industrial architecture of Victorian cities - the reader is introduced to the lesser delights, from village churches to garden follies, from pubs to pumping stations.
In the same series: Lancashire North, Lancashire South.

LOST HOUSES OF EAST YORKSHIRE. David NEAVE & Edward WATERSON. Published in 1988 by The Georgian Society for East Yorkshire, printed by Clifford Ward & Co. Bridlington Ltd.
ISBN 0 9513966 0 9

LOST HOUSES OF YORK & THE NORTH RIDING. Ed. WATERSON & Peter MEADOWS. Published in 1998 by Jill Raines.
ISBN 0 9516494 3 4

LOST HOUSES OF THE WEST RIDING. Peter MEADOWS & Ed. WATERSON. Published in 1998 by Jill Raines
ISBN 0 9516494 4 2.
It contains pictures of demolished houses such as Beverley Hall near Pately Bridge, Coniston Hall near Skipton, Bolton Hall above the Ribble and Ingmire Hall near Sedbergh .... 450 houses according to the article in the Feb 1999 issue of The Dalesman. The book covers an amazing number of houses but very superficially. There is no great detail on any of them. Still it's an excellent overview of the subject.
Others in the series:
Lost Houses of County Durham. Peter MEADOWS & Ed.WATERSON
Lost Houses of Newcastle & Northumberland. T FAULKNER & P LOWERY

THE EAST RIDING OF YORKSHIRE LANDSCAPE. K.J. ALLISON. Published by Hodder and Stoughton (London Sydney Auckland and Toronto) First printed in 1976
ISBN 0-340-15821-2
One of a number of books of various English counties within "The Making of the English Landscape" series, each one written by a different author. This particular book describes the gradual fashioning of the E. Yorkshire landscape over several thousand years from Prehistoric and Roman landscapes, Anglian and Scandinavian settlements, Early Medieval, Later Middle Ages, 1500-1730, Georgian and Victorian lands and villages, Industry and communications, Town landscapes, to 20th Century landscape. It includes 44 plates, and 25 maps and plans, and has a good index. A very good book, very interesting and well worth tracking down.

THE PENNINE VALLEY - A HISTORY OF UPPER CALDERDALE. Hebden Bridge WEA Local History Group, edited by Bernard JENNINGS. Published by Smith Settle Ltd, Ilkley Rd, Otley, West Yorkshire
ISBN 1 870071 93 X.
Gives a very readable history of the upper Calder Valley from Halifax to the Pennine watershed, encompassing Todmorden, Heptonstall, Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd and Sowerby Bridge. Topics include Community Life in the 18th and early 19th century, Industrial Revolution and Church, Chapel and School. Lots of photos, bibliography and index.

LIFE AND TRADITION IN WEST YORKSHIRE. Marie HARTLEY and Joan INGILBY. Published in 1990 by Smith Settle Ltd., Otley, West Yorkshire
ISBN Not known.
Records the way of life from the end of the nineteenth century to between the two wars. By talking to people and recording their memories, Marie Hartley and Joan Ingilby have pieced together life in that period. The book covers the great industries (textile mills, mines, forges and engineering works), the crafts (organs, bakestones and clay pipes), domestic life and leisure activities, children's games such as taws and kick can, weekly baking and Sunday chapel visits, and street hawkers. The resilience and sense of community are stressed.
Marie Hartley and Joan Ingilby have built up an extraordinary picture of people's lives, largely described in their own words which gives immediacy and colour to the book as well as making it unique and irreplaceable. Yorkshire Life

This book is a companion volume to: Life in the Moorlands of North East Yorkshire.

LIFE IN THE MOORLANDS OF NORTH EAST YORKSHIRE. Marie HARTLEY and Joan INGILBY. 2nd ed. Published in 1975, by John M. Dent & Sons Ltd., London
ISBN 0 460 03961 X.
Rural Yorkshire life as it was, with many photos. Identifies many individuals in photos. Covers North Yorkshire moors as well as East.

LIFE AND TRADITIONS IN THE YORKSHIRE DALES. Marie HARTLEY and Joan INGILBY. Published by The Dalesman Publishing Company TLS, Clapham.
ISBN 0-85206-632-5
Wonderful descriptions, including 261 photographs and drawings covering life in the Dales over the last hundred years. Covers: farmhouses, fireplaces and furnishings; dairy work; oatcakes; farm buildings and implements; sheep and sheep dogs; cures on the farm, horses, cattle, pigs, geese hens and bees; peat; haytime; joiners, cabinet makers, wheelwrights and rake makers; blacksmiths and tinsmiths; stone masons wallers and drainers; saddlers, shoemakers and cloggers; tailors; ling thatching and besom making; hedging and stick making; sport and games.

THE MAKING OF SOUTH YORKSHIRE. Professor David HEY. Published in 1979 by Moorland Publishing Company, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. 160 pages. (out of print)
ISBN 0 903485 44 3
This book by noted historian Professor David Hey, chronicles the development of the area of South Yorkshire from its earliest days. Professor Hey describes the various peoples who have invaded and conquered the area over the years and their effect and influence on it. Black and white photographs of many ancient relics, ancient churches, and oddities are included.

PORTRAIT OF THE NORTH YORK MOORS, by Nicholas Rhea. Published by Hale.
ISBN: 070902276X.
Nicholas Rhea is the alias of Peter N. Walker, a former police inspector in North Yorkshire who also wrote the Heartbeat series of books. A serious historical work and guidebook.

YORKSHIRE DALES. Robert WHITE.. Published by BT Batsford/English Heritage.
ISBN 0-7134-7561-7
'To some the Yorkshire Dales is a wild landscape of bleak moors, to others a geological and botanical paradise, but above all it shows traces of the successes and failures of 12,000 years of human activity. This introduction to the archaeology and landscape history of the Dales ranges from the geological background to the industrial archaeology of the C20.
Contents include: The traces of hunter-gatherers and the first farmers; the impact of Roman occupation; new research on the Dales in the 'Dark Ages'; after the Norman conquest; lead mining from prehistoric times until today; halls hearths and homes; and a glossary.

THE STRIDING DALES. Halliwell SUTCLIFFE. Illustrated by A. Reginald Smith. First published as a limited edition in 1929.
One of the finest books on Yorkshire. It is beautifully written and the illustrations are charming. The book is highly collectable but later editions can be purchased; most *good* antiquarian bookshops usually have a copy of the book.

BUILDINGS IN THE YORKSHIRE DALES. Arthur RAISTRICK. Published by Dalesman Publishing of Clapham.
ISBN 0-85206-367-9
Covers houses and cottages of the C17 and C18. Gives an outline history of when, how and why they came to be built. More attention is paid to the people concerned with making, living in and using them to architectural merit.
Includes: Geology and building materials; The early period of building; Monasteries, churches and bridges; Crucked houses into stone houses; A yeoman builds his house; Mansion, Cottage and Farmstead; Social and Industrial Buildings.

HOMESTEADS OF THE YORKSHIRE DALES. James WALTON. Published in 1979 by Dalesman Publishing.
ISBN 0 85206 505 1.
Originally published 1947. History and construction details of Dales homesteads before the Industrial Revolution. Many illustrations.

Beryl Bass
- Published 2001 (149 pages - spiral bound).

The History of Cleveland was published in 1808 - (with a facsimile copy being re-issued in the 1970s) - and is well known amongst the historians of North East England.
The original book lacked an index and was therefore difficult to use as a reference source, but this publication rectifies that omission. It is really a Summary and Index of the original book, as Beryl has included notes under most sections which gives a short account of the original information for the benefit of those persons who are not fortunate enough to have the original book.
The Index to Rev. John Graves History of Cleveland contains a lot of information on the parishes of the Cleveland area, listing the Clergy (up to 1808 of course), extensive cross referencing and even a list of the Kings and Queens of England from 1066 to date. The index section alone comprises of 122 pages.

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YORKSHIRE VILLAGE LIFE. Marie HARTLEY and Joan INGILBY. Published by Smith Settle Ltd. of Otley. First published in 1953.
ISBN 1-870071-40-9
A detailed history of the village of Askrigg in Wensleydale. The story of a market town which has declined to the status of village. Although farming has always been the mainstay of the village's prosperity, in the C18 over 40 different trades from dying to lead mining flourished'.
Contents include: Century of the yeoman; C18 heyday; C19 decline; St Oswald's Church; Weather flowers and birds; The Roman fort at Bainbridge; Lists of inhabitants of Askrigg 1301, 1535, 1663; Vicars of Askrigg from 1175; Masters of Yorebridge Grammar School from 1601; Clockmakers from 1681.

ROUND ABOUT BRADFORD, by William CUDWORTH. Published/printed in 1876 by Thomas Brear, 17 & 19 Kirkgate, Bradford. Reproduced in 1968 by Mountain Press, Queensbury.
The book is 'A series of sketches (descriptive and semi-historical) of 42 places within six miles of Bradford'.Note: the first volume of the reproduction is of poor quality and has missing pages compared with the original.

ISBN 1 871647 38 X.
Covers Briggate and its Pubs; picturehouses, readers letters to the Leeds press 1795-1850 (selection); the HEATONS of Claremont; St Chad's a Home for waifs and strays; a short history of the School of Commerce; Woodhouse Moor; the mosaics of St Aidan's; Bramley; the beginnings of GOTT's mill; memories of mill work; the Leeds Jewish Community; Gypsies in Leeds local history.

THE CHURCHES OF LEEDS, Rev. R.V. TAYLOR. Published in 1875 by Richard Jackson 18 Commercial St Leeds.

THE STORY OF OLD HALIFAX. T W HANSON. Recently republished by M T D Rigg Publications, 1a Renton Avenue, Guiseley, Leeds LS20 8EE. First published 1920.
An excellent history of Halifax, fully indexed, many local families mentioned.

HISTORY OF HALIFAX, John CRABTREE. Published in 1836 by Hartley and Walker Halifax.
This is a concise History of the Parish and Vicarage of Halifax from pre Roman times until 1835

HALIFAX AS IT WAS,Arthur PORRITT. Published in 1973 by Hendon Publishing Co Nelson Lancs.
Photographs and prints of Halifax from 1800 -1912.

IT HAPPENED HERE,Arthur PORRITT. Published in 1955 by E J Morten Didsbury Manchester
Events and incidents that have occurred in and around Halifax over that past 3 centuries.

OLD HALIFAX, Stephen GEE. Published in 1987 M T D Rigg publications Guiseley
Descriptive photographs of old Halifax and the surrounding area.

CALDERDALE THEN & NOW, Edward RILEY. Published in 1980 by Halifax Courier & Guardian
Photographs and stories of Halifax and surrounding area from the turn of the century.

A SPRING TIME SAUNTER - ROUND AND ABOUT BRONTE LAND. Whiteley TURNER. Published by S R Publishers Ltd. First published in 1905
ISBN 0 85409 560 8
A stroll around the Halifax area meeting old locals with much of their conversations written in "Yarksheer Yammer".

BORROWBY (NEAR THIRSK) IN 1851. Compiled by I. D. CUNLIFFE and M. Y. ASHCROFT. Published in December 1976 by North Yorkshire County Record Office.
Includes:pen and ink drawings of individual houses; the Borrowby Census 1851; Gueldable and Landmoth with Catto Census 1851; Index of heads of households mentioned in the apportionments and census; Extracts relating to Borrowby from printed directories 1823 & 1840, Baines' and White's; and a combined tithe map.

by J P G TAYLOR Published by Oblong Books of Otley. (178 pages).
ISBN 0 9536574 0 X.
It has chapters on the following:- The Norman Conquest; The Pilgrimage of Grace; Lascelles, Knyvetts and Howards; The Thompsons of Escrick; The New Hall; The first Lord Wenlock; And many more.

by LP WENHAM Published in 1976 by North Yorkshire County Record Office.
The history of the old bridge, from 1535. Includes key names of those involved with its history.

FORGOTTEN HULL - A Selection of Photographs from the Hull Corporation Health Department Collection 1890s - 1930s. By Graham WILKINSON and Gareth WATKINS - Published by Kingston Press
ISBN 1-902039-00-9.
"Hull's social history is brought to life in this fascinating pictorial record of the city, showing what it was like to live in Hull between the 1890s and 1930s. Forgotten Hull is a magnificent collection of over 1000 photographs of the city and surrounding area, faithfully restored and reproduced from the original glass plate negatives and mounted prints of the Hull Corporation Health Department. The areas covered include: The Old Town, Myton, Sculcoates, East Hull, The People of Hull. For anyone with ancestors in Hull or anyone remotely interested in Social History, then this book is an excellent recommendation.
EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS - Each photograph has a unique catalogue number so that one can order a proper print from the Hull Library!

William CUDWORTH, 1886.Reprinted by Mountain Press. Queensbury, date unknown.

THE GREAT AND CLOSE SIEGE OF YORK 1644. by Peter WENHAM. First published in 1970 by Roundwood (Kineton). Illustrated.

AROUND STOCKSBRIDGE, from The Archive Photographs Series
ISBN 0-7524-0165-3
Around 200 old photographs of Stocksbridge and its neighbouring villages.

THE YARM OF YESTERYEAR, Malcolm RACE. Published in 1978 by Strickland & Holt Yarm
Pictures and stories of the village of Yarm from the turn of the century.

PETER HARVEY'S SHEFFIELD. Peter HARVEY. Published in 1980 by Sheaf Publishing, Sheffield.
ISBN 0 9505458 3 X.
See below.

A SECOND HELPING OF PETER HARVEY'S SHEFFIELD.. Peter HARVEY. Published in 1981 by Sheaf Publishing, Sheffield.
ISBN 0 9505458 6 4.
See below.

A THIRD HELPING OF PETER HARVEY'S SHEFFIELD. Peter HARVEY. Published in 1986 by Sheaf Publishing, Sheffield.
ISBN 1 85048 000 1.
This series of books by Peter Harvey, a long time, popular writer of The Star, the daily Sheffield newspaper, consists mostly of old black and white postcards, circa 1900 & later, collected by Peter or loaned to him by local residents. The books also chronicle fashions of the day, modes of transport, celebrations, tragedies, visits by Royalty, plus many copies of posters and advertisements of the day.

THE RUDDS OF MARTON - by Beryl Bass - Published November 2001 (74 pages)
ISBN 0-9730029-0-5

The origins and history of the Rudd family who bought the estate of Marton-in-Cleveland (near modern day Middlesbrough) in 1786 from Sir John Ramsden, and built Marton Lodge there, which burnt down in 1832. The book gives a lot of information on the Rudd family in a factual, but easy to read style, and also contains a comprehensive index of both names and places listed to assist researchers. Several pages of photographs and copies of documents etc. are included at the rear of the book along with four comprehensive pedigrees covering most of the people mentioned in it.

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HALLAMSHIRE WORTHIES (Notable Men and Women of Sheffield), Rev W ODOM Published in 1926 by J.W.Northend Ltd, Sheffield.

T' HEFT AN' BLADES O' SHEVVIELD, by Thomas WINDER. Published in Sheffield in 1907 by the Sheffield Independent Press, Ltd., 21 Fargate.
On the fun side, this book was written by a Yorksgener's great-uncle. It is a book of Yorkshire dialect stories and antiquarian papers. Some reasonably large extracts have been posted to the Yorksgen list so readers may be able to find these in the list archives.

WHAT JANE AUSTEN ATE AND CHARLES DICKENS KNEW (From Fox Hunting to Whist - the Facts of Daily Life in 19th Century England), Daniel POOL. Published in 1993 by Touchstone Books (New York), division of Simon and Schuster. Also published in 1998 by Robinson Publishing.
ISBN: 185487875.
This guide clarifies the sometimes bizarre maze of rules, regulations and customs that governed everyday life in Victorian England. It provides details on the Church of England, sex, Parliament, dinner parties, country house visiting, and a host of other aspects of 19th- century English life - both upstairs and downstairs.

YORKSHIRE CUSTOMS . Arnold CROWTHER. Published in 1977 by Dalesman Publishing.
ISBN 0 85206 250 8.
Chapters on hearth and home, characters, superstitions, folk rhymes, things that go bump in the night, and more. Illustrated with drawings.

THE YORKSHIRE COINERS 1767-1783 & NOTES ON OLD & PREHISTORIC HALIFAX. by H Ling ROTH.. Published by S R Publishers Ltd, East Ardsley, Wakefield.
ISBN 0 85409 730 9
Fully indexed. Very comprehensive history of the coiners and their trials. History of the Halifax gibbet, the Brontes, much social history, brief family histories.

FORTY YEARS IN A MOORLAND PARISH. Rev. J. C. ATKINSON. Published in 1987 by M.T.D. Rigg Publications.
Reprint of original published 1891, with added photos, many by Sutcliffe. Notes and reminiscences on customs, history, geology and folklore of Danby and neighbouring parishes.

SOME REMINISCENCES AND FOLKLORE OF DANBY PARISH AND DISTRICT Joseph FORD. 2nd ed. Published in 1990 by M.T.D. Rigg Publications. 1st published 1953.
Collected works by a life-long resident of the parish, who died in 1944 at age 74.

TALES FROM THE YORK SCAFFOLD - Trials and Capital Punishment carried out at York
J S NAISMITH. Published in 1996 by C J Atkinson, York.
ISBN 0 9529701 0 4.
A nice booklet, it contains accounts of criminals Dick Turpin, Eugene Aram, Spencer Broughton, Jonathan Martin, some ladies and the scaffold, lady killers, William Dove, Patrick Reid and a brief history and calendar of capital punishment in York. The book is recommended, Naismith's writing style is in the Stockdill idiom, and the book makes a good read - no pun intended.

YORKSHIRE WIT, CHARACTER, FOLKLORE AND CUSTOMS of the North Riding of Yorkshire. Richard BLAKEBOROUGH. Published in 1973 by EP Publishing Ltd. First published in 1898.
ISBN 0 85409 785 6
Customs of the year, witchcraft, sayings, children's lore, poems, etc. Includes a glossary.

YORKSHIRE ODDITIES, INCIDENTS AND STRANGE EVENTS, S. BARING-GOULD: Originally in two Volumes. Now republished as one by Smith Settle.
Anecdotes and folklore. Entertaining characters, disreputable and otherwise.

Arnold KELLET. Illustrated by Peter KEARNEY. Published by Smith Settle.
ISBN 1858250161.
The Yorkshire Dictionary comprises: dialect words and expressions; traditions and customs of every kind and names from lore and legend. The entries cover working life, food and domestic items, sport and recreation, children's games, local rhymes and sayings, calendar customs and topographical features. The introduction gives an account of the historical background to Yorkshire dialect, its present state and prospects for the future; and guidance on pronunciation and spelling. A reference book and a browser's delight.

YORKSHIRE GHOSTS, W R MITCHELL - Published in 1977 by Dalesman Publishing Co. Clapham
ISBN 085206 401 2
A collection of local Yorkshire stories describing some of the counties strange happenings.

Published in 1986 by M.T.D. Rigg Publications.
ISBN 0 9509191 6 0.
Biography of Canon Atkinson of Danby parish with genealogy, old photos of family and area.

THE DIARY OF ROBERT SHARP OF SOUTH CAVE Janice E. CROWTHER and Peter A. CROWTHER.  Published in 1997 by The British Academy, Oxford University Press.
ISBN 0-19-726173-6
The (true) diary of a gentleman from South Cave who was the local tax collector, constable, etc. Describes day to day events with many foot notes by the editors explaining items or people in the text. Robert Sharp gives opinions of his neighbours, providing interesting character development.

Hannah's Yorkshire, The Ways of a Yorkshire Dale, Daughter of the Dales, A Celebration of Yorkshire, Hannah's North Countryand others.
Too many to list individual ISBNs and titles here.
Hannah Hauxwell is an elderly white-haired lady who achieved instant fame when she became the subject of a hugely successful TV documentary, chronicling her tough life alone on a remote Yorkshire farm. One of her TV series was Hannah in America.

Too many to list individual ISBNs and titles here. Should be still current.
James Herriot, alias the late Dr. Alf Wight of Glasgow and Thirsk, ran a veterinary practice in the Yorkshire Dales. The many 'Vet Book' are a wonderful collection of triumphs, failures and embarrassments as the stories unfold of memorable and diverse characters, both animal and human. Books to laugh out loud with and to cause the occasional tear. A "must read".

THE NAGARS OF RUNSWICK BAY J.S.JOHNSON (Jazzer). Published in 1992 by Runswick Bay Publications. (There were 2 previous publishers, HUB Publications 1973, and Caedmon Press 1985.) 190 pages.
ISBN 0 9519952 0 0
"In this book Jazzer tells, in an often humorous way, of how life used to be for the Nagars (those born in Runswick Bay) before things changed. It tells of the childhood games, schoolboy pranks, ancient customs, fishing, lifeboats, village characters, curious traditions and many other things." Jazzer was born in 1911 and the account covers his early days up to the outbreak of WW2, with a few comments on post war years. Jazzer attended Whitby County School and acquired the Nickname "Jazzer" from a Pork Butcher's in Church Street, Whitby whose shop sign read "Jas.R.Johnson". The original publisher decided to leave the book, as far as possible, in Jazzer's local dialect, which adds immensely to the book's attraction. As a single village study of the period it is a good read.

George,Maud and Joseph Simmons, born in humble circumstances in Beverley, nevertheless gained infantry officer commissions under Wellington in the Peninsular War,1809-14. Two of the three reached retirement after many years of meritorious service.A fourth brother, Charles,a Colonial Surgeon, is recognised as Founder of Beverley, Western Australia. The soldiers' story in succinct booklet form provides an insight into military life of the period. Reference copies are in some East Riding libraries. For any other enquiries please email the author

THE YORKSHIRE GENEALOGIST AND THE YORKSHIRE BIBLIOGRAPHER, edited by J. Horsfall TURNER, printed for the editor by T. Harrison, Queen Street, Bingley, Yorkshire in 1888.
Over 800 pages of small format, six and one quarter inches wide by eight and one half inches high in hard maroon coloured binding. A gem, full of Yorkshire family data, mostly as of the mid 19th century, but many tables and trees ranging back as far as the 1500s. If you find a used copy somewhere, get it by all means. It is rare. Most people who have a copy will not part with it.

KYNGESTONE-UPON-HULL.William Anderson GUNNELL. Published in 1875 by JH Ellis. Bookbinder of 7 Vincent St Hull. 515 pages.
An amazing book giving a history of key people from Hull from 1640. (The copy owned by the recommender has written in purple by hand in the margin, 'the whole of these manuscripts a forgery - probably by one Richardson'.)
Includes: 6 pages of subscribers, country-wide; Vignettes on Robert de Appleton, Liversegge, N Pund, Robert Atte Crosse, Simon de Sunman, Robert Rotenheryn, Robert de Sleby, and Milo de Stapleton; a large glossary of 'terms used in this work which have now become obsolete'; and a large index of names in alphabetic order.

CATHOLIC MISSIONERS AT GROSMONT PRIORY by GW BODDY. Published in 1976 by North Yorkshire County Record Office.
Outlines the history of residents from 1592 to 10th February 1601.

THE DAWNAY ARCHIVE Jennifer PERRY. Published in 1976 by North Yorkshire County Record Office.
The archive is one of the largest privately deposited in the County Record Office. Relates principally to estates in Danby, Wykeham, Baldersby, Sessay, Cowlick and Snaith.

In this book each of the longstanding Barden and Garriston families has given a personal account of their past successes and setbacks. It includes hundreds of names to jog your memory, over 200 photographs, and a good measure of humour too. It should be fascinating to anyone who likes walking down memory lane and will hopefully remind the young people of the district of their roots when they start looking back.

Principle family names are - Bailey, Barker, Blenkiron, Bolam, Brown, Cansfield, Cockfield, Dixon, Foster, Hird, Hodgson, Janney, Loadman, Lockey, Mileham, Nelson, Pearson, Poole, Pounder, Read, Russell, Sayer, Storey, Terry, Thwaites, Tighe. There are also detailed sections on the school and chapel.

For further details, please phone Peter and June Underwood on (+44) 01969 624259 or (+44) 01296 612575. The book costs £10 (plus £2.50 p&p (UK) if we cannot deliver it to you personally). A proportion of any profit on the sale will be donated to the Air Ambulance Service. There is also an ADDENDUM to this book at href="http://www.bardenbio.co.uk">http://www.bardenbio.co.uk

YORKSHIRE MILL TOWN TRADITIONS. W. R. MITCHELL. Published in 1978 by Dalesman Publishing.
ISBN 0 85206 483 7.
West Riding mill town life from 1900 to 1935.

THE WOOLLEN INDUSTRY. Chris ASPIN. Published in 1994 by Shire Publications Ltd.
ISBN 0 85263 598 2.
Not limited to Yorkshire but almost entirely about it. History of the industry and description of how cloth is made.

COLNE VALLEY CLOTH: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day. Phyllis BENTLEY. Published in 1947 by Huddersfield and District Woollen Export Group
About cloth manufacture. Illustrated with drawings, woodcuts. Beautiful pull-out map of the Cloth District in colour.

YORKSHIRE TEXTILE MILLS 1770-1930. Colum GILES and Ian H. GOODALL. Published in 1992 by London, HMSO.
ISBN 0 11 300038 3.
Intensive survey documenting production, buildings, power sources. Many photos and diagrams.  Includes inventory of selected mills and gazetteer.

HISTORY OF THE HUDDERSFIELD WOOLLEN INDUSTRY. W. B. CRUMP and G. GHORBAL. Published in 1988 by Kirklees Leisure Services.
ISBN 0900746 26 2.
Reprint of 1935 original. Very detailed study from Middle Ages through Huddersfield manufacturers at The Great Exhibition of 1851. Describes mills, machines and many mill owners. Old photos.

IN THE NORTH OF ENGLAND. The Yorkshire Moors and Dales.Rob TALBOT and Robin WHITEMAN. Published in 1991. In U.S., by Rizzoli International Publications, NY; in UK, George Weidenfeld and Nicolson Ltd.
ISBN 0-8478-1307-X.
Beautiful photos with explanatory text featuring the areas around Whitby, Guisborough, Pickering, York, Richmond, Skipton, Sedburgh.

WENSLEYDALE. Compiled by Clive TORRENS..Published by Drystone Publications, Preston Under Scar.
ISBN 0-9531371-0-4
200 postcard views of all the villages in the dale and its tributary valleys from East Witton in the east to Moorcock in the west.

WEST YORKSHIRE; Shire County Guide 21. Colin SPEAKMAN. Published in 1988 by Shire Publications Ltd.
ISBN 0 85263 936 8.
Concise guidebook to towns, parks, buildings, canals, museums, churches, archaeology, etc.

JAMES HERRIOT'S YORKSHIRE. James HERRIOT. Published by the Penguin Group, 27 Wrights Lane, London W8 5TZ,England. Penguin Australia, Canada, NZ.; & by Viking Penguin in the USA.
ISBN 0 7181 1753 0. or ISBN 0 7181 2144 9.
A beautifully illustrated book of the north & eastern part of England's largest county. The book is full of vivid descriptions and anecdotes by Yorkshire's most famous veterinary surgeon, James Herriot, the late Dr. Alf Wight of Glasgow and Thirsk.

A JOURNEY THROUGH YORKSHIRE , Published in 1997 by Jarrold Publishing.
ISBN 0 7117 0608 5.
A beautiful book, full of colour pictures of England's largest county. 64 pages.

THE UPPER HOLME VALLEY. S.J. STREEK. Hardcover Published in 1972 by Ridings Pub. Co;
ISBN: 090193416X
What striking word pictures the author paints of a land both hard and soft at the same time.For anyone researching Yorkshire from afar, particularly the Southern Pennines, this book is a must read.

THE BACKBONE OF ENGLAND, W A POUCHER. Published in 1946 by Billing & Sons Ltd., Guilford and Esher
A Photographic and descriptive guide to the Pennine range from Derbyshire to Durham.

YORKSHIRE FROM THE AIR, BARRIE & JENKINS Published in 1989 by Leopard, a division of Random House UK Ltd
ISBN 0 7529 0423 X
Aerial Photographs covering key places and points of interest in Yorkshire photographed by Aerofilms Ltd Boreham.

THE VANISHING LAND. Alan WHITE ( or A L White). Hardcover published in June 1982 by Collins. It has also been published in Paperback, but not known by whom.
ISBN 0246114657
This book tells of a farming family and how they lose their land due to the Enclosure Acts. The shock of it all destroys the father and the book goes on to tell how his offspring disperse and have to find ways of surviving. It is well worth reading to get an overview the mood of the times. There are supposed to be two companion books but thus far I haven't been able to get hold of them or find their titles.

Agnes Grey, Anne Bronte
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Anne Bronte
Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte
Shirley, Charlotte Bronte
Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte

The HEARTBEAT Stories. Nicholas Rhea. Published from ca. 1991.
There are too many individual titles and ISBNs to list here.
Nicholas Rhea is the alias of Peter N. Walker, a former police inspector in North Yorkshire. These are fictional tales of a policeman in a remote village in the North York Moors in the 1950s. Many of these books should still be current.

A TV tie-in book about the villages and countryside in which the TV version of the Heartbeat books is set.

Many Books, by Keith WATERHOUSE
Too many to list individual titles and ISBNs here, many still current.
Keith Waterhouse is a Leeds-born author and newspaper columnist, and a very successful novelist.A hugely funny writer, BILLY LIAR is his most famous work, which has been turned into a film, TV series, stage play and West End musical.

ISBN 1-870071-82-4

Basic Broad Yorkshire is "a practical compendium of Yorkshire dialect. Chapters include the origins of Yorkshire dialect; pronunciation and spelling; and chapters on grammar, idioms and oddities.There is a section on traditional sayings and songs, and a selection of dialect prose and verse"

The Yorkshire Dictionary of Dialect, Tradition and Folklore by Arnold
Kellett -

The Yorkshire Dictionary of Dialect, Tradition and Folklore is essentially just that - a dictionary which covers all Yorkshire dialect.Where a particular word or phrase is associated with a particular Riding it is noted as such. It also gives a historical background of Yorkshire dialect.

The author of both the above books, Arnold Kellett " was formerly head of modern languages at King James's School, Karesborough, where the Dictionary's illustrator Peter Kearney, was head of art and design.Arnold Kellett has twice been mayor of Knaresborough, and is a well-known local historian. He was awarded a PhD in 1986 and the Yorkshire History Prize in 1988 and the Bramley History Prize in 1992.Dr. Kellett's publications include Historic Knaresborough (1991) and Basic Broad Yorkshire (1992). He is currently editor of the Transactions of the Yorkshire Dialect Society, of which he is an enthusiastic member".

BRITISH SHEEP BREEDS ..Published by Shire Albums
ISBN 0-85263-779-9
There are more than sixty different breeds in Britain.The sheep industry is based on a stratified system which makes the best use of the harsh mountains of Scotland, Wales and northern England, as well as of the more fertile and mild regions of southern Britain.it has helped to develop a rich range of specialist regional breed types.This book places the breeds into intelligible groups by outlining the way the national industry works, classifying the different roles and determining where each breed fits into the overall picture. Includes: The fleece; primitive breeds; mountain breeds; hill breeds; longwool breeds; down breeds and places to visit.

YORKSHIRE DALES PLACE NAMES. Robert GAMBLES..Published in 1995 by Dalesman Publishing Co Ltd. of Skipton.
ISBN 185568-094-7
More than 600 of the places most familiar to visitors have been chosen and classified under the main dales. Full glossary and index. Covers: Note on the languages; Swaledale with Arkengarthdale; Wensleydale with Bishopdale and Coverdale; Dentdale with Garsdale; Ribblehead with Kingsdale; Firedale with Malhamdale; Wharfedale with Littondale and Langstrothdale; Upper Nidderdale

Published by Oxford University Press.
From the OUP web pages, "This is the most authoritative and up-to-date dictionary of English place-names available in paperback. From Abbas Combe to Zennor, it gives the meaning and origin of over 12,000 place-names, tracing their development from earliest times to the present day. Essential reference for the tourist or local historian, it is absorbing reading for anyone interested in the names of our towns and villages."

GARDENS OF ENGLAND AND WALES 1993 Published by the National Gardens Scheme
ISBN 0-900558-25-3
A useful handbook as it covers 3,000 private gardens (and therefore houses) not necessarily covered in PEVSNER. Gives descriptions of gardens and owners at publication dates. 7 pages for Yorkshire.

CATHEDRALS OF BRITAIN David L EDWARDS Published by Pitkin Guides
ISBN 0-85372-451-2
Beautiful colour plates.

MOVIE MAKERS AND PICTURE PALACES: A Century of Cinema in Yorkshire, 1896-1996 G.J. Mellor, Sir David Puttnam. Paperback - 320 pages. Published 1996 by Bradford Arts, Museums and Libraries Service;
ISBN: 090773443X

"POM-POMS AND RUFFLES, The Story of Northern Seaside Entertainment", Yorkshire.
No details known.
The book from which the information on Scarborough entertainers was posted to the Yorksgen mailing list (Aug 1999).

THEY MADE US LAUGH G.J. MELLOR. Published in 1982, hardcover by George Kelsall.
ISBN: 0950557749

HOW IT ALL BEGAN IN YORKSHIRE, by Maurice BAREN. Published in 1997 by Dalesman Publishing Company Ltd.
ISBN: 1855681366
Tells the fascinating stories of the everyday products that we have around the house and which are taken for granted. "These household items have stood the test of time, and their names have become part of the language. Often they began in a small way, or by chance, or against all the odds&. How It All Began is lively and informative, and complemented throughout by colour and black-and-white illustrations. It is a nostalgic journey back into the past, a chance to see again the old adverts, packages or slogans &. It is a dipping book, a gift book, an encyclopaedia of social history - a book to always have on the shelf."

YORKSHIRE JOURNAL. Published by SMITH SETTLE LTD. Freepost LS5407 OTLEY, West Yorkshire LS21 1YY
This subscription journal contained articles on just about every aspect of Yorkshire, both ancient and modern, and everything in between. Topics one issue include: the 1829 York Minster fire, poetry, laying an egg in church, the Tan Hill Sheep Show, church history, Yorkshire plants and animals, the West Riding rag trade, historic wall paintings, Richmond Castle, music at Yorkshire universities, Yorkshire customs, plague stones, weather lore, an apparatus for disinfecting a broody hen, flithering, building and bell restoration, local history, art, a peppermint still, a C17th journey by the Mirfield Vicar to the parson at Chapel Allerton, news and comment. I was sent the following information by Keith Heywood in 2015:
Smith Settle sold the magazine to the Dalesman around 2002, and they published it for a further year or so and then closed it. A similar fate befell the other small Yorkshire magazines.
In 2010 a group of people decided to start publication of a magazine along the same lines, but as a free on-line journal, and it has been published quarterly since then.
A new website has recently been created from which the complete archive can be freely downloaded.The url is http://theyorkshirejournal.wordpress.com/ and brief description is: The journal aims to bring all writers interested in Yorkshire's heritage, past and present, with their stories and non-fiction articles to a world wide audience. It features articles on its stunning landscape, picturesque villages, historic towns and cities, customs, traditions, curiosities and the history of its people.

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