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Help and advice for YORKSHIRE: Genuki Yorkshire, Additional information.

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YORKSHIRE: Genuki Yorkshire, Additional information.

  • Navigating the site: The whole of the Genuki site is built in a strict hierarchical manner. Once you understand how the hierarchy is arranged, you will find it fairly easy to navigate the site. I have drawn a diagram showing the hierarchy of the Genuki and Genuki Yorkshire pages and also a page giving information about how these pages were developed with what you will find (and what you won't find) within these pages. The old county of Yorkshire was unusual in not only being split into 4 (3 Ridings and the Ainsty), but also in having some very large parishes. With some counties (such as Cheshire) virtually every village was also a parish, however this is not the case with Yorkshire and so some means of finding out which town, village or hamlet is in which parish was needed. To this end I developed the "Where is it in Yorkshire" pages which will take you directly to the relevant Riding and parish, but please read the notes on the main page before jumping in at the deep end!
  • Navigating the old pre 1974 Yorkshire: The modern Yorkshire bears little resemblance to the old Yorkshire of pre 1974 times. Of course the places haven't moved, just the boundaries. Please do not confuse "North Yorkshire" with "The North Riding", "East Yorkshire" (or even the modern East Riding) with "The East Riding", etc. etc. they are by no means the same. To assist in navigation around the county you will find maps of Yorkshire on the main Yorkshire page: a detailed map, maps of parishes for each Riding, and a map showing the wapentakes. On each of the parish pages you will find a map showing the position of the parish in the Riding, and a link to various map sites (such as "Old Maps", Google maps etc) which uses the Grid reference of the parish and the places within it to give positional information when fetching the map(s).
  • Grid References: most of the places listed on this site have associated Ordnance Survey Landranger map Grid References associated with them. These are currently most obvious under the heading of "Names (Geographical)" on the relevant parish pages, where I have no information on the places listed other than the LR Grid Reference. These, and the other grid references, are used by the "Nearby Places" search engine (there's a link to this at the top of each parish page) in order to ascertain which places are within the appropriate radius of the given parish town, and the grid references of each place will be found on the results page. (It is my intention when time allows to add all the grid references to the parish pages). Definitions of terms: Yorkshire, along with other northern counties in England used Wapentakes as administrative areas (instead of "Hundreds"), and you will also find the term "Dale", "Wolds" etc. used within the text.
  • If you come across a term that you don't understand, then please have a look on the " definitions of terms" pages.
  • If you get confused with (or don't understand at all) any of the ecclesiastical terms, then try the church definitions page.
  • Don't forget about the Genuki Yorkshire search engine. This search engine searches only the Genuki Yorkshire pages and a few external sites which deal with Yorkshire and its records, and includes the Yorkshire surnames interest list.
  • There is a link to the Yorkshire section of the search engine at the top of the main Genuki Yorkshire page.
  • There is also a Genuki search engine that covers the whole of Genuki and some external sites such as the Public Records Office, and you will find a link to this by going via the "Genuki contents" link at the top of the main Genuki Yorkshire page.


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  • Greyed out "Back arrows". I didn't really want to have to implement the feature that causes the "Greying out" of the browser back arrows (i.e. there is no "back"), but due to the way some web-masters have implemented scripts, pop-ups etc. on their sites, the users going to their sites find that they can't get back to Genuki without having to start again. In order to get round this problem, virtually all the external links on this site will cause a new browser window to be produced. This will only be apparent to you if you notice that you have another browser running on the task bar, and that the Back Arrow has been greyed out. If you come across this situation, simply kill off the offending window and you will return to the Genuki page that you left from.


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