YORKSHIRE: Yorkshire Graveyard strays, transcribed by Mel Towler, Posted: Jan to Jun 2000.

Inscription found in York Cemetery [what a wonderful place - so atmospheric. It does have a website but misplaced URL]
Formerly from Cornwall

"In affectionate remembrance of Edwin ADAMS late of Port Isaac, Cornwall who died at York April 3rd 1877 aged 43"

Found at St Mary's churchyard, Goldsborough, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire
Formerly from Stamford Bridge, East Riding of Yorkshire

"In memory of Elizabeth AGAR relict of Mr John AGAR formerly of Stamford
Bridge who departed this life at Goldsbro' on the 12th day of October 1853
aged 81 years"

Hope they fit somone's tree!

Early today!

Monumental Inscription found at St Wilfrid's churchyard, South Stainley, near Harrogate
Formerly from Masham, North Yorkshire

"In loving memory of Thomas ATKINSON of Cayton Gill [late of Stott Fold,
Masham] who departed this life January 29 1908 aged 73 years. Also Mary his
widow who died May 19 1935 aged 72 years"

Kind regards,

Hi everyone,
Heaps of millenium wishes to you all.

Yesterday I was churchyard walking in Ramsgill, near Pateley Bridge, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I found a stray and I thought I would post the MI, just in case.....

"In loving memory of Joseph ATKINSON, late of Driffield, E Yorkshire who died in his 76th year. The School House, Heathfield on the day March 6 1903.
Also of Mary his wife who died October 12 1893 aged 58 years
Interred in Driffield Cemetery"

Hope it may help someone,

Found in Christ Church churchyard, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

"In memory of Sarah BACON daughter of the late Charles BACON Esq of Styford Northumberland who departed this life August 26 1851 aged 59 years"

I found this MI in St Stephen's churchyard in Acomb, York
Formerly from London

"Sacred to the memory of Matilda daughter of Thomas and Harriot BALLANCE of London who died 23rd April 1840 aged 4 years and 5 months"


Found in St Michael's churchyard at Kirklington, near Bedale
Formerly from Huddersfield

"Sacred in memory of John BAXTER late of Huddersfield who died January 31st 1856 aged 79 years.
I know that my redeemer liveth and he shall stand at the latter day up on the earth Job XIX ch 25 v."

Found in All Saints churchyard, Staveley, North Yorkshire [approx 8 miles east of Knaresborough]
Formerley from Glossop, Derbyshire

"In loving memory of Joseph BENNETT of Glossop, Derbyshire who died February
26 1903 in his 75th year.
In the shadow of thy wings there is hope, there is peace.
Also Sarah widow of the above passed away May 21 1915 aged 83 years
He healeth the broken in heart and bindeth up their wounds"

Inscription found in St Martin's churchyard at Allerton Mauleverer, near Knaresborough
Originally from Hopwash [?] in Staffordshire

"Here lie the remains of Anna BIRCH of Hopwash [?] in the County of
Staffordshire who died at Hopperton on May 22 1816 [or?1916 - unclear]. She
was for 13 years a faithful Nurse in the family of Mr and Mrs TOURTON by
whom and their three sons this stone was placed in a mark of their
affectionate regard and a token of respect to her memory. RIP."

Hopperton is the next door village to Allerton Mauleverer.

Inscription found in All Saints, Slingsby
Formerly from Lincolnshire

"In memory of Thomas BOYES of Sleaford, Lincolnshire who died April 7th 1872 aged 36 years
Sleep on now and take thy rest"

I found this one during my weekend travels to St Columba at Topcliffe, near Thirsk, NRY
Formerly from Wilton in Cleveland

"In memory of Philip BRAITHWAITE late of Wilton in Cleveland who died justly lamented April 7th 183? [possibly a 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9] aged 36 years.
Reader his hope was in Christ"

This is another stray found in Stoney Royd Cemetery, Halifax, with connections in Kidderminster, Worcestershire

"In remembrance of Alfred BRINTON, son of Henry BRINTON Esquire of Kidderminster
Born January 5th 1829
Died at Halifax on December 19th 1875"

Inscription found in St Peter's churchyard at Woolley, near Wakefield
Originally from Wakefield, West Riding

"Here lies the body of george BROOMHEAD, late of Wakefield, Spirit Merchant.
He departed this life the 30th of March 1810 in the 44th year of his age.
Also Mary wife of the above who died January 19th 1842 in the 80th year of
her age"

This inscription was found in All Saints churchyard at Slingsby, North Yorkshire
Formerly from Richmond, Surrey

"In memory of Ann widow of the late George BROWN, Richmond, Surrey who died January 10th 1850 aged 86
O Grave, where is thy victory
Ann, daughter of the above and wife of the Revd John Pigott MUNBY, Hovingham, fell asleep February 14th 1886 aged 82 years"

MI found in St Wilfrid's churchyard, South Stainley, North Yorkshire [approx 6 miles NE Harrogate]
Formerley from London

"James Thomas BUCK late of Markington and formerley of Harlesden Green,
London who died February 27 1894 aged 71 years"

Found in St Mary's churchyard, Askham Richard, near York
Formerly from Dringhouses

"In loving memory of Elizabeth CALVERT of Dringhouses who died May 8 1895
aged 28 years.
Not lost but gone before"

Monumental Inscription found in St James's, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire
Formerly from Goole

"In memory of George Frederick CAPES late of Goole he died at boroughbridge
March 7 1858 [or 1855, unclear] aged 21 years"

I found this monumental inscription in the churchyard of Christ Church, Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Formerly from London
Lots of information in this one

"Sacred to the memory of William CARDALE Esq of Bedford Row, London who died Tuesday the 26th day of September 1826 at Harrogate to which place he had come for the recovery of his health, aged 49 years.
Thou will keep him in perfect peace
Whose mind is stayed on thee
The Generation of the upright shall be blessed
A memory of the above is also inscribed at the Family Vault in the burial grounds belonging to the Parish of St Andrews, Holborn"

I found this one in Ripon Cemetery
Formerly from London

"In memory of Henry CARTER [formerly of London] who died at Ripon 18th March 1905 aged 83 years
He was a working shoemaker, and left the residue of his estate amounting to over £800 to Jepsons Hospital, Ripon"

An MI with a difference - if I get any takers for this one, I will be surprised.
Found in St Andrews's at Kildwick, Keighley, WRY

"Here resteth the body of Elise CARTHAY's a native of Switzerland, died at Carrhead in this parish November 12th 1852 aged 21
A pilgrim upon earth in hopes of a better country"

Monumental Inscription found in St Wilfrid's churchyard at South Stainley, near Harrogate
Formerly from Aberdeen, north of Scotland

"In memory of Jane CHRISTIE of Aberdeen who died March 17 1862 aged 36 years
Also Alexander CHRISTIE husband of the above of Wormald Green who died
January 14 1891 aged ?? years"

Wormald Green is a small hamlet 2 miles from South Stainley
His age was indecipherable

I found this Monumental Inscription in St James's churchyard, Wetherby, West Riding of Yorkshire
Formerly from Galloway, Scotland

"To the memory of Josiah CLARK
Born September 22nd 17?2 in the parish of Balmaghie, County of Galloway, Scotlad
Died at Wetherby February 22nd 1833"

The exact date of birth was unclear

Found at St Andrew's, Middleton, approx 2 miles west of Pickering, East Yorkshire
Formerley from Whitby

"In memory of Thomas CLARKSON, Ironmonger, Whitby who died the 15th of
February 1815 aged 41 years.
Also Hannah his wife who died the 19th December 1821 aged 47 years"

Is there anyone with ancestors formerly from Arkengarthdale - this may belong to you, read on.
I found this MI in St Helen's churchyard at Little Ouseburn.

"To the memory of the late Simon COLLINS of Thorpe Green in this parish who died June 5th 1828 aged 50 years
Also of Sarah his wife, a native of Arkengarthdale, North Yorkshire who died January 17th 1865 aged 88 years
And of Elizabeth their daughter who died March 14th 1849 aged 28 years"

I found this inscription in St Andrew's churchyard at Kildwick, West Yorkshire
Formerly from South Kelsey, Lincolnshire

"In loving memory of Annie CRESSEY of South Kelsey, Lincs.
Died November 12th 1928 aged 51 years
The Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow

I found this MI in All Saints churchyard, Kirkby Hill, near Boroughbridge, North Riding of Yorkshire
Formerly from Edinburgh, north of the border!

"In memory of Hugh Ross DALGLEISH late of Edinburgh who died at Langthorpe on September 14th 1911"

I am unsure of the correct definition of a Stray, and I suspect my DAWSON
doesn't constitute one, but I thought the inscription was so interesting, as
to not walk by! Before sending a Stray to YORKSGEN I always check the GOON
webpage to see if someone is doing a one-name study. I can't remember who
they are , but DAWSON is a surname being "GOON searched", and I am sending
them this email too, so I am hoping I get at least one response!

This one was found in St Mary's churchyard at Goldsborough, near
Knaresborough. I don't know where he was from originally, but he spent some
time traversing the world! Quite a feat to survive that! Then sadly he died
in Goldsborough, still a relatively young man.

"In memory of the Rev. Thomas DAWSON late missionary of Cochin, South
Trauancore, East Indies under the patronage of the Church Missionary Society
and for a short time previous to his death, assitant curate of this Parish,
where death put a period to his labours and long afflictions February 6 1828
aged 36 years"

If ever you wish to send my Stray onwards, please do - the more we share the
info, the better it makes me feel!
Here's hoping I have another "strike"!

Monumental Inscription found in Boroughbridge Cemetery
Formerly from Whitby

"In loving memory of Hannah wife of Samuel DEAN of Whitby who died June 15
1899 aged 63 years.
Also Joseph Harry son of C F and S A DEAN who died October 16 1893 aged 8 years.
Also Major who died in infancy.

Too fair to prove on earth to stay
So early marked for heaven
We had no right to call them ours
They were lent not given"

Inscription found in All Saints churchyard at Upper Poppleton, near York
Formerly from Easingwold.

"In loving remembrance of Robert Kirk DEIGHTON of Lund Lees, Easingwold who
died October 29th 1896 aged 70 years.
Make him to be numbered with thy saints oh Lord
Also Jane wife of the above who died September 6th 1902 aged 73 years
Grant her thy peace"

Another stray from Christ Church, Harrogate
Formerly from Halifax

"Sacred to the memory of William DEWHIRST late of Halifax who departed this life June 23rd 1859 aged 59 years
I know that my redeemer liveth"

Inscription found in Ilkley Cemetery
Formerly from Doncaster

"In loving memory of Elizabeth DEY elder daughter of Charles and Hannah DEY of Doncaster who died at Ilkley June 30th 1906 in her 90th year"

Inscription found in St Columba churchyard at Topcliffe
Formerly from Minskip, near Boroughbridge

"In memory of Thomas DIXON late of Minskip who died the 15th day of July 1816 aged 70 years.
Also Dorothy his wife who died the 22nd day of March 1819 aged 85 years.
Also in memory of Dorothy the beloved wife of William CROFT of Kirby Hill and daughter of the above Thomas and Dorothy DIXON who departed this life on the 9th day of August 1837 in the 66th year of her age.
Also the above William CROFT who died May 16th 1839 aged ?? years"

Found in the churchyard of the Church of Ascension, Whixley [approx 8 miles east of Harrogate]
Formerly from the County of Durham

"In affectionate remembrance of Mary relict of Archibald DUNBAR formerley of
Newfield in the County of Durham who died November 28th 1875 aged 90 years"

Monumental Inscription found in St Andrew's churchyard at Kildwick, near
Keighley, WRY
Formerley from Rochester, in the county of Northumberland

"In memory of Jane wife of Thomas DUNN of the School House, Kildwick
formerly of Rochester, Northumberland who died January 4 1870 aged 26 years"

Don't for get to tell me if this is one of yours!

One for our American friends.....
I found this one in Tadcaster Cemetery
Originally from the US of A

"In memorian
Died October 14th 1887"

Sorry it isn't a little bit more specific on location.

This inscription was found in St Mary's churchyard in Tadcaster.
Formerly from Leeds, but mention of Oxenhope, Keighley
[There is no indication as to the family connection between Thomas Feather and John Backhouse]

"In affectionate remembrance of Thomas FEATHER late of Leeds, son of John and Mary FEATHER of Oxenhope, who departed this life on Sunday March 12th 1871 aged 70 years
Also John BACKHOUSE of this town who departed this life September 23rd 1859 aged 87 years
Also Mary ATKINSON daughter of the above named John BACKHOUSE who departed this life April 4th 1854 aged 52 years
Also Dinah daughter of the above named John BACKHOUSE who departed this life January 29th 1869 aged 70 years"

This MI was amongst the headstones at Holy Trinity, Ripon
Formerly from Leeds

"Sacred to the memory of Isabella relict of William FENTON Esq formerly of Leeds who died October 30th 1834 in her 80th year
Also Mary YALE daughter of the above who died May 31st 1886 aged 86 years"

I haven't strayed very far today - wandered Chrict Church churchyard in Harrogate, and came home with another 10 or so stray inscriptions. Here is the first.
Todmorden is to the west of Halifax in the WRY

"In memory of the late Elizabeth FIELDEN relict of the late John FIELDEN of Centre Vale, Todmorden who departed this life the 25th day of October 1851 age 65 years"

I found this one in All Saints churchyard, Harewood [between Leeds and Harrogate]
Formerly from Norton, Nottinghamshire

"In affectionate remembrance of Sarah GADSBY late of Norton, Notts who died 20th November 1873 aged 68 years"

Hello everyone,

Last weekend I searched All Saints churchyard at Thorp Arch [close by Boston
Spa and Wetherby]. Just to let you know, this churchyard has got my vote for
being one of the tidiest and prettiest. Someone takes great pride in keeping
the place looking nice, and with the lovely spring wild flowers just
emerging, the whole churchyard was a carpet of colours. But isn't it a
disappointment that many of these churches now have to keep their doors
locked. A sign of the sad times we live in.
This stray was formerly from Hod Green, Cheshire

"In loving memory of Eliza GARRAD of Hod Green, Cheshire who died at Thorp
Arch July 6th 1901 aged 77 years"

Monumental Inscription found in St Mary's churchyard in Tadcaster
Formerly from Leeds

"Sacred to the memory of Caroline wife of John GAVINS of Leeds, Joiner and Cabinet Maker who departed this life July 10th 1834 in the 25th year of her age"

Monumental Inscription found in St Wilfird's churchyard, South Stainley,
near Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Formerly from Co. Sligo, Ireland

"In loving memory of Emmeline GETHIN of Ballingdon, Co. Sligo
Born May 26 1860
Fell asleep May 5 1916"

I found this MI at St Michael's at Cowthorpe [between Harrogate and York and Wetherby]. The church now belongs to the Church Conservation Trust as no services are held here anymore - but it is too special to become redundant. My ancestors lived in Cowthorpe between 1750 and about 1820, and typically were Ag Labs!
This stray was formerly from Market Weighton, ERY

"To the memory of Samuel GOODALL, Innkeeper of Market Weighton who died April 27th 1852 aged 67 years"

Found in Harlow Hill Cemetery, Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Formerley from Wakefield, West Riding of Yorkshire

"In affectionate remembrance of George GRAHAM, formerley of Wakefield, who died at Harrogate November 15 1883 aged 74 years
Also of Martha relict of the above who died April 27 1884 aged 79 years"

I found this one in St John's churchyard at Sharow, near to Ripon, NRY
Formerly from Knutsford, Cheshire

"In loving memory of Mary wife of George GRAINGER of Ollerton, Knutsford
Born February 8th 1841
Died June 28th 1902
Also George GRAINGER husband of the above
Born February 21st 1839
Died August 1st 1907
At rest until the day dawn"

This stray was found in St Michael's at Well, near Bedale, NRY
Formerly from Rogate, Sussex, and Spennithorne, near Leyburn, NRY

"Sacred to the memory of Jane, wife of Thomas GREEN of Rogate, Sussex and daughter of Marmaduke and Mary PLEWS of Spennithorne, who died June 5th 1866 aged 79 years
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"

This is my latest MI Stray find in Ripon Cemetery
Formerly from Huddersfield

"In loving memory of Isabella widow of George HALL of Huddersfield who fell asleep August 11th 1916 aged 87 years
Not gone from memory, not gone from love
But gone to our fathers house above
Also Caroline Ann CHAPMAN niece of the above who fell asleep March 8th 1930 aged 85 years
At rest
Also of Isabella CHAPMAN niece of the above Isabella HALL who fell asleeep October 1st 1946 aged 91 years"

Inscription found in St Andrew's churchyard at Newton Kyme. This tiny
village is between Wetherby and Tadcaster.
Formerly from Fewston. Anyone who knows Fewston will agree when I say the
setting of the church is beautiful. Fewston is in the Washburn Valley which
extends from Otley to above Blubberhouses and once was a thriving
Today, it is vastly reduced in size, with rural depopulation and the change
in structure to our agricultural industry. Full of townsfolk living in
converted barns and other farm buildings!
[all places which you can find about on Genuki]

"In loving memory of Francis Snow HARDCASTLE [late of Fewston] died at
Toulston Hall February 26th 1936 aged 67 years"

Mandy, this is one for you!

This one was located in St Michael and St Lawrence churchyard of Fewston - topical whilst we are having the postings "Fewston - A Ruined Village, 1882"

"In memory of Ann wife of Aaron HARDCASTLE [late of Kirk Hammerton] and daughter of the Rev. C RAMSHAW vicar of Fewston.
She died October 16th 1835 aged 37 years"

A variety of places and names mentioned today - study it carefully!

I found this one in All Saints churchyard, Throp Arch, near Wetherby
Mention of Leeds and Worcestershire

"In memory of Sarah wife of William HARGREAVE of Stourbridge, Worcestershire and youngest daughter of William JACKSON formerly of Leeds who is buried in the adjoining grave
She died August 19th 1870 aged 53 years
The above William HARGREAVE died December 8th 1871 aged 64 years"

I will be mailing it to the Worcester list later in the day.

Short and sweet this one.
MI found in Tadcaster Cemetery
Formerly from Castleford

"In affectionate remembrance of James HARLING late of Castleford who died September 16th 1878 aged 63 years"


This inscription was found in St Mary's churchyard of the Tadcaster Parish
Formerly from Heddon on the Wall, Northumberland

"In affectionate remembrance of Christopher HEWITSON, Builder of this town
and formerly of Heddon on the Wall, Northumberland.
Born 1823. Died 1874
Emma Ambler, his wife
Born 1829. Died 1871"

That is the third and final one for Thursday - normal service will resume
tomorrow, ie. one a day!

Monumental Inscription found in All Saints churchyard at Hovingham, ERY
Formerly from City of York

"Sacred to the memory of George HILL who died March 26th 1840 aged 5 years. He is the son of George and Sarah HILL of the City of York"

I found this MI in All Saints churchyard at Harewood /big/eng/YKS/WRY/Harewood/ [betwixt Leeds and Harrogate], and it has Devonian connections

"In affectionate remembrance of Ann wife of James HONEYCHURCH of Harewood, late of Lympstone, Devonshire who died April 2nd 1882 aged 36 years"

If ever you get the chance to visit Harewood House - go! The house, the estate and the church are just wonderful. During this summer they have an exhibition showing the furniture of Thomas CHIPPENDALE, that famous cabinet maker from Otley. It is well worth a visit.

Inscription found in All Saints, Moor Monkton /big/eng/YKS/Ainsty/Moormonkton/
Formerly from Aberford [east of Leeds] /big/eng/YKS/WRY/Aberford/

"In memory of Mary wife of William HOPPS of Woodhouse Grange, near Aberford who departed this life on the 15th February 1842 in the 49th year of her age
Also of the above named William HOPPS who died September 17th 1855 aged 64 years"

Inscription found in St James Parish Church of Wetherby
Formerly from Otley

"In affectionate remembrance of James Craven HUDSON, Watchmaker and Silversmith
Born at Otley August 23rd 1812
Died at Wetherby November 30th 1868
Also to the beloved memory of Joseph Aked, younger son of James Craven HUDSON
Born at Burley in Wharfedale July 8th 1842
Died at Wetherby May 10th 1876
His flesh resteth in hope"

Monumental Inscription found in St Mary's churchyard in the village of
Askham Richard, near York.
Formerly from Knaresborough, near Harrogate.

"In memory of Joseph JAQUES late of Knaresbrough who died at Askham Richard
the 9th of May 1836 aged 87 years"

Note the modern spelling is KNARESBOROUGH
Two forms I see regularly on gravestones are KNARESBROUGH and KNARESBRO

Kind regards,

Inscription found at St James, Boroughbridge
Formerly from Kirkstall. Leeds

"In memory of Joseph JOHNSON of Kirkstall
Died September 18th 1881 aged 74 years"

I found this MI at St Peter's, Arthington, near Leeds some months ago
Formerly from Northallerton

"In memory of Caroline Jane KENDALL of Northallerton who died at Arthington Grange September 6th 1864 aged 65 years"

I found this MI in Christ Church, Harrogate, NRY
Formerly from Leeds, WRY

"In memory of Eliza LAMBERT daughter of Samuel and Jane LAMBERT born in Leeds November 4th 1830, died in Harrogate February 7th 1853 aged 22 years
Also of the above named Samuel LAMBERT who died September 29th 1859 aged 53 years"

Found this inscription whilst awandering around New Wortley Cemetery, Leeds
Originally from Hull

"In loving memory of William LANCASTER of Hull who died August 17th 1877 aged 44 years
He's gone to heaven we have no fear and is forever blessed"

I haven't had a success story for a few days....don't foget to let me know if they belong!

Inscription found at St John, Bishop Monkton - a small village in the NRY, between Ripon and Harrogate
Formerly from Stockton on Tees, Cleveland

"In memory of Ricahrd LANGDALE late of Stockton on Tees who died at Bishop Monkton on August 11th 1866 aged 69 years.
Also Sarah relict of the above who fell asleep in Jesus. December 16th 1888 aged 88 years"

I found this inscription in St Wilfrid's churchyard, South Stainley. Which
is about 5 miles NE of Harrogate.
Formerly from Potternewton, which is a suburb of city of Leeds

"Erected in the memory of William LEAF of Potternewton. Second son of the
late Edward and Mary LEAF of Minskip who died May 9th 1859 aged 62 years"

Minskip, being a tiny village to the west of Boroughbridge.
Bright and beautiful here again today - oh the joys of spring!
I wonder where I will go today..............mmnn

Stray found in Armley Cemetery, Leeds
Formerly from Harrogate

"In affectionate remembrance of Lutas Wilson LEATHLEY of Armley House, Harrogate who died April 9th 1894 aged 30 years
It is the Lord let him do what seemeth him good"

Inscription found in Ilkley Cemetery
Formerly from Keighley
Also mention of Hessle, ERY

"In loving memory of Charles Harold LORD L.D.S. of keighley who died 4th May 1928 aged 43 years
Also of Wilfrid LORD brother of the above who died at Hessle, the 15th November 1920 aged 33 years"

Found in Boroughbridge Cemetery
Formerley from Sheriff Hutton, near York

"In loving memory of Thomas MOUNTAIN late of Sheriff Hutton who died July 5
1907 aged 83 years.
Also of Rachel MOUNTAIN wife of the above who died March 12 1895 aged 69
There remaineth a rest for the people of God"

A beautiful sunny day - and I am off to Durham.

Found this one in St Stephen's churchyard at Acomb, York
Formerly from Beverley, ERY

"In loving memory of Thomas NEILL, late of Beverley
Born May 18th 1867
Died May 8th 1902
At rest
Also of his children who died in their infancy
Also Elizabeth beloved wife of the above who died March 6th 1919 aged 52 years
At rest"

Inscription found at St John the Baptist, Hunsingore [between Harrogate and York]
Formerly from Bishop Monkton [between Harrogate and Ripon[

"Sacred to the memory of Sarah NELSON late of Bishop Monkton who departed this life July 23rd 1826 aged 33 years"

Inscription found in St Mary's churchyard, Askham Bryan, near York
Formerly from Whalton, Northumberland

"In loving memory of Elizabeth NICHOLSON late of Whalton, Northumberland who died November 17th 1889 aged 68 years
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord for they rest from their labours.
Also of Margaret MYERS eldest daughter of the above who died at York October 20th 1910 aged 64 years"

And according to a recent msg from Chris - because I live in Harrogate, I am brash, showy, have an air of snobbery, and am devoid of any breeding. Thanks. Fortunately I am also thick skinned, and don't rise very quickly to the bait - life is too short.

Enjoy Easter everyone - I shall be replenishing my Stray notebook during the break, so we will have lots more for the weeks ahead!

Monumental Inscription found in All Saints Parsih church , Spofforth, near
Harrogate, North Riding of Yorkshire.
Formerly from Goswell Street, London.

"In memory of Robert OWTHWAITE late of Goswell Street, London, Rope-maker,
son of John and Eleanor OWTHWAITE of this town, he departed this life the
11th day of August in the year of our Lord 1783 aged 45 years.
This stone was erected by his affectionate widow Judith OWTHWAITE.
Short bounds of life are let to Mortal man. Tis venture's work alone to
stretch your narrow span"

Found this one in Holy Trinity churchyard in Ripon
Formerly from Skipton on Swale /big/eng/YKS/NRY/Skiptononswale/Skiptononswale90.html
Topcliffe /big/eng/YKS/NRY/Topcliffe/index.html

"Sacred to the memory of John PICKERSGILL of Skipton on Swale who died the 11th July 1833 aged 91 years
Also to the memory of Mary his wife who died the 23rd of June 1803 aged 49 years and whose remains lie interred in Topcliffe churchyard"

Found in All Saints Parish Church, Spofforth, North Yorkshire
[approximateley 6 miles south of Harrogate]
Formerley of Scarborough

"In memory of Elizabeth POTTER relict of the late Charles POTTER of Scarbro'
who departed this life at Spofforth October 7 1858 aged 65 years"

Found in Nidd churchyard, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire

"In remembrance of Frances RUSSELL born at Aghancon, Kings County, Ireland in 1811 died in London May 29 1862.
She was for 21 years a faithful friend and servant to Gentleman and Mrs L'Estrange"

And this one is particularly for Janet, who I know is searching the SCAIFE surname.....
Last weekend I had the chance to visit Hornby in the NRY [approximately 4 miles north of Bedale]
This inscription was found in St Mary's churchyard at Hornby.

"Erected in memory of Margaret wife of Christopher SCAIFE of Harrowgate who died September 2nd 1847 aged 70 years
Also the above Christopher SCAIFE who died at Harrowgate April 28th 1855 aged 74 years"

What a beautiful day yesterday - sunny and warm! Just the weather for a long, cemetery search.

Travelled to Stoney Royd Cemetery, Halifax, WRY and found the following stray.
Formerly from Spilsby in Lincolnshire

"In loving memory of William SEARBY born at Spilsby, Lincolnshire February 28th 1855. Died at Halifax July 25th 1904"

Monumental Inscription found in St Mary's churchyard, Goldsborough, near
Formerly from Bradford

"In memory of George SENIOR of Hay a Park [late of Bradford] who died July
27 1861 aged 70 years".

I found this MI in St Stephen's church at Acomb, near York
Formerly from Norwich

"Sacred to the memory of William SEXTON son of William SEXTON Esq of Norwich who died June 6th 1827 aged 64 years"

Found in St Mary's churchyard, Nun Monkton [about 8 miles east of Harrogate]
Formerley from Sheffield

"In loving memory of Mary A. C. SHIPPAM [of Sheffield]
Died 26 February 1947 aged 83 years"

Inscription found in All Saints churchyard, Spofforth, North Yorkshire
Formerly from the city of York

"In memory of William SIMPSON Esq late of York who died at Spofforth Park
December 29th 1865 aged 75 years.
And now Lord what is my hope
Truly my hope is in thee"

Hands up who hasn't a SMITH in their tree!

I found this inscription in All Saints churchyard, Hovingham, near York
And this Mr SMITH was originally from Bishop Burton, near Beverley, ERY

"Sacred to the memories of David SMITH of Bishop Burton who died 28th
January 1847 aged 41.
Also of Elizabeth his wife who died 10th July 1847 aged 40.
The righteous hath hope in his death
And of Robert Henry their youngest son who died 23rd April 1848 aged 2

Inscription found in Boroughbridge Cemetery
Formerly from Newcastle upon Tyne

"In memory of Mary SMITH of Newcastle-upon-Tyne who died May 14th 1914 aged 83 years"

Good luck!

Yes, I can hear you all groan - not another SMITH!
And what is more, this is another John SMITH!!!

I found this inscription in Grove Road Cemetery, Harrogate
Formerly from Aberdeen [please can SKS distribute to the appropriate Scottish list[s]]

"In memory of John SMITH of Burley House, Leeds and Belvedere, Harrogate. Banker.
Born at Aberdeen 29th August 1797
Died at Harrogate 23rd September 1866
Also the Reverend William Alexander SMITH M. A. Youngest son of John SMITH died August 23rd 1887 aged 47 and is here interred"

If, by the smallest, remotest chance this should belong to anyone, this is not inscribed on some ordinary headstone. It is a huge, fancy monument standing proud in the entrance of the cemetery. I am willing to take a digipic and forward, if we find a taker. Just let me know.

Yes, another SMITH!

Found this MI in St Peter's churchyard of Walton, near Wetherby, West Riding of Yorkshire
Formerly from Ford, Glouscestershire

"In loving memory of Piercey SMITH born at Ford, Gloucestershire May 10th 1838
Died at Walton June 10th 1898"

If anyone can claim him, please let me know.
Best wishes,

Apologies for being "missing" my Stray yesterday. I decided to stay late in York with a friend.........

Found this one in the churchyard of Holy Trinity, Ripon
Formerly from Goole

"In affectionate remembrance of James SPILMAN of Ripon, late of Goole who died September 19th 1872 aged 70 years
Also of Catherine Mary wife of the above who died June 8th 1889 aged 82 years"

Today, I have been on my travels again - this time to Burneston, a small village about 4 miles south of Bedale in the North Riding of Yorkshire. I found this MI in St Lambert's, the parish church.

"In affectionate remembrance of Betsy the beloved wife of Mark SPINK of Leeds who died at Gatenby Lodge on the 12th of May 1874 aged 34 years.
Also four children of the above who died in their infancy
Elizabeth. Louisa. Mary Annie. Emily"

Hi folks,
I'm back after the Bank Holiday break. I have been in Pembrokeshire, S Wales - wonderful warm, sunny weather.

I found this MI some weeks ago in Stoney Royd Cemetery at Halifax
Formerly from Sheffield

"In loving memory of Annie beloved daughter of the late William and Mary STENTON of Sheffield died October 23rd 1892 aged 27 years
Also the above Mary STENTON died October 31st 1903 aged 65 years
Also of Mary E. STENTON died January 24th 1932 aged 62 years"

I found this one in St Andrews, Kildwick, [between Keighley and Skipton]
Formerly from Addingham [near Ilkley]

"In memory of Grace daughter of John STIRK of Addingham who died Septmber 18th 1829 in the 8th year of her age"

Inscription found in All Saints, Staveley, near Knaresborough
Formerly from York

"In loving memory of Mary the beloved wife of Benjamin STOKER of Staveley [late of York] who died August 31st 1903 aged 65 years.
Her end was peace
Also of Benjamin STOKER who died April 14th 1917 aged 80 years
His end was peace"

Let me know if they belong to anyone.

And I know for certain we have a SWANN searcher on Yorksgen, so I am hoping this one fits!

The inscription was found at St Peter, Arthington, whilst sheltering under the trees amidst a heavy April shower
Formerly from Flaxton [which I think is north of York]. I know, I should have checked before posting.....

"In affectionate remembrance of John SWANN late of Flaxton who died at Arthington November 16th 1875 aged 85 years
He died a witness that Jesus Christ has power upon earth to forgive sins"

Today's jaunts - Ripon, Sharow and Copt Hewick - go look them up!

Monumental Inscription found at St Mary's churchyard, Goldsborough, Near
Knaresborough, North Riding of Yorkshire [Flaxby is a neighbouring village
to Goldsborough]
Formerly from Kellington, 5 miles east of Castleford, West Riding of

"In memory of the late John TATE who was born in the parish of Kellington
September 30 1786. Died at Flaxby April 12 1864. Interred at Goldsbro April
Also Christiana Cross relict of the above John TATE died at Flaxby January
24 1877 aged 80 years.
Also Thomas son of the above John and C C TATE died at Flaxby January 1st
1877 aged 56 years"

Best wishes,

Monumental Inscription found in All Saints Parish Church, Spofforth, North
Formerly from Cirencester, Gloucestershire

"In memory of Elizabeth TAYLOR of Cirencester who departed this life the
29th day of October 1812 aged 41 years"

Hope she fits someone's tree............

One for Rich.
This was found during a search of St Columba at Topcliffe, NRY
Formerly from Bradford

"In memory of William TETLEY who was born at Bradford November 9th 1800 and died at Asenby Lodge November 26 1874
I have waited for the salvation, O Lord."

Inscription found in St James's churchyard, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire
Formerly from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

"Beneath this stone repose the mortal remains of Jonathan THOMPSON Esquire of Sherwood Hall near Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
He died suddenly at Borobridge on the XIth August MDCCCLII, aged LIX"

Hope we can find him a home - let me know.

Found in St Stephen's, Acomb, near York.
Formerly from Skipton [in Craven]

"To the dear and ever honoured memory of Mrs Ann TINDALL [whose remains rest beneath]. This stone is inscribed by her surviving children in heartfelt acknowledgement of their infinite obligations to the lifelong care and love of the tenderest of mothers.
She was born on the 14th December 1769 at Skipton in Craven and closed at this place.
A life chequered with many trials and sorrows.
A resigned and peaceful death on the 15th July 1839"

This one was found in Stoney Royd cemetery, Halifax
Formerly from Gloucester

"Here lies what was mortal of Julia TIPPETTS of Gloucester who died at the residence of Mr Henry HOLDSWORTH, Carlton Place, Halifax, April 1st 1867 aged 28 years.
She is not dead but lives beyond the stars
Erected by her brothers and sisters as a tribute of affection"

I apologise for my spelling error yesterday - the inscription should read "Sacred to......"!

Found in Harlow Hill Cemetery, Harrogate, NRY
Formerley from Wakefield, WRY

"In memory of Bessie TOWNEND
Born 28 vii 1872
Died 3 iv 1948
and of William TOWNEND formerley of Wakefield
Born 2 v 1861
Died 15 ii 1954
This stone was erected by their four children"

Today's inscription was found in St leonard churchyard of the village Burton
Leonard, which is situated between Harrogate and Ripon.
Formerly from Bradford

"In memory of William TOWNEND of Burton Leonard, formerly of Bradford who
died August 28th 1871 aged 63 years"

Just calling by your list to tell you about a stray I found yesterday. I hope it may help someone.

I was churchyard wandering in Ramsgill, near Pateley Bridge, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire when I spotted this MI....

"This stone was erected by the Rev W H and Mrs POCHIN in remembrance of Ann URWIN a valued nurse. She was the daughter of James ROSS of Lambley Notts and died there on 11th December 1855 aged 21 years.
13 Mark 35"

I found this one in the same churchyard as my ggg uncle Isaac TOWLER, All Saints at Moor Monkton, to the west of the city of York.
Formerly from Church Fenton /
Try GENUKI to find the location of Church Fenton in Yorkshire

"Sacred to the memory of Richard WALKINGTON of Church Fenton who after faithfully discharging the duties of a Wesleyan Methodist Local Preacher 35 years, departed this life May 25th 1851 aged 64 years
Also Elizabeth wife of the above who died March 22nd 1876 aged 83 years"

Inscription found in Ilkley cemetery.
Originally from Scarborough

"In loving memory of Margaret WARD of Scarborough who died at Ilkley on 8
September 1885 aged 51 years"

Hope she fits - somewhere.

http://www.ilkley.org/iguide/index.htm - within this website are some
interesting pages on the History of Ilkley.

rborough.htm and here is a little something about Scarborough.


Monumental Inscription found in the Grove Road cemetery, Harrogate
Formerly from Aldborough, near Darlington, Co Durham.

"In memory of Robert WARDELL, late of Carlton Green, Aldborough, near
Darlington who died at Harrogate Januray 31 1883 aged 78 years.
Also of Phillis WARDELL widow of the above who died at Harrogate May 5 1892
aged 81 years"

Hope they fit in somewhere.....

If any of you know St Mary's churchyard at Whitby, high on the cliff tops, you will be aware of how few of the headstones remain legible. So to find a stray amongst them is quite a bonus.

This chap was formerly from Workington in Cumberland.

"To the memory of Joseph WATSON of Workington in Cumberland who died February 18th 1800 aged 41 years"

Short and sweet.........

This is another I found in York Cemetery
Formerly from Scarborough

"In memorian
Mary Jane WAUDBY of Scarborough
Who died January 26th 1867 aged 67 years"

I found this one, some weeks ago in All Saints churchyard at Kirby Hill, near Boroughbridge
Formerly from Ayton in Cleveland

"Scared to the memory of Mary the widow of Thomas WEATHERILL of Ayton in Cleveland and daughter of the late Jacob SMITH of Givendale.
She departed this life Decemeber 7th 1814 aged 78 years"

Unusually we have her maiden name too - SMITH!

Whitby was wonderful yesterday!

Found in St James's churchyard, Boroughbridge
Formerly from Armley, Leeds

"In memory of Mary Elizabeth the beloved wife of John Thomas WEBSTER of
Armley who died April 29 1882 aged 28 years"

Inscription found in All Saints churchyard at Thorp Arch, near Wetherby
Formerly from Aylesham, Norfolk

"In loving memory of Harriet WILEY of Aylesham, Norfolk who died May 11th 1880 aged 47 years
Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give your rest"

Found in the Grove Road Cemetery, Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Formerley from Yarm on Tees, Cleveland

"In loving memory of our dearest mother Hannah, beloved wife of James
WILLIAMSON of Yarm-on-Tees who fell asleep May 21st 1923"

Monumental Inscription found in St James's churchyard, Boroughbridge, North
Formerly from Chester le Street, Co Durham

"In loving memory of Mary Jane WOOD daughter of the late John and Alice WOOD
of Chester le Street who died February 23 1888 aged 25 years"

Found in Harlow Hill Cemetery, Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Formerley from Chesterfield, Derbyshire

"In loving memory of James WRIGHT of Chesterfield who departed this life
January 18 1906 aged 61 years. Also Anne the beloved wife of the above who
passed away March 25 1920 aged 74 years"

Found in All Saints churchyard, Staveley, near Knaresborough
Formerly Ripon and Redcar

"In memory of Mary relict of Thomas WRIGHT late of Redcar, formerly of
Ripon, who died at Staveley May 11 1860"

This one was located in St Gregory at Bedale, NRY
Formerly from Colney, Norfolk

"Here rest the remains of Thomas WURR late of Colney near Norwich who departed this life October 30th 1813 aged 46 years
A dutiful son, an affectionate brother.
A faithful servant, a sincere Christian
And an honest inoffensive man"

Monumental Inscription found in St Andrew's churchyard at Kildwick, near
Keighley, West Riding of Yorkshire
Formerly from Kirkinner, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland and Bradford, West
Riding of Yorkshire

"James WYLIE of Bradford who died at Crosshills June 11 1833 in the 26th
year of his age
Son of Thomas and Elizabeth WYLIE of Littlehills, Kirkinner, North Britain"

I found this inscription in St Michael and St Lawrence Churchyard, Fewston, North Yorkshire
Formerly from Arthington [between Pool in Wharfedale and Harewood]

"In affectionate remembrance of John YEADON of Arthington Nunnery who died October 1st 1863 aged 80 years.
Also of Mary relict of the above John YEADON who died December 31st 1869 aged 80 years"

Arthington Nunnery is now demolished, but I have seen pictures, and it truly was a wonderful building with mullioned windows. In fact I have just rushed downstairs and found my copy of "My Peep into Arthington History". If anyone would like me to post any extracts or have any particular interests/names from Arthington, let me know and I will take a look-see.

Monumental Inscription found at St Oswald's churchyard, Farnham, near
Formerly from Dewsbury, just south of Leeds.

"Sacred to the memory of Martha the beloved wife of Henry YORK of this
parish, formerly of Dewsbury who departed this life December 25 1883 aged 73
I then I heard that gentle voice
Soft as the breath of even'
it soothed my sorrow, calmed my fear
And spoke of heaven"

Found in St Martin's, Allerton Mauleverer, about 5 miles east of
Knaresborough, North Yorkshire
Formerley from Wetheral, Cumberland

"Erected to the memory of George YOUNG born in the parish of Wetheral and
County of Cumberland who departed this life April 12 1818 in the 49th year
of his age"

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