YORKSHIRE: Yorkshire Graveyard strays, transcribed by Mel Towler, Posted: July to Dec. 2000.

Another new venue - I found this MI in St Peter's at Thormer, near Leeds
Formerly from Bradford

"In memory of Samuel son of John and Sarah BEANLAND of Carrsike near Bradford who died June 18th 1839 aged 41 years"

Found in Otley parish church churchyard,

"Robert CAWOOD son of Thomas and Ann CAWOOD of Matlock, Derbyshire died 25th June 1805 age 17 years
Also of Martha WOODCOCK sister of the above Thomas CAWOOD who departed this life January 15 1830 age 74 years"

Can you believe we have had almost a fortnight without rain!

This one is from All Saints at Kirkby Overblow, near Harrogate
Formerly from Leeds

"Here lieth the body of Ann the wife of William CLAPHAM of Leeds who departed this life August 7th 1800 aged 34 years.
Reader whoever thou art, let this early fall warn thee to prepare for eternity.
Also Hannah, second wife of the said Willaim CARTER who died the 27th day of January 1838 aged 80 years"

Here's today's posting.

Found in St Columba churchyard, Topcliffe
Formerly from London

"In affectionate remembrance of Abijah CORNWELL of London who died at Topcliffe, Yorkshire the 5th day of September 1867 aged 28 years
Haste to Christ make no delay
No one knows their dying day
Death to me short warning gave
Quickly took me to my grave"

Let me know if it fits.

I found this stray amongst the select few headstones in the churchyard at St Barnabus, Weeton, near Leeds, WRY

"In memory of Sarah COWPER late of Doncaster who died at Weeton House January 29 1878 age 69 years"

Found a new patch yesterday - this one is from All Hallows church at Bardsey [east of Leeds]

"Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth daughter of William and Ann CRYER of Upperheadrow, Leeds, Innkeeper who departed this life July 6th 1813 aged 3 years. Also Joseph son of the above who died September the 15th 1821 ahed six years"

I searched another churchyard yesterday, once the rain had stopped!
This one is from St Robert's at Pannal [near Harrogate]
Formerly from Cheshire - and mention of Gloucestershire too.

"In loving memory of Thomas DARBYSHIRE of Pannal late of Stretton, Cheshire who died on the 5th November 1880 aged 74 years
Also of Ann relict of the above Thomas DARBYSHIRE daughter of Richard and Hannah MAYO of Stroud, Gloucestershire who died August 30th 1884 aged 75 years
Thanks to the God who giveth us the vistory through our Lord Jesus Christ"

Another from my collection

Found in St Roberts churchyard at Pannal, near Harrogate.
"Sacred to the memory of Thomas DERWIN late of Grassington who departed this life September 26 1843 age 34 years"

http://www.grassington.co.uk/ - Visit Grassington in the heart of the Dales

Another from St Robert's at Pannal
Formerly from Horton, Bradford

"In memory of Christopher DOBSON of Pannal House, late of Horton near Bradford
Born December 28th 1776
Died April 2nd 1866
Also Christopher son of the above
Born September 15th 1811
Died September 9th 1876"

Don't forget to tell me if they fit in somewhere.......

Two weekends ago I visited Otley, WRY. The purpose was really to look at the flooded river Wharfe, however I couldn't resist a walk through the churchyards too!

So this stray was in the Unted Reformed churchyard on Bridge Street

"Sacred to the memories of Thomas DUNCAN late worsted spinner, Otley.
Born at Langbrae, parish of Carmichael, Kircudbrightshire August 10 1797
Died May 18 1862 aged 64 years
Also of Elizabeth DUNCAN his wife
Born at Darnaw, parish of Kells, Kircudbrightshire January 30 1798
Died December 24 1861 age 63 years"

Another Londoner!
Found in Christ Church, Harrogate
Formerly of Wimpole Street, London

"In memory of Annette daughter of John G and Anne ELGOOD of Wimpole Street, London who died at Harrogate October 2nd 1854 aged 9 weeks
Father I will that they also whom thou hast given me be with me where I am. John 17 = 24.
No ill can reach her now she rests above safe in the bosom of celestaial love"

I alsoSt Mary's at East Keswick this weekend. East Keswick is between Leeds and Harrogate, and close to Harewood. Look it up on Genuki! Formerly from Rawdon, which is now a suburb of Leeds, to the west.

"In loving memory of Josiah JACKSON of East Keswick, late of Rawdon
Born April 21st 1819
Died September 25th 1881
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
Also of Charlotte JACKSON wife of the above
Born August 29th 1832
Died April 19th 1910"

"Sacred to the memory of Susannah wife of Thomas KNIBBS of Cavershield in the County of Buckingham who departed this life the 4th day of June 1834 age 77 years
Also to the memory of Esther Maria EDMONDS sister to the above who departed this life May 22 1842 age 82 years"

I found this stray amongst the headstones in All Saints churchyard, Kirkby Overblow, near Harrogate, NRY.

Found amongst the headstones at St Robert's, Pannal, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire

"In loving memory of Rachel the faithful wife of Charles LAWSON of 41 Petergate, York who died March 14 1892 age 32 years
Just as I am - thou wilt receive
Will welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve
Because thy promise I believe
O lamb of God I come"

Found amongst the headstones in the churchyard of St Michael's at Kirklington

"In memory of Mary wife of James LOMAS of Harrogate
Born August 31 1812
Died December 12 1881
Also of John LOMAS husband of the above
Born March 21 1818
Died December 28 1894"

One for Glenys!
I took a stroll around Stoney Royd Cemetery in Halifax and found this one - formerly from Wakefield

"In affectionate remembrance of Joseph Peter MARRIOTT late of Wakefield who died January 18th 1892 aged 53 years
Also of George EMMERSON brother in law of the above who died April 26th 1892 aged 49 years
Also of Catherine Mary MARRIOTT wife of the above Joseph Peter MARRIOTT who died July 11th 1904 aged 58 years
At rest
Also of Alice Beatrice MARRIOTT spinster who died August 1st 1955 in her 83rd year
Also of George William MARRIOTT, their son who died August 21st 1905 in his 34th year interred at Middlesbrough"

This is another Stray found in Christ Church, Harrogate
Formerly from Newark, Nottinghamshire

"To the memory of John Essington PATTINSON Gent. of Newark on Trent who died February 14th 1851 aged 69 years"

Remember to tell me if he fits in your tree.....

One of my requests during the summer took me to St Mary's at East Keswick, to the north of Leeds, WRY, and amongst the headstones was this stray....

"In affectionate remembrance of Mary RIDSDALE of East Keswick, late of Bilbrough who died January 12 1892 age 72 years"

Found amongst the headstones at St Helen's at Denton, near Ilkley.
I believe Frodsham is in Cheshire, unless anyone can tell me differently?

"In loving memory of George RILEY of Denton, late of Frodsham
Born Januray 8 1837
Died October 23 1890"

Found amongst the headstones at All Saints church, Kirkby Overblow, near Harrogate

"In memory of the late Henry ROBINSON of Leeds who died at Rigton on the 8th day of January 1865 age 39 years"

Anyone out there with Irish connection - this one could be yours.

Another MI from Christ Church in Harrogate
The RONAYNE family were from Youghal, Ireland

"This memorial stone was erected by Elizabeth RONAYNE in loving remembrance of her husband Charles RONAYNE Esq. M.D. He was of the ancient family of RONAYNE who formerly resided at D'Langblane near Youghal, Ireland
His courteous and genial manners endeared him to all who came within his circle.
Born April 1809
Died 31st May 1854
Also of the above Elizabeth RONAYNE
Born 30th October 1797
Died 9th June 1881"

Found amongst the headstones at St Peter's, Thorner [to the east of Leeds]

"In memory of Helen daughter of John and Jane Sarah ROTHWELL, Quornden in the County of Leicester who died in this village 7 August 1828 age 5 years and 11 months"

This is a stray I collected during those balmy, summer days.

From St Peter's church at Thorner [near Leeds]

"In memory of Joseph SCURR who was born in Leeds March 23 1720 and died in Thorner December 24 1807
Also Eleanor wife of the aforesaid Joseph SCURR born in Leeds March 6 1752 and died in Halton August 26 1837
Their true character will be known in the great day of the Lord"

Found amongst the stones at All Saints church, Weston, near Otley, WRY

"In affectionate remembrance of Robert TATHAM of Harrogate who died September 6 1869 age 74 years
Also Mary his wife who died March 3 1884 age 85 years"

Found amongst the headstones at St Mary's churchyard, East Keswick - just to the north-east of Leeds.

"In loving memory of Charlotte TINDALL of Chestnut Avenue, Harrogate
Born August 15 1857
Died April 8 1931
Peace perfect peace"

Another stray MI from St John's at Sharow, near Ripon
Formerly from Leeds

"In memory of Thomas WAITE late of Leeds who died at Sharow April 12th 1872 aged 75 years
Also Martha wife of the above who died at Ripon September 30th 1884 aged 83 years
Also Elizabeth Ann eldest daughter of the above who died February 15th 1886 aged 59 years
Also Emma daughter of the above and beloved wife of Thomas SMITHSON of Ripon who died December 31st 1886 aged 58 years"

Don't forget to tell me if they belong somewhere.

Found amongst the stones at St Lambert, Burneston, NRY

"In memory of Richard WALBRAN of Leeds son of Francis and Jane WALBRAN of Exelby who departed this life the 6th day of January 1811 age 35 years
Ye mourners who in silent gloom
Bear your dear kindred to the tomb
Weep not when Christians go to Rest
They sleep in Jesus and are blest"

Yep, wish I was at Yorksgen too. 'Fraid I am one of these younger versions of Family History researchers [mid 30's], and I too have to earn a crust. Despite working in York, I still can't steal myself away. Enjoy yourselves.....and keep sending the postings and pics!

Another MI from Christ Church, Harrogate
Formerly from Whitby

"In memory of John WALKER Esq eldest son of the late Henry and Elizabeth WALKER of Whitby who died on the 12th day of June 1852 aged 68 years"

This stray MI is from St Robert's at Pannal, near Harrogate
Formerly from Wetherby

"In memory of Charlotte WEBSTER late of Wetherby who departed this life the 25th day of June 1806 aged 60 years"

I found this stray in St Lambert's at Burneston, near to Bedale
Formerly from Wigan, Lancashire

"In loving memory of William WIGAN late of Wigan, Lancashire who died April 28th 1898 aged 73 years.
His end was peace"

This weekend I managed a search in All Saints at Kirkby Overblow [between Wetherby and Harrogate]
Formerly from Poppleton, near York

"Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth WISE of Poppleton, near York, late of Morcar Hill who died August 3rd 1848 aged 76 years"

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