YORKSHIRE: Paver's Marriage Licenses for the year 1628.

The following series of extracts from Marriage Licenses, formerly preserved in the Registry of York, is taken from a MS. of Mr. W. Paver, which has been purchased for the British Museum. Where the originals are, and how they got out of their proper repository we are unable to say. A fragment only of a volume, running from 1618 to 1620, is preserved in the York Registry. It is to be regretted that Mr Paver has not given the day of the month as well as the year.

The entries for 1618, and as much of the years following to 1620 as are here printed, are abstracted from the original book, now in the custody of Mr. H. A. Hudson, the Registrar of the Diocese, by whose kind permission they are now given. This volume is the only one which has escaped safely from Mr. Paver's capacity. By comparing the entries for these two years with what has been printed before, it at once becomes evident how much has been lost. Paver only gives marriage licences, and even of these he gives but a small proportion, certainly not a fifth. Caveats against the grant of marriage licences, licences to curacies, to read prayers in parish churches, and to teach, and sequestrations on the vacancy of a living, are all passed over unnoticed. There are also a few notices relating to wills. The Archbishop at this time was Toby Matthew, who had been Bishop of Durham.

The Notes to this Paper are due to the courtesy of the Rev. C.B. Norcliffe M.A.

Transcribed from
The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journals
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