Langdale's Yorkshire Dictionary


Langdale's Yorkshire Dictionary:


A Topographical Dictionary of Yorkshire

For the year 1822, by Thomas Langdale

Explanation of the apparently missing texts:

Back in 1995 I transcribed this book for Genuki, and the transcription was checked by Beryl Thompson in Australia and Ron Long in California. We have now arrived in 2007 and the internet world has changed enormously. Unfortunately, in some cases it has changed for the worse, and there are people with commercial websites (but not only those) who believe that anything they find on the web is theirs to use as they like: UK tour sites, UK dating sites etc. etc.
Due to the large amount of copying with no acknowledgements, fee, or requests for use, I have decided to remove the old plain text files of the place names and leave here only the information from the book which surrounded the main section of the book.
However, all is not lost to the Family History researchers who simply want the information, as each and every place information is to be found on the relevant ancient parish page on the Genuki Yorkshire site. Whilst the information on those pages is not exactly as given in the Topographical Dictionary, it is all there along with information from other sources from the same 1820's decade.
To find the information for virtually anywhere in Yorkshire, please use the Where is it in Yorkshire pages which form an index to the Genuki Yorkshire web-site.
Colin Hinson 4th March 2007

Containing the names of all the Towns, Villages, Hamlets, Gentlemen's Seats, &c. in the County of York, alphabetically arranged under the headings of the North, East, and West Ridings. Also in what Parish, Township, Wapentake, Division and Liberty they are situated.


To assist readers not familiar with Yorkshire or England (or both) there is:

Transcribed from
Langdale's Yorkshire Dictionary

by Colin Hinson © 2007