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"The western part [of Newry], called Ballybot, and sometimes Southwark, in Armagh county, is connected with the eastern, in the county of Down, by four stone bridges and a swivel bridge. ... The general quarter sessions for the county of Down are held [in Newry] alternately with Downpatrick; and those for the Markethill division of the county of Armagh in Ballybot."

[From Lewis' Topographical Dictionary (1837)]

"The principal town connected with these baronies [i.e., Upper and Lower Orier] is Newry, the smaller part of which, with some of the lands of that lordship, are within our limits ; the river being the line of division between this county and that of Down, where the remaining part of this extensive lordship and great commercial town is situated... In that part of the town of Newry, which is within this county, very fine warehouses are erected, and a considerable wholesale trade is carried on here."

[From A Statistical Survey of the County of Armagh, by Sir Charles Coote, Bart. (1804)]


Archives & Libraries



  • 1901 -- FHL BRITISH Film 812101, Item 2
    • Ballybot D.E.D. 57/5-16
  • 1911 -- FHL BRITISH Film 1999590
    • Ballybot D.E.D. 59/5-11 -- Townlands: Altnaveigh, Ballinlare, Carnbane, Derry Beg, Derry More, Drumalane, Fathom Lower
  • 1911 -- FHL BRITISH Film 1999591, Item 1
    • Ballybot D.E.D. 59/12-16 -- Townlands: Fathom Upper, Lisdrumgullion, Lisdrumliska; Bess Brook Town

Description & Travel

  • Landscape Character Area: Newry Basin - from The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA)
  • Photograph of McNally's Provisions in old Ballybot, from A Newry Page
You can see pictures of Ballybot which are provided by:






Language & Languages

  • Sommerfelt, Alf, South Armagh Irish, [H. Aschehoug, Oslo, 1929]
    • NLI: Ir 49162 s 25, Coll. Ir.


  • Townland map for Newry parish on Ros Davies website
  • Ballybot District Electoral Division [D.E.D.] is within the County Armagh portion of Newry parish, and it consists of the following townlands: Altnaveigh, Ballinlare, Carnbane, Derry Beg, Derry More, Drumalane, Fathom Lower, Fathom Upper, Lisdrumgullion, Lisdrumliska, and Bess Brook Town.

You can see maps centred on OSI grid reference J0804526383 (Lat/Lon: 54.175096, -6.346149), Ballybot which are provided by:


Names, Geographical

  • Ballybot (or Ballyboght): The district of Ballybot was settled by people from the neighbouring countryside as the town grew because there was little or no room in the old town (Canavan 1989, 79). Initially, the people who established themselves in Ballybot were poor people who had come to Newry seeking employment as labourers, dockers and servants and this gave rise to the name An Baile Bocht 'the poor townland. Source: Muhr, K. et al, Place Names of Northern Ireland, Belfast: Queen's University, 1996 (Vol 6, p 39)
  • Baile-bocht in Irish (gaeilge), meaning "poor town" or "town of the poor", from Irish Local Names Explained, by P.W. Joyce, LL.D., M.R.I.A.
  • Ó Paircín, Liam, in AINM, Journal of the Ulster Place-name Society, Index of Contents, AINM - I-VIII
    • Ballybot, Ballybocht VIII (1998-2000), 177 (= BUPNS Series I Vol. 1 Part 4 (Autumn 1953) 73 [54])


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    • The Newry Commercial Telegraph
  • The Armagh Observer, Co Down ed. & South Armagh ed., no.1691 ,1692; 1,8 Sept.1962
  • The Belfast Newspaper Index, 1737-1800; compiled by Dr. John C. Greene of Lafayette, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Politics & Government

  • ---, South Armagh! Your day for Ireland. [Bye-election appeal by Sinn Fein urging constituents to vote for complete separation from Great Britain], [n.p., 1918]
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  • De Valera, Eamonn (1882-1975), To the voters of Armagh, printed for the Candidate, Dr. Patrick McCartan, by O'Loughlin, Murphy & Boland, Ltd., Dublin; and published by the Sinn Fein Election Committee, [Dublin], [1918]
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Poor Houses, Poor Law



  • Lewis, Samuel, A Topographical Dictionary in Ireland, 1837:
    • "Three schools in the lordship [of Newry], connected with the Board of National Education, are situated in Newry and at Grinane; there are four in connection with the London Hibernian Society, one of which, founded in 1825, is built on an acre of land given by the Marquess of Downshire; and another in Ballybot on land given by Lord Kilmore."
  • The school in Ballybot was established in 1831, per Ros Davies' Co. Down, Ireland Research Site:
    • "97 Protestants; 38 Catholics; 90 males; 45 females; supported by grants from the London Hibernian Society and 1 penny per week from each scholar who passes inspections; generally about 90 pass; £10 yearly is paid by the committee of managers towards the support of teachers; established 1831; reading, writing, arithmetic and needlework were taught in 1836." [Source cited: Day, Angelique, and Patrick McWilliams, Ordnance Survey Memoirs from 1836; Vol 3 South Down, repr. Belfast: Queen's University, 1992 (p 70, 72, 74, 78, 87).

Social Life & Customs

  • ---, Exploring living memory [(Slide)], Part 1: South Armagh reminiscence and recall, Confederation of Community Groups, Newry, 1985(Slide)
    • QUB: Main Lib., Belfast Campus - ts/ HV1481.N8/EXPL
  • Castleblayney Community Enterprises, Along the Black Pig's Dyke folklore from Monaghan and South Armagh, [Castleblayney Community Enterprises], [1993]
    • NLI: Ir 3991 a 15, Collection Ir.

Voting Registers

  • Mallon, John and Joseph Fee, Irish miscellanea, chiefly from County Armagh: Polling list for Derrymore, microfilm of manuscript: [19--], Armagh County Museum no. M8, filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1984; FHL Film 1279354 Item 3