County of Armagh - Politics and Government - Book List


NLI = National Library of Ireland, Dublin.
QUB = Queen's University, Belfast.

  • ---, Report of a meeting of the protestant inhabitants of the county of Armagh, assembled in the Court-House of Armagh, on Wednesday the 24th January, 1827, for the purpose of petitioning parliament against further concessions to the Roman Catholics, Printed by Alexander Peacock, Newry, 1827 (NLI)
  • ---, Report of the speeches delivered at a very numerous and respectable meeting of protestants, held at Churchill in the county of Armagh, on Monday the 29th day of December, 1828; together with the resolutions adopted on the occasion, Printed for the Churchill Constitutional Club, by Alexander Peacock, Telegraph Office, Newry, 1829 (NLI)
  • Armagh County Council, Armagh County Council: 1899-1973, Armagh County Council, Armagh, 1973 (QUB)
  • Collins, John, Barrister-at-law of Rathmines, The Armagh Guardian. Letters on Social Questions. Our public institutions for the shelter of the blind, the deaf and dumb, [Two letters by John Collins], [Dublin? 1865] (NLI)
  • Crossman, Virginia, Local Government in Nineteenth-Century Ireland, Institute of Irish Studies, Belfast, 1994
  • Jackson, Thomas, Remarks on Dr. Jacob's pamphlet, respecting "the bye-laws for the district asylums in Ireland." Addressed to the governors of the Armagh Asylum, John M'Watters, [pr.], Armagh, 1834 (NLI)
  • O'Dwyer, Edward Thomas (1842-1917), The late Bishop of Limerick and John Redmond, printed by P. Mahon, Dublin, and published by the Candidate, [Dublin], [1918] (NLI)
  • Walker, Brian, Past and Present: History, Identity and Politics in Ireland, Institute of Irish Studies, Belfast, 2000
  • Walker, Brian M., Ulster Politics: the Formative Years, 1869-86, Institute of Irish Studies, Belfast, 1989, pub. in association with the Ulster Historical Foundation