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County of Armagh - Public Records - Holdings at the PRONI

Notes: This listing does not include *all* of the PRONI [Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast] documents that relate to the County Armagh. Other sections of these GENUKI County Armagh pages include additional references. Moreover, the PRONI has published a number of finding aids, or guides, "designed to help researchers decide if a visit to PRONI will be of use to them and to help those visiting PRONI to find relevant documents quickly". These Guides are a series of calendars of the documents held by PRONI (not the actual documents): they provide an outline of the documents available and background information on such topics as cabinet committees and conclusions, women's history, educational records, county sources including the County Armagh, tithe records, landed estate records, the London companies, and probate records.


  • Archbishopric of Armagh documents, T/848
  • Archbishopric of Armagh papers, T/3123
  • Armagh and Carrickfergus, maps of, D/3447
  • Armagh and Dublin maps, T/1144
  • Armagh and Tyrone Plantation document, T/2504
  • Armagh anti-Partition League papers, D/3184
  • Armagh Art Class papers, D/1175
  • Armagh Assize Indictments, 1735-1797, MIC/650
  • Armagh B Specials papers, D/1290
  • Armagh Cathedral document, D/2729
  • Armagh Cathedral document, T/1984
  • Armagh Catholic Cathedral papers, T/2732
  • Armagh Crown and Peace - grey catalogue binder ARM, Non-departmental records
  • Armagh Diocesan Registry papers (copy of DI04), MIC/563
  • Armagh District Probate Registry - grey catalogue binder TARM, Non-departmental records
  • Armagh disturbances, 1784-1791, T/3575
  • Armagh estate papers, D/158-161
  • Armagh Freeholders documents, T/2731
  • Armagh Gas Co. papers, D/1750
  • Armagh Guardian papers, T/286
  • Armagh Hearth Money Roll document, T/604
  • Armagh High and Under Sheriffs documents, T/2704
  • Armagh Inhabitants List, T/389
  • Armagh leases, D/3879
  • Armagh Library (depositor) papers, T/475, T/2521
  • Armagh maps, D/2520, D/2657
  • Armagh Militia and Carrickfergus related documents, D/1565
  • Armagh Militia papers, D/163, D/183
  • Armagh Museum (depositor) papers, T/2701
  • Armagh Observatory - grey catalogue binder OB, Non-departmental records
  • Armagh Observatory papers, T/782, MIC/515
  • Armagh papers, D/1345
  • Armagh Pipe Water Commissioners papers, D/1975
  • Armagh Primate's papers, T/1066, T/1067, MIC/2
  • Armagh Public Library (public depositor) documents, T/2768
  • Armagh publicans document, T/2057
  • Armagh railway disaster document, D/1380
  • Armagh related documents, T/2846, D/2567
  • Armagh rent receipts, D/2335
  • Armagh, See of, rent roll papers, T/279
  • Armagh testamentary papers, D/3991
  • Armagh voters document, T/2883
  • Armagh water pipe document, T/2401
  • Armagh, Londonderry, and Belfast Districts - will books, with indexes, 1858-1909, MIC/15C
  • Cannagh, co. Armagh, document - T/1690
  • County Armagh documents, T/3325
  • Counties Armagh and Down related papers, D/1134
  • Deeds and leases, counties Down, Armagh, and Louth, D/4066
  • Land and testamentary papers, county Armagh, D/821
  • Land tenure documents, county Armagh, D/781, D/982
  • Land tenure papers, counties Antrim, Armagh, Cavan, and Monaghan, D/860
  • Land tenure papers re: Canary, county Armagh, D/1696
  • Newspapers - Irish News, Armagh Observer, etc., D/2665
  • North Armagh Unionist Association documents, D/2899, T/1386
  • North Armagh Unionist Society papers, MIC/34
  • Ordnance Survey Maps of counties Armagh, Cavan, Down, Londonderry, etc., D/2476
  • Tyrone and Armagh land tenure papers, D/32