1610 William Bailie a native of Aye in Scotland, was given 1000 acres of land in Toneregie in the Barony of Clankee, which was later known as Bailieburrow. He was known as an undertaker, the land was given to him under certain conditions. These conditions specified that within two years he undertook to erect a house and bawne for himself, build houses for his tenants and collect rents from them. The annual payment he was liable for to King James I was reduced somewhat if he settled Scottish tenants on his lands. He had to provide and store some blunderbusses and muskets so he could arm a number of men. A condition required every undertaker to take what was called an ‘Oath of Supremacy’ which swore allegiance to the King as supreme ruler in both Church and State.

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House and Town Property
Inhabitants of the Town of Bailieborough in 1805

  • John Morrison
  • James Reilly
  • Michael Reilly
  • Robert Dyas
  • Henry Cowan
  • Charles Clarke
  • Abraham Dinning
  • Peter Brady
  • John Clarke
  • James Morgan
  • Dr. John Wright
  • John Gibson, jur.
  • William Armstrong
  • John McCormack
  • Hugh Young
  • Thomas Clarke
  • Robert Ferns
  • Hannah King
  • Thomas Adams
  • Henry Winter
  • Wm. Cranston
  • William Parker
  • Owen Doherty
  • John Cowan
  • Robert Fisher
  • Rev. Mr. Young
  • Francis Reilly
  • James Small
  • James Wisbett
  • Henry Haire

Principal Inhabitants of the Town of Bailieborough in 1830

  • Henry Adams
  • Thomas Chambers
  • William Douglas
  • Rose Farrelly
  • Patrick Flood
  • Thomas Orr
  • Robert Williamson
  • John O'Hare
  • Henry Higgins
  • Widow Lynch
  • John Hunter
  • Henry James
  • Owen Clarke
  • John Parr
  • A. McComb
  • Dr. Wright
  • Thomas Rogers
  • Dr. McFadden
  • James Morgan
  • James Moore
  • Robert Small
  • Bernard Smith
  • John Williamson
  • James O'Connor
  • John Brady
  • Richard Clarke
  • Philip Dunne
  • Peter Clarke
  • John Glennan
  • Mary Taylot
  • John Reilly
  • Molly McLoughlin
  • Robert Heaslip
  • Anne Hunter
  • Cartney James
  • William Cowan
  • Henry Maxwell
  • E. McComb
  • John Walsh
  • Edward Hunter
  • John Tully
  • Thomas Farrelly
  • Edward Johnston
  • James Small
  • Mary Smith
  • Charles Soden
  • Matthew Dancey
  • Dr. McCahan

[From Hall, T., History of Presbyterianism in East Cavan, 1912. Typescript manuscript held by the county Cavan library]


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Main Street, Bailieborough, Co. Cavan 

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