Census Substitutes

Year(s) Source
1564 "1564 Fiants", Breifny Antiquarian Society Journal, v. 2
1610-1641 Plantation of County Cavan
1630 Muster Roll
1641 "Books of Survey and Distribution 1641", Breifne Antiquarian Soc J., Vols 1-3.
1664 Hearth Money Roll, parishes of Killeshandara, Kildallan, Killenagh, Templeport, Tomregan. PRONI 184. See also Breifne 1960.
1664 "Hearth Money Roll for Barony of Castlerahan", Breifne, v.7 No. 25, 1987, p.489-497
1703 de Breffny, B. "Robert Craigies Co. Cavan Tenants, 1703-4", Irish Ancestor, v. 8 No. 2, p. 86-7
1761 Poll Book for Co. Cavan, PRONI T1522
1766 Religious Census: Kinawley, Lavey, Lurgan, Munterconnaught, LDS Films 258517, 100173 (Also Ancestry.com)
1796 "Catholics to Mayo", Seanchas Ardmhacha (Journal of the Armagh Diocesan Historical Society) v. 3, No. 1, 1958, p.17-50
1796 1796 Flax Growers, Broderbund CD #271
1802 "Protestants in Enniskeen parish" Irish Ancestor, 1973
1813-21 List of Freeholders of Co. Cavan, NLI IR 94119 c2
1814 "A Census of Protestant Children in the Parishes of Drung and Larah, Co. Cavan in 1814", Irish Ancestor, v. 10, No. 1, 1978 , p. 33-37
1823-1827 Tithe Applotment Books, LDS Films 256,560 to 256,699; sorted by parish. Surnames are indexed in the Householder's Index, LDS Film 919001.
1824-1826 Second Reformation, Newspaper Clippings listing persons who conformed to the Established Church, CCL
1825-1826 A Copy of the Registry of Freeholders in the County of Cavan, LDS Film 1440955
1825-1832 Arms registered with the Clerk of the Peace, April. NLI ILB 04 p 12, CCL
1832 Applications for the Registry of Voters in the Division of Cavan for the County Cavan Elections, c1832, NLI Ms. 9360
1837-1850 Early Valuations and Revisions held by the NLI; see Falley p. 529.
1839 List of Persons who obtained Game Certificates in Ulster, PRONI T688
1841 Voter List, NAI 1841/183
1843 Voters List, NAI 1843/71
1851 List of Inhabitants of Castlerahan Barony c. 1851 With Killinkere Catholic Parish Registers. NLI Pos. 5349
1856-1857 Index to Griffith's Valuation of Ireland Broderbund CD #188
1876 Land Owners in Ireland, 1876, Reprinted: Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD, 1998.
1880 Tenants in the Barony of Clankee, CCL
1881-1892 Tenant Purchasers of the Castlecoole Estate 1881-1892, The History of 2 Ulster Manors, Earl of Belmore, London/Dublin 1903, pp. 449-451
1890 Dogs Regulation Act, 1890 (list of licencees), CCL