Quaker Records

He (William Edmunson) and Margaret settled in Lurgan in 1654, where they opened a drapers shop, and he started the first Quaker meeting in Ireland. Quakers were persecuted in Ireland as they were in England, and Edmundson was frequently imprisoned. They decided to move further south, to Cavan, hoping to escape further persecution. It was not to be, so in 1659 they moved south again to Rosenallis, near Mountmellick, in the centre of Ireland. There they settled, and William bought a farm at Tinneal. This was his home for the rest of his long life, and he and Margaret raised seven children there. Like other Quakers, he still had issues with the authorities, especially over the Quaker refusal to pay tithes. He was imprisoned from time to time, but they were not compelled to move again. [Quakers In The World]

Directory of Microfilm and Indexed Records

  • LDS films 0571395-98
  • Lisburn Meeting House (includes Cootehill) - PRONI MIC/16