Drumoak - Place Names


This is a list of place names in the parish, compiled from modern maps.
Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

Please notify me of any changes or corrections.

 Barrowsgate Belskavie Bogton Bowery Broomfield Candyglirach Coalford Coldstream North Coldstream South Collonach Dalmaik Damhead Drum Drumoak Drumoak Church Glashmore Gormack Greendams Hardgate Hares Horsewells Keiths' Muir Lochmuir Lochside Mains of Drum Maryfield Moss-Side Nether Park Newhall Newmill North Mains Ordhill Quartains Quiddies Rashenlochy Red Moss Sunnybrae Sunnyside Tersets Todholes Upper Park Wardmill Wellhead West Park Westhill Woodside