Lumphanan - Place Names


This is a list of place names in the parish, compiled from modern maps.
Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

Please notify me of any changes or corrections.

 Ardieraar Auchinhave Auchlossan Balnacraig Beltie Blelack Bogloch Broomhill Cairnbeathie Cairnmude Cairnton Camphill Cloak Collie Colliestown Craiglich Craigton Crosshill Crossroads Denhead Findrack Gateside Glengarry Glengerrie Glenmillan Glenshalg Greenburn Heathcote Hillhead Hillock Hilton Kincraigie Kintocher Knowehead Loanend Lumphanan Mains Marywell Mell Millmaud Milton Minew Moss-Side Newton Oldtown Perkhill Pitmurchie Quittlehead Stothill Sunnybrae Tillycraig Tulloch Wartle Whitehouse Woodend Woodhill