Methlick - Place Names


This is a list of place names in the parish, compiled from modern maps.
Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

Please notify me of any changes or corrections.

 Andet Ardo Arnybogs Auchencrieve Balnagoak Balnagoak, Crofts of Balnagoak, Hill of Balquhindachy Beechlea Bellmuir Blackbriggs Blackhouse Braiklay Brainjohn Broomhill Brownhill Burngrains Burnside Cairnorrie Cairns Capulford Castlehill Cessnie Chapelhough Chapelpark Chapelton Collynie Crimondhill Crofts of Haddo Dens Flinthills Fordmouth Gight Gillha Wood Gowanlea Gowanlea Gowanwell Gowkstone Gowkstone Greenmyre Gurgedyke Haddo Haddo House Haddo, Crofts of Hillbrae Hillbrae Hillhead of Ardo Kelly Kelly, Mains of Kelly, Mill of Little Ardo Little Methlick Logie Longhill Lower Braiklay Merdrum Methlick Methlick Wood Middlemuir Middlethird Monlettie Monteach Murrayhill Newmill Newseat of Ardo Newseat of Gowanwell Newton North Andet North Ardo North Ardo North Arnybogs North Gowanwell North Middlemuir North Newmill North Skelmonae Polesburn Ridgewood Sauchentree Sauchentree Sauchentree Scotston Skelmonae South Andet South Balquhindachy Tanglandford Throopmuir Tillyfar Touxton Upper Braiklay Wardford Woodside