Monquhitter - Place Names


This is a list of place names in the parish, compiled from modern maps.
Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

Please notify me of any changes or corrections.

 Abbotshaugh Allathan Asleid Asleid House Auchry Auchry Castle Backhill Backhill of Greeness Backmill Backsmiddy Badentyre Balquhindachy Balquholly Balthangie Berryhill Blackfauld Blackhill Bogenlea Boghead Boghead Bogside Bogside Borderside Bridgend Broadgreens Brownhill Bruntland Burnside Burnside Burnside of Idoch Cairncake Cairnhill Castlehill Castlehill Christianhall Corsehill Craigieley Cromarty Cuminestown Dalgarno´s Croft Delgaty Easter Badentyre Easter Ewebrae Everton Ewebrae Fervey Garmond Gerriesford Glenpark Crofts Grainhill Greenfield Greenness Greens Greens of Middlehill Greystone Haremoss Heatherybanks Hillhead of Asleid Hillhead of Balquhindachy Hillhead of Litterty Hillhead of Teuchar Hilton Howe of Teuchar Howe of Teuchar Inchgreen Keithen Knowehead Cairncake Lambtech Latchfold Lendrum Lescraigie Litterty Little Swanford Maryhill Meadowbank Meadowside Meikle Cairnhill Meikle Northburn Middlehill Middletack Mill of Pot Millfield Monquhitter Moss Side Mosside of Teuchar Muirtack Muirton Netherton of  Delgaty Netherton of Greens Newseat Newstead Newton Newton of Bogenlea Newton of Cairnhill Newton of Greeness Newton of Litterty Newton of Millfield North Asleed North Everton Northburn Northburnhill Oldtown Parkhill Rashypans Redbriggs Rosebrae Rosehead Rowanhill Rush Head Rushhead Sealscrook Silverlea South Antshillock South Balquhindachy Stonehouse Tantons Teuchar Thornhill Tillymauld Upper Balquhindachy Upper Greenfield Upper Keithen Waggle Hill Waterloo Cottage Waterside Waukmill Wester Badentyre Woodhead of Delgaty Woodside Litterty Woodton