ABERDEENSHIRE - Gazeteer of Place Names


This list gives 5060 place names in Aberdeenshire and the parish(es) in which they can be found.
Select a letter from the table below to change to a list of place names with a different initial letter.


This list is complied from modern maps.
Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

Caber [Kincardine O'Neil]
Cabra [Old Deer]
Cabrach [Cabrach]
Cadgerford [Peterculter]
Cadgerhill [Longside]
Cadgers Road [Culsalmond]
Caiesmill [Dyce]
Cairdhillock [Newhills]
Cairdseat [Tarves]
Cairn [Cruden]
Cairn William [Monymusk]
Cairnacy [Cabrach]
Cairnadailly [Ellon]
Cairnargat [Glass]
Cairnballoch [Alford]
Cairnbanno [New Deer]
Cairnbeathie [Lumphanan]
Cairnborrow [Cairnie]
Cairnborrow [Glass]
Cairnbrallan [Cabrach]
Cairnbrogie [Tarves]
Cairnbulg [Rathen]
Cairncake [Monquhitter]
Cairncatto [Longside]
Cairnchine [Lonmay]
Cairncosh [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Cairncoullie [Leochel Cushnie]
Cairndaie [Midmar]
Cairndale [Old Deer]
Cairndard [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Cairndenity [Rathen]
Cairndoor [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Cairness [Lonmay]
Cairness [Rathen]
Cairneve [Ellon]
Cairney [Cairnie]
Cairneyfarrach [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Cairnfechil [Udny]
Cairnfield [Fintray]
Cairnfold [Alford]
Cairnfold [Cluny]
Cairnfold [Old Machar]
Cairnford [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Cairngall [Longside]
Cairnglass [Lonmay]
Cairnhall [Kintore]
Cairnhead [Kildrummy]
Cairnhigh [Tyrie]
Cairnhill [Cruden]
Cairnhill [Culsalmond]
Cairnhill [Drumblade]
Cairnhill [Ellon]
Cairnhill [Keithhall and Kinkell]
Cairnhill [Monquhitter]
Cairnhill [Tarves]
Cairnhill [Tough]
Cairnie [Cairnie]
Cairnie [Fintray]
Cairnleith [Ellon]
Cairnleith Crofts [Ellon]
Cairnley [Monymusk]
Cairnlob [Lonmay]
Cairnmaud [Tyrie]
Cairnmore [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Cairnmore [Logie Coldstone]
Cairnmude [Lumphanan]
Cairnmuir [Rathen]
Cairnmurnan [Tyrie]
Cairnmyre [Old Meldrum]
Cairnorchies [Old Deer]
Cairnorrie [Methlick]
Cairnpark [Fintray]
Cairns [Methlick]
Cairns [New Deer]
Cairnstockie [Ellon]
Cairntack [Belhelvie]
Cairnton [Drumblade]
Cairnton [Ellon]
Cairnton [Fintray]
Cairnton [Forgue]
Cairnton [Kemnay]
Cairnton [Lumphanan]
Cairnton [Peterculter]
Cairntradlin [Kinellar]
Cairntroddlie [Peterhead]
Cairnwhelp [Cairnie]
Cairnywhing [Tyrie]
Calfward [Leochel Cushnie]
Calurg [Birse]
Camaloun [Fyvie]
Camalynes [Fyvie]
Cambus O'May [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Camiestone [Kintore]
Camlet [Crathie]
Cammie [Birse]
Campfield [Kincardine O'Neil]
Camphill [Lumphanan]
Camphill [Peterculter]
Canada [Premnay]
Candacraig [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Candacraig [Strathdon]
Candlehill [Insch]
Candy [Kennethmont]
Candycraig [Aboyne]
Candyglirach [Drumoak]
Cannach [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Cannahars [Belhelvie]
Cannonhill [Pitsligo]
Cantlach [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Capelstones [New Deer]
Capperneuk [Chapel of Garioch]
Capulford [Methlick]
Carbrotach [Cairnie]
Carden [Oyne]
Cardensbrae [Keig]
Cardenstone [Leochel Cushnie]
Cardno [Fraserburgh]
Cardrum [Old Meldrum]
Cardrum [Tarves]
Carlogie [Aboyne]
Carnabo [Monymusk]
Carnaquheen [Crathie]
Carnaveron [Alford]
Carnferg [Birse]
Carnichal [Strichen]
Carnie [Skene]
Carnieston [Insch]
Carsindoe [Midmar]
Carvichen [Drumblade]
Caskieben [Dyce]
Cassiegills [Ellon]
Castle Forbes [Keig]
Castle Fraser [Cluny]
Castlehill [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Castlehill [Methlick]
Castlehill [Monquhitter]
Castle-Hills [Tyrie]
Castlehungry [Fintray]
Castleknowe [Leochel Cushnie]
Castleton [Crathie]
Castleton [King Edward]
Catcraig [New Deer]
Cattie [Birse]
Cattie [Keig]
Cattie [Old Meldrum]
Cattieburn [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Cattieburn [Keig]
Cattiehill [Keig]
Cauldhame [Tarland]
Cauldhame [Tarves]
Cauldwells [King Edward]
Causeway [Fyvie]
Causewayend [Fintray]
Causewayend [Old Machar]
Causewayfold [Rayne]
Causeyend [Belhelvie]
Causeyton [Cluny]
Cave Arthur [Cruden]
Caves [Slains]
Cessnie [Methlick]
Cevidley [Keig]
Changehill [Newmachar]
Chanryhills [Lonmay]
Chapel Hill [Cruden]
Chapel Of Garioch [Chapel of Garioch]
Chapel of Stoneywood [Aberdeen]
Chapelbrae [Dyce]
Chapelden [Aberdour]
Chapelhall [Ellon]
Chapelhill [Forgue]
Chapelhill [Glass]
Chapelhough [Methlick]
Chapelhouses [Old Meldrum]
Chapelpark [Forgue]
Chapelpark [Methlick]
Chapelton [Drumblade]
Chapelton [Ellon]
Chapelton [Fraserburgh]
Chapelton [Kildrummy]
Chapelton [Methlick]
Chapelton [Strathdon]
Chapelton [Towie]
Chapeltown [Leslie]
Chapelwell [Kincardine O'Neil]
Charlesfield [Auchterless]
Charleston [Clatt]
Charlestown [Rathen]
Chrichneyled [Fyvie]
Christianhall [Monquhitter]
Christs Kirk [Kennethmont]
Chrood [Coull]
Clachanturn [Crathie]
Clackriach [Old Deer]
Clagganghoul [Crathie]
Clamandswells [Ellon]
Clarack [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Clashbogwell [Newhills]
Clashenteble [Glenbuchat]
Clashholm [Kincardine O'Neil]
Clashholm [Tough]
Clashindarroch [Gartly]
Clashindarroch [Rhynie]
Clashinruich [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Clashmach [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Clatt [Clatt]
Clatterin Kist [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Clatteringbriggs [Fyvie]
Claybokie [Crathie]
Claydykes [Kincardine O'Neil]
Clayforbie [King Edward]
Clayfords [Strichen]
Clayhills [Longside]
Clayhooter [Kildrummy]
Claymill [Leochel Cushnie]
Claymires [Ellon]
Claymires [Turriff]
Claypots [Fintray]
Claypots [Old Deer]
Clayshot [Rhynie]
Claystiles [Rathen]
Cleanbrae [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Clearfield [Aboyne]
Clerkhill [Peterhead]
Cliftbog [Turriff]
Clinkstone [Insch]
Clinter [Birse]
Clinterty [Aberdour]
Clinterty [Newhills]
Cloak [Lumphanan]
Clochcan [Old Deer]
Clochforbie [King Edward]
Clochton [Slains]
Clockhill [New Deer]
Clocksters [Rathen]
Cloffrickford [New Deer]
Cloghill [Newhills]
Cloichedubh [Rhynie]
Cloisterseat [Udny]
Clola [Old Deer]
Clova [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Clova [Kildrummy]
Clovenstone [Kintore]
Cloverhill [Old Machar]
Cloverycrook [Fyvie]
Clubscross [Peterhead]
Clune [Birse]
Clunie [Crathie]
Cluny [Crathie]
Cluny Castle [Cluny]
Clyan's Dam [Monymusk]
Clyne [Newmachar]
Coachford [Cairnie]
Coalford [Drumoak]
Coalmoss [Ellon]
Coastguard Stn. [Belhelvie]
Coastguard Stn. [Old Machar]
Coastguard Stn. [Peterhead]
Coatmore [Coull]
Cobairdy [Forgue]
Cobbleheugh [Aboyne]
Coburty [Aberdour]
Cockardie [Kincardine O'Neil]
Cockbridge [Strathdon]
Cockhill [Fyvie]
Cocklarachy [Drumblade]
Cocklaw [Peterhead]
Cockmuir [Rayne]
Cockmuir [Strichen]
Coilacriech [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Coiliochbhar [Alford]
Coillich [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Coilsmore [Old Deer]
Coinlach [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Coldhome [Insch]
Coldhome [Logie Coldstone]
Coldstone [Tyrie]
Coldstream North [Drumoak]
Coldstream South [Drumoak]
Coldwells [Cruden]
Coldwells [Ellon]
Coldwells [Inverurie]
Coldwells [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Colehill [Ellon]
Collageford [New Deer]
Collie [Lumphanan]
Colliehill [Cruden]
Colliehill [Old Deer]
Collielaw [Peterhead]
Collieston [Slains]
Colliestown [Lumphanan]
Collithie [Gartly]
Collmuir [Coull]
Collonach [Drumoak]
Collordon [Logie Coldstone]
Collyhill [Bourtie]
Collyhill [Rayne]
Collynie [Methlick]
Colnabaichin [Strathdon]
Colp [Turriff]
Colpy [Culsalmond]
Colquhonnie [Strathdon]
Colyne [Forgue]
Comalegy [Drumblade]
Comers [Midmar]
Comisty [Forgue]
Commonty [Ellon]
Commonty [New Deer]
Concraig [Skene]
Concraigs [Rathen]
Confunderland [Leochel Cushnie]
Congalton [Rayne]
Conglass [Inverurie]
Coniecleuch [Cairnie]
Conland [Forgue]
Connachat [Crathie]
Conrie [Strathdon]
Contlaw [Peterculter]
Cook [King Edward]
Cookshill [Kildrummy]
Cookston [Ellon]
Cookstown [New Deer]
Cooper's Croft [Lonmay]
Coplandhill [Peterhead]
Coralhill [Lonmay]
Corbanchory [Leochel Cushnie]
Corblelack [Logie Coldstone]
Corbouies [Kildrummy]
Corbshill [New Deer]
Corbsmill [New Deer]
Corby [Old Machar]
Cordach [Kincardine O'Neil]
Coreen [Clatt]
Corehill [Old Meldrum]
Corfeidly [Kincardine O'Neil]
Corgarff [Strathdon]
Cormair [Kincardine O'Neil]
Cormalet [Cairnie]
Corncatterach [Gartly]
Corndavon [Crathie]
Cornhill [Aberdeen]
Cornhill [Echt]
Corniehaugh [Forgue]
Corntulloch [Aboyne]
Corrachree [Logie Coldstone]
Correen [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Corrennie [Cluny]
Corrennie [Kincardine O'Neil]
Corrennie [Tough]
Corrie [Keig]
Corriebreck [Strathdon]
Corriehoul [Strathdon]
Corriemulzie [Crathie]
Corrour [Crathie]
Corrydown [Auchterless]
Corrydown [Gartly]
Corrylair [Gartly]
Corse [Coull]
Corse [Drumblade]
Corse [Forgue]
Corse [Lonmay]
Corsedardar [Birse]
Corsegight [New Deer]
Corsehill [Dyce]
Corsehill [Monquhitter]
Corsehill [New Deer]
Corsehill [Newmachar]
Corsehill [Tyrie]
Corseknowes [Drumblade]
Corsemaul [Glass]
Corsend [Lonmay]
Corshalloch [Glass]
Corsiestane [Drumblade]
Corsindoe [Midmar]
Corskelly [Lonmay]
Corskie [Cluny]
Corskie [Gartly]
Cortes [Rathen]
Corth [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Corthiemuir [Udny]
Cortie Brae [Rathen]
Cortiecram [Lonmay]
Cortiecram [Old Deer]
Coshelly [Fyvie]
Costlyburn [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Cotburn [Turriff]
Cotehill [Slains]
Cotetown [Leslie]
Cothall [Fintray]
Cothill [Belhelvie]
Cothill [Fintray]
Cothill [Kincardine O'Neil]
Cothill [Old Machar]
Cottens [Alford]
Cottown [Fyvie]
Cottown [Kintore]
Cot-Town [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Cot-Town [Chapel of Garioch]
Cot-Town [Keithhall and Kinkell]
Cot-Town [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Cotwells [King Edward]
Couchercairn [Tarves]
Couldwells [King Edward]
Coulick [Strathdon]
Coull [Coull]
Coullie [Udny]
Coulliehare [Udny]
Coulnacraig [Birse]
Coulterfanny [Tyrie]
Coulterna [New Deer]
Countesswells [Peterculter]
Courtcairn [Cluny]
Courtestown [Leslie]
Courtstone [Tarves]
Coutens [Old Meldrum]
Cowbog [Aberdour]
Cowford [Tough]
Cowfords [Aberdour]
Cowfords [Strichen]
Cowhill [Belhelvie]
Cowhill [Fyvie]
Cowhills [Peterhead]
Cowinch [Ellon]
Cowlair [Tyrie]
Cowley [Auchterless]
Cowsmill [King Edward]
Cowsrieve [Peterhead]
Coynach [Logie Coldstone]
Coynach [Old Deer]
Coynachie [Gartly]
Craggan [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Craibadona [Foveran]
Craibstone [Newhills]
Craich [Tough]
Craig [Alford]
Craig [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Craig [King Edward]
Craig [Strathdon]
Craig [Udny]
Craig Hall [Kennethmont]
Craigculter [Strichen]
Craigdam [Tarves]
Craigearn [Kemnay]
Craigellie [Lonmay]
Craigend [Gartly]
Craigendarroch [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Craigendinnie [Aboyne]
Craigenhigh [Kincardine O'Neil]
Craigenseat [Drumblade]
Craigford [Oyne]
Craigforthie [Keithhall and Kinkell]
Craighall [Cairnie]
Craighall [Clatt]
Craigharr [Keithhall and Kinkell]
Craighead [Cruden]
Craighead [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Craighead [Old Deer]
Craighill [Strichen]
Craighill [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Craighill [Turriff]
Craigie [Belhelvie]
Craigie Banks [Pitsligo]
Craigie Fold [Pitsligo]
Craigie Pots [Rathen]
Craigie(S) [Tarves]
Craigiebeg [Kildrummy]
Craigiebuckler [Aberdeen]
Craigiedarg [Skene]
Craigieford [Logie Buchan]
Craigieley [Monquhitter]
Craigietocher [Turriff]
Craigievar [Leochel Cushnie]
Craiglash [Kincardine O'Neil]
Craiglich [Coull]
Craiglich [Lumphanan]
Craiglug [Peterculter]
Craigmahandle [Aboyne]
Craigmancie [Forgue]
Craigmaud [Aberdour]
Craigmeadow [Keig]
Craigmill [Leochel Cushnie]
Craigmill [New Deer]
Craigmyle [Kemnay]
Craigmyle [Kincardine O'Neil]
Craignathunder [Oyne]
Craignock [Clatt]
Craigour [Midmar]
Craigpot [Keig]
Craigsglen [King Edward]
Craigshannoch [Midmar]
Craigshannoch [Oyne]
Craigston [King Edward]
Craigston [Skene]
Craigton [Kennethmont]
Craigton [Lumphanan]
Craigton [Peterculter]
Craigtown [Kincardine O'Neil]
Craigwater [Rhynie]
Craigwillie [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Craik [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Crampstone [Kildrummy]
Cranbog [Aberdour]
Cranbog [Old Machar]
Cranhill [New Deer]
Cranloch [Forgue]
Cranna [Fyvie]
Crannabog [Fyvie]
Cranniecat [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Cransmill [Gartly]
Cransmill [Rhynie]
Craskins [Tarland]
Crathie [Crathie]
Crathienaird [Crathie]
Crawhead [Ellon]
Creagandummie [Birse]
Crespet [Cabrach]
Crespet [Glenbuchat]
Crichie [Fyvie]
Crichie [Kintore]
Crichie [Old Deer]
Crimond [Crimond]
Crimond [Keithhall and Kinkell]
Crimond [Tough]
Crimondhill [Methlick]
Crimongorth [Crimond]
Crimonmogate [Lonmay]
Croftend [Clatt]
Crofts [Glenbuchat]
Crofts [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Crofts of Haddo [Methlick]
Cromarty [Monquhitter]
Cromblet [Fyvie]
Cromlabank [Cruden]
Cromleybank [Ellon]
Cromwellside [Rayne]
Crookahill [Aberdour]
Crookednook [Longside]
Crookmore [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Crooktree [Kincardine O'Neil]
Cross of Jackston [Fyvie]
Cross Stone [Ellon]
Crossbrae [Turriff]
Crossbrae [Tyrie]
Crossfields [Turriff]
Crossfold [Coull]
Crosshill [Ellon]
Crosshill [Lumphanan]
Crosshill [New Deer]
Crosshill [Tarves]
Cross-Hill [Rhynie]
Crossroads [Keig]
Crossroads [Lumphanan]
Crow [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Crowmallie [Chapel of Garioch]
Crownhead [Keithhall and Kinkell]
Crowniehillock [New Deer]
Cruchie [Drumblade]
Cruden [Cruden]
Cruden Bay [Cruden]
Crudie [King Edward]
Cryla [Old Deer]
Culblean [Coull]
Culblean [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Culbyth [King Edward]
Culdrain [Gartly]
Culfork [Alford]
Culfork [Strathdon]
Culfork [Towie]
Culfosie [Echt]
Culhay [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Cullerlie [Echt]
Cullyblean [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Cullykhan [Aberdour]
Culmellie [Leochel Cushnie]
Culquoich [Towie]
Culsalmond [Culsalmond]
Culsh [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Culsh [Kildrummy]
Culsh [New Deer]
Culsh [Tarland]
Culter [Peterculter]
Cultercullen [Foveran]
Culterty [Foveran]
Culthibert [Cluny]
Cults [Kennethmont]
Cults [Peterculter]
Cuminestown [Monquhitter]
Cummerton [Aberdour]
Cummerton [King Edward]
Cummerton [Strathdon]
Cummings Park [Aberdeen]
Cunnigar [Cluny]
Cunningar [Midmar]
Cushieston [Rayne]
Cushlachie [Towie]
Cushnie [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Cushnie [Auchterless]
Cushnie [Leochel Cushnie]
Cuttacksnest [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Cuttieshillock [Coull]
Cuttlecraigs [Daviot]
Cuttlehill [Cairnie]
Cuttyhill [Longside]