ABERDEENSHIRE - Gazeteer of Place Names


This list gives 5060 place names in Aberdeenshire and the parish(es) in which they can be found.
Select a letter from the table below to change to a list of place names with a different initial letter.


This list is complied from modern maps.
Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

Macharmuir   [Logie Buchan]
Macharshaugh   [Kildrummy]
Macknagran   [Tyrie]
Mackstead   [Chapel of Garioch]
Macterry   [Fyvie]
Macterry   [Udny]
Mahon   [Turriff]
Maiden Castle   [Oyne]
Maiden Causeway   [Oyne]
Maidencraig   [Newhills]
Mains   [Aberdour]
Mains   [Bourtie]
Mains   [Cruden]
Mains   [Culsalmond]
Mains   [Fyvie]
Mains   [Kennethmont]
Mains   [Kildrummy]
Mains   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Mains   [King Edward]
Mains   [Lumphanan]
Mains   [Old Meldrum]
Mains   [Rayne]
Mains   [Strichen]
Mains   [Tyrie]
Mains of Drum   [Drumoak]
Mains of Grandhome   [Aberdeen]
Mains of Tilliefoure   [Oyne]
Mains of Waterton   [Logie Buchan]
Mains of Whitehill   [New Deer]
Malach   [Glass]
Maldron   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Malsach   [Gartly]
Mameulah   [Newmachar]
Mammie   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Manabattock   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Manar   [Inverurie]
Mannofield   [Aberdeen]
Manor   [Midmar]
Mansefield   [Fyvie]
Mar   [Crathie]
Marchlands   [Lonmay]
Marchlands   [Tyrie]
Marchmar   [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Marchnear   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Marcus   [Dyce]
Marionburgh   [Midmar]
Markethill   [Glass]
Marnabogs   [Old Deer]
Marno   [Strichen]
Marno   [Tyrie]
Maryfield   [Aboyne]
Maryfield   [Auchterless]
Maryfield   [Drumoak]
Maryfield   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Maryfield   [Peterculter]
Maryhill   [Monquhitter]
Mary's Valley   [Tyrie]
Marywell   [Birse]
Marywell   [Lumphanan]
Masons Lodge   [Skene]
Massiesbraes   [Longside]
Mastrick   [Aberdeen]
Mastrick   [Rayne]
Maud   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Maud   [New Deer]
Mayfield   [Keig]
Meadaple   [Fyvie]
Meadow   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Meadowbank   [Monquhitter]
Meadowbank   [Peterhead]
Meadowhead   [Forgue]
Meadowhead   [Newmachar]
Meadowhill   [Strichen]
Meadowlea   [Logie Coldstone]
Meadowside   [Monquhitter]
Meddens   [Newmachar]
Meddin   [Cabrach]
Meddin   [Kildrummy]
Meethill   [Peterhead]
Megen   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Meggan   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Meikle Aucheoch   [New Deer]
Meikle Cairnhill   [Monquhitter]
Meikle Croft   [Dyce]
Meikle Mackie   [Peterhead]
Meikle Northburn   [Monquhitter]
Meiklebogs   [Auchterless]
Meiklehaugh   [Keig]
Meiklelpark   [Old Meldrum]
Meiklemill   [Ellon]
Meiklemoss   [Alford]
Meikleton   [Cairnie]
Meikleton   [Drumblade]
Meldrum   [Old Meldrum]
Meldrum   [Tarves]
Melgum   [Logie Coldstone]
Melgum   [Tarland]
Mell   [Lumphanan]
Mellanbrae   [Inverurie]
Mellenside   [Culsalmond]
Memi   [Birse]
Memsie   [Rathen]
Memsie   [Tyrie]
Menie   [Belhelvie]
Merdrum   [Methlick]
Merdrum   [Rhynie]
Merry Hillock   [Fraserburgh]
Methlick   [Methlick]
Methlick Wood   [Methlick]
Michaelmuir   [Ellon]
Micras   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Mid Cottage   [Cluny]
Middle Grange   [Peterhead]
Middlefield   [Aberdeen]
Middlefield   [Belhelvie]
Middlehill   [Aberdour]
Middlehill   [Auchterless]
Middlehill   [Monquhitter]
Middlemuir   [Belhelvie]
Middlemuir   [Ellon]
Middlemuir   [Leochel Cushnie]
Middlemuir   [Lonmay]
Middlemuir   [Methlick]
Middlemuir   [Strichen]
Middletack   [Monquhitter]
Middletack   [Rathen]
Middlethird   [Methlick]
Middlethird   [Strichen]
Middleton   [Auchterless]
Middleton   [Belhelvie]
Middleton   [Fintray]
Middleton   [Inverurie]
Middleton   [Old Machar]
Midgates   [Clatt]
Midmar   [Midmar]
Midmill   [Cruden]
Midmill   [Kintore]
Midpark   [Rathen]
Midplough   [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Midstrath   [Birse]
Midtown   [Cruden]
Midtown   [Fyvie]
Midtown   [Glass]
Midtown   [Tyrie]
Miekle Wartle   [Rayne]
Migvie   [Tarland]
Milduan   [Rhynie]
Mile End   [Peterhead]
Mill   [Cruden]
Mill Farm   [Aberdour]
Mill Farm   [Kemnay]
Mill of Echt   [Echt]
Mill of Fedderate   [New Deer]
Mill of Pitcaple   [Chapel of Garioch]
Mill of Pot   [Monquhitter]
Mill of Tilliefoure   [Oyne]
Mill of Waterton   [Logie Buchan]
Mill of Whitehill   [New Deer]
Millbank   [Longside]
Millbank   [Peterhead]
Millbank   [Udny]
Millbreck   [Old Deer]
Millbrex   [Fyvie]
Millbuie   [Skene]
Millburn   [Forgue]
Millburn   [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Millburn   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Millden   [Belhelvie]
Milldowrie   [Monymusk]
Milleath   [Cairnie]
Millfield   [Aboyne]
Millfield   [Leslie]
Millfield   [Monquhitter]
Millfoot   [Strichen]
Millhead   [Tarland]
Millhill   [Crimond]
Millhill   [Gartly]
Millhill   [Old Deer]
Millhill   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Millhockie   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Millhuie   [Glenbuchat]
Millmaud   [Lumphanan]
Millmedden   [Clatt]
Millmoss   [Turriff]
Mill-of-Burns   [Fyvie]
Millseat   [King Edward]
Millstone   [Oyne]
Milltimber   [Peterculter]
Milltown   [Auchterless]
Milltown   [Cabrach]
Milltown   [Cruden]
Milltown   [Rathen]
Milltown of Kildrummy   [Kildrummy]
Milltown of Whitehill   [New Deer]
Milton   [Birse]
Milton   [Glenbuchat]
Milton   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Milton   [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Milton   [Kemnay]
Milton   [Lumphanan]
Milton   [Newmachar]
Milton   [Rhynie]
Milton   [Strathdon]
Milton   [Udny]
Milton of Campfield   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Milton of Cullerlie   [Echt]
Milton of Cusnie   [Leochel Cushnie]
Milton of Inkhorn   [New Deer]
Minew   [Lumphanan]
Minmore   [Leochel Cushnie]
Minnes   [Foveran]
Minnonie   [Fyvie]
Mintlaw   [Longside]
Mintlaw Station   [Longside]
Mitchelhill   [New Deer]
Mither Tap   [Oyne]
Monaltrie   [Crathie]
Monaltrie   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Monandavan   [Aboyne]
Monecht   [Echt]
Monellie   [Forgue]
Monkshill   [Foveran]
Monkshill   [Fyvie]
Monlettie   [Methlick]
Monquhitter   [Monquhitter]
Montammo   [Foveran]
Monteach   [Methlick]
Montgarrie   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Monykebbock   [Newmachar]
Monymusk   [Monymusk]
Monyroads   [Monymusk]
Monyruy   [Longside]
Moonhaugh   [Keig]
Moreseat   [Cruden]
Morkeu   [Peterculter]
Morlich   [Towie]
Mormon House   [Rathen]
Mormondfoot   [Strichen]
Mormondprop   [New Deer]
Mormondside   [Strichen]
Morrone   [Crathie]
Morthside   [Kennethmont]
Morven   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Moss   [Longside]
Moss   [Slains]
Moss Croft   [Lonmay]
Moss Park   [Logie Buchan]
Moss Side   [Chapel of Garioch]
Moss Side   [Foveran]
Moss Side   [Monquhitter]
Moss Side   [Newhills]
Moss Side   [Newmachar]
Mossat   [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Mossat   [Kildrummy]
Mossend   [Alford]
Mossend   [Cruden]
Mosseye   [Bourtie]
Mossfield   [Daviot]
Mossgerrie   [Aberdour]
Mosshead   [Clatt]
Mosshead   [Drumblade]
Mosshead   [Forgue]
Mosshead   [Gartly]
Mosshead   [Tarves]
Mosshead   [Tough]
Mosshead   [Udny]
Mosside of Teuchar   [Monquhitter]
Mosslip   [Fyvie]
Mossneuk   [Ellon]
Moss-Side   [Aberdour]
Moss-Side   [Crimond]
Moss-Side   [Drumoak]
Moss-Side   [Ellon]
Moss-Side   [Fyvie]
Moss-Side   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Moss-Side   [Lumphanan]
Moss-Side   [Monymusk]
Moss-side   [New Deer]
Moss-side   [Old Deer]
Moss-Side   [Pitsligo]
Moss-Side   [Rayne]
Moss-Side   [Strichen]
Moss-Side   [Tarves]
Moss-side of Monellie   [Forgue]
Mosstown   [Crimond]
Mosstown   [Cruden]
Mosstown   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Mosstown   [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Mosstown   [Kennethmont]
Mosstown   [Logie Buchan]
Mosstown   [Logie Coldstone]
Mosstown   [Lonmay]
Moulinearn   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Mounie   [Daviot]
Mountheathie   [Tyrie]
Mounthooly   [Pitsligo]
Mountjoy   [Dyce]
Mountpleasant   [Old Deer]
Mountpleasant   [Peterhead]
Mountsolie   [Strichen]
Mowatseat   [Leochel Cushnie]
Muckletown   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Mudhouse   [Foveran]
Mudlee   [Birse]
Muggarthaugh   [Leochel Cushnie]
Muick   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Muir   [Crathie]
Muir of Alford   [Alford]
Muir of Fowlis   [Leochel Cushnie]
Muirend   [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Muirend   [Longside]
Muiresk   [Turriff]
Muirfoundland   [Fyvie]
Muirhead   [Leochel Cushnie]
Muirstone   [Tyrie]
Muirtack   [Cruden]
Muirtack   [Monquhitter]
Muirton   [Belhelvie]
Muirton   [Chapel of Garioch]
Muirton   [Cluny]
Muirton   [Coull]
Muirton   [King Edward]
Muirton   [Midmar]
Muirton   [Monquhitter]
Muirton   [Tarland]
Muirtown   [Forgue]
Muiry Fold   [Tarves]
Muiryfold   [Newmachar]
Muiryfold   [Turriff]
Mullach   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Mullachdu   [Strathdon]
Mulloch   [Aboyne]
Mullochdhu   [Aboyne]
Mundurno   [Old Machar]
Mungo   [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Murcar   [Old Machar]
Murley   [Birse]
Murrayhill   [Methlick]
Murriell   [Insch]
Murtle   [Peterculter]
Muttonbrae   [Fintray]
Muttonbrae   [New Deer]
My Lord's Throat   [Keig]
Myre of Bedlam   [New Deer]
Myres   [Cruden]
Myreside   [Birse]
Myreton   [Insch]
Myriedale   [Oyne]
Myriewells   [Echt]
Mytice   [Rhynie]