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ABERDEENSHIRE - Gazeteer of Place Names

This list gives 5060 place names in Aberdeenshire and the parish(es) in which they can be found.
Select a letter from the table below to change to a list of place names with a different initial letter.


This list is complied from modern maps.
Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

Tack   [Newmachar]
Talnamounth   [Glass]
Tampie   [Birse]
Tanglandford   [Methlick]
Tantons   [Monquhitter]
Tap O'North   [Rhynie]
Tappies   [Kemnay]
Tarbothill   [Old Machar]
Tarfat   [Strichen]
Tarland   [Tarland]
Tarmair   [Tyrie]
Tarsets   [Logie Buchan]
Tarty   [Logie Buchan]
Tarves   [Tarves]
Tarwathie   [Strichen]
Tassetshill   [Logie Buchan]
Tavelty   [Kintore]
Tayloch   [Clatt]
Techmuiry   [Strichen]
Templand   [Auchterless]
Templand   [Culsalmond]
Templand   [Rhynie]
Templefold   [Echt]
Templeland   [Forgue]
Templeton   [Kildrummy]
Terpersie   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Terryfield   [Lonmay]
Terryhorn   [Glass]
Terryvale   [Skene]
Tersets   [Drumoak]
Tertowie   [Kinellar]
Teuchan   [Cruden]
Teuchar   [Monquhitter]
Teuchathaugh   [Daviot]
Thainstone   [Kintore]
The Ha's   [Keithhall and Kinkell]
Thiefsbush   [Cabrach]
Thinfords   [Aberdour]
Thistleycrook   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Thistlyhill   [Foveran]
Thistlyhillock   [Lonmay]
Thomastown   [Auchterless]
Thomastown   [Drumblade]
Thorneybank   [Auchterless]
Thornhill   [Monquhitter]
Thorniebrae   [Drumblade]
Thornroan   [Tarves]
Thornton   [Bourtie]
Thorpville   [Rayne]
Three Burnshead   [Cabrach]
Three Burnshead   [Rhynie]
Threepleton   [Chapel of Garioch]
Throopmuir   [Methlick]
Thunderton   [Longside]
Tibberchindy   [Alford]
Tiffery   [Longside]
Tifty   [Fyvie]
Tillathrowie   [Gartly]
Tillenhilt   [Midmar]
Tillenteach   [Birse]
Tillenturk   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Tillery   [Foveran]
Tilliehashlach   [Oyne]
Tillinamolt   [Tyrie]
Tillioch   [Echt]
Tilly Fould   [Crimond]
Tillyangus   [Clatt]
Tillybin   [Kintore]
Tillybirloch   [Midmar]
Tillybo   [King Edward]
Tillyboy   [Echt]
Tillybrack   [Oyne]
Tillybreedless   [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Tillybreen   [Aboyne]
Tillybrex   [Logie Buchan]
Tillycairn   [Aboyne]
Tillycairn   [Cluny]
Tillycairn   [Tarves]
Tillychardoch   [Tarland]
Tillychetly   [Alford]
Tillycorthie   [Udny]
Tillycraig   [Lumphanan]
Tillycroy   [Coull]
Tillydaff   [Midmar]
Tillydesk   [Ellon]
Tillydrine   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Tillyduff   [Crimond]
Tillyduke   [Coull]
Tillyduke   [Strathdon]
Tillyeve   [Udny]
Tillyfar   [Methlick]
Tillyfar   [New Deer]
Tillyfar   [Turriff]
Tillyfar   [Udny]
Tillyfauld   [Crimond]
Tillyfoddie   [Echt]
Tillyfour   [Foveran]
Tillyfour   [Tough]
Tillyfourie   [Monymusk]
Tillyfro   [Cluny]
Tillyfruskie   [Birse]
Tillygarmond   [Birse]
Tillygreig   [Udny]
Tillyhilt   [Tarves]
Tillykerrie   [Fintray]
Tillykerrie   [Logie Coldstone]
Tillykerrie   [Tough]
Tillylair   [Aboyne]
Tillylair   [Coull]
Tillymair   [Tough]
Tillymaud   [Cruden]
Tillymaud   [King Edward]
Tillymaud   [Udny]
Tillymauld   [Monquhitter]
Tillyminate   [Gartly]
Tillymorgan   [Culsalmond]
Tillymuick   [Premnay]
Tillyneckle   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Tillyorn   [Birse]
Tillyorn   [Coull]
Tillyorn   [Echt]
Tillypestle   [Old Deer]
Tillypronie   [Logie Coldstone]
Tillyshogle   [Echt]
Tillyskukie   [Coull]
Tillysnaught   [New Deer]
Tillytarmont   [Cairnie]
Tilphoudie   [Aboyne]
Timberfords   [Glass]
Tippercowan   [King Edward]
Tipperty   [Logie Buchan]
Titaboutie   [Coull]
Tobar Fuar   [Strathdon]
Tocher   [Rayne]
Tocherford   [Rayne]
Toddlehills   [Ellon]
Toddlehills   [Longside]
Toddley   [Fyvie]
Todfold   [Kintore]
Todholes   [Aberdour]
Todholes   [Cabrach]
Todholes   [Drumoak]
Todholes   [New Deer]
Todlachie   [Monymusk]
Todstone   [Kildrummy]
Tofthills   [Clatt]
Tofthills   [Kintore]
Toldhu   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Tolduquhill   [Strathdon]
Tollafraick   [Towie]
Tolly   [Strathdon]
Tolmauds   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Tolquhon   [Tarves]
Tom a' Char   [Logie Coldstone]
Tom Charraigh   [Strathdon]
Tombae   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Tombain   [Cabrach]
Tombeg   [Monymusk]
Tombreck   [Leochel Cushnie]
Tombrek   [Glenbuchat]
Tomintoul   [Crathie]
Tomnagorn   [Cluny]
Tomnakeist   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Tomnaven   [Cabrach]
Tomnavey   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Tomnavoun   [Cabrach]
Tom's Forest   [Kintore]
Ton   [Monymusk]
Tonburn   [Rhynie]
Tonley   [Tough]
Top   [Leochel Cushnie]
Top Head   [Rathen]
Toppies   [Kintore]
Torbeg   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Torgalter   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Tornagawn   [Strathdon]
Tornahaish   [Strathdon]
Tornahatnach   [Towie]
Tornashean   [Strathdon]
Tornauran   [Crathie]
Tornaveen   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Torniechelt   [Cabrach]
Torphins   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Torquhandallochy   [Birse]
Torra Duncan   [Drumblade]
Torran   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Torrancroy   [Strathdon]
Torrandhu   [Strathdon]
Torries   [Oyne]
Torries   [Tough]
Torry   [Glass]
Torry   [Udny]
Torryburn   [Kintore]
Torrycrien   [Towie]
Torryleith   [Newmachar]
Torterston   [Peterhead]
Tough   [Tough]
Toux   [Old Deer]
Touxhill   [New Deer]
Touxton   [Methlick]
Towanreef   [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Tower   [Udny]
Towie   [Aberdour]
Towie   [Clatt]
Towie   [Ellon]
Towie   [Towie]
Towie   [Turriff]
Towie Barclay   [Auchterless]
Towie Turner   [Auchterless]
Towleys   [Leslie]
Towmill   [Premnay]
Townhead   [Ellon]
Townhead   [Glass]
Townhead   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Trancie   [Towie]
Treeroot   [Fyvie]
Troup   [Aberdour]
Troupsmill   [Drumblade]
Tuach Hill   [Kintore]
Tullich   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Tullikerg   [Lonmay]
Tullo   [Old Meldrum]
Tulloch   [Aboyne]
Tulloch   [Keig]
Tulloch   [Lumphanan]
Tulloch   [Midmar]
Tulloch   [Newhills]
Tulloch   [Old Meldrum]
Tulloch   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Tullochleys   [Clatt]
Tullochmacarrick   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Tullochoy   [Crathie]
Tullochs   [Cairnie]
Tullochvenus   [Tough]
Tulloford   [Tarves]
Tullos   [Chapel of Garioch]
Tullynessle   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Turclossie   [Tyrie]
Turfgate   [Birse]
Turfhill   [New Deer]
Turfhill   [Old Deer]
Turf-Hill   [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Turf-Hill   [Keig]
Turlundie   [Tyrie]
Turnalief   [Cruden]
Turnerhall   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Turriff   [Turriff]
Twa Havens   [Cruden]
Tweed-Dale   [Keithhall and Kinkell]
Tyakesnook   [Lonmay]
Tyrebagger   [Dyce]
Tyrebagger   [Newhills]
Tyrie   [Pitsligo]
Tyrie   [Tyrie]
Tyries   [Kildrummy]
Tyronhill   [Fraserburgh]