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This page gives details of various works which are useful for reference purposes.

There is a large number of books available, and only a selection is given here. 
There are many books which deal with the history of particular local areas of Aberdeenshire.

The Aberdeen & NE Scotland FHS stock a large number of books and maps of local interest and can supply by mail order.
Their complete catalogue may be downloaded along with details for ordering books.

Current Books

  • The eastern counties: Aberdeenshire, Angus and Kincardineshire
    Nigel Tranter
    Published London, 1972 (Hodder & Stoughton) - ISBN 0-340-16462-X
  • Rural life in Victorian Aberdeenshire
    William Alexander
    Published 1992, Edinburgh (Mercat)
  • From lairds to louns: country and burgh life in Aberdeen 1600-1800
    (ed) David Stevenson
    Published 1986, Aberdeen (Aberdeen University Press)
  • A thousand years of Aberdeen
    Alexander Keith
    Published 1972, Aberdeen (Aberdeen University Press)
  • Aberdeen in the nineteenth century: the making of the modern city
    (ed) John S Smith & David Stevenson
    Published 1988, Aberdeen (Aberdeen University Press)
  • Fermfolk & Fisherfolk
    (ed) John S Smith & David Stevenson
    Published 1989, Aberdeen (Aberdeen University Press) - ISBN 1-87364-415-9
  • Farm Life in Northeast Scotland, 1840 - 1914
    Ian Carter
    Published 1997, Glasgow (Bell & Bain Ltd) - ISBN 0-85976-457-5
  • Grampian Battlefields, The Historic Battles of North East Scotland from AD84 to 1745
    Peter Marren
    Published 1990, Aberdeen (Aberdeen University Press) - ISBN 0-08-036598-1
  • The shaping of 19th century Aberdeenshire
    Sydney Wood
    Published 1985, Stevenage, Herts. (Spa Books) - ISBN 0-907590-05-5
  • Emigration from North-East Scotland
    Marjory Harper
    Published 1988, Aberdeen (Aberdeen University Press)
    Vol 1: Emigration 1800-1900 - ISBN 0-08-036415-2
    Vol 2: Beyond the Broad Atlantic - ISBN 0-08-036393-8

Old Books

The following books are all believed to be out of print and may only be found in local libraries or specialist book shops.

  • List of Pollable Persons Within the Shire of Aberdeen, 1696
    J Stuart (ed)
    Published Aberdeen, 1854 (2 volumes - Antiquarian Spalding Club)
    [ N.B. The Aberdeen & NE Scotland FHS have published a series of booklets covering individual parishes. Not all parishes are available yet but details are available here. ]
  • Handlist of bibliography of the shires of Aberdeen, Banff and Kincardine
    Alexander W Robertson
    Published Aberdeen, 1893
  • A concise bibliography of the history, topography and institutions of the shires of Aberdeen, Banff and Kincardine
    James F K Johnstone
    Published Aberdeen, 1914 (Aberdeen University Press)
  • Bibliographia Aberdonensis: being an account of books relating to or printed in the shires of Aberdeen, Banff, Kincardine or written by natives or residents or by officers, graudates or alumni of the Universities of Aberdeen
    James F K Johnstone & Alexander W Robertson
    Published Aberdeen, 1929 (2 volumes)
  • A New History of Aberdeenshire
    Alexander Smith (Ed)
    Published Aberdeen, 1875 (2 volumes - Blackwood and Sons)
  • Byegone days in Aberdeenshire: being a history of the county from a standpoint different from that of previously published works
    John Allardyce
    Published 1913, Aberdeen (Central Press)
  • Fasti Ecclesia Scoticanae, The Succession of Ministers in the Church of Scotland from the Reformation
    Hew Scott D.D.,
    New Edition, Vol VI, Synods of Aberdeen & Moray, Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh, Tweedale Court 1926.


George Washington Wilson Photographs

A commercial photographer working in Aberdeen between 1852 and the 1880s, his vast output provides a unique photographic record of the period. A number of his photographs have been published in collections:

  • George Washington Wilson, Sport and Leisure in Victorian Scotland
    Durie, Alastair J
    ISBN 0-8520-694-99
  • George Washington Wilson in St. Andrews and the Kingdom of Fife
    Durie, Alastair J
    ISBN 1-8740-780-41
  • George Washington Wilson and the Scottish Railways
    Durie, Alastair J. & Mellor, Roy
    ISBN 0-8520-695-37
  • George Washington Wilson in Edinburgh
    Durie, Alastair J.
    ISBN 0-9511-966-18
  • George Washington Wilson in Dundee and Angus
    Durie, Alastair J.
    ISBN 1-8740-780-17
  • George Washington Wilson and the Scottish Fishing Industry
    Gray, Malcolm
    ISBN 0-9505-322-82
  • George Washington Wilson and Victorian Glasgow
    Hume, John R. & Jackson, Tessa
    [8/97:out of print] ISBN 0-9507-909-58
  • George Washington Wilson in the Hebrides
    Macaulay, Donald
    ISBN 0-9507-909-90
  • George Washington Wilson in Ayrshire
    Smith, David B.
    ISBN 0-9505-322-66
  • George Washington Wilson in Caithness And Sutherland
    Smith, John S.
    ISBN 0-8520-695-02
  • George Washington Wilson's Aberdeen
    Smith, John S.
    ISBN 0-9505-322-58
  • George Washington Wilson and Royal Deeside
    Smith, John S.
    ISBN 0-9507-909-74
  • George Washington Wilson in Orkney and Shetland
    Smith, John S.
    ISBN 1-8740-780-25

See also the George Washington Wilson collection and other historic collections at Aberdeen University.

Aberdeen Library

Aberdeen Library publishes copies of old photographs.


The Aberdeen & NE Scotland FHS stock a large number of books and maps of local interest and can supply by mail order.
Their complete catalogue may be downloaded along with details for ordering books.

Antiquarian bookshops in the Aberdeen area:

  1. Bon-Accord Books, 69 Spittal, Old Aberdeen, Tel/Fax: 01224 643209
  2. Deeside Books, 10 Braemar Road, Ballater, Tel/Fax: 013397 54080
  3. Grampian Books, South Monkshill, Fyvie, Tel: 01651 891524
  4. Old Aberdeen Bookshop, 140 Spittal, Old Aberdeen, Tel: 01224 658355

Doric Language Dialect

Douglas Kynoch has written several books about the Doric.

  • A Doric Dictionary: Doric-English, English-Doric
    Kynoch, Douglas
    ISBN 978-1898218807
  • Teach Yourself Doric: A Course for Beginners
    Kynoch, Douglas
    ISBN 978-1898218142
  • Doric Proverbs and Sayings
    Kynoch, Douglas
    ISBN 978-1840170078
  • Doric for Swots: A Course for Advanced Students
    Kynoch, Douglas
    ISBN 978-1840170160