Church Records in Angus


Congregational Church Records in Angus

The following lists the volumes which contain either baptism, marriage or burial information.

  • Castle Street Congregational Church, Dundee

    Located in Dundee City Archives. No microfilm copy in the Scottish Record Office, Edinburgh

    CH14/4/44Register of Adherents, Register of Baptisms, Deaths and Marriages, 1917 - 1938

Episcopal Church Records in Angus

  • A large number of Episcopal Church Records in Angus are stored at the Brechin Diocesan Library at Dundee University Archives.

    St Mary's Church, ArbroathBr MS 6Congregational Registers, 1812-1977
    St Margaret's Church, LocheeBr MS 7Congregational Registers, 1861-1972
    St James Church, StonehavenBr MS 9Register of Baptisms, 1756-1878
    Registerof Marriages, 1770-1813
    Register of Burials, 1828-1865
  • There are also a number of transcripts of registers from the eighteenth century covering the northern parishes of Lethnot, Edzell, Lochlee etc.

Methodist Church Records in Angus

Records are closed for sixty years unless written permission has been given by the Superintendent Minister of Circuit. These records can be consulted on microfilm in the Scottish Record Office, Edinburgh, and the originals in Dundee City Archives.

The following lists the volumes which contain either baptism, marriage or burial information.

  • St Peter Chapel, Dundee

    CH11/40/7Church register, 1908-1915
  • Tally Street Chapel (later Ward Road), Dundee

    CH11/41/14Baptismal and Wedding Registers, 1785-1898
    CH11/41/15Baptismal and Wedding Registers, 1864-1907
    CH11/41/16Baptismal and Wedding Registers, 1907-1917
    CH11/41/17Baptismal and Wedding Registers, 1955-1964 (including Beechwood)
  • There is also material on the Methodist Church in Arbroath and Montrose at Dundee University Archives (MS 26).

Roman Catholic Church Records in Angus

Dates of foundation of pre-1855 Roman Catholic Churches in Angus. This list is by no means complete. Church registers can start well before foundation dates.

Dundee, St Andrews1836
Dundee, St Clements1847
Dundee, St Mary's1851

The following lists the volumes which contain either baptism, marriage or burial information. Roman Catholic Registers are located in the Scottish Record Office, Edinburgh.

  • Arbroath

    RH21/90/1Diocese of DunkeldBaptisms 1840-1956,
    Marriages, 1841-1951
  • Dundee

    RH21/39/1St Andrews (Dundee), Diocese of DunkeldBaptisms, 1795-1828
    Marriages, 1806-1827
    Deaths, 1804-1816
    RH21/39/2St Andrew's (Dundee), Diocese of DunkeldBaptisms, 1828-1838
    Marriages, 1828-1840
    RH21/39/3St Andrew's (Dundee), Diocese of DunkeldBaptisms, 1839-1851
    RH21/39/4St Andrew's (Dundee), Diocese of DunkeldMarriages, 1841-1862
    RH21/39/5St Andrew's (Dundee), Diocese of DunkeldBaptisms, 1851-1864
    RH21/39/6St Andrew's (Dundee), Diocese of  DunkeldBaptisms, 1865-1872
    RH21/39/7Lochee, Diocese of DunkeldBaptisms, 1847-1865
    Marriages, 1850-1864
    RH21/39/8St Mary's (Dundee), Diocese of DunkeldBaptisms, 1854-1867
    RH21/39/8St Mary's (Dundee), Diocese of DunkeldMarriages, 1854-1866