Sheriff Court Records, Angus


Index to Records of Dundee Sheriff Court (SC45)

4/Adoption register, 1930-1940, 1948-1960 (closed for 100 years)
5/Register of Clubs
7/Process Inventory, Borrowing & Receipt Books, 1833-1954
8/Register of Sequestrations, 1847-1963
13/Miscellaneous Court Books, 1839-1969
14/Processes, 1826-1969 (some gaps in early years)
15/Processes - limbo, 1918-1969
16/Processes - limbo, 2nd Series, 1930-1969
17/Adoption Processes, 1930-1969 (closed for 100 years)
19/Records of Fatal Accident Inquiries, 1914-1961
20/Special registers (Workmens Compensation Acts) 1898-1922
31/Register of Inventories, 1832-1967
32/Minute Books of Inventories, 1853-1976
33/Indexes to Register of Inventories, confirmations and wills, (Forfar prior to 1832) 1832-1972
34/Register of Wills, 1901-1981
35/Register of Confirmations, 1832-1984
36A/Commissary Court Minute Books, 1837-1966
37/Record of Criminal Trials with Jury, 1832-1955
38/Criminal and Quasi Criminal Roll Books, 1905-1970
39/Criminal Libels/Indictments, 1845-1969
40/Juvenile Courts, 1946-1969
42/Register of Protests, 1837-1910 (with some gaps)
45/Register of Hornings, 1872-1940
47/Jury Lists, 1939-1849, 1885-1904

Index to Records of Forfar Sheriff Court (SC47)

9/Register of Sequestrations, 1839-1951
14/Register of Curatorial Inventories, 1827-1910
20/Fatal Accident Enquiries, 1954-1966
23/Adoption Processes, 1930-1966, closed for 100 years
40/Register of Inventories, 1824-1967
42/Indexes to Register of Inventories, 1824-1958
43/Register of Wills, 1902-1981, indexed. For records prior to 1902, see SC47/40
44/Register of Confirmations, 1824-1981, indexed
45/Indexes to Register of Confirmation, 1831-1958
47/Commissary Note Books, 1824-1898
48/Record of Extracts of Decreets, 1847-1856
50/Record of Criminal Trials, 1829-1897 (partially indexed)
51/Criminal and Quasi Criminal Roll Books, 1905-1966
53/Criminal Processes, 1854-1966 (1856,1917,1921,1937,1951-1955 wanting)
54/Juvenile Court Register, 1934-1963
56/Register of Deeds and Processes etc (First Series) 1623-1809 (with some incomplete)
57/Register of Deeds (Second Series), 1809-1963
58/Minute Books of Deeds, 1724-1963
59/Deeds, c1620-c1699, 1700-1966
60/Register of Protests, 1809-1916
72/1Militia List, 1799
72/2Militia List, 1801
72/3Militia List, 1801
72/4Militia List, 1804
72/5Militia List, 1816-1819
72/6Militia List, 1819-1823
72/7Militia List, Dundee, no date
72/8Officers Commission's, 1803-1810
72/9Oaths of Militiamen, 1812
72/10Records of Certificates as to Dependants Allowance, 1809-1810
72/11Records of Certificates as to Dependants Allowance, 1809-1811
72/12Records of Certificates as to Dependants Allowance, 1811-1813
72/13Records of Certificates as to Dependants Allowance, 1815
75/Account Book of the Barony of Dod, 1704-1713
76/Corn Law Returns, 1782-1818
77/Fiars Court Records, 1780-1957
78/Register of Game Certificates, 1798-1806