Covenanter Memorials, Fenwick, Ayrshire


Some Covenanter Memorial Inscriptions from the Fenwick churchyard:

Here lies the body of James White who was shot to death at Little Blackwood / by Peter Ingles and his party 1685 (stone renewed by subscription 1822)

This martyr was by Peter Ingles shot.
By birth a Tyger rather than a Scot
Who that his monstrous Extract might be seen
Cut off his head and kick't it o'er the Green
Thus was that head which was to wear a crown
A football made by a profane dragoun.

Here lies the dust of John Ferguson and George Woodburn who were shot at Midland by Nisbet and his party 1685 (stone renewed by subscription 1829).

When bloody prelates once this nation pest
Contrived that cursed self contradicting test
These men for Christ did suffer Martyrdom
and here their dust lies waiting till he come.

Here lies the corps of Peter Gemmell who was shot to death by Nisbet / and his party 1685 for bearing his faithful testimony to the cause of Christ aged 21 years.

This man like holy Auchorits of old
For conscience sake was thrust from house and hold
Blood thirsty redcoats cut his prayers short
And ev'n his dying groans were made their sport
Ah Scotland breach of solemn vows repent
Or blood they crime will be thy punishment.


"The Scottish Covenanters" by Rev James Barr, published 1947, by John Smith & Son, Glasgow.