Pigot 1837


Kilmarnock with the villages of Riccarton and Kilmaurs
Ayrshire Directory, 1837
Pigot & Co


KILMARNOCK is a large and important manufacturing town, in the parish of its name, and in the District of Cunningham; 65½ miles sw of Edinburgh through Glasgow, from the latter city 21½ ssw, 12 n from Ayr, and between 6 and 7 e from Irvine; situate on level ground, near the confluence of the Kilmarnock water with the Irvine.

Two centuries ago, this now thriving and populous town was a mere hamlet, dependent upon the baronial castle in its neighbourhood. The advantages of the place, as a site for manufactures, were the presence of coal, healthiness of situation, a populous country around, and abundance of provisions: for many years and generations, however, it seems to have been distinguished only for the production of broad flat bonnets, so long the characteristic wear of the Scottish lowland peasantry, as also the striped cowls which yet bear the name of the town.

As this business increased, the population augmented; and in the year 1731 the number had swelled so much, that the parish was found inadequate for its accommodation, and a new one was erected.

Subsequently, and for a considerable period, the staple manufacture was that of carpets, and in this branch it yet stands pre-eminent: in 1832 the ascertained product of this article amounted to £150,000; it is made of every possible kind and texture, from the plainest to the richest colour and fabric; a few years since the Brussels carpet was successfully imitated; and lately a variety, termed the "three-plie", of extreme beauty and durability, has been introduced. An extensive trade is carried on in the manufacture of shoes for exportation - likewise that of leather, for the tanning and dressing of which there are several highly respectable and large establishments. There are four very extensive nursery-grounds, two breweries, and the like number of rope-walks; iron-founding and machine making are important branches, and there are numerous well-furnished and handsome shops, in the various occupations usually found in large and populous towns.

One particular description of productive industry and skill seems, however, of late years, to have outstripped all those before mentioned - namely, the making and printing of shawls: for, in the year 1832, the amazing number of 1,128,814 of this denomination of garment issued from the manufactories of this place, amounting in value to upwards of £200,000; and the demand since that year has greatly increased.

The trade and commerce of Kilmarnock are assisted by branches of the "Ayr Bank", of the "Ayrshire Banking Company" and the "Commercial Bank of Scotland".

About half a mile north-west of the town is an extensive coal-field, from which fuel is obtained for the works of Kilmarnock, beside large supplies transmitted continually by railway to Troon, where they are shipped for various places. There are five incorporated trades, namely, the bonnet-makers, skinners, tailors, shoe-makers and weavers; the first named is the most ancient - it was incorporated in 1646.

The aspect of the town is agreeable, especially in its central part, where the streets are regularly laid out, and the greater portion of the houses are of freestone; it has of late considerably extended to the south and east, and in these directions has now many elegant edifices. The improvements of Kilmarnock are under trustees, nominated by act of parliament in 1802; these are the provost and magistrates for the time being, his Grace the Duke of Portland, and several gentlemen also interested in improving the town; this trust is expected soon to be wound up. The town-house, built in 1805, contains a court-room for the magistracy, and public offices, besides a prison for criminals. In 1814 a superb and commodious news-room was erected in the centre of the town, serving the double purpose of a reading-room and a place of general resort. The gas-works were constructed in 1823, at an expense of from £5,000 to £6,000, defrayed by means of shares of £10 each, which, to the credit of the inhabitants, were taken up in the course of a few weeks; the works are under the management of twelve gentlemen, and a sub-committee of four.

Kilmarnock possesses an excellent academy, in which various branches of education are taught by able masters; there are, besides, several private seminaries of a high character, and many schools that impart instruction to children of the poorer classes. The institutions likewise comprise some well-conducted societies, amongst which are the procurators' and the merchants', a philosophical institution, an excellent subscription library, with numerous benefit clubs and associations. A very fine observatory, with valuable machinery and telescopes of a superior description, has been constructed by the inventive genius of Mr Thomas Morton, of this town, a self-instructed mechanist, who also originated many important improvements in the process of carpet-weaving.

The civil government is vested in the Provost, four bailies and eleven councillors; the magistrates preside in their civil and criminal courts by turns, and the justices sit once a fortnight in what is called the small debts court. The town joins with Dumbarton, Port Glasgow, Renfrew, and Rutherglen, in returning one member to parliament.

Kilmarnock consists of two parishes - the High and the Low - each containing an established church. In the latter parish there has been lately erected, in addition, a large and handsome edifice, connected with the establishment, possessing accommodation for 1,700 persons; the style of architecture is that which prevailed in England during the latter part of the fourteenth century; it is ornamented with an admirable Gothic tower, and cost £5,000; Messrs Howie and Brown, of this town, were the builders. Near to the church, in King-street, is a very neatly-designed relief church, of recent erection, with an elegant spire; there are likewise two burgher chapels, one Cameronian, and one independent, with several other places of worship for different sects.

The most remarkable object in this vicinity is the ruin of Dean castle - an ancient, extensive, and well defended mansion, formerly the property of the Earls of Kilmarnock; it stands in a "dean", or hollow, less than a mile north from the town; it was burnt down in 1735, from the carelessness of a servant girl, who in preparing some lint for spinning heedlessly let it catch fire. Kilmarnock house, another edifice once belonging to, and the last residence of, that noble family, is also in the parish: from this house proceeded the last unfortunate earl, in 1745, to join the standard of rebellion, which cost him his head. The Duchess of Portland and the Marchioness of Hastings (Countess of Loudon) are the principal proprietors of this conjoined parish.

The markets, which are held on Tuesday and Friday, are abundantly supplied with every necessary article of domestic consumption; a market for grain has also been established of late years, and promises to become of considerable utility. The fairs are held in February ("Fastens-even"), first Tuesday in May, third Wednesday in July (commonly called "the gooseberry fair"), and the third Wednesday in October - the last three are old style.


The parish of RICCARTON is in the district of Kyle, lying on the left or south bank of the Irvine river, which separates it from Kilmarnock. The village stands on an eminence, a mile to the south of that town, on the right bank, but almost connected with Kilmarnock by a long street. The parish extends about six miles in length, by between two and three in breadth.

The village is remarkable for having been the residence of the venerable Sir Ronald Crawford, the maternal uncle of Wallace, with whom, it is said, the hero sometimes sojourned; and it was to Riccarton that he generally retired after performing any of his daring exploits, before he openly unfurled his country's banner. On revenging the treacherous murder of his uncle and other chieftains, by burning the barns of Ayr, he took his way by night to this village, accompanied by a few followers; when he reached a certain eminence, about six miles from Ayr, he turned round, and, seeing the flames still ascending, exclaimed with stern exultation, "the barns burn well!" From this laconic expression (tradition adds) the spot obtained the name of "Burn-well", which it still retains.

The church at Riccarton is a modern structure, having been erected in 1823; it has a fine steeple, and from its elevated position has an ornamental effect upon the country all around. A new bridge across the Irvine is now in progress, which will materially improve the approach from Ayr road to Kilmarnock. A considerable quantity of coal is raised in this parish; the Duke of Portland is the principal landed proprietor.


Kilmaurs, a small town, a burgh of Barony, and capital of the parish of its name, in the district of Cunningham, two miles from Kilmarnock, is situate on the right bank of a rivulet, called Kilmaur's water, or "Carmel water", it was erected into a burgh of barony by James V, at the insistence of Cuthbert, Earl of Glencairn, and his son, Lord Kilmaurs. The government of the town invested in two bailies (chosen annually by the portioners), before whom debts may be recovered.

Kilmaurs is composed principally of one street, in the middle of which is a small town house with a steeple and clock. Formerly this place was somewhat noted for the manufacture of clasp knives, or "whittles" - the sharpness of the edge of which instruments gave rise in Ayrshire to a jocular expression of comparison. A man of acute understanding, and quickness of action, is said to be "as sharp as a Kilmaurs whittle". The most prominent trades now are those of shoemaking and weaving, for the Glasgow and Paisley markets.

Coals are mined in the parish, the surface of which consists of large level fields, interspersed with gentle declivities and elevations; the summits of the latter are well wooded, and the whole district has a pleasing appearance. There is an old pile of building near to the church, seemingly of very ancient origin; but with respect to its founder, or the date or object of its erection, even tradition itself is silent. In the cemetery of the Glencairn family, adjacent to the church, is a piece of beautiful sculpture, a specimen of the taste and execution of former times, erected as a monument to the memory of the chancellor, William, the ninth earl.

The market, which was for many years held on the Friday, has fallen into disuse; but fairs are held on the 11th of June, 11th of November, and the first Wednesday in August - all old style.

Post Offices

Kilmarnock, King street, William Rankin, Post master. Letters from London arrive every afternoon at half past four, and are despatched every night at half past eleven - Letters from Edinburgh and Glasgow arrive every morning at five and evening at half past seven, and are despatched every evening at seven and night at half past eleven - the Irish mail, with letters for Ayr, Maybole, Girvan, Ballantrae, and Stranraer, are despatched every evening at half past seven, and arrive every night at half past eleven - Letters from Ayr arrive every evening at seven, and are despatched every morning at five - Letters from Irvine, Saltcoats and Troon arrive every evening at half past six, and are despatched every morning at five - Letters from Cumnock and Mauchline arrive every afternoon at half past four, and are despatched every morning at five - Letters from Stewarton arrive every evening at half past six, and are despatched every morning at five.

Kilmaurs, James Dickie, Post master - Letters from Kilmarnock arrive every morning at six, and are despatched every evening at half-past five.

Aitken, Mrs., Kilmaurs RoadAllan, Mr James, Braehead
Andrew, John, esq., of GillsturnBrown, Rev. Adam, Mill lane
Campbell, George James, esq., TreesbankCampbell, Rev. Peter, Wellington st
Carswell, Mrs Fanny, WallacebankClark, Lieut. Col. H., Shaw hill
Clark, the Misses, Elm bankCrawford, Colonel, of New field
Crawford, William H. esq., of Crawsford Land castleCunningham, Chas., esq, of Thornton
Cunningham, Gilbert, esq., of Carmel bankCunningham, John Smith, esq., of Caprington castle
Dunlop, James, esq., Annan hillDykes, Mrs Jane, Braehead
Fairlie, James, esq., HolmsFairlie, Mrs of William field
Finnie, William, esq., Titchfield stGilchrist, John, esq., of Plan
Greenshields, Miss Isabel, Spring bankGreenshields, Thomas, esq., Bellevue
Guthrie, Alexander, esq., of MountGuthrie, John, esq., Holms
Hamilton, Rev. Andrew, Bank stHamilton, Wm., esq., Braehead house
Kelso, Colonel, of DankeithKirk, Miss Elizabeth, Braehead
Lawson, Rev. George, Wellington stMcDougall, Rev. William, 99 King st
Mackinlay, Rev. Dr. James, ManseMitchell, Moncrieff, esq., Tower hill
Moody, Rev. John, Riccarton manseMorris, Mrs Colonel, Wellington st
Morris, Miss of CraigParker, John, esq., Asloss
Parker, the Misses, 100 King stPaterson, Martin, esq., Belfield
Pedden, Mrs Ann, BraeheadPorteous, Mrs Margaret, Braehead
Rankin, William, esq., Fairlie houseRobertson, Rev. David, Kilmaurs
Roxburg, Rev. Jno, Kilmaurs manseSmith, Lieut. James, Kilmaurs house
Smith, Mr Robert, Mill laneSmith, William, esq., Hillhouse cottage
Spiers, Mrs Janet, 48 Titchfield stStevenson, Rev. Jas. Brougham place
Strong, Rev. David, Kilmaurs roadThomson, Rev. Peter, 108 King st
Wallace, Mrs Ferrier, of Cairn hillWard, Rev. John, Mill lane
Wilson, Rev. David, Clerk laneWoodburn, Mrs, Ward end
Academy, Green street:- Writing, Arithmetic, & Bookkeeping - William Henderson - English Grammer - Andrew Weir - Latin, Greek & English Composition - Alexander Harkness - Mathematics - Francis Nelson
Black, Archobald, KilmaursCameron, John, Kilmaurs
Campbell Sisters, Portland stCraig, James, 107 King st
Cuthbertson, John, East George stKemp, Samuel, Queen st
McClelland, Alexander, Clark stOsborne, William, Clark st
Parochial Kilmaurs - Thos. Hamilton, masterSmith, Mary, (ladies boarding), Kilmarnock house
AGENTS - MISCELLANEOUS(see also Fire, &c, Office agents)
Guthrie, Alexander (coal), MountMcCrossan, John (weaving utensils), 51 Portland st
Newbigging, John (coal), Clark stStevenson, Humphrey (worsted yarn), Queen street
Wilson, James (law), 23 King st 
Brown, Francis, KilmaursBunten, John, 44 Titchfield st
Gibson, William, 55 Titchfield stOliphant, William, Kilmaurs
Oliver, Andrew, Market laneRichmond, Robert, Kilmaurs
Shearer, Robert, Titchfield stSmith, James, 52 High st
Wallace, Matthew, 37 Titchfield stWallace, William, 67 Robertson pl
Wilson, Wm. & Son, 63 Robertson pl 
Brown, John, 93 King stWilson, James, 23 King st
Alexander, David, 43 King stAlexander, John, 61 King st
Arbuckle, John, Titchfield stDinning, Andrew (& spirit dealer), 51 King st
Higgins, James, 90 King stKennedy, John, 42 High Glencairn
Law, John, 6 Waterloo stLogan, John, Kilmaurs
MacFee, John, 8 Fore stMcIntyre, David, Fore st
Miller, William, 5 CheapsideOsborne, George, 4 Bank st
Rankin,Robert, 25 Regent stSmith, David, Market lane
Thomson, Joseph, 22 King stTowers, William, 15 Portland st
Young, Alexander, 70 Portland stYoung, Robert, Portland st
Young, William, 71 King st 
Ayr Bank (branch of) Hunters' & Co. Bank st - (draw on Sir Wm. Forbes & Co., Edinburgh and Herries, Farquhar & Co. London) - Charles D Gardner, agentAyrshire Banking Company (Branch of) Portland st - (draw on Royal Bank, Edinburgh, and Williams, Deacon & Co. London), - James Urie, agent
Commercial Bank of Scotland (Branch of) 50 King st - (draws on the Commercial Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh, and Jones, Loyd, and Co. London) - Alexander John Bruce, agentSavings Bank, Bank st - (open on Monday from nine to ten) - Thomas Greenshields, president; Wm. Bunten, treasurer; James Anderson, secretary
King, Alexander, KilmaursLaw, Andrew, Regent st
London, John, KilmaursMcCrath, John, Croft st
McIlwraith, James (farrier), Mill laneMcIlwraith, James Jnr (and farrier), George st
Murphy, Peter, Croft stPaton, William, Strand st
Williamson, John, Riccarton 
Andrews, James, TownholmCraig, David, Townholm
Armour, John, High stBoyd, James, Menford lane
Boyd, William, Fulton's laneGremmell, James, Kilmaurs road
Laughland, John, 43 High stMcLean, David, Nelson st
Raeburn, John & Son, High stWeir, John, 31 Boyd st
Crawford, Hugh & Son, 2 King stDavie, John, 33 Bank st
Mathie, James, 1 King stNelson, Robert, 18 King st
BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS (Marked thus * are Wholesale)
Aitken, Hugh, 20 CheapsideArbuckle, Robert, Clark st
Beckett, John, New st* Clark, Thos & James, 25 Portland st
Crom, David, 106 King stCuthbertson, George, Kilmaurs
Fulton, George, 25 Titchfield stGait, James, Croft st
Gait, James, Strand stGilmer, Robert, George st
Hunter, William, 73 King stKerr, Thomas, 26 Bank st
* Kirkhop, George, 89 King stLewis, Robert, 2 Bank st
Logan, William, Fore st* Loudon, George, Cross
Loudon, George, Strand stLymburn, John, 30 Portland st
* McFederis, David & Thos, Mill laneMcLintock, John, 201 Portland st
McMaster, William, Nelson stMcMichael, James, Low Glencairn st
Marshall, John, 118 King stMontgomerie, Archibald, Kilmaurs
Montgomerie, James, KilmaursMontgomerie, William, Kilmaurs
Nicol, Edward, Mill laneSmith, John, Kilmaurs
* Smith, Robert, 19 & 48 Portland stSpiers, James, Fore st
Steel, John, KilmaursStevenson, John, Morton place
* Stevenson, Thos, 22 Titchfield st* Strang, Allan, 13 Portland st
* Strang, Matthew, Portland stWallace, John, 56 Portland st
Wallace, Robert, Croft stWeir, James, 14 Waterton st
Wilkinson, Merrion, 24 Bank stWood, Francis, 36 King st
Wyly, Moses, Fore st 
Bicket, John (& brass founder and coppersmith), 53 King stBoyd, Thomas & John, 1 Waterloo st
Lawson, John (& coppersmith) 33 & 37 Portland stReid, John, 11 Waterloo st
Paxton, George, Richard landThomson, John, Grange st
Howie & Brown, Bridge laneJohnstone, Robert ( and architect), Langland st
CABINET MAKERS (Marked thus * are also upholsterers)
Alexander, John, 8 Waterloo stDickie, David, 91 King st
Hood, James & John, 100 Portland stHunter, John, Portland st
Love, John, Robertson place* Riley, James & Co, 32 King st
* Smith, Robert, Portland st* Wilson, James, 39 Portland st
Aitken, Andrew, Glencairn squareGemmell, James & Sons, Back st
Goudie, George, RiccartonGulliland, Wm., 52 Titchfield st
Hutchison, Hugh, George stJohnston, William, Langland st
Johnstone, Robert, Langland stMillar, Robert, Kilmaurs
Paterson, Andrew, Titchfield stWyllie, William, Bank st
Brown, William and Sons, Grange stCuthbertson, Sawers, Taylor, and Company, Bank st
Gregory, Thomsons & Co, Green stTaeburn, John Jnr, High st
Wilson, Hugh, Grange stWyllie, William, Welbeck st
Boyd, Duncan, RiccartonBrown, Matthew, High st
Brown, William, Croft stMcMillan, George, Kilmaurs
Morton, William, Croft stMurray, Thomas, Nelson st
Hay, Charles, David's lane, Green stKeenan, Ann, Fore st
Reid, Peter, Fore stWeir, Ann, Fore st
Becket, Hugh, 28 King stGilmour, John, 64 Portland st
Karnagham, John, Regent st, CrossMacdougall, David, 58 King st
Murray, John, 33 Nelson stRoxburgh, Hugh, 4 Waterloo st
Armour & Co, Portland stClark, Jane, Regent st
Hopkin, James, Back laneMcCrae, William Ronald, Low Glencairn st
Sandilands, William, 10 Bank st 
Bishop, Robert, Town headCampbell, John, Church lane, Soulis st
Clark, James, Menford laneCrooks, Robert, Lade side
Nisbet, Thomas, 23 Regent st 
Mill, James & John, Old Rome 
Rankin, William, 7 King stSmith, James, 16 Cheapside
Smith, James Taylor, 41 King stWalker & Young, 62 King st
Reyburn, Robert, Titchfield st 
Alexander, William, Titchfield stHouston, William, 27 Soulis st
Hutchison, Hugh, Green stJameison, William, 25 High st
Morton, Thomas (and manufacturer of reflecting telescopes), Morton placeStevenson, Humphrey, East George st
Bicket, John, 53 King stDuncan, William & Daniel (& copperplate printers), 44 Portland st
British Commercial, James Murdock, 29 Portland stCaledonian, Thomas Borland, 83 King st
Edinburgh Life Assurance Co, Thos Dykes, 54 Portland stHercules, Wm. Anderson, Dunlop st
London Union, Thos Dykes, 54 Portland stManchester Assurance Co, John Sturrock, 47 Portland st
North British, Douglas & Hamilton, Town hallNorwich Union, David Ramsay Andrews, Portland st
Sun, John Torrance, 44 Portland stWest of Scotland, David & Chas Rankin, King st
Alexander, John, Glencairn stArbuckle, James & Co, Flesh markets
Cunningham, Alex., Titchfield stCuthbertson, John, Kilmaurs
Dick, John & William, 31 King stHillhouse, James, Flesh market
Hillhouse, William, Regent st, CrossHillhouse, Wm & Co, Flesh market
Neairn, William, High GlencairnPaterson, James, 34 Fore st
Robertson, William, Glencairn st 
Bicket, John, Queen st 
Davies, James, 6 Portland st, and 63 King stMcAllister, Rosina, 7 Portland st
Moore, Archibald, 4 King stPennington, Samuel, Green st
GROCERS & SPIRIT DEALERS (marked thus * are also wine merchants)
* Aitken & Paton, 24 King stAnderson, John, Kilmaurs
Bowie, John, 21 Cheapside* Brown & Howie, 83 & 85 King st
Brown, David, KilmaursCampbell, Thomas, 87 King st
Dickie, James, KilmaursDinning, James, Kilmaurs
Findlay, William, 29 King st* Forrest, William, 2 Portland st
Gilchrist, Daniel, 10 Nelson stGlass, James, 17 Glencairn st
Harper, Andrew, 12 Bank stHowie, John, Strand st
Lamberton, John, KilmaursLambroughton, John, Kilmaurs
* McLean, James, 11 Portland stMair, Alexander (grocer & meal dealer), 43 Titchfield st
Morton, John, Grange stMuir, John, 12 West Shaw st
Neill, Matthew jnr, Glencairn square* Orr, John, 20 King st
Paton, Hugh, 5 Regent st, CrossPaton, Robert, Cross
* Rankin, Wm. & Son, 30 King stReid, David, 69 King st
* Reid,Hugh & Co, 14 CheapsideRobertson, William, 62 Portland st
Stevenson, Alexander, 47 King st* Stevenson, John, 3 Portland st
Stewart, John, Bank stTaylor, James, Portland st
Taylor, Peter (grocery & meal), 1 Bank stThomson, Mary (grocery and meal), 17 Titchfield st
Walker, John, 25 King stWalker, Thomas, Dunlop st
* Wallace, Wm. & Co, 55 Portland st 
Andrews, Wm. (& perinmer), 84 King stHill, George, 72 King st
McGregor, John, Croft stReid, James, 4 Fore st
Smith, William, Croft st 
Eaton, William, 38 Fore stGibson, Alex & Co, 39 Portland st
Thomson, John & William (& manufacturers), 5 King stWaugh, Wm. (& manufacturer), 37 King st
Anderson, James, 110 King stBorland, John, Titchfield st
Brown, John, 26 King stKenmuir, Andrew, 39 King st
Ranken, Janet, 57 King stRobertson, Robert (manufacturer) 73 King st
Osbourne, Geo. Moore, 69 Titchfield stWilson, Alexander, Titchfield st
Black Bull (commercial), Alexander Murdock, 16 Portland stGeorge (commercial), Robert Gardner, Portland st
Turf (commercial), Agnes Dinning, Cheapside 
Finnie and Guthrie, Kilmarnock Foundry, TownholmRogers and Blair, Low Glencairn
Finnie, Alexander, 6 Regent st, CrossFinnie, Archibald, Market lane
Stewart, Thomas and Sons (and hinge and lock manufacturers), 15 Regent st, CrossMiller and Donald (and wholesale manufacturers of reaping hooks), 8 Portland st
McCaa, Hugh, 12 King st 
Crawford, Hugh & Son (circulating), 2 King stMathie, James (circulating), 1 King st
Subscription, 18 Cheapside - James Rankin, librarian 
Aitken, Andrew, 27 Portland stChrystal, James, 46 Portland st
Craig, Hugh, 29 King stFerguson, John, 70 King st
Fulton, John and Son, 13 King stGregory & Stevenson, 48 King st
Gregory, Thomas & Co, 12 Portland stHalbert, George, 20 Portland st
Hamilton, John, 10 King stSharp, James, 39 Portland st
Smith, James, 9 King stSmith, John, 28 Portland st
Stewart, John & Andrew, 23 King stTaylor, William, 57 Portland st
Watt, John, Cheapside 
Blair, Bryce, Sandbed st Morton, Thomas (inventor of the 3-pile Brussels and other carpet machines, & of the ten patterns), Morton placeStevenson, Humphrey, East George
Paxton, George, Richard landThomson, John, Grange st
Browning, James, 79 King stWilson, James, 23 King st
Brown, Margaret, 14 Bank stBrown, Mary and Margaret, 79 King st
Cady, Mrs., 83 King stDuncan, Ann, 86 Portland st
Galbraith, Elizabeth, Queen stGibson, Catherine, Langland st
Laurie, Jane, 39 Boyd stMcLelland,Jane, Langland st
Morton, Mary & Sister, 23 Portland stMuir, Martha, Queen st
Murray, Eliza, 22 King stSmith, Margaret, 8 Waterloo st
Tassie& Hardie, Green stTaylor, Elizabeth, 79 King st
Young, Isabella, 2Waterloo st 
Blair, Bryce, Sandbed stLauder, Hugh, Menford lane
Richmond, John, Titchfield st 
Bell, John, KilmaursCuthbertson, William, Langland st
Finnie, Alexander, 6 Regent st, CrossFinnie, Archibald, Market lane
McCaa, Hugh, 12 King stMiller & Donald, 8 Portland st
Stewart, Thomas & Sons, 15 Regent st, Cross 
NURSERY AND SEEDSMEN AND FLORISTS (See also Seedsmen - Wholesale)
Christie, James & Co, Regent st, CrossDykes, John, 14 King st
Fowlds, & Lymburn, Flower Bank Nursery, and 36 Portland stSamson, William & Co, 3 Cheapside
Fleming, William, 44 King stReid, John, 22 Cheapside
Reid, William Pattison (and spirit dealer), 34 Portland stRobertson, James, Clerk lane
Finnie, Alexander, 6 Regent cross 
Miller, Alexander & Co, 29 King st 
Borland, John, 97 King stPaxton, John, 101 King st
Reed, James, BraeheadWalker, Robert, 64 King st
Dunsmore & Patton, Langland stMcClure, John, Clark st
Bicket & Reid, (& lead merchants), Queen stBrown, Charles, 20 Waterloo st
Lawson, John, (& lead merchant), 33 & 37 Portland stReid, Thomas, Wellington st
Crawford, Hugh & Son, CrossMathie, Jas. (& lithographer), 1 King st
Nelson, Robert, 18 King st 
Boyd, Adam (music), 79 King stMacready, Angelo (languages), 1 Cheapside
Macready, Wm. (drawing), 1 CheapsideTunnock, William (portrait painter), 2 Grange st
Campbell, William, West Langland stThomson, Thomas, George st
McChesney, William, 42 King stMutter, George, 31 Portland st
Stevenson, James, 3 King st 
Fowlds, Alexander & Co, 17 King stSamson, William & Co, 3 Cheapside
SHAWL & PLAID MANUFACTERS (Marked thus * are also printers)
* Anderson, McGregor & Company, Mensford lane* Andrew, John, Wellington st
Bicket & Young, 104 King stBicket, James, Wellington st
* Dick & Kerr, Ladeside* Geddes, William, Welbeck st
Laughland, Jas. sen, 6 West Shaw stLogan, James, Titchfield st
* Neil, Thomas, East Shaw st* Templeton, Robt, Burnside printfid
* Wardrop & Hall, Low Glencairn* Young, Glassford and Co, East Shaw st
Adam, Elizabeth, 40 Hgh Glencairn stAird, Andrew, 41 Titchfield st
Aitken, Agnes, Fore stAuld, William, 60 Titchfield st
Borland, Thomas, Low Glencairn stBowman, Robert, High Glencairn st
Bruce, Alexander, 19 Back stBuchanan, John, Welbeck st
Burnet, William, Fore stCameron, John, Fore st
Clark, John, Langland stCunningham, John, Riccarton
Findlay, Alexander, 40 King stFisher, Robert & Co, Riccarton
Fulton, Hugh, 4 Boyd stGibson, Walter, Langland st
Henderson, John, Dean laneLymburn, James, 76 King st
McAloine, George, Robertson placeMcCloy, John, 23 Regent st
McCrone, Alexander, Robertson placeMcIndoe, Robinson, Wellington st
McLaren, Sarah, 120 King stMcLelland, William, Langland st
McPhail, Daniel, 1 Soulis stManson, William, Titchfield st
Miller, James, High Glencairn stMiller, James, 65 Fore st
Mitchell, Janet, Glencairn squareMorton, George, 32 Fore st
Muir, James, 63 Fore stNeill, John, 10 High Glencairn st
Nisbet, John, RiccartonPride, Margaret, Strand st
Quigley, Sarah, 65 Fore stRichmond, John, 9 Low Glencairn st
Rodman, Wm., 24 Low Glencairn stRoome, George, 11 High st
Steadman, James, 38 High stStewart, Agnes, Clark st
Stewart, Wm., 22 Low Glencairn stYoung, Andrew, 18 Back st
McColl, Solomon, West Shaw stRobertson, Widow, Burnside
Crooks, Adam (& fellmngr) 7 Soulis stCrooks, James, Ladeside
Crooks, Robert, LadesideDalziel, James, High st
Goudie, James, SandbedGrayham, David, 18 Soulis st
Mair, Jane, 25 Soulis stOrr, Peter, Townholm
Parton, John, OldfastPorteous, Alexander, 27 High st
Porteous, John, Townholm 
Brown, James, Langland stMcReath, James, Mill lane
Barkley, John, Soulis stBoyd, Robert, Kilmaurs
Howie & Brown, Bridge st, King stRamsey, William James and David, Kilmaurs road
Tait, James & Co. Kilmaurs roadWallace, John, Dunlop st
Wilson, John, Kilmaurs road 
Brown, Robert, KilmaursBrown, Robert, Brougham place
Craig, Matthew, Dean quarryLangmuir, Gabriel, Kilmaurs
Raeburn, Robert, Kilmaurs 
Adam, Isabella, 18 Waterloo stAitken, Margaret, 20 Cheapside
Black, Sarah, East George stBlair, Janet, 50 Portland st
Lamey, Rosina, George stWallace, Elizabeth, 114 King st
Watson, Agnes, Queen stYoung, Isabella & Sister, 30 King st
Aitken, James, 42 Portland stCrooks, John, 23 Bank st
Guthrie, James, 67 King stHood, Alexander, 19 King st
Kalley, Robert Reid, 80 Portland stLaurie, John, Portland st
Miller, John, 77 King stPaxton, John, 101 King st
Sloan, John, KilmaursSmith, Hugh, Bank st
Stevens, James, 6 King stThomson, James, 82 King st
Walker, Robert, 64 King stWhitelaw, Alexander, Mill lane
Young, Robert, 58 Portland st 
TAILORS (Marked thus * are clothiers)
* Adam, Andrew, 10 Portland stAllan, William, Cheapside
Brown, Alexander, 30 High Glencairn stBrown, Hugh, Kilmaurs
Dunlop, Alexander, 9 Portland stGibb, Robert, Croft st
Granger, John, 63 King stHarper, James, 2 Regent st, Cross
Hunter, John, 73 King stIrvine, Andrew, West Shaw st
Kelly, John, Riccarton* Lymburn & Hamilton, 19 Portland st
McCubben, Thomas, CheapsideMcGammon, John, Strand st
McGill, Robert, Titchfield stMcKay, Adam, Market lane
McLaughland, Alexander, Robertson plMacready, Matthew, 1 Cheapside
* McWinnie, John & Son, 35 King stManson, John, Titchfield st
Mitchell, Ebenezer, 84 Portland stParker, John, 60 Portland
Paterson, James, 10 Portland stSaddler, Robert, 70 King st
Shannon, Edward, Regent stStewart, James, Kilmaurs
* Stewart, John & Andrew, 23 King stTempleton, Robert, Kilmaurs
Crooks, James, 22 Portland stTomlinson, Jas., 2 Cheapside & Back la
Aitken, James, Town headBishop, Robert, Town head
Colvil, John (and leather dresser), Titchfield stCrooks, James, Lade side
Cumming, William & Sons (and tawers), 9 Soulis stOrr, Peter, Townholm
Porteous, John, Townholm 
Brown, James & Son, 4 Portland stGrieve, Robert & Son, 24 Portland st
Johnson, John, 7 CheapsideWeir, James, 18 Portland st
McKerrow, William, 63 King stRobertson, Thomas, Regent st
Russell, Alexander, Portland st 
UPHOLSTERS (See also Cabinet Makers)
Muir, William, 47 Portland st 
Brown, Hugh, 52 Portland stGray, John, 3 Waterloo st
Kenneth, Andrew, 68 King stMiller, Thomas, 68 Portland st
Mitchell, James, 78 King stRamsay, John, 66 Robertson place
Smith, George, 64 Titchfield stStevenson, Thomas, 45 Portland st
Symington, Thomas, 6 Fore stTempleton, John, 8 Cheapside
Weir, John, Portland stWilson, William, 20 Bank st
Aird, Charles, 30 Boyd stAllen, Andrew, (Buck's Head), 11 Regent st
Anderson, Thomas, 82 Portland stArnot, John, Grange st
Auld, John, Strand stBaird, Janet, Dean st
Barr, Hugh, 6 George stBlair, William, 7 Waterloo st
Boyd, Robert, KilmaursBrown, Hugh, Kilmaurs
Brown, Thomas, 55 King stCalderwood, William, 9 Regent st
Campbell, George, RiccartonCampbell, John, Portland st
Cooper, Peter, (Sun), 29 King stCuthbertson, John, Kilmaurs
Dalgleish, James (and horse hirer), 19 CheapsideFerguson, John, 34 Langland st
Findlay, George, 47 Grange stGalt, Janet, (Commercial Inn), Croft st
Gardner, John, Market laneHamilton, Hugh, Regent st
Harvie, Thomas, KilmaursHiddly, Thomas, Riccarton
Howat, Hugh, RiccartonInglis, George, Green st
Johnston, Mary, (Burn's Tavern), Low Glencairn stKennedy, William, 95 King st
Kerr, Margaret, KilmaursKirkland, John, Grange st
Kiteley, John, 114 King stKiteley, Samuel, Fore st
Latta, James, East Shaw stLennard, Peter, Fore st
Loudon, John, KilmaursMcCulley, John, Fore st
McCulley, William, Low GlencairnMcGill, William, 27 Fore st
McGoven, James, 10 Regent stMcGregor, John, 20 High st
McMichael, Duncan, Strand stMathieson, Edward, Welbeck st
Mitchell, John, (Angel), Market laneMontgomerie, James, Kilmaurs
Moore, David, RiccartonMorton, John, Riccarton
Muir, Mary, RiccartonOliver, Andrew, Market lane
Parker, Ninian, Waterloo stParker, Robert, New Bridge
Paton, Jane, 10 George stPaton, John, 101 King st
Pinkerton, John, Back stRichardson, John, 16 Bank st
Richmond, Robert, KilmaursRobb, Jas., (Wheat Sheaf), Croft st
Roxburgh, William, 2 Soulis stSeward, Thomas, Clerk lane
Shank, Robert, Grange stSheden, Lewis, Riccarton
Smith, David, 8 Waterloo stSmith, James, 35 High st
Smith, John, KilmaursSmith, Moses, Sandbed
Steele, John, (Sun), Green stSteele, William, Kilmaurs
Stevens, Hugh, Market laneStevenson, John, Market lane
Stewart, Thomas, 16 Waterloo stSymington, Isabella, 1 Regent st
Thomson, David, Glencairn squareThomson, Hugh, Kilmaurs
Weir, Thomas, Croft stWilson, John, 12 Waterloo st
Worland, Robert, 24 Fore stYoung, Jas., (Star), 2 Regent st, Cross
Alexander, Dav. Crichton, 8 King stBreckenridge, Alexander, Market la
Kennedy, Thomas (and jeweller and gun maker), 1 Portland stThomson, George (and jeweller and silversmith), 14 Portland st
Law, David, 1 Croft st 
Calderwood, William, 9 Regent stDreghorn, Hugh (retail) 6 Cheapside
Forrest, William, 2 Portland stOrr, John, 20 King st
Rankin, William & Son, 30 King stReid, Hugh & Co, 14 Cheapside
Stevenson, John, 3 Portland stWallace, Wm & Co 55 Portland st
Wright, John, 101 King st 
Blackwood, Robt. & Jas. Menford laBrown, James, Brae side
Wyllie, William, Welbeck st 
WRITERS (Marked thus * are also Notaries, and thus # Procurators)
* Alison, Robert, Market lane#* Anderson, David Ramsay, Portland st
#* Borland, Thomas, 83 King stBrown, John, 9 Portland st
* Douglas & Hamilton, Town hall, King st#* Dykes, Thomas, 54 Portland st
#* Kay, David, 6 King st#* Mason, Hugh, East George st
Sturrock, John, 47 Portland stTorrance, John, 44 Portland st
Aitken, Wm., veter surgeon, Theatre closeAlexander, Chas., leather seller, 50 King st
Anderson, Wm., session clerk, Dunlop stBallantyne, Chas., carver &c, 44 Portland st
Bowie, Jane, muslin printer and baby linen manufacturer, 17 Portland stBrown, Jane, stay maker, 73 King st
Bunting, Robert, accountant, Clarke stChristie, Robt., pattern drawer, 101 King st
Cooper, James, brush maker, 20 High stCowan, Charles, dealer in bottled ale and porter, Croft head
Dickson, Wm., umbrella maker, 53 King stDinning, John, corn miller, Kilmaurs
Donald, Robert, jeweller, 9 CheapsideEldred, Edgar, supervisor, Hunters hill
Hamilton, Hugh, ?? dealer, Regent stHarvie, Margaret, ?? , 1 George st
Hood, William, session clerk, RiccartonIngram, James, machinist, ?? lane
Mack, Thomas, ?? maker and dealer linen cloth, thread &c, 2 Titchfield stMoffat, John, linen cloth & thread dealer, 30 Titchfield st
Montgomerie, Wm., town officer, KilmaursNicol, John, tea dealer, Croft st
Owens, Joseph, edge tool maker, David's lanePeden, John, coach maker, 7 Bank st
Petrie, David, general dealer, Grange stRalston, William, flax dresser, Kilmaurs
Reid, Matthew, spade and shovel manufacturer, Town headStevens, Hugh, snuff-box maker, Market lane
Stevenson, Robert, glazier, College laneStewart, James, cork cutter, Regent st
Taylor, John, salt dealer, KilmaursThomson, John, toy dealer &c., 21 King st


Places of Worship

Low Church - Rev James Mackinlay, DD., Rev David Strong, and Rev James Stevenson.

High Church - Rev Andw. Hamilton.

New Church - Rev James Mackinlay, DD., Rev David Strong, and Rev James Stevenson.

Established Church, Kilmaurs - Rev John Roxburgh.

Relief Church, King street - Rev William M Dougall.

Burghers' Original, Wellington street - Rev Peter Campbell.

United Secession, Fulton's lane - Rev George Lawson.

United Secession, Clerk lane - Rev David Wilson.

United Secession Church, Kilmaurs - Rev David Robertson.

Reformed Presberty, Mill lane - Rev Adam Brown.

Independent, Mill lane - Rev John Ward.

Riccarton Church - Rev John Moody and Rev Peter Thomson.

Coffee Rooms, 7 Portland st.

Commercial Reading Rooms, 9 Portland st.

Excise Office, George Inn - Edgar Eldrod, supervisor.

Gas Works, Park Street - James Stirling, manager, Humpry Stevenson, treasurer.

Philosophical Institution - John Miller, president, Archibald Finnie, treasurer, John Torrance, secretary.

Stamp Office, 13 King st - John Fulton, distributor.

Tax Office, 2 Titchfield st - John Wyllie, surveyor.

Town's Buildings, King St - Douglas and Hamilton, town clerks, William Blane, superintendent of police.


To Ardrossan, the 'Ayrshire Lass', from the Turf Inn, every morning at eight, and the 'Time-Keeper', every afternoon at four, both go through Irvine, Kilwinning and Saltcoats.

To Ayr, the 'Royal Mail' (from Glasgow), calls at the George Inn, every night at a quarter past seven; the 'Telegraph', from the same Inn, every morning at half past nine; the 'Defiance' (from Glasgow), calls at the Black Bull, every afternoon at a quarter past one; the 'Marquess of Hastings' (from Edinburgh), calls at the Sun, every afternoon at a quarter past three; and an omnibus, from the Angel Inn, every morning at half past eight.

To Carlisle - see London.

To Edinburgh, the 'Marquess of Hastings' (from Ayr), calls at the Sun, every morning at a quarter past nine.

To Glasgow, the 'Royal Mail' (from Portpatrick), calls at the George Inn, every night at half past eleven; the 'Telegraph', from the same Inn, every morning at eight and afternoon at a quarter past four - both go through Fenwick; the 'Britannic', from the Black Bull and Commercial Inns, every morning at seven; the 'Defiance' (from Ayr), calls at the same Inns, every morning at a quarter past eleven; and the 'Perserverance' from the Commercial and Mr Young's office, Cross, every morning at half past seven and eleven and afternoon at four.

To London (by Carlisle), the 'Independent' (from Glasgow) calls at the Turf Inn every morning at half past eight; goes through Mauchline, Catrine, Cumnock Sanquhar, Thornhill, Dumfries and Annan.

To Newmilns & Galston, a car, from the Commercial Inn, every Friday afternoon at five.

To Portpatrick, the 'Royal Mail', (from Glasgow), calls at the George Inn, every night at a quarter past seven; goes through Ayr, Maybole, Girvan, Kirkoswald, Ballantrae and Stranraer.

To Saltcoats, see Ardrossan.

To Troon, the 'Kilmarnock' from Regent street, every morning at ten; and omnibuses, from the George Inn, every forenoon at eleven and evening at eight - during the summer season only.


To Ayr, John Cuthbert, from the Commercial Inn, daily, Mrs Dalziel, from the Angel Inn, every Mon, Wed & Sat and Thomas Frew, every Tues & Fri.

To Beith, James Love, from the Wheat Sheaf, every Friday.

To Castle Douglas, Thomas Wallat from the Commercial Inn, and David McClure, from the Wheat Sheaf, alternately, every Friday.

To Catrine, Francis Blaine, from the Commercial Inn, every Tues and Fri.

To Cross Hill, Robert Richie, from the Commercial Inn, every Thursday.

To Cumnock, William Beard, from the Commercial Inn, every Monday, and John Kerr, every Wednesday & Saturday; Mrs Byran, from the Wheat Sheaf, every Thursday; and John Ferguson, from the Black Bull, every Saturday.

To Darvel, James Wilson, from N Parker's, Waterloo street, daily.

To Dumfries, J & W Robb, from the Wheat Sheaf, every Wednesday & Saturday, and Thomas Ferguson, from the Black Bull every Saturday.

To Dunlop, Henry Frew, from the Wheat Sheaf, every Friday.

To Edinburgh, John Steadman, from Gunlop Street, every Monday.

To Galston, - Robertson, from Mrs Symington's, Cross, daily.

To Girvan, Robert Hannah, from the Wheat Sheaf, every Friday.

To Glasgow, Andrew Mackin, from Green Street, and James & Charles Robb, from the Wheat Sheaf, daily, and Jas Robinson George St, Mon & Thurs.

To Irvine, George Willock, from the Commercial Inn, daily.

To Mauchline, Andrew Gibson, from the Commercial Inn, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and William Wallace, every Tuesday and Friday.

To Maybole, John Dunn, every Fri.

To New Cumnock, James Campbell and John Campbell, from the Commercial Inn, every Thursday.

To Newmilns, John Howie, from the Commercial Inn, every Tuesday and Fri.

To Newton-Stewart, William McClure and Hugh Steel, from the Wheat Sheaf, every alternate Friday.

To Ochiltree & Cumnock, Mrs Bryan, from the Wheat Sheaf, every Thursday, and James McCrae, from the Commercial Inn, every Thursday.

To Paisley, William Russell, from the Commercial Inn, every Wednesday and Saturday, and John Stevenson, from Market lane, every Mon and Thursday.

To Paisley and Glasgow, James Whitford, from Kilmaurs, twice a week.

To Saltcoats, John Banks, from the Commercial Inn, every Tues and Fri.

To Stewarton, Alexander Picken, from the Wheat Sheaf, daily, and George Smith, from the Commercial Inn, every Tuesday and Friday.

To Strathaven, Robert Taylor, from the Commercial Inn, every Friday.

To Torbolton, John Highet, from the Wheat Sheaf, every Tuesday and Friday, and Andrew Fisher, from the Commercial Inn, every Wednesday.

To Troon, Thomas Cuthbertson, from Strand street, daily.

This transcript was kindly provided by Keith Muirhead from Queensland.