Pigot 1837


1837 - Ayrshire Directory
Pigot and Co


Is an ancient and thriving little manufacturing town, in the parish of it's name, and district of Cunningham; 24 miles from Glasgow, 3 nw of Irvine, 4 ne of Saltcoats, the like distance s of Dalry, 10 nw of Kilmarnock and 5 from Ardrossan; situate on rising ground about 2 miles from the sea; stretching westward from the right bank of the Garnock, and approached through long ambrageous paths, skirted by beautiful fields.

It consists chiefly of one street and bye-lanes, with a few rows of modern houses. The weaving and manufacture of gauzes, muslins, shawls, etc are carried on, to an important extent, for the Glasgow and Paisley markets, to which they are conveyed by the local agents. The agricultural produce of the parish is likewise considerable; and coals, which are obtained in abundance, are conveyed by a railway passing from east to west across the parish. The only remarkable objects are, the picturesque ruins of the ancient abbey founded by Hugh de Morville in 1140; and the beautiful tower of the church, to which its style of architecture bears no resemblance; this tower cost, exclusive of the old materials, the sum of £2,000, raised by subscription and to which the late Earl of Eglintoun was a liberal contributor. The present Earl has a fine mansion in the neighbourhood, called Eglintoun castle.

Kilwinning was the first place in Scotland where free masonry was established; it is said to have been introduced by the foreign architect who was employed in erecting the monastery here. Besides the distinction acquired from its ancient masonic lodge, it is also remarkable for being the seat of a company of archers, ascertained to have existed as early as the year 1488; and the society at the present day is most respectable.

Fairs are held on the 1st of February, new style; and on the first Wednesday after the 19th of October, old style.


Donald McMallan - post master - The Kilmarnock, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Irish and English mails arrive every morning at half past seven and are despatched every evening at five.

Bowman, Miss M. of AshgroveCampbell, Rev Archibald Manse
Cowan, Rev SamuelEglintoun, the Right Hon. Earl of - Elgintoun castle
Glasgow, Robt Esq of MountgreenanJohnston, George Esq Redbarn
McGregor, Rev AlexanderMiller, Wm Esq of Mount castle
Reid, James Esq of DalegarvenSmith, Mrs Smithton
Boyle, William writer and notaryBrown, John surgeon
Burns, Robert surgeonCraig, Robert surgeon
Cunningham, John writer and notaryKing, Hugh writer and notary
Ramsay, John MD surgeon 
Boyd, BryceBrown, WilliamCochran, Agnes
Conn, HughConn, Hugh jnrRichmond, John
Richie, JohnService, JohnService, Robert
Woodside, HughYoung, AndrewYoung, George


Auchenteber Boys SchoolWilliam Cameron - master
Bullerholes Boys SchoolThos Thomson - master
Byre's Boys SchoolJames Miller Gardiner - master
Dalgarvan Boys SchoolGeorge Young - master
Gibson, Helen (girls' day) 
Goldie, Hugh (boys' day) 
Hamilton, John (boys' day) 
McFie, Jean (girls'day) 
Martin, Hannah (girls' day) 
Parish SchoolJames Ramsay - master
Blair, Jas (Eglintoun Arms)Boyd, JamesBoyd, John
Brown, RobertConn, Hugh & CoDickie, Robert
Fulton, JamesGray, RobertKenneth, Elizabeth
Kerr, WilliamKnox, JamesMcGavin, Robert
McMaster, JamesMcVey, CharlesMiller, William
Pritchard, RobertSkeoch, JohnSmith John
Wallace, AndrewWhinton, AndrewWilson, Hugh
Wyllie, John  
Adair, William cabinet makerAitken, David tailor
Allan, Wm watch and clock makerAllan, William blacksmith
Anderson, Thomas lime burner MonkreddenBlair, James clock and watch maker
Boyd, James auctioneerBoyd, John grocer
Brydone, John grocerCarverrie, John tailor
Clark, David flesherClark, John linen draper
Clark, Thomas flesherConn, Hugh & Co grocer
Craig, Thomas grocerCrawford, Robert grocer
Dickie, Robert corn millerDowra Collery Co Monkredden
Dunsmuir, John coal proprietor East DowraFennie Archibald Coal proprietor Fergus Hill
Fulton, James grocerGoldie, John tailor
Jack, James shoe makerKenneth, Archibald coal manager
King, Thomas millwrightKirkwood, James grocer and draper
Knox, James grocerKnox, John grocer & spirit dealer
Lambe, George grocerLeitch, William baker
McGavin, Robt grocer & auctioneerMcKannan, James grocer
McNair, William flesherMiller, William ironmonger
Montgomerie, Hugh shoe makerMuir, David cabinet maker
Muir, William cabinet makerMurray, John tailor
Nevvin, Isabella straw hat makerPritchard, Robert grocer
Reid, James wheelwrightRichie & Cochrane tanners &c
Robertson, James blacksmithScott, John grocer
Service, James blacksmithService, Margaret straw hat maker
Taylor & Kennedy coal proprietors Eglintoun collieryTodd, James turner
Wallace, Andrew blacksmithWhinton, Andrew grocer
Whinton, John cartwrightWilson, Hugh flax dresser
Wyllie, David tailorWyllie, John grocer
Young, James corn merchantYoung, Joseph linen draper


Established Church Rev Archibald Blair Campbell manse
Antiburghers no minister
United Secession Rev Alexander McGregor


To Ardrossan: the 'Ayrshire Lass' (from Kilmarnock) calls at Eglintoun Arms every morning (Sunday excepted) at half past nine.

To Glasgow: the 'Fair Trader' (from Saltcoats) calls at Wallace's every morning (Sunday excepted) at half past seven and the 'Herald' at half past six in the evening.

To Kilmarnock: the 'Time Keeper' and an omnibus (from Saltcoats) call at Eglington Arms every morning (Sunday excepted) at half past eight and the 'Ayrshire Lass' (from Ardrossan) at half past six in the evening.

To Saltcoats: the 'Herald' (from Glasgow) calls at Wallace's every morning (Sunday excepted) at half past nine and the 'Fair Trader' at eight in the evening; an omnibus (from Kilmarnock) calls at the Eglintoun Arms, every evening (Sunday excepted) at half past five and the 'Time Keeper' at six.


To Glasgow & Paisley: Jas Jack and Robert Boyd, every Tuesday and Friday.

To Saltcoats: John McBride & James Harris daily.

This transcript was kindly provided by Keith Muirhead from Queensland.