A village on the Alloa-to-Tillicoultry road. There are also the villages of Old Sauchie near the Devon, and New Sauchie on the outskirts of Alloa. The population of the special scavenging and lighting district of Sauchie is 2844, and the people are mostly workers in the coal mines.

[Clackmannan and Kinross by J.P.Day B.A. B Sc., 1915 ]

New Sauchie is a relatively modern settlement. The village of Sauchie was originally sited around Sauchie Tower, by the River Devon near Alva (about 2 miles north of New Sauchie's present position).

Present day Sauchie grew from Holton Village, built in 1710 to house the Earl of Mar's colliers at the Holton mine, and Newtonshaw, originally built to house the servants of the Schaw family. The Schaw's moved out of Sauchie Tower, to their new house at Schawpark in the 1700s. Schawpark was a large mansion, sited in what is now Schawpark Golf Course. There is now nothing left of the mansion house.

As the two villages of Newtonschaw and Holton grew, they merged into one, the area becoming known as New Sauchie. With the county boundary changes of 1891 the name became official.

Little is left now of the old villages. The main street through Sauchie having been completely re-developed in the 1960s.

For pictures of New Sauchie showing New Sauchie as it used to look.

New Sauchie is in Alloa parish.

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