At the village of Westfield, on the estate of the Earl of Zetland, there are a schoolmaster's house, school house, &c. supported and maintained in a manner similar to those at the Devon Iron-Works. Here, too, much good is doing by imparting of general knowledge, and by the inculcation of Christian principles.

[Statistical Account of the Parish of Clackmannan by Rev. Peter Balfour. 1841]

Nothing now remains of the village of Westfield, once a mining community and situated about half a mile south west of Clackmannan. In the 1841 Statistical Account it is described as one of the three principal villages of the parish.

An excellent genealogy site The Russells of Westfield has been published. It includes extracts from all census 1841 - 1891 - relating to all the families living in Westfield.

Westfield is in Clackmannan parish.

For more on Westfield see the Edinburgh University Scottish Gazetteer.