Synod & Presbytery Records


Records for the Synods of Fife and the Presbyteries are held as follows:

The Established Church (Church of Scotland)

At the National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh:

  • CH2/154
    Synod of Fife
    Minutes, 1610-1636, 1639-1657, 1662-1687 and 1690-1992, Miscellaneous papers and letters, 1690-1691 and 1742; Roll Book, 1929-1962; Sederunt book, 1929-1992; Accounts, 1948-1965 and 1976-1992.
    The The Synod of Fife - Selections from the Minutes, MDCXI - MDCLXXXVII [1611-1687] was printed in 1837 and is online at the Internet Archive texts.
  • CH2/224
    Presbytery of Kirkcaldy
    Minutes, 1630-1653, 1688-1884 and 1893-1964; Collection of MS. Sermons, 1701; Separate register, 1757.
    The Presbytrie Book of Kirkcaldie, the record of the proceedings of the Presbytery of Kirkcaldy, from 15 April 1630 - 14 September 1653, is available through the web archive.
  • CH2/105
    Presbytery of Dunfermline
    Minutes, 1647-1672, 1689 and 1696-1929; Index to volume 18; Index to volume 20; Scroll index to volume 20; Separate register, 1744-1918; Benefice register, nd; Subscriptions to Confesion of Faith and Formula, 1697-1929.
  • CH2/1408
    Church of Scotland, Churches in Dunfermline District
    Proclamation register, 1932-1968.

At the Special Collections Dept. of St Andrews University Library:

  • CH2/82
    Presbytery of Cupar
    Minutes, 1646-1660 and 1693-1807; Separate register, 1761-1771, 1792-1797 and 1900-1947; Scroll minutes, 1761, 1779-1785, 1792-1797, 1815-1861and 1928-1944; Sederunt book, 1950-1958 and 1966-1975; Minute book of the examination of students in divinity, 1854-1867.
  • CH2/1132
    Presbytery of St Andrews
    Minutes, 1585-1605, 1641-1687 and 1693-1907; Scroll minutes, 1765-1774; Separate register, 1745-1932; Register of parochial benefices, 1801.
Ecclesiastical records : selections from the minutes of the Presbyteries of St. Andrews and Cupar MDCXLI - MDCXCVIII [1641-1698] was published in 1837. It is available at the Open Library

Other Churches

At the National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh:

  • CH3/129
    Free Synod of Fife
    Minutes, 1844-1900.
  • CH3/130
    United Free Synod of Fife and Angus
    Minutes, 1901-1929.
  • CH3/196
    Presbytery of Kirkcaldy (United Secession, Free and United Free Churches)
    United Secession Presbytery minutes, 1831-1847; Free Presbytery minutes, 1843-1900; United Presbyterian Presbytery minutes, 1847-1900.
  • CH3/96
    Presbytery of Dunfermline and Kinross (United Presbyterian and United Free Churches)
    United Presbyterian Presbytery Minutes, 1891-1900; United Free Presbytery minutes, 1900-1929; Formula book, 1909-1929; Roll book, 1905-1918.

At the Special Collections Dept. of St Andrews University Library:

  • CH3/65
    Presbytery of Cupar (Secession, Free, United Presbyterian and United Free Churches)
    United Secession Church presbytery minutes, 1820-1847; Free Church presbytery minutes, 1843-1900; Free Church presbytery ordinations, 1873-1899; Uunited Presbyterian Church presbytery minutes, 1847-1900; Free Church presbytery, scroll minutes, 1856-1869; United Free Church presbytery minutes, 1900-1929.
  • CH3/274
    Presbytery of St Andrews (Free and United Free Churches)
    Free Church Presbytery minutes, 1843-1900; United Free Church Presbytery minutes, 1900-1913.