Where in Fife is .......?


This list gives 2300 place names in Fife and the parish(es) in which they can be found. Once you have located the parish, go to the relevant parish page where a link to Places in .... parish takes you to a selection of online historical and modern maps.

Select a letter from the table below to change to a list of place names with a different initial letter.


This list is complied from various sources. Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

If you still cannot find a place, Glasgow University have a test version of a database of Fife Place-name Data. The site is searchable by parish or by place and gives map references.

Saint Andrews StAndrews parish
Saint Colme House Dalgety parish
Saint Davids Dalgety parish
Saint Fort Forgan parish
Saint Leonards StAndrews parish
Saint Margarets Inverkeithing parish
Saint Marys Farm Monimail parish
Saint Michaels Leuchars parish
Saint Monance StMonans parish
Saint Monans StMonans parish
Saint Nicholas StAndrews parish
Saint Ninians Beath parish
Saline Saline parish
Saline Croft Saline parish
Saline Shaw Saline parish
Saline Valley Collieries Saline parish
Saline, Little Saline parish
Saline, West, Farm Saline parish
Saline, West, Steading Saline parish
Sandal Hall Auchterderran parish
Sandford Hill Kilmany parish
Sands Farm Tulliallan parish
Sands House Tulliallan parish
Sandybank Dunfermline parish
Sandydub Saline parish
Sandyhill Kingsbarns parish
Sauchenbush Abbotshall parish
Sauchope Crail parish
Saw Mill Dunfermline parish
Scarhill Arngask parish (was in Perthshire before and after 15 May 1891)
Scoonie Scoonie parish
Scooniehill StAndrews parish
Scot's Mill Inverkeithing parish
Scotscraig FerryportOnCraig parish
Scotshall Carnbee parish
Scotstarvit Ceres parish
Scotstarvit, North Ceres parish
Scotsventure Crail parish
Scotts Walls Aberdour parish
Seafield Kinghorn parish
Seafield House Dalgety parish
Seafield House Kinghorn parish
Seafield Mains StAndrews parish
Seafield Tower Kinghorn parish
Seefar Falkland parish
Seggie Leuchars parish
Seggiehill Leuchars parish
Shanwell FerryportOnCraig parish
Shaws Mill Abbotshall parish
Shaws Mill Farm Auchterderran parish
Sheardrum Saline parish
Sheelynn Kennoway parish
Sheephousewell Dunfermline parish
Shepherdlands Culross parish
Shieldbank Saline parish
Shiells Beath parish
Shiels Collessie parish
Shires Mill Culross parish
Shore, Coble StAndrews parish
Shore, The Newburgh parish
Shoreside Torryburn parish
Siberia Newburn parish
Sillerhole Scoonie parish
Silverbarton Burntisland parish
Silverburn House Scoonie parish
Silverton Auchterderran parish
Simonden Ceres parish
Sinclairtown Dysart parish
Skeddoway Dysart parish
Skeddoway Lodge Dysart parish
Skeddoway, Old Dysart parish
Skelpie Cults parish
Slackacre Kinghorn parish
Smeaton Kirkcaldy parish (was in Abbotshall parish before 15 May 1891)
Smithfield Crail parish
Smithfield Kettle parish
Smiths Pendicle Arngask parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Smithy Kinghorn parish
Smithy Hill Markinch parish
Smithygreen Scoonie parish
Smithyhill Arngask parish (was in Kinross-shire before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Sorbie Crail parish
South Auchmoor Kinglassie parish
South Baldutho Carnbee parish
South Bogside Auchterderran parish
South Bowhill Farm Kilconquhar parish
South Burnside Saline parish
South Callange Ceres parish
South Cassingray Carnbee parish
South Cult Saline parish (was in Torryburn parish before 15 May 1891)
South Dron Leuchars parish
South Dundonald Auchterderran parish
South Falfield Kilconquhar parish
South Fod Dunfermline parish
South Friarton Forgan parish
South Glassmount Kinghorn parish
South Highholm Dunfermline parish
South Kinaldy Dunino parish
South Lambieletham Cameron parish
South Lethans Dunfermline parish
South Lodge Kinglassie parish
South Lodge Leslie parish
South Lumphinnans Ballingry parish
South Parks Kinglassie parish
South Parks (present day) Glenrothes new town
South Piteadie Kinghorn parish
South Pitkinny Auchterderran parish
South Straiton Logie parish
Southerton Abbotshall parish
Southfield Leuchars parish
Southfield Glenrothes new town
Southfield (1) Auchtermuchty parish
Southfield (2) Auchtermuchty parish
Spalding StAndrews parish
Spalefield Kilrenny parish
Spencerfield Inverkeithing parish
Spittal Auchterderran parish (part was in Ballingry parish before 15 May 1891)
Spittal Farm Markinch parish
Sprattyhall Kilconquhar parish
Springbank Dunfermline parish
Springfield Cupar parish
Springfield Farm Cupar parish
St Andrews StAndrews parish
St Andrews and St Leonards StAndrews parish
St Andrews Wells Kemback parish
St Colme House Dalgety parish
St Davids Dalgety parish
St Fort Forgan parish
St Leonards StAndrews parish
St Margarets Inverkeithing parish (was in Dunfermline parish before 15 May 1891)
St Margarets Stone Dunfermline parish
St Marys Farm Monimail parish
St Michaels Leuchars parish
St Monance StMonans parish
St Monans StMonans parish
St Nicholas StAndrews parish
St Ninians Beath parish
Stand Alane Saline parish
Stand Alone Saline parish
Star Kennoway parish
Starley Burn Burntisland parish
Starr, The Kilmany parish
Starrbank House Kilmany parish
Starrlaw Kilmany parish
Steelend Saline parish
Steelend Farm Saline parish
Steelend, North Saline parish
Stenhouse Burntisland parish
Stenton Kinglassie parish
Stenton StMonans parish
Stenton, Nether Kinglassie parish
Stenton, Over Kinglassie parish
Stevensons Beath Beath parish
Stirton Kilmany parish
Stirton Mill Kilmany parish
Stoniebriggs / Stonybriggs Collessie parish
Stonybriggs / Stoniebriggs Collessie parish
Straiton, North Logie parish
Straiton, South Logie parish
Strathairly House Largo parish
Strathburn Leuchars parish
Stratheden Hospital Cupar parish
Strathendry Leslie parish
Strathendry House Leslie parish
Strathkinness StAndrews parish
Strathkinness, Easter StAndrews parish
Strathkinness, Nether StAndrews parish
Strathmiglo Strathmiglo parish
Strathmiglo Free Church Strathmiglo parish
Strathore Cottage Dysart parish
Strathore House Dysart parish
Strathore, Easter Dysart parish
Strathore, Mid Dysart parish
Strathore, Wester (1) Dysart parish
Strathore, Wester (2) Dysart parish
Strathruddie Auchterderran parish
Strathtyrum House StAndrews parish
Stravithie Dunino parish
Stravithie House Dunino parish
Stravithie Mains Dunino parish
Streamside of Blebo Kemback parish
Stripesikes Saline parish
Struthers Ceres parish
Struthers Burn Ceres parish
Summerfield Arngask parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Summerfield Crail parish
Summerfield Falkland parish
Sunnybraes Crail parish
Sunnybraes (1) Collessie parish
Sunnybraes (2) Collessie parish (was in Cults parish before 15 May 1891)
Sunnybraes, West Saline parish
Sunnyside Torryburn parish (was in Saline parish before 15 May 1891)
Sunnyside Saline parish
Swallowdrum Dunfermline parish
Sweet Bank Markinch parish
Sweethome Collessie parish (was in Cults parish before 15 May 1891)
Swinkie Farm Crail parish
Sypsies Crail parish
Sythrum Markinch parish