"...It is bounded on the north, by Crossmichael; on the east, by Buittle; on the south, by Rerwick and Kirkcudbright; and on the west, by the river Dee, which separates it from Balmaghie and Tongland.


...Towards the south these hills gradually increase in height, until they attain an altitude of 1200 feet. The hightest points are Belgairn, Skrell, and Dungyle. From Bengairn or the Skreel, when the state of atmosphere is favorable, the view is remarkably beautiful and extensive...

The market town is Castle Douglas. This town, being situated near the center of the county, is the great mart for the produce of the stewartry. A weekly market, at which an astonishing amount of business is transacted, is held every Monday for the sale of black cattle, pork, and all kinds of agricultural produce. The extraordinary rapidity with which Castle Douglas has sprung into commercial importance is sufficient to account for the great increase of the population of this parish during the last half century; whilst the circumstances of its not having gone on in the same ratio, but having actually decreased since 1831, is accounted for by the failure of the cotton manufactory formerly carried on in Castle Douglas...

Now Castle Douglas is a handsome modern town, built upon a regular plan, containing a population of 1848. It is situated upon a gentle declivity, at the bottom of which is the Carlinwark Loch. The streets are wide and spacious, crossing one another at right angles....

...In an agricultural point of view, it far surpasses any other town in Galloway; and, with the exception of Dumfries, it is second to none in the south of Scotland...

Kelton Hill was formerly the great mart for the sale of horses in the south of Scotland. Many of these animals were, in consequence, bred in the parish. But the multiplication of fairs throughout the country, and the free importation of horses from Ireland, have divested this village of much of its ancient importance...

...The greatest share of the agriculturist's attention , however, is directed to the rearing of black-cattle, which may be considered as the staple commodity of Galloway..."

Rev. Samuel Cowan, Minister, New Statistical Account, Blackwood.



History, Kirkcudbright. The New Statistical Account of Scotland, 2nd Series, W Blackwood, 1845.



The Church Yards of Kelton, Gelston, and Kirkcormack has had pre-1855 monumental inscriptions transcribed and indexed. The index and transcribed inscriptions are included in a series of volumes that cover all of Kirkcudbrightshire. All three are in volume 3. Refer to the county page for additional details.



Episcopal Church of Scotland
St Ninian, Castle Douglas, Scottish Episcopal
Presbyterian / Unitarian
Kelton, Church of Scotland

Church History

"The parish church is generally well attended, although an unfavorable day, owing to the distance of the church from Castle Douglas, where the bulk of the people reside, very seriously affects the attendance...

The following is a correct abstract of the population and religious denominations, with the number of individuals belonging to each in the parish of Kelton, as taken from a survey in the year 1840: - Belonging to the Established Church, 2117; other denominations, 455; not connected with any denomination, i.e. not in communion, nor in the habbit of attending any place of worship, 318; - total, 2890. Of the 455 Dissenters, there belong to the Reformed Presbyterian, 160; Relief, 112; United Associate Synod, 35; Roman Catholic, 148; - total, 455.

Neither the United Session Dissenters, nor the Roman Catholics have any place of worship in the parish. The former attend Divine services at the Haugh of Urr, about four miles, and the latter at Dalbeattie, about five miles from Castle Douglas...

The Reformed Presbyterians have a metting house in Castle Douglas...

The Relief body of Dissenters have also a meeting house in the immediate neighborhood of Castle Douglas, but within the parish of Crossmichael..."

Rev. Samuel Cowan, Minister, New Statistical Account, Blackwood.


Church Records

Church of Scotland records are held at the General Register Office in Edinburgh. Copies of the pairsh register on microfilm may be consulted in LDS Family History Centres around the world. Refer to the county page for additional details.

Records AvailableBaptismMarriageBurialReference
Church of Scotland1717-18541717-1803
1851-1852OPR 869

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