CROOK OF DEVON, Kinrossshire


"A village situated where the Devon changes the direction of its course from south-east to south-west. Formerly a burgh of barony and a place of some note for its cattle fairs, it now derives a slight importance from its mills, and its position as a convenient stopping place for visitors to the picturesque river defile."

[Clackmannan and Kinross by J.P.Day B.A. B Sc., 1915]

Crook of Devon was a market town in the early 17th. century. It is famous for its witch trials in the 1660s. The witches were tortured and forced to confess 'to consorting with Satan, and sorcerie'. For their crimes they were strangled, then burnt at the stake.

For more on Crook of Devon see the Edinburgh University Scottish Gazetteer.

Crook of Devon is in Fossoway parish.