KINNESSWOOD, Kinrossshire


"A village at the western foot of the Bishop Hill. Like the other villages (e.g. Easter and Wester Balgedie) of Portmoak Parish, it has probably grown from a fishing settlement, but, with the lowering of the level of the loch, it is now some distance from the actual shore. Till the emigration of the Birrell family it had long been famous for the manufacture of vellum and parchment. Portmoak was the birthplace of John Douglas, first 'tulchan' Archbishop of St. Andrews."

[Clackmannan and Kinross by J.P.Day B.A. B Sc., 1915]

Kinnesswood was famous for over three hundred years for the manufacture of vellum and parchment, it is believed this trade may have been started by the monks of St. Serf's Island on Loch Leven.

The village is better known as the birth place of Michael Bruce, the poet, whose cottage can be visited still today. Bruce was born there in 1746 and died at the early age of 21. He is buried at Portmoak.

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Kinnesswood is in Portmoak parish.