MILNATHORT, Kinrossshire


"In Orwell parish, a market town, one and a half miles north of Kinross."

[Clackmannan and Kinross by J.P.Day B.A. B Sc., 1915]

Milnathort is the largest settlement in Orwell parish. Orwell itself was a settlement further to east on the north shores of Loch Leven. The parish church moved to Milnathort in 1729.

A mile and a half north of Kinross, Milnathort grew as a market town at the crossing of two roads. The roads became turnpikes in the 19th century and the market town started to grow as a weaving community. Both wool and linen were woven here, flax being widely grown in Kinross-shire until the early 1900s.

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Milnathort is in Orwell parish.