Egilsay Kirkyard


The RR reference numbers used in this document are from the book "Rousay Roots" by Robert C. Marwick

No..RR Ref.Inscription
1.B542Sacred to the memory of James Alexander who passed away at Kirbist, Egilsay 1949 aged 68 years also his wife Annie Robertson who died at Eastbank Hospital 17th September 1968 aged 83 years. "Until the day dawn."
2.B114In loving memory of Sarah Ann Mainland who died 11th March 1976 aged 81 years, dear wife of John Linklater, North Tofts.
3.A396Erected by George Mainland to the memory of Violet Gibson Sinclair who died 17th June 1940 aged 58 years. His son James S. Mainland Ldg. Air Mech. Who died 27 March 1943 aged 22 years. Also the above George Mainland who died at Weyland 28th May 1963 aged 77 years.
4.See B505In memory of Ann Smith Robertson who died 23rd Feb. 1930 aged 87 years.
5.See B174Erected in memory of James Mainland who died 30th Sept. 1867 aged 25 years.
6.See A455In loving memory of Thomas son of Thomas and Violet Linklater who died in infancy.
7.See A455Erected by John and Sarah Linklater in memory of wee John their infant son who died 13th March 1921.
8.A963Erected by John Mainland in memory of his father Hugh Mainland who died 18th Oct. 1891 aged 69 years also the above John Corsie Mainland who died 17th Feb. 1932 aged 82 years and his wife Sarah Ann Rendall who died 9th March 1935 aged 68 years.
9.See B108Erected by John and Sarah Mainland in loving memory of their baby son William Balfour born 24th May 1899 died 19th July 1899.
10.See B108Erected to John eldest son of John and Sarah Mainland, Weyland who died 25th Jan. 1936 aged 51 years.
11.B554Erected by Janet Mainland in memory of her beloved husband John Bews who died 10th April 1895 aged 69 years. Janet Mainland died 25th July 1916 aged 87 years.
12.B174In loving memory of James Mainland, Cott who died 28 Oct. 1878 aged 66 years. Betsy Grieve his wife who died Sept. 1882 aged 70 years. James Mainland who died Sept. 1867 aged 26 years, son of the above
13.B505In memory of David Robertson who died 19th Oct. 1899 aged 93 years also his wife Barbara Craigie who died 8th Feb. 1888 aged 78 years and their daughter Jean Robertson who died 25th May 1928 aged 89 years.
14.B467Erected by Ellen Shearer in memory of her beloved husband William Mainland who died 24th December 1889 aged 43 years. To the unfading memory of our mother Ellen Mainland called home on Nov. 23 1923. "Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away."
15.See B467In sacred and loving memory of our dear brother William Mainland of Midskaill called home 1st October 1941. Also our dear sister Jessie Isabella Mainland who passed away 6th September 1938. "He giveth his beloved sleep."
16.E51In loving memory of James Craigie who died 5th November 1859 aged 60 years and his wife Betsy Alexander who died 2nd February 1891 aged 85 years. Also their son James A. Craigie who died 21st August 1917 aged 84 years.


No..RR Ref.Inscription
17.See B573Erected in memory of Andrew Grieve who died 24th March 1860 aged 45 yearsand of his mother Catherine Craigie who died 25th March 1861 aged 73 years.
18.A617Erected by Robert Mainland in memory of his beloved wife Janet Sinclair who die July 10th 1869 aged 45 years also Robert Mainland who died Feb. 19th 1894.
19.B533Erected by Mary Mainland in memory of her beloved husband James Donaldson who died 21st April 1906 aged 56 years. The above Mary Mainland who died 24th Oct. 1922 aged 69 years.
20.See B533Erected by James and Mary Donaldson in memory of their beloved daughters Nellie who died 6th April 1894 aged 4 years and Mary Isabella who died 19th May 1909 aged 33 years.
21.B527Erected by Robina Grieve in memory of her beloved husband James Donaldson who died 5th July 1888 aged 73 years.
22.See A963Erected by John Mainland in memory of his mother Margaret Craigie wife of Hugh Mainland who died 15th March 1883 aged 64 years, and his sister Eliza who died in 1861 aged 5 years.
23. Erected in memory of Alexander Grieve who died Jany. 28th 1860 aged 75 years.
24. Erected in memory of Barbara Smith who died February 8th 1850 aged 21 years.
25.See B504In memory of John Robertson who died 4th April 1904 aged 93 years.
26.See B505In loving memory of Betsy Robertson who died 13th Feb. 1918 aged 84 years.
27.B525Erected in memory of James Mainland who died January 25th 1861 aged 74 years.
28.B508In memory of Hugh Robertson beloved husband of Margaret Corsie who died 16th July 1939 aged 92 years. Also the above Margaret Corsie who died 24th December 1943 aged 89 years.
29.See B103In memory of Elizabeth Jane beloved daughter of Hugh and Margaret Robertson who died 10th Feb. 1897 aged 18 years.
30.B552Erected by Edward Bews in memory of his beloved parents Hugh Bews who died in January 1869 aged 75 years and Barbara Bews who died in January 1873 aged 82 years.
31. In memory of Margaret Yorston born 17th July 1859, died 20th Jan. 1867 and Jemima Yorston born 16th Oct. 1857, died 3rd Aug. 1920, only daughters of Archibald and Ann Yorston, Whistlebare, Egilsay.


No..RR Ref.Inscription
32.See B525Erected in memory of Mary Mainland who died May 29th 1863 aged 27 years.
33. Erected in memory of Jane Smith who died of measles March 10th 1848 aged 21 years and of James Smith who died of measles March 13th 1848 aged 17 years and of Catherine Wood who died December 20th 1863 aged 67 years.
34. Erected in memory of George Smith who died 5th July 1883 aged 88 years, Mary Smith who died 29th August 1891 aged 66 years.
35. (Local stone with three sets of initials and dates.) RC 1823 IC 1830 WC 1834
36.See B172Erected in memory of Janet Mainland who died 25th July 1863 aged 16 years.
37.See A617Erected in loving memory of Janet Mainland wife of William M. Glen, Schoolmaster, who died 6th February 1907 aged 48 years. The above William M. Glen who died 15th June 1915 aged 71 years, Schoolmaster in Egilsay for 27 years. Interred at Stirling. "Until the day break."
38.See A70In loving memory of Margaret, infant daughter of Robert and Maggie Jessie Stevenson born 5th March and died 27th March 1902.
39. Erected by Helen Scott in memory of he beloved husband Edward King who died 26th September 1895 aged 63 years. The above Helen Scott who died 8th Feby. 1910 aged 84 years. "Be ye also ready."
40. Erected in loving memory of Ann Leask widow of Archibald Yorston who died 12th Oct. 1900 aged 72 years.
41. Erected by Ann Leask in memory of her beloved husband Archibald Yorston who died 25th April 1898 aged 68 yers.
42.See B542In memory of the dearly loved children of James and Annie Alexander: Hugh born 2nd Oct 1908 died 21st Feby. 1909 and Margaret Frances born 2nd March 1906 died 9th Jan. 1912. "Resting in the Saviour's love."
43. In loving memory of William McKinlay who died 13th April 1910 aged 82 years. In loving memory of our dear mother Mary Craigie who departed this life at Nearhouse, Frotoft, Rousay 20th January 1918 "This much and this is all we know: they are completely blest: have done with sin and care and woe: and with their saviour rest."
44. In memory of Peter Garrioch nearly 40 years schoolmaster in this island who died 5th May 1874 aged 69 years. Erected by his brothers.


No..RR Ref.Inscription
45.See B539In loving memory of Thomas Garson who died 5th January 1884 aged 67 years. Frances Alexander his wife who died 11th February 1866 aged 48 years.
46.See A963Erected by Thomas Garson in loving memory of his wife Mary Mainland who died 20th November 1919 aged 72 years. Also the above Thomas Garson who died 27th Aug. 1932 aged 82 years.
47. In loving memory of George Garson, died 23rd April 1931 aged 73 years. His wife Jessie Garson died 12th May 1905 aged 45 years. Their son George William Garson died 24th March 1887 aged 1 year.
48. Erected by Janet Mainland in memory of her husband Hugh Costie died 26th June 1879 aged 68 years.
49. Erected by Thomas and Isabella Craigie in memory of their daughter Isabella M. Craigie who died 16th August 1882 aged 19 years. Also their son Thomas Craigie who died November 30th 1888 aged 23 years. The above Isabella Craigie who died 22nd Jan. 1892 aged 58 years. The above Thomas Craigie who died 21st August 1929 aged 98 years.
50.See B553Sacred to the memory of Helen Bews born 31st August 1855 died 10th February 1928 and her sister Mary Bews born 30th September 1858 died 12 September 1949.
51. Sacred to the memory of Helen Bews born 31st August 1855 died 10th February 1928 and her sister Mary Bews born 30th September 1858 died 12 September 1949.
52. Erected by Maggie in loving memory of her husband Robert R. McKinlay who died 27th July 1924 aged 49 years. Also the above Maggie J. Garson who died 27th May 1951 aged 68 years.
53. In loving memory of dear uncle James McKinlay who died at Summerbank, Kirkwall 21 June 1939 aged 69 years.
54. (Repeat of No. 50)
55.See B115In loving memory of Maggie Jessie Bews who died 6th November 1970 dear wife of James Mainland. Also their son James Corsie Mainland who died 23rd March 1927 aged 3 months.
56.B556Erected by Robina Lydia Grieve in memory of her beloved husband James Bews who died 4th January 1923 aged 61 years. Also their son Hugh who died 22nd April 1941 aged 43 years. Their daughter Mary Helen who died 9th March 1945 aged 43 years. Also the above Robina Lydia Grieve who died 13th November 1951 aged 87 years. "Rest in the Lord."
57.See A335To the memory of Pte. James Bews, Menis, who gave his life for Britain in the Great War 1914-1919. "His name liveth for evermore."
58.B531Erected in memory of John Alexander Donaldson who died at Watten 29th March 1936 aged 51 years, beloved husband of Margaret Jane Stout.


No..RR Ref.Inscription
59. (Local stone slab) (Wooden grave marker only.)
60. (Wooden grave marker only.)
61. In loving memory of Lynn Ann Bews born 16th May 1954 died 4th Nov. 1954.
62.See B174Erected by Elizabeth Mainland in memory of her husband Hugh Costie died 23rd May 1900 aged 52 years. The above Elizabeth Mainland who died 5th August 1935 aged 88 years.
63. (Wooden grave marker only.)
64.B473Erected by Jean Rendall in memory of her husband James Craigie who died at Vady, Egilsay on 21st March 1917 aged 46 years. Also her son James Craigie who died 25th Oct. 1910 aged 8 years. Also the above Jean Rendall who died 13th March 1953 aged 83 years. "Until the day breaks."
65.A336Erected by James Grieve in memory of his beloved daughter Maggie Jessie who died 18th Dec. 1911 aged 40 years.
66.A246Erected by James Grieve in memory of his beloved wife Margaret Gibson who died 9th June 1912 aged 76 years.
67. In loving memory of our dear father James C. Cooper who died 10th July 1929 aged 65 years. Also our dear mother Robina G. Cooper who died 28th July 1963 in her 95th year.
68.See B473Sacred to the memory of John Craigie who died 11th Oct. 1977 aged 74 years, beloved husband of Mary Donaldson. "Resting where no shadows fall."
69. Erected in memory of George Seatter who died 31st March 1935 aged 79 years. Also his wife Helen King who died 2nd March 1937 aged 80 years.
70. In loving memory of John Seatter who died at Eastbank Hospital 21st Oct. 1958 aged 78 years. Also his sister Helen Seatter who died at South Tofts 17th May 1961 aged 80 years.
71.B543In loving memory of Alexander A. Alexander who died at Eastbank Hospital 26th July 1969 aged 79 years.
72. Sacred to the memory of Raymond who passed away 11th March 1977 aged 43 years, beloved husband of Beryl and devoted father of Debbie and Paul. "Proudly he stood, proudly he lies: The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away."
73. (Local flagstone set into the floor of the kirk. Inscription illegible.)
74. (Local flagstone set into the floor of the kirk. Inscription illegible.)
75 (Local flagstone set into the floor of the kirk. Inscription illegible.)
76. (Set into inside wall of the kirk.) In memory of Robert Baikie M.D., H.E.I.C.S. of Tankerness who died 5th August 1890 aged 89 and of Helen Elizabeth Davidson his wife who died 5th January 1886 aged 72.

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