Scockness Kirkyard


The RR reference numbers used in this document are from the book "Rousay Roots" by Robert C. Marwick

No..RR Ref.Inscription
1. Erected by John Scott in memory of his beloved wife Ann Buchan Cumming who died 1st Nov. 1914 aged 71 years. And the above John Scott who died 5th March 1921 aged 86 years, and their son Robert who died at sea 11th August 1920 aged 39 years.
2.B520In loving memory of Alexander Grieve who departed this life 5th September 1884 aged 66 years and his wife Margaret Mclachlan Harrold who died 21st Nov. 1911 aged 93 years.
3. Alexander Munro who died on 10th September 1916 aged 75 years and his son David Wm. who was killed in action in France 17th March 1916 aged 28 years. Also his wife Christina Stephen who died 27th August 1931 aged 81 years.
4.See A276Erected in memory of Peter Sinclair who died 9th July 1922 aged 72 years, also his wife Catherine Bain who died 2nd May 1913 aged 60 years.
5. (Plain local flagstone set horizontally - no inscription)
6.A606Erected by Hugh Sinclair in memory of his parents Robert Sinclair who died 24th Feb. 1884 aged 89 years and Christina Inkster who died 19th August 1887 aged 82 years.
7.A272Erected by Elizabeth Craigie in memory of her beloved husband Hugh Craigie who died 4th October 1926 aged 66 years. Also the above Elizabeth Craigie who died 26th June 1958 aged 87 years. "Till we meet again."
8.A819Erected by Betsy Sinclair in memory of her husband John Craigie who died 4th May 1886 aged 68 years. Also his beloved wife Betsy Sinclair who died at Falldown 24th September 1896 aged 66 years.
9B362Erected by Malcolm Corsie in memory of his beloved wife Mary Inkster who died 29th November 1918 aged 76 and their daughter Elizabeth Corsie who died 13 October 1907 aged 28 years. Also the above Malcolm Corsie who died 7th November 1938 aged 89 years. "Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep: from which none shall ever wake to weep."
10.B314In loving memory of George Leonard who died 4th March 1895 aged 79 years and his wife Margaret Clouston who died 23th September 1903 aged 82 years.
11.See E28Erected by William Craigie in memory of his mother Mary McKinlay who died 2 Nov. 1863 aged 75 years.
12.See A43In memory of Robert Craigie who died 30th August 1908 aged 87 years and his wife Mary Marwick who died 2nd April 1909 aged 74 years. Erected by their nephew.
13.See A43Erected in memory of Hugh Craigie who died 14th May 1872 aged 79 years.


No..RR Ref.Inscription
14.B484In loving memory of John Mainland who died at Essaquoy 9th April 1912 aged 73 years.
15.B250Erected by Mary Mainland in memory of her beloved husband James Grieve who died 4th August 1897 aged 72 years, also his wife Mary Mainland who died at Kirkwall 4th June 1899 aged 72 years.
16.A666In loving memory of Thomas Gibson who died 31st July 1900 aged 86 years. Jane Grieve, his wife, who died 12th May 1892 aged 72 years, Jane Gibson their daughter, who died 17th June 1899 aged 44 years.
17. In memory of Alexander Costie, died 9th January 1891 aged 55, his wife Betsy Gibbon, died 12th March 1917 aged 83, their children - George died 27th January 1876 aged 10 months, John died Dundee, Natal 7th March 1891 aged 30. Betsy died in Paisley 9th March 1892 aged 24. William died 28 April 1920 aged 55.
18.See B252Erected by John Grieve in memory of his beloved wife Ann C. Grieve born 14th July 1862, died 14th July 1881 also the above John Y. Grieve who died 28th Oct. 1889 aged 30 years. Also her mother Francis Costie died at Phinya 20th May 1908 aged 67 years. And her father Malcolm Grieve (interred at Pierowall) died at Musland, Westray 15th Nov. 1914 aged 83 years.
19.See E69In memory of Isabella Gibson or Hercus who departed this life February 25th 1864 aged 74 years.
20.See E69Erected in memory of John Gibson who departed this life 14th Feb. 1864 aged 40 years.
21.E69Erected in memory of Thomas Gibson who departed this life 2 April 1864 aged 78 years.
22.See B439In loving memory of John Kirkness who died 15th Feb. 1903 aged 22 years.
23.See B217Erected in loving memory of Private John A. M. Inkster 4th Seaforths died at Loanhead Hospital on 1st July 1918 aged 18 years. "Until we meet again."
24.See B216Erected by Robert Inkster in memory of his beloved daughter Anne who calmly fell asleep in Jesus 6th Nov. 1874 aged 23 years.
25.B216Erected in loving memory of Robert Inkster died 20th. Jan. 1892 aged 80. Margaret Inkster his daughter died 3rd August 1892 aged 21, Jessie Inkster his daughter died 24th September 1894 aged 25, Mary Leonard his wife died 22nd Feb. 1909 aged 82.
26.See B524In memory of Ann Banks who was espoused to Robert Harrold who died trusting in Jesus March 3rd 1859 aged 73 years.
27.See B524. In memory of Elizabeth Harrold the beloved wife of William Logie who trusting in the merits of her Saviour's death calmly fell asleep March 1st 1860 aged 31 years. Also Mary Harrold who died 13th January 1872 aged 55 years.
28.See B169Erected by James Gibson in memory of Christina Harcus his beloved wife who departed this life March 9th 1864 aged 78 years. James Gibson died 1866 ............ (rest illegible)


No..RR Ref.Inscription
29. Erected by William Costie in memory of his beloved wife Mary Jane Leonard died 21 August 1885 aged 18 years.
30. Erected in memory of John McF. Ritchie who died at the Free Church Manse, Rousay 25th June 1855 aged 38 years.
31 Erected to the memory of Revd. George Ritchie, Minister of the Free Church, Rousay, who after a faithful ministry of 24 years finished his course on 23October 1858 aged 59 years. Erected by the young men of the congregation.
32.See A973Erected to the memory of Samuel Mainland who departed this life Nov. 13th 1866 aged 5 years.
33.See B524Sacred to the memory of Ann Grieve wife of Robert Harrold who died 25th June 1868 aged 50 years also their daughter Ann who died 9th January 1882 aged 18 years. "They are preserved forever." Ps. 37.28 Erected by John Harrold, Kyneton, Australia.
34.See B129Erected by Samuel Gibson in memory of his beloved brother William Gibson who died 7th Jany. 1885 aged 65 years.
35.B287Erected by Janet Inkster in memory of her beloved husband William Craigie who died May 14th 1862 aged 54 years. Also the above Janet Inkster who died March 20th 1893 aged 77 years.
36.See B160Erected by William and Elizabeth Craigie in memory of their beloved son Thomas William who died 26th August 1879 aged 2 years 10 months.
37.B300In memory of Peter Leonard who died 18th Dec. 1882 aged 83 years, Isabella McKinlay his beloved wife who died 3rd Jan 1873 aged 77 years, and four of their children, viz. - Cicilia died Jany. 1825 aged 3 months, Ann died 1832 aged 12 years, Margaret Smeaton died 1845 aged 15 years, William Smeaton died 1847 aged 10 years.
38.See B384Erected in memory of Mary Ann Inkster who died Oct. 3rd 1866 aged 4 years.
39.See B382Erected in memory of Margaret Gibson who died April 17th 1855 aged 60 years and her husband William Inkster who died December 2nd 1869 aged 74 years.
40.B383In loving memory of Hugh Inkster beloved husband of Mary Kirkness who departed this life Oct. 1908 aged 68 years also his wife the above Mary Kirkness who died 7th May 1915 aged 67 years.
41. Erected to the memory of my dear father William Cooper who died 3rd February 1881 aged 49 years. Also my dear sister Mary Cooper who died 18th November 1900 aged 25 years, and my dear mother May Linklater Cooper who died 18th February 1919 aged 82 years. "They are gone but not forgotten: never shall their memory fade."
42. Erected in loving memory of Betsy Cooper who fell asleep in Jesus 5th March 1917 aged 76 years.
43.A989Erected by Mary Yorston in memory of her beloved husband Robert Mowat who died 23rd March 1893 aged 79 years.


No..RR Ref.Inscription
44.See A834Erected in loving memory of Duncan McLean who died 5th June 1911 aged 73 years. Also his wife Jane Grieve who died 14th September 1924 aged 78 years. "Until we meet again."
45.See A6Erected in memory of Ann Shearer spouse of William Marwick born 1804 died 22nd July 1881.
46.A6Erected in memory of William Marwick born Dec. 5th 1800 died Feby. 19th 1880.
47.A11In memory of Isaac Marwick born 1811 died 1906. Also his wife Betsy Yorston born 1811 died 1900.
48.A856Erected by Thomas Marwick in memory of his beloved wife Ann Gibson who died 20 July 1861. "Weep nothing my friends and children dear; Lamented I am sleeping here."
49.A7Erected by Betsy Marwick in memory of her beloved husband John Marwick who departed this life on 31 December 1872.
50.See B540Erected by her parents in memory of Mary Logie Grieve who died 13 February 1903 aged 22 years.
51.See A818Erected by William Sabiston in memory of his faithful and beloved wife Margaret Grieve who died 15th March 1910 aged 65 years.
52.B316Erected by David Marwick of Quoys in loving memory of his wife Ann Leonard who died 24th July 1914 aged 60. Their daughter Bella who died 3rd September 1915 aged 33. Their son George who died 2nd July 1903 aged 23 interred at Seafield, Leith. Their son John Hourston killed in action in France 7th September 1918 aged 21. Their son Robert who died 30th July 1920 aged 43 interred in Kirkwall. And of the above David Marwick who died at Westermill, Burray 23rd August 1932 aged 92.
53.See A46Erected by Robert Marwick in memory of his wife Ann Blalick Hourston born 17th May 1840 died 1st Feb. 1892. Also the above Robert Marwick born 4th Sept. 1845 died 20th August 1930.
54.A83Erected by Robert Marwick in memory of his daughter Isabella born 19th June 1867 died 12th July 1883. Also his son Robert born 23rd April 1874 died 15th July 1899.
55. In memory of Thomas McCrie eldest son of the late William McCrie J.P. Edinburgh. Born at Edinburgh 20th September 1829, died in Rousay 19th June 1881. "Asleep in Jesus."
56.B129Erected by Christina Gibson in memory of her beloved husband Robert Gibson who departed this life March 24th 1872 aged 82 years.
57.A842In loving memory of James Craigie the beloved husband of Ellen Louttit who died 1st May 1903 aged 32 years. Also their sons John who died 1st Oct. 1894 aged 5 months, William who died 27th Jan. 1902 aged 3 years 6 months.
58.B329Erected by Ellen Marwick in memory of William Marwick who died Jan. 19th 1889 aged 68 years also his wife Ellen Grieve Marwick who died 11 th June 1904 aged 85 years.


No..RR Ref.Inscription
59.See B263Erected by Rebekah Gibson in memory of her beloved daughter Christina Gibson who died Aug. 4th 1860 aged 18 years. Also Ann Gibson wife of John Elphinston, who departed this life 24th July 1929 aged 82 years, died at Mid Cruesday, Frotoft 8th March 1937 aged 84 years.
60.See B263Erected by Rebekah Gibson to the memory of her beloved husband John Gibson who departed this life Oct. 1st 1854 aged 45, and his wife Rebekah Stephenson who died December 18th 1884 aged 70 years. Also James Gibson son of the above who died 22nd November 1922 aged 88 years.
61.See B8Erected by William Louttit in memory of his beloved children Peter who died 21st Feb. 1867 aged 8 years, also Margaret died 27th Feb. 1867 aged 4 years.
62.B322Erected to the memory of John Cormick who departed this life on 5th August 1846 aged 35 years. Also Jane Louttit or Marwick who died 28th September 1885 aged 27 years.
63.B321Erected by Christina Cormack in memory of her beloved husband William Louttit who departed this life April 30th 1873 aged 67 years.
64.See A510Erected in memory of James Stephenson who died 25th May 1872 aged 19 years.
65.B499Erected in memory of his beloved wife Janet Marwick who departed this life August 29th 1860 aged 40 years.
66.See B259Erected by William Meil in memory of his beloved wife Margaret Stephenson who died 21st July 1877 aged 48 years.
67.See B259Erected by James Stephenson in memory of his beloved wife Rebekah Sinclair who departed this life October 29th 1853 aged 70 years.
68.B260In memory of Robert Stevenson tenant of Kirbust Egilshay 1855-1904 who died 17th April 1922 also his wife Margaret Marwick who died 22nd September 1922 and their daughter Rebecca Ann Stevenson or King who died 22nd March 1914.

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