Wasbister Kirkyard


The RR reference numbers used in this document are from the book "Rousay Roots" by Robert C. Marwick

No..RR Ref.Inscription
1.B24In loving memory of James Clouston beloved husband of Annabella Craigie, born at Tou, Rousay, 21st. March 1866, died at Tou, 16th April 1945. Also the above Annabella Craigie, died at Tou, 18th Feb. 1963 aged 90 years
2.See B469Erected by Elizabeth Pearson in loving memory of her brother-in-law Alexander Logie Pearson of Vacquoy, born 29th July 1884, died 13th March 1949.
3.A191In loving memory of James Ian Marwick who died at Cogar 10th March 1981 aged 33 years. "Sadly missed."
4.A767In loving memory of James G. Marwick who died at Westness, 8th Oct. 1969 aged 69 years, beloved husband of Sally Craigie.
5.A156In loving memory of James Craigie Marwick who died at Innister 25th June 1972 aged 57, beloved husband of Isabella Lyon.
6.A398In loving memory of George Sinclair who died at Skatequoy, Rousay, 10th June 1948. Also Hugh Sinclair who died at Balfour Hospital 26th Nov. 1968 aged 62.
7.A285In loving memory of Robert Sinclair who died at Skatequoy, Rousay, 21st June 1945 aged 81 years and also his wife Margaret Jessie Flaws who died at Skatequoy, 2nd Dec. 1954 aged 82 years.
8.A397In loving memory of Ann E. L. Leonard who died 22nd August 1969 aged 84, beloved wife of Robert C. Sinclair.
9.A311Erected to the memory of Mary Ann Inkster, only daughter of William Inkster and Mary Gibson, born at Cogar, Rousay 7th June 1876, died at Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall, 9th September 1947, and of her brother Robert Alexander Inkster born 26th June 1879, died at Cogar 27th March 1950. "Until we meet."
10.See A397Erected in loving memory of our dear son James R. Sinclair who died at Skatequoy 1st Jan. 1939 aged 17 years. "God is love."
11.B312In memory of James Inkster Leonard who died 16th May 1904 aged 49 years and his wife Anne Marwick who died 11th May 1928 aged 72 years also their son James who died 27th May 1904 aged 27 years.
12.A235In memory of Isabella Gibson wife of Hugh Sinclair who died 3rd September 1903 aged 78 years and the above Hugh Sinclair who died 17th July 1909 aged 88 years.
13.See B440Erected in memory of Betsy Clouston who died at Moan 30th June 1931 aged 93 years, widow of William Borwick.
14. In memory of A. A. Robertson died 13 Sept. 1904.
15.B319In loving memory of William Inkster, Farmer, of Cogar, who died 7th Dec. 1906 aged 75 years. His wife Mary Gibson died 20th April 1927. Their son Hugh died 11th Aug. 1927 aged 63. (See entry no. 19)
15a. (Vault but no tombstone)


No..RR Ref.Inscription
15b.B1In memory of David Marwick who died 15 January 1908 aged 77 years and his wife Betsy Clouston who died 26th May 1922 aged 98 years.
16.A821Erected to the memory of James Craigie beloved husband of Isabella Kirkness who died at No. 3 Frotoft 3rd June 1905 aged 81 years, also the above Isabella Kirkness who died at Trumland Farm 18th Jany. 1915 aged 69 years.
17.A262In loving memory of Magnus Kirkness who died 1st June 1905 aged 64 years. Isabella Gibson his wife who died 20th July 1911 aged 60. "Till we meet."
18.See B179Erected in memory of James Gibson Flaws retired seaman died at Lower Hammerfield 3rd July 1904 aged 77 years. Also his sister Margaret Flaws died 3rd April 1928 aged 82 years.
19.A308(Small granite block inscribed) Hugh (See entry no. 15.)
20.B22In memory of Magnus Clouston who died 20th March 1913 aged 87 years and his wife Jane Craigie who died 19th Nov. 1910 aged 82 years.
21.B28Erected by the Leonard family in beloved memory of their father John Leonard who died 12th March 1912 aged 31 years, their mother Annie Gibson who died 2nd Jan. 1926 aged 43 years, also their brother James Marwick Leonard who died 6th Oct. 1908 aged 4 months.
22.See B469Sacred to the memory of Robert Pearson who died at Castlehill, Wasbister, 26th October 1913 aged 40 years.
23.See A772In loving memory of our dear mother Margaret Mowat who died at Garret 5th May 1920 aged 94 years. "Peaceful be thy rest dear mother: Tis sweet to breathe thy name: In life we loved you very dear: In death we do the same."
24. (Stone fallen face downwards.)
25.A815In loving memory of my dear mother Ann Elizabeth Craigie who died at Veira Lodge 30th April 1958 aged 79 years.
26.A822In loving memory of Hugh Craigie, Turbitail who died 9th July 1906 aged 79 years and Ann Gibson his wife who died 3rd April 1907 aged 77 years also their great grandchild John Inkster Craigie son of James and Maggie Craigie who died in infancy.
27.See A821In loving memory of our brother James Craigie, teacher, who died at South Public School, Shapinsay, 19th Dec. 1911. "Till we meet."
28. . In memory of James Cooper died at Cyprus Villa ...... ( Rest of text lost) "Till we meet."
29.A233Erected by Matilda Saunders in memory of her husband John Gibson who died at Langstane, 2nd February 1920 aged 86 years. Also the above Matilda Saunders who died 11th April 1925 aged 76 years.
30.A824In loving memory of Paterson Craigie who died at Veira Lodge, Rousay 13th August 1916 aged 84 years also his wife Mary Craigie who died 1st March 1915 aged 77 years. "Asleep in Jesus."
31.B285In loving memory of my dear mother Janet Marwick or Craigie who died at Turbitail 19th July 1917 also my dear father James Shearer Craigie who died at Corse 13 June 1906 aged 50. Erected by their son.


No..RR Ref.Inscription
32.B351Erected in loving memory of Betsy Inkster who died 23rd April 1917 aged 72 years also her husband John Inkster who died 15th July 1924 aged 83 years.
33.A283In loving memory of John Sinclair who died 13th July 1922 aged 63 years his wife Barbara Gibson who died 1st January 1912 aged 47 years. Also their only daughter Maggie Jessie who died 25th February 1899 aged 11 years.
34.B184In loving memory of James Flaws beloved husband of Mary Marwick who died at Hammerfield, Rousay, 5th July 1935 aged 67 years. Also their son David who fell in action in France 11th April 1917 aged 26 years. The above Mary Marwick who died 2nd. Feb. 1952 aged 80 years. "Until the day dawn and the shadows flee away."
35.A867"God hath appointed a day." Erected by Thomas Marwick in memory of his beloved wife Emily Seatter Craigie who died 19th April 1930 aged 39 years.
36.A810In loving memory of James Craigie, Falquoy, beloved husband of Janet Sinclair who died 1st Dec. 1929 aged 79 years. Also the above Janet Sinclair who died 23rd February 1939 aged 87 years. "At rest."
37.A389Sacred to the memory of John Craigie beloved husband of Anne Seatter Russell who died at Furse 23rd February 1948 aged 73 years, also their sons James William Craigie died in infancy 4th Dec. 1910, John Russell Craigie died 1st Dec. 1925 aged 23 years.
38.See A270In loving memory of James Low beloved husband of Mary Craigie who died at Westness Cottage 9th December 1917 aged 69 years, also the above Mary Craigie who died 31st January 1930 aged 81 years.
39.See B439Erected by Charles Wm. Louttit to the memory of Mary Kirkness his dear wife and beloved daughter of Mrs. Marwick, Grain, who departed this life at Old School House, Westness 29th June 1915 aged 33 years. "Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep: from which none ever wake to weep."
40.See B196In loving memory of a dear mother Betsy Flett who died at Quoyostray on 24th August 1909, aged 80 years, widow of Wm. McKay, Stromness. (This was probably the mother-in-law of B196.)
41.A289Erected in loving memory of Hugh Craigie, Deithe, who died 11th November 1933 aged 67 years, also his wife Margaret Inkster who died 19th November 1947 aged 81 years, also their youngest son Hugh who died 25th November 1961 aged 60 years. "Until we meet."
42.A115In loving memory of John Gibson Marwick who died 1st March 1933 aged 47 years and his wife Anna Logie Craigie who died 13 January 1949 aged 65 years.
43.B476In loving memory of our dear mother Margaret Gibson widow of William Louttit who died at Kirkhall, Rousay, on 17th May 1931 aged 79 years. Also of our brother Willie who died on 27th August 1896 aged 13 years 10 months. "Oh for the sound of a voice that is still."
44.A232Erected in memory of Mary Gibson wife of John Mainland who died 13th July 1925 aged 89 years.


No..RR Ref.Inscription
45.A102In memory of Jessie Marwick beloved wife of David Gibson, Langskaill, died 6th May 1919 aged 46 years. The above David Gibson J.P. died at Avelshay, Rousay, 15th March 1931 aged 62 years.
46.A242In loving memory of David Gibson of Hullion, died 12th February 1920 aged 75 years also his wife Ann Sinclair died 21st March 1919 aged 70 years. "Until He come."
47.B213In loving memory of Peter Yorston who died 15th October 1913 aged 65 years. Also his wife Mary Kirkness who died 9th June 1925 aged 79 years also their children Peter aged 8 years: Jemima Mary aged 5 years. Erected by their family.
48.B371In loving memory of Hugh Inkster of Brittany drowned in Westray Firth on 14th May 1879 aged 29 years. And his wife Eliza Robson Kirkness died at Quoyostray on 20th May 1927 aged 76 years. Erected by their son David James Inkster, Glasgow.
49.B466Erected in loving memory of James Alexander who died at No. 2 Frotoft 12th February 1940 aged 87 years. Also his beloved wife Sarah Ann Marwick who died 17th May 1949 aged 87 years. "At rest."
50.A776In affectionate memory of a faithful and loving wife and mother, Maggie Jessie Flaws dearly beloved wife of James C. B. Craigie and only daughter of James and Mary Flaws, Hammerfield, Rousay, who died at Ravenswood, Quoyloo, 24th March 1938 aged 34 years. "Sometime we'll understand." The above James Craigie who died 18th. March 1977 and their son Francis who died 14th. July 1991
51.A377Erected by James K. Yorston in memory of his beloved wife Isabella Craigie who died 18th July 1937 aged 57 years. Also the above James K. Yorston who died on 4th Feb. 1956 aged 75 years. "Abide with me."
52.A219Erected in memory of Robert Gibson, Langskaill, who died 9th Feb. 1877 aged 77 years, also his wife Robina Irvine who died 27 March 1875 aged 69 years.
53.B367Erected to the memory of David Inkster lawful husband of Janet Gibson. He departed this life Jan. 16th 1864 aged 36 years.
54.B401Erected in loving memory of John Mowat who died 22nd of January 1868 aged 54 years. Also his son John who died 22nd Dec. 1891 aged 26 years. Also Mary C. L. R. Mowat who died at Garret, 11th April 1937 aged 70 years.
55.See B469Erected to the memory of Robert Pearson who departed this life 29th Jan. 1891 aged 45 years. His wife Henrietta Traill Harcus who departed this life 21st April 1934 aged 89 years.
56. Erected by Mary Ann Louttit to the memory of her beloved husband Thomas Louttit who departed this life July 20th 1865 aged 72 years.
57.B7Erected in memory of Gilbert Craigie who died 4th June 1882 aged 62 years. And his wife Jane Gibson who died 24th Feb. 1892 aged 74 years.
58.B196In loving memory of a dear husband and father, Frederick B. Kirkness, Quoyostray, who died 9th Feb. 1896 aged 43 years. Also his wife Betsy Mackay who died 17th March 1935 aged 82 years.


No..RR Ref.Inscription
59. (Local stone slab) Here lies the remains of Sally Costie, spouse of John Leonard who died April 10th 1856 aged 19 years.
60. (Flat stone - no inscription)
61.See B148Erected by Mary Hercus in memory of her beloved husband James Gibson who died 26th August 1866 aged 64 years.
62.A249In memory of Robina Gibson who died 3rd Dec. 1863 aged 20 years. Much regretted and esteemed by all.
63. (Flat vault, no headstone)
64. (Flat vault, no headstone)
65.B343Erected to the memory of James Kirkness who died 3rd Feb. 1885 aged 64 years. And his wife Grace Craigie who died 27th May 1884 aged 63 years.
66.See B196In loving memory of Mary Kirkness who died 12th August 1894 aged 19 years. Also Frederick Kirkness who died 24th Dec. 1898 aged 21 years, dearly beloved children of Frederick and Betsy Kirkness, Quoyostray. Also John Kirkness, farmer, who died 3rd November 1885 aged 68 years and his wife Mary Alexander who died 29 August 1862 aged 47.
67.See B339Erected by James Pearson in memory of his beloved wife Mary Leonard who departed this life June 7th 1876 aged 66 years.
68.A891Erected to the memory of Catherine Craigie lawful wife of Hugh Marwick She departed this life March 22nd 1864 aged 66 years. Hugh Marwick her husband who departed this life August 11th 1883 aged 82 years. James Marwick their eldest son who died August 4th 1852 aged 18 years.
69. (Flat vault, no headstone)
70. (Flat vault, no headstone)
71. (Flat vault, no headstone)
72.A757Erected by their family in loving memory of Hugh Marwick who died 22nd March 1882 aged 56 years. Mary Inkster his wife who died 17th April 1882 aged 47 years. "Weep not for us our children dear: because we died and left you here: Our heavenly Father thought it best: to call us home and give us rest."
73. (Granite stone built into the wall) Sacred to the memory of William Traill Seatter, farmer, Saviskaill, born 22nd August 1827, died 11th January 1890.
74. (Small flagstone set on edge, no inscription)
75A820In loving memory of Margaret Craigie who died 16th Aug. 1876 aged 42 years. Erected by her sorrowing husband and family. And her husband William Craigie died 12th March 1900 aged 79 years, and their son Revd. W. M. Craigie who died at sea 4th Nov. 1878 aged 24 years.


No..RR Ref.Inscription
76.B345In memory of James Inkster, Innister, who died 21st Jan. 1887 aged 88 years and his wife Elizabeth Mowat who died 27th Feb. 1900 aged 79 years.
77.See B440Erected by Betsy Clouston in memory of her beloved husband William Borwick who died 7th Nov. 1897 aged 59 years.
78.See A260Erected by Alex Gibson to the memory of his beloved daughter Ann who died 19th Dec. 1879 aged 17 years.
79.A260Erected in memory of Alexander Gibson who departed this life 13th April 1887 aged 51 years and his wife Margaret Learmonth who died 10th May 1891 aged 55 years.
80.B146In loving memory of John Craigie who died 29th Dec. 1898 aged 67 years and his wife Betsy Louttit who died 21st May 1884 aged 48 years.
81.A297Erected by John and Jane Gibson in memory of their beloved children. James died 27th Feb. 1878 aged 7 years. Alexr. died in infancy.
82.A237In loving memory of John Gibson, Langskaill, died 18th Dec. 1899 aged 68 years and his wife Jane Gibson died 5th August 1910 aged 76 years.
83.A218In memory of George Gibson who died 20th Jany. 1864 aged 67 years. A beloved husband, an affectionate father, and loved by all. "And the Lord said unto Satan: The Lord rebuke thee O Satan: Even the Lord that hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke thee: Is this not a brand plucked out of the fire." "O to grace how great a debtor: Daily I'm constrained to be: Let Thy grace, Lord. like a fetter: Bind my wandering heart to Thee."
84.See A239Erected in loving memory of John Inkster, Cogar, born 11th May 1863, died 20th Sept. 1864. Robert G. Inkster born 3rd April 1869, died 6th Sept 1878. Alexander M. Inkster born 8th Oct. 1873, died 5th Aug. 1878 beloved children of William and Mary Inkster. "Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven."
85.See B163Here lies the remains of Margaret Marwick lawful daughter of George M. Marwick and Marrean Hourston residintar in Rousay. She died 19th Aug. 1831 aged 15 years, beloved by all her friends and died regaled.
86.B421Erected to the memory of Hugh Marwick son of George Marwick and Mary Ann Hourston and husband of Margaret Craigie who departed this life 9th Jan. 1849 aged 33 years.
87.See B163In memory of Mary Ann Hourston wife of George Marwick who died 19th Decr.1856 aged 74 years. Also her husband George Marwick one of the heirs of the estate of Saviskaill who died 1 Feb. 1859 aged 78 years.


No..RR Ref.Inscription
88.See A236 A288In memory of Mary Jane daughter of Hugh Craigie and Ann Gibson who died Nov. 19th 1873 aged 13 years. "Dear is the spot where loved ones sleep: How sweet the strains their spirits pour: O why should we in anguish weep: They are not lost but gone before." Also Lydia Craigie. beloved wife of Robert Gibson who was drowned 11th Oct. 1893 aged 35 years. "Not lost but gone before."
89A979In memory of Ann Mainland the beloved wife of George Gibson who died 6th March 1868 aged 65 years.
90.See A224Erected by D. B. Wood in memory of his wife Anne Gibson who died at Orquil, Rendall August 30th 1890 aged 43 years. "Weep not for me dear friends: For I am in heaven at last: Assembled with the angels, singing of the past: I have no pain or troubles: For my earthly toils are o'er: I am not lost unto you: But only gone before." Deeply we mourn for, and sadly we miss her.
91.A224Erected by Barbara Gibson in memory of her beloved husband John Gibson of Vetquoy who died 7th Sept. 1866 aged 66 years. The above Barbara Gibson died 15th Jany. 1892 aged 80 years.
92. (Stone fallen face down)
93.See A219Erected in memory of Lydia Gibson born 13th Dec. 1831 died 23 May 1867 and Maggie Jessie Gibson born 3rd Feb. 1852 died 20th Jan. 1879. "Tis sweet to think of those at rest: Who sleep in Christ the Lord: Whose spirit now with Him at rest: According to His word."
94. (Fallen stone, face down)

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