Wyre Kirkyard


The RR reference numbers used in this document are from the book "Rousay Roots" by Robert C. Marwick

No..RR Ref.Inscription
1.B186In loving memory of Isabella Scott Flaws who died at Rusness 25th November 1967 aged 94 years. Also William Craigie husband of the above died 1st February 1970 aged 89 years. Also their son James W. Craigie who died at Rusness 21st Dec. 1971 aged 67 years.
2.A909In memory of Frederick K. Craigie died 23rd Oct. 1972 aged 67 years. "At rest."
3.A375In loving memory of David Sinclair, Onzibist, died 16th Oct. 1975 aged 81 years. "At rest."
4.See B188In loving memory of Robina Ann Flaws, beloved wife of Harry Allen, Wyre, died 30th May 1977 aged 67 years. "At rest."
5.See B189In loving memory of Stuart Alex. Flaws infant son of Itha and Edwin Flaws who died on 18th Sept. 1969 aged 2 years 1 month.
6.See B188In loving memory of Alice Haslam who died 7th Feb. 1968 aged 54 years dear wife of Neil Flaws.
7.See B189In memory of Robin infant son of Ian and Margaret Flaws who died 17th June 1966 aged 2 days.
8.B188In loving memory of Magnus Flett Flaws died 18th January 1966 aged 81 years beloved husband of Sarah Muir died 13th Dec. 1968 aged 81 years "At rest."
9.A409In loving memory of Lilla Inkster who died 8th April 1971 aged 65 years dear wife of John Johnston. "At rest."
10.A641Erected by James Hutchinson in memory of his beloved wife Mary Mainland who died 10th March 1881 aged 33 years. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
11.See A936In memory of Mary Mainland wife of the late Magnus Craigie who died 29 Feby. 1880 aged 84 years.
12.A936Erected in memory of Nicol Mainland who died Feb. 1847 aged 74 years and his wife Ann Mainland who died March 1866 aged 83 years.
13.A240In affectionate remembrance of Jane Gibson the beloved wife of David Wood, Rusness, who died 7th January 1876 aged 36 years and Jessie Maggie Haddon their daughter who died 14th March 1876 aged 9 months. "They have gone to bliss before us, but we cannot deem them lost. And thy infant's voice joins the chorus with the ransomed heavenly host."
14.TestaquoyIn memory of John Mainland, farmer, who died 6th August 1900 aged 79 years.
15.See A218In memory of David Gibson lawful son of George Gibson and Ann Mainland who died in Jany. 1844 aged 19 years.


No..RR Ref.Inscription
16.B450Erected by Magnus Mainland in memory of his beloved wife Janet Mainland who died 2 July 1879 aged 61 years. The above Magnus Mainland died 27th July 1891 aged 76 years. Jesus said, 'I am the resurrection and the life. He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.'
17.TestaquoyIn memory of James Mainland who died 16th March 1867 aged 37 years and his wife Isabella Sabiston died 10th November 1925 aged 96 years.
18.A620Erected by John Wood in memory of his beloved wife Isabella Sinclair who died July 12th 1867 aged 38 years.
19.Brothers of John aboveIn memory of Hugh Wood who died August 1 1861 aged 27 years. Also his brother William Wood who died May 18th 1884 aged 42 years, beloved husband of Margaret Robertson.
20.A792   Parents of aboveIn memory of Hugh Wood who died Aug. 20th 1867 aged 68 years. Also Anne Craigie his wife who died Sept. 2nd 1874 aged 67 years and James Wood their son who died Nov. 2nd 1856 aged 19 years. "In heaven at last life's trials past: we'll meet our loved once more, whose feet have trod the path to God."
21. In memory of James Wood who died October 31st 1865 aged 73 years. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
22. (Flat elevated tomb - no inscription)
23.A642Erected to the memory of his beloved wife Lydia Mainland who died January 6th 1885 aged 34 years. "Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep from which none ever wake to weep." "A calm and undisturbed repose, unbroken by the last of foes."
24. . Erected to the memory of James Sabiston who died 6th February 1884 aged 59 years.
25.A615Erected by John Mainland in memory of his beloved wife Mary Sinclair who died 5th of June 1882 aged 63 years. Also the above John Mainland who died 15th June 1892 aged 76 years. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
26.A645Erected in affectionate remembrance of Annie Louttit beloved wife of John Mainland who died Jany. 22nd 1893 aged 29 years. "Home at last thy labour done: safe and blest the victory won."
27. In loving memory of our dear father John Harrold who died 22nd Nov. 1917 aged 59. Also our dear mother Esther Harrold who died 21st Jan. 1917 aged 43. "Asleep in Jesus."
28. . In memory of James Harrold who died 23rd October 1898 aged 23 years. "Not lost but gone before.
29.B545In memory of Margaret Mainland beloved wife of Hugh Harrold who died 6th Feb. 1895 aged 72 years. "A loving wife, a mother dear: asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep." Also the above Hugh Harrold who died 6th Feb. 1915 aged 92 years.
30. . To the memory of James Sabiston who died 30th Decr. 1854 aged 63 years. Also Barbara Craigie wife of the above who died 19 November 1882 aged 86 years.


No..RR Ref.Inscription
31. Erected in memory of John Sebeston who was drowned Jany. 2nd 1861 aged 33 years. Also his son Alexander who died Dec. 17th 1882 aged 23 years. Also wife of the above Mary Corsie who died at Paplay House, Eday 5th May 1908 aged 86 years.
32. Erected in memory of Alexander Sebeston who was drowned Jany. 2nd. 1861 aged 25 years.
33. (Small stone with illegible inscription)
34.See B136Erected by James and Mary Mainland in memory of Isabella their daughter who died July 16th 1876 aged 31 years.
35.See A278In memory of Annabellla Sinclair wife of George Duncan died in Australia 1954.
36.A376In loving memory of John Petrie who died 31st Jan. 1916 aged 31 years. Also his wife Jemima Sinclair who died 22nd Feb. 1960 aged 69 years. "At rest."
37.A269Erected by John and Ann Johnston in memory of their beloved daughter Mary Ann Johnston who died Oct. 17th 1884 aged 19 years. Also Ann Sabiston, mother of above, who died 28th July 1919 aged 82 years. Also John Johnston husband and father of the above who died 16th June 1927 aged 85 years.
38.B19In memory of Ann Craigie, died 26th April 1906 aged 48 years beloved wife of Samuel Craigie died 13th Dec. 1939 aged 88 years. Also their daughter Jemima Jane Craigie died 13th April 1953 aged 74 years.
39.B183Erected by Magnus Flaws in memory of his beloved wife Ann Scott who died 9th Oct. 1910. Also the above Magnus Flaws who died 15 April 1916 aged 73 years.
40.B188Erected by Magnus Flaws in memory of his beloved wife Williamina McKenzie who died 18th Dec. 1916 aged 33 years.
41. Erected by Sarah Muir in memory of her beloved husband Magnus McKenzie who died 13th Feb. 1912 aged 25 years
42. . (Broken cross - inscription illegible)
43. In loving memory of Robina McKenzie who died 18th December 1922 aged 76 years. Also Neil McKenzie husband of the above who died 19th April 1915 aged 80 years.
44.See B183In loving memory of Anabina Scott Flaws who died at Tangety 26th Feb. 1942 aged 72 years. Also Annie I. Flaws who died 3rd June 1973 aged 76 years. "Until the day dawn and the shadows flee away."
45.A286Erected by the family in loving memory of their dear beloved parents David Inkster who died 31st January 1928 aged 66 years, also his wife Isabella Sinclair who died 1st September 1928 aged 62 years, both at Cavit, Wyre.
46. (Replacement stone for no. 53) In loving memory of Janet P. Longbotham, teacher, died 31st. May 1943 aged 63 years.


No..RR Ref.Inscription
47B187In memory of Mary Ann Muir beloved wife of James W. Flaws who died 16th August 1941 aged 56 years. Also the above James W. Flaws who died 12th April 1948 aged 65 years.
48.See A269Erected to the memory of Eliza Mackenzie beloved wife of James Johnston A269 who died 7th Jan. 1943 aged 72 years. Also the above James Johnston who died 17th Feb. 1961 aged 80 years.
49.A910In loving memory of Alexander Craigie, Bu, who died 22nd March 1957 aged 58 years. Also his wife Minnie Inkster who died 10th Jan. 1962 aged 53 years. "At rest."
50.A408Erected by Bertie Learmonth in memory of his beloved wife Violet Inkster who died 21st Jan. 1951 aged 50 years.
51.See A408John Inkster died 28th May 1977 aged 55 years dear husband of Dorothy M. Mainland. Also our son Eric Sinclair died 21st Dec. 1951 aged 10 days.
52.A844Erected by James and Annie in memory of their beloved parents James W. Craigie died 15th October 1962 aged 70 years and Lizzie Craigie died 27th Nov. 1973 aged 78 years. "At rest."
53. (Stone on dyke. See no. 46) In loving memory of a dear friend Janet P. Longbotham died 31 May 1943 aged 63 years.

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