The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland - 1868

[Description(s) from The National Gazetteer (1868)]

"WALLS, (and Flotta) a parish in the South Orkney Isles, coast of Scotland. It is situated on the Pentland Frith, and contains the southern portion of the island of Hoy, extending in length about 7½ miles from N. to S., with an extreme breadth of 6 miles. It is so much indented by Longhope Bay that during the influx of spring-tides it resembles two separate islands. On the bay are a battery and two martello towers, and at Candick Head is a lighthouse. A great portion of the land is in pasture and common. The united parish of Walls and Flotta is in the presbytery of Caviston and synod of Orkney. The stipend of the minister is about £158. There are two parish churches, situated respectively at Walls and Flotta-the former was erected in 1832. There are two parochial schools, besides several others. See Flotta."

"FLOTTA, an island parish embracing the isles of Flotta, Pharay, Little Rysay, Switha, and Flotta Calf, in the South Orkney group, Scotland. Flotta proper lies 2 miles E. of Hoy. It measures 3 miles each way. Its surface is hilly, consisting chiefly of pasture and moorland. It abounds with wild fowl. Here the materials for the "Codex Flotticensis" were gathered at the instigation of the Norwegian government. The coast is extremely rocky but has a good harbour at Panhope, the site of an abandoned salt work. The church of the parish stands on the island."

"PANHOPE, a small harbour on the E. side of Flotta Island, Orkney Islands, coast of Scotland. It lies to the S. of Scalpa. Floe."

"SOUTH PHARAY, an island in the parish of Walls and Flota, Orkney and Shetland Isles, coast of Scotland, 1 mile W. of Hoy Island in Scalpa Flow. It is a quoad sacra parish in conjunction with the parish of Walls. It extends about 2 miles in length, by about 1 mile in breadth.

[Description(s) from The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868)
Transcribed by Colin Hinson ©2003]