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Table of deaths from James Wilson's Register

NameDescriptionMonth and dayYear of death 
Adams, Alexander Sep1846 
Aitchison, Mrssee Mary Stewart 1857 
Aitken, Gilbertfarmer, AdderstoneshielsMay-031832 
Aitken, JohnthatcherMay-201847 
Amos, PeterEarlsideDec-071844 
Anderson, Adammason, Howegateburied Aug 71851 
Anderson, Mrs Agnes May-191850 
Anderson, Robertmason, CrescentFeb-151858 
Anderson, WilliamgloverFeb-221834 
Andison, Mrs Mollywidow of John Kedie, late bakerburied May 111831 
Angus, JohnfarmerSep-291850 
Angus, Mrs Isabella Dec-311846 
Armstrong, Miss AgnesPost OfficeAug-131843 
Armstrong, JohnbakerJan-261828 
Armstrong, L.clogger, aged 75Sep-261860 
Armstrong, Mrs NicolasNewcastletonJul-121850 
Armstrong, RobertprinterJul-071852*
Bailiff, JohnhatterNov-081860 
Ballantyne, Francislate grocerDec-131853 
Beattie, Helenrelict of Joseph Shaw, stockingmakerJul-081856 
Beattie, Waltershepherd, FinglandDec-121835 
Bell, Georgeof MenslawsOct-251859 
Bell, Mrssee Jane Pringle 1842 
Best, JamescarrierNov-221843 
Blake, Mrs MollyCrescentJan-071834 
Blake, ThomasfarmerMay-121844 
Bleakie, GeorgesaddlerSep-131849 
Bleakie, Williamsaddler, Tower KnoweMay-251859 
Blyth, FrancislabourerApr1851 
Blyth, Thomasat WeenslandSep-221854 
Blyth, Walterin Nether Toftsburied Apr 231828 
Blyth. WalterBorthwickshielsMar-181834 
Blythe, MrsSilver StreetFeb-251853 
Boiston, Anthonyinnkeeper, died near NewcastleJul-211861 
Borrowman, GeorgedraperMay-131845 
Brodie, WalterBlack BullMay-301848 
Brown, MrsTower InnFeb-091848 
Brown, MrsBuccleuch StreetJul-231855 
Brown, WilliamTower InnSep-011842 
Buchan, AlexanderframesmithApr-151828 
Buckham, IsabelHowegateFeb 1st or 2nd1829 
Buckham, JameslabourerDec-081831 
Burnet, AlexanderMelroseMar-181859 
Burnet, JanetKirkyardJul-291828 
Burnet, ThomasshoemakerDec-161847 
Burnet, William(Laird)Nov-221828 
Cairns, WilliamHawick MuirAug-261853 
Carmichael, Sir T.G. Dec-131849 
Carmichael, Thomasformerly of Berwick, corn merchant, died at Langnewton Place 9th January, buried at Nisbet, 14th January 1832 
Chisholm, Waltermiller, Reugh-heughDec-021834 
Clark, Robertwriter, JedburghJan-081832 
Cleminson, Waltertailor, Hawick, died at sea on way from Melbourne to LondonMay-051854 
Cockburn, Jessiesee Jessie Scott 1857 
Corbet, Alexander buried May 261831 
Crosby, JohnpainterDec-291831 
Cumming, Catherine March1833 
Cumming, Miss AgnesHowegateNov-151851 
Cumming, Janewidow, HowegateJan 3 or 41832 
Cunningham, Charlesaccountant, GlasgowApr-301861 
Currie, DavidhosierJun-111851 
Darling, Mrs JanetKelsoSep-051860 
Davidson, JamesgrocerOct-031853 
Davidson, JohnblacksmithOct-021857 
Deans, FrancisflesherSep-081851 
Dick, JohnCaversMar-051852 
Dickison, Rev. M.HobkirkMarch1833 
Dickson, A.HassendeanburnFeb-211846 
Dickson, Mrssee Christian Scott 1861 
Dickson, Miss Christian Jan-161850 
Dickson, Jamesof AltonAug1846 
Dickson, Williiam Richardsonof AltonMay-021850 
Douglas, ArchibaldMidshielsJul-121860 
Douglas, JohnshoemakerJan-041834 
Douglas, JohnEssensideAug-241850 
Douglas, Johnshoemaker, HowegateJan-271851 
Douglas, JohnM.D., son of Mrs Douglas of Plenderleith, Roxburghshire, died at SebastopoolJun-101855 
Douglas, Dr John Jan-241861 
Douglas, RobertsurgeonApr-251829 
Douglas, RobertsurgeonNov-251845 
Dryden, GavinFirthOct-211859 
Dryden, Robertfarmer, FirthJun-251848 
Dryden, WalterFirthJan-311854 
Easton, WilliamhairdresserJan-311855 
Eckford, Johnhosier, HawickJun 8 (died at London)1843*
Ekron, Johngrocer, Fore RowMay-241854 
Elliot, Edmund JamesLieut-Colonel 79th RegimentAug-121854 
Elliot, Hon. Johnlate M.P., died at LondonApr-041862 
Elliot, JamesGoldielandsSep-151848 
Elliot, JamesLymiecleuchMay-241850 
Elliot, Jamesof WolfeleeFeb-011855 
Elliot, Johnfarmer, Temple HallNov-221834 
Elliot, Ladyof StobsJun-061850 
Elliot, RobertslaterMay-081849 
Elliot, RolandMacksideMar-101847 
Elliot, WaltershoemakerApr-021827 
Elliot, Williamfarmer, MangertonMay-281842 
Ewen, Andrewmanufacturer, Jedburghautumn1841 
Ewen, AndrewtannerSep-101846 
Ewen, MrsCrescentSep-141831 
Farquhar, PeterneedlemakerDec1847 
Fenwick, Mrs Feb-271849 
Fiddes, ThomasgrocerAug-161853 
Fraser, MissTeviot CrescentNov-041850 
Fraser, RobertdraperAug-121859*
Gladstanes or Scott, Annwidow of late John Scott, hosierFeb-131850*
Goode, Jamestemperance hotel-keeper, High StreetOct-231853 
Goodfellow, Alexander S.HeadshawMar-141851 
Goodfellow, Hughjun.Aug-261829 
Goodfellow, HughTrow MillDec-311847 
Goodfellow, Mrs IsabellaTrow MillOct-291854 
Goodfellow, Mrs JameswrightDec-091830 
Goold, JohnframesmithFeb-121857 
Gotterson, WilliamfarmerMar-091848 
Govanlock, Adamstockingmaker, Langlands DeanMay-211852 
Govenlock, RobertMosspaulJun-121861 
Graham, Dr Feb-161829 
Graham, WalterM.D., BorthaughMar-151858 
Grant, Rev. Williamof CaversSep-261853 
Grierson, Mrswidow of Robert Grierson, bakerMar-101857 
Grierson, RobertbakerAug-301849 
Grieve, GeorgeNorth Toll BarAug-241849 
Grieve, JamesBranxholme BraesJul-201855 
Grieve, Marionwidow, SkelfhillFeb-241860 
Grieve, RobertCrown InnJun-091853 
Grieve, ThomasSkelfhillMay-181848 
Grieve, WalterslaterJun-301856 
Grieve, Walter J.farmer, SouthfieldAug 3 or 41861 
Grieve, WilliamgrocerMay-101851 
Haig, Anthonystockingmaker, LoanJan-261862 
Haldane, Robertwriter, GalashielsJun-231855 
Haldane, Walter ScottSelkirkFeb1847 
Haliburton or Ormiston, Mrs JoannaHowegateJun-291854 
Haliburton, BettyHowegateburied May 51829 
Haliburton, Henry Jan-181832 
Haliburton, Jamesfarmer, HopehouseMar-041852 
Hall, AndrewHassendeanbankJan-221852 
Hardie, Georgehosier, DenholmFeb-041847 
Harrison, JohnstockingmakerJan-181847 
Harrison, Margaretsee Margaret Kennedy 1847 
Hay, Miss AnnCrown InnJan-261848 
Hay, Robertinnkeeper aged 51Jan-151832 
Hay, ThomasmillwrightOct-111851 
Henderson, Rev. MrsEast BankOct-041849 
Henderson, Andrewfarmer, Barnesburied 22nd February1833 
Henderson, JamescarrierFeb-151844 
Henderson, JanetCrosswyndJan-241858 
Henderson, ThomassaddlerDec-241854 
Herriot, ___innkeeper, Black BullMar-231858 
Hessal, Charlesthong makerNov-091859 
Hill, ThomassaddlerSep-131856 
Hislop, JohndraperMar-301842 
Hislop, JohngrocerJan-101853 
Hogg, Andrewsurveyor, Wiltonburied Apr 71856*
Hogg, Johnmason, CrumhaughhillOct-311854 
Hood, MaryBack RowJul-151857 
Hope, JohnGibsnoseAug-161849*
Hope, MaryGibsnoseAug-161849*
Hope, ThomasRoadside or GibsnoseAug1834 
Hope, Williammail guardApr1836 
Houd, Georgecattle droverJul-081848 
Hume, Jamesin ChapelhillFeb1850 
Hume, John Oct-311843 
Inglis, JameswriterJun-111827*
Inglis, WilliamgrocerMay-021851 
Irvine, JanetNewtonFeb-241860 
Jardine, Jamesof ThorlieshopeApr1846 
Kedie, Mrs Sep-101831 
Kedie, Mrssee Molly Andison 1831 
Kedie, Mrs Robertbaker, Silver StreetMar-121856 
Kedie, ThomasbakerOct-011849 
Kenmure, Isabellasee Isabella Mackintosh 1859 
Kennedy or Harrison, Margaret Jun-051847 
Kerr, GideongrocerSep-061843 
Knox, Jamesin WhitlawNov-161856 
Kyle, MissBridge Street, aged 76Apr-151862*
Kyle, JamesEast EndMay-211843 
Kyle, JameshosierMar-211846 
Kyle, JohnmanufacturerFeb-091851 
Laidlaw, Daniel M. Jan-101854 
Laidlaw, JanetDeanOct-051847 
Laidlaw, WilliamgrocerAug-031853 
Laidlaw, WilliammanufacturerNov-091859 
Laidlaw, Williammanufacturer, Teviot Crescent, aged 75May-161861 
Laing, AlexandermanufacturerNov-051850 
Laing or Oliver, Mrs Anniewidow of Archibald Oliver, Denholm MillDec-301857 
Laing, WalterDenholm HillJan-231853 
Lamb, BenjaminstockingmakerJun-111852 
Lamb, WaltercooperFeb-251846 
Laurie, Martha Apr-161847 
Leggat, AlexanderHowdenburnDec-071844 
Leggat, JohnDenholmMarch1833 
Leishman, JamycarrierJan-231833 
Liddle, ThomasgrocerJan-141835 
Little, JamesbakerJan-021853 
Little, ThomasKirktonJan-071845 
Little, WilliamDenholmJan-291852 
Mabon, Johnaccountant, EdinburghJan-141852 
Mackintosh, Mrs Isabella Kenmure orHigh StreetDec-291859 
Main, GeorgeKelsoOct-281857 
Mair, AlexandercarrierJun-081842 
Mair, Mrs Alexander Jul-101847 
Marshall, JohntobacconistAug-061851 
Martin, Rev W.KirktonMay-061857 
Mather, Jamesfarmer, AshybankNov-051826 
Mather, Walter Mar-041840 
McBurnie, S. May-271849 
McBurnie, Mrs S. Jan-131857 
Melrose, JamesmillwrightSep-101853 
Michie, AndrewmasonDec-031854 
Michie, JohnWarehousemanNov-071845 
Middlemas, Catherine Scottwife of Robert Middlemas, gardenerJan-131829 
Miller, AndrewtobacconistMay-121842 
Miller, Andrewtea merchant, LondonAug-171849 
Miller, Miss Christian Oct-191849 
Miller, GeorgejoinerFeb-151849 
Miller, Jamesson of William Miller, LondonFeb-161848 
Miller, Johnson of William Miller, painterJun-031848 
Miller, Margaretrelict of Robert Wilson, shoemakerJul-061852 
Miller, WilliampainterAug-161841 
Minto, Earl of Jul-311859 
Mitchell, James Apr-121850 
Mitchellhill, AlexanderlabourerApr-021850 
Moncrieff, David Nov-251834*
Moncrieff, Miss Marionat 63 High Street, aged 94Apr-171862*
Morrison, Dr WalterGlasgowMay-221852 
Murray, MrsrectorJun-161851 
Murray, JamesdraperDec-091830 
Murray, JamestailorJun1845*
Murray, JamesteacherJan-041853 
Murray, JohntailorDec-041844 
Nichol, AdamTandlawNov1859 
Nichol, Jamesfarmer, LoanJan-231860 
Nichol, Mrs Janewidow of David Renwick, tailorJul-071842 
Nichol, Johnwriter, LangholmNov-301854 
Nichol, Williamson of William Nichol, late hosierApr-011859 
O'Callaghan, JamesbrokerJul-101848 
Ogilvie, Williamfarmer, BroadhaughJun-051830 
Oliver, Mrssee Annie Laing 1857 
Oliver, AndrewauctioneerJan-181857*
Oliver, Bettydaughter of William Oliver (Little Cash)Feb1848 
Oliver, Mrs E.widow of Andrew Oliver, late masonJan-221850 
Oliver, Elizabethsee Elizabeth Purdom 1856 
Oliver, JamesbakerMar-211846 
Oliver, JohnwriterNov-271849 
Oliver, JohnHawick MillDec-231857 
Oliver, Robert("Daft Robbie")Dec-111828*
Oliver, RoberttailorJul-201847 
Oliver, Robert Williamof BurnflatAug-131849 
Oliver, ThomasWilliamsleeJan1830 
Oliver, Thomasfarmer, Lilliesleaffirst week of May1832 
Oliver, ThomasmerchantJul-031833 
Oliver, William JamesbakerOct-061855 
Ormiston, Andrewtown herdDec-101853 
Ormiston, DavidtailorFeb-141856 
Ormiston, Joannasee Joanna Haliburton 1854 
Paterson, HenryweaverMay-141850 
Paterson, RobertWest PortJul-211858 
Patterson, WilliambakerMay-281853 
Pirrie, Margaret Jan-161827 
Pott, Johnof RiggJun-231830 
Potts, GeorgewriterDec-151851 
Pringle, Janespouse of F. BellAug-051842 
Pringle, Janet Nov-161858 
Pringle, RobertlabourerJan-111843 
Pringle, RobertmanufacturerDec-111859 
Pringle, WilliamframesmithDec-091844 
Prowatt, WilliamframesmithMay-301850 
Purdom or Oliver, Mrs Elizabeth Oct-231856 
Purdom, JohnhosierJan1839 
Purdom, WaltertobacconistJan-171851 
Purdom, WilliamhosierJan-291839 
Rae, RobertDovemountSep-191849 
Reid, Jamesfarmer, Heap, his wifeMar1853 
Reid, WaltermasonMay-281844 
Reid, Walterfarmer, AcreknoweJan-171850 
Renwick, Mrssee Jane Nichol 1842 
Renwick, Jane Jun-091846 
Renwick, ThomastailorSep-191841 
Richardson, Adamformerly merchant, died at EdinburghAug-131830 
Richardson, GeorgebakerMar-121842 
Richardson or Wilson, Mrs IsabellaHowegateApr-261861 
Richardson, Jamesfarmer, HawickAug-041830 
Riddell, Charlesof MuseleeDec-111849 
Riddle, WaltertailorFeb-111849 
Riley, William Oct-041850 
Robson, ThomassmithAug-051844 
Rodger, AlexanderwriterSep-011827 
Rodger, WilliamwrightApr-261827 
Rodgie, Rev. AndrewU.P. ministerJan-161860 
Routledge, JohnmerchantJan-051850 
Rule, Georgedyer, Allars CrescentJan-251860 
Rutherford, JamesLongnewtonFeb-121850 
Scott, Mrssee Janet Stewart 1847 
Scott, Mrssee Ann Gladstanes 1850 
Scott, AlexanderKinninghallSep-281853 
Scott, Alexanderof Coldhouse, aged 67Nov1860 
Scott, Andrewspinner, LoneNov-051846 
Scott, Catherinesee Catherine Scott Middlemas 1829 
Scott, Charlesfarmer, MilsingtonOct-141854 
Scott, CharlesweaverMar-171861 
Scott, CharlotteHigh StreetSep-051849 
Scott or Dickson, Mrs Christianrelict of Archibald Dickson, seedsman and bank agentJun-051861 
Scott, Esther Apr-151855 
Scott, GeorgegunsmithMar-121851 
Scott, JamesSilverbuthallNov-021844 
Scott, JamestobacconistOct-231847 
Scott, JamesskinnerSep-091849 
Scott, Jamesfarmer at CrossJan-251851 
Scott, JamesweaverOct-091852 
Scott, Jamesof WhitehaughOct-181852 
Scott, Jamescattle dealer, CrescentJul-181860 
Scott, James Robertof Thirlstane House, CheltenhamApr-171832 
Scott or Cockburn, Mrs JessieWoolwichMay-271857 
Scott, JohnflesherAug-281849 
Scott, JosephsmithApr-171829 
Scott, JosephsmithAug-261849 
Scott, Mrs JosephironmongerDec-221859 
Scott or Stewart, MargaretOrrock PlaceJun-131851 
Scott, Miss MargaretCrossDec-041857 
Scott, RobertTodsawhaughJul-011844 
Scott, Sarah Apr-211855 
Scott, Mrs Thomasjoiner, Buccleuch StreetApr-121849 
Scott, Thomasfarmer, LittlecotSep1842 
Scott, Thomasjoiner, SandbedMar-171843 
Scott, Thomasweaver, Walter's WyndDec-081850 
Scott, ThomasShielswood, aged 70Dec-191858 
Scott, Walterfarmer, LanghopeMay-141848 
Scott, WalterBuccleuch StreetJul-151848 
Scott, Walterfarmer at WiltonburnOct-101853 
Scott, Walterof WauchopeMay1857 
Scott, Mrs William May-071832 
Scott, Williamfarmer, MilsingtonApr-031829 
Scott, William(King)Mar1844*
Scott, WilliamGibsnose (Paddle)Sep-161849 
Scott, WilliamjoinerMay-251857 
Scott, WilliamGirnwoodJan-051857 
Selby, Robertof GavintonAug-031854 
Shaw, JosephstockingmakerFeb-101850 
Shaw, Mrssee Helen Beattie 1856 
Shiel, JamesweaverFeb-101858 
Shortreed, AndrewLanglandsSep-251842 
Shortreed, RobertSheriff-Substitute, JedburghJul-071829 
Sibbald, JohnBorthaughJun-011847 
Simson, WilliamRiccaltonSep-201856 
Smail, Adam Nov-221854 
Stavert, Johnof HoscoteOct-131859 
Stavert, Thomasof HoscoteJan-281847 
Stevenson, Archibald Jul-301847 
Stevenson, Rev. DavidWiltonApr-181851 
Stevenson, WaltermasonNov-291825 
Stewart, Janetwife of Thomas Scott, weaverMay-151847 
Stewart or Aitchison, Mrs MaryOrrock Place, relict of Charles Aitchison, UnthankMay-181857 
Stewart or Wilson, Mrs MargaretHollows, LangholmOct-121851 
Stewart, Margaretsee Margaret Scott 1851 
Tait, GeorgemasonMay-041853 
Tait, WilliamcarrierOct-121833? 
Thomlin, AlexanderslaterApr-011827 
Thomline, JohnstockingmakerMay-311849 
Thomson, MrsEast Bank ManseNov-281853 
Thomson, JamessurveyorMay-121853 
Thorburn, Mrs WilliamHowegateSep-251830 
Tinlin, JohnstockingmakerJan-301844 
Tudhope, Mrs ThomastobacconistJan-261860 
Tudhope, ThomastobacconistJul-091854 
Turnbull, MissBriery-yardsJan-311846 
Turnbull, MrsCrosswyndAug-211849 
Turnbull, Andrewstockingmaker, High StFeb-221838 
Turnbull, AnthonyGlasgowJun1847 
Turnbull, Rev. Gavinaged 32Mar-011832 
Turnbull, JamesweaverMay-131846 
Turnbull, JamesGalalawApr1846 
Turnbull, Miss JanetdressmakerOct-261831 
Turnbull, Johnfarmer, Minto KamesJun-251847 
Turnbull, JohndyerOct-101849 
Turnbull, JohnBranxholmeApr-041854 
Turnbull, JohnSpittalAug-181857 
Turnbull, Mrs Michael Jun-051832 
Turnbull, Robertfarmer, Cross WyndFeb-121843 
Turnbull, ThomasmerchantNov-291828 
Turnbull, ThomasBourtree PlaceApr-181859 
Turnbull, Thomastown crierJul-021861 
Turnbull, WalterGibsnoseAug-241849 
Turnbull, Mrs WilliamCrescentSep1842 
Turnbull, WilliamdraperJul-271847 
Turnbull, WilliamBriery-yardsSep-081852 
Turnbull, Williamtown officerApr-051859 
Turnbull, WilliamgrocerJul-191861 
Waldie, Georgefrom DemeraraApr-241857 
Waldie, Helen May-151851 
Walker, RobertbakerApr-151861 
Wardle, JosephframesmithDec-041848 
Watson, RobertinnkeeperJan-301845 
Watson, WilliammanufacturerJun-081843 
Watson, WilliammanufacturerMay-161849 
Watt, JamesmessengerSep-291844 
Watt, James B.S.S.C.Feb-171854 
Waugh, Andrewtailor aged 44Mar-091832 
Waugh, RobertshoemakerJun 20, buried Hawick Kirkyard 23rd June1833 
Wells, Thomassheriff officerNov-151854 
Wemyss, Marydaughter of Thomas Wemyss, DovemountSep-061855 
Wemyss, Thomasspinner, DovemountJul-101861 
White, AndrewbakerApr-031849 
White, Mrs Anne Jul-081852 
White, JamesGlasgowAug-191849 
White, Johnflesher, Silver StreetSep-301849 
White, JohnjoinerAug-191852 
White, Johngrain dealer, his wifeMay-191859 
White, Mrs Simon Jun-241854 
White, Simonweaver, aged 82Jan-161859 
Willison, Elizabeth  1835 
Willison, Williamgardener, DovemountAug1852 
Wilson, Mrssee Margaret Miller 1852 
Wilson, A.R.druggistAug-161847 
Wilson, AgnesBuccleuch StreetDec-011861 
Wilson, AndrewflesherSep-141849 
Wilson, Mrs GeorgemanufacturerSep-201851 
Wilson, Harriet Oct-171845 
Wilson, J.G. Oct-101850 
Wilson, Jameskeeper of this record (this recorded by someone else)May-231862*
Wilson, Joansister of James Wilson (person keeping register)Oct-181857 
Wilson, Mrs John Feb-181849 
Wilson, JohnMidshielsSep-261857 
Wilson, Margaretsee Margaret Stewart 1851 
Wilson, MaryKilnpathMar-081856 
Wilson, PeterSlitrig BankFeb-261848 
Wilson, PeterKirk StileMay-081862 
Wilson, RichardshoemakerSep-211849 
Wilson, ThomasskinnerSep-121827 
Wilson, ThomasLiverpoolSep-021859 
Wilson, WaltercabinetmakerApr-271847 
Wilson, WalterbakerSep-101849 
Wilson, WilliamhosierJul-241832*
Wilson, WilliamshoemakerMar-231845 
Wilson, Mrs WilliamBuccleuch StreetDec-141855 
Wintrope, JamestailorFeb-221849 
Young, RobertblacksmithAug1846