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"Climate, Fuel, Cultivation, Produce, &c. - The progress of agriculture here has been retarded, by a variety of unfavourable circumstances, the chief of which are the climate and local situation. The weather, as might be expected in the vicinity of high mountains, and at no great distance from the west coast, is in general very wet; which renders the seed time and harvest exceedingly precarious. But the principal disadvantage is the distance from markets and manure. The nearset market town is Dumbarton, about 11 miles from any part of this parich; the next to it is Glasgow, which is at least 18. There is some limestone to be had in the neighbourhood, but of an indifferent quality. it is but little used, as the country affords no proper fuel burning it. The farmers, in general, bring their lime from Kilpatrick, at the distance of 12 or 13 miles. Coals, which of late have been much used, are brought from the same place. Peats and turfs are still, however, the most common fuel; but as is most parts of the parish, they are brought from a distance of several miles, and as they require an uncommon degree of attention in cutting and drying, they are nearly as expensive as coals. The people, in general, have no idea of resting their land; but plow, without intermission, for many successive years, to the great detriment of their farms. The common crops are oats and barley. The barley is chiefly sold to distillers; and the average price is from 16s. to 18s. per boll. Oat meal fells at from 14s. to 16s. per boll."

Parish of Drymen (county of Stirling - Presbytery of Dumbarton - Synod of Glasgow and Ayr) By the Rev. Mr. Duncan MacFarlin Minister of that Parish. (Statistical Account of Scotland 1791-1799)


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