Logie and Lecropt (STI)

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"Miscellaneous Observations" - The abbey of Cambus Kenneth is the only place of antiquity in this parish, where King James III of Scotland was buried. Nigh to this is the Abbey Craig, of considerable height; upon the top of which is to be seen the form of a battery, said to be erected in Oliver Cromwell's time, when he laid siege to the castle of Stirling, but without effect. There is a high conical hill in this parish, called Dunmyatt, from the top of which is to be seen part of 12 counties. About half a mile from the foot of this hill to the north, is a very fine well, which issues from more than 60 springs, that rise through the sand and channel. It is called the Holy Well, and is said to have formerly been resorted to by the Roman Catholics. There are appearances of silver and copper mines in this parish. Some of them have been wrought, but with little profit to the adventurers. The only one that seemed to prove advantageous, was that of the estate of Airthrey, belonging to Mr Haldane,"

Parish of Logie (County of Stirling) By the Rev. Mr James Wright (Statistical Account of Scotland 1791-1799)

"Situation, Extent, Surface &c. - About two thirds of this parish are situated within the county of Perth, and one-third in the county of Stirling. The river Teath bounds it on the south-west, where it meets the Forth and the Allan on the east. The southern point is where the Allan falls into the united streams of the other two. From east to west it extends about 3 miles, and nearly about as much from north to south. It contains about 2000 acres, one-half of which is a rich clay, and the other half upland, or what is generally called dry-field. The clay soil on the south is divided from the upland by a beautiful bank, which crosses the parish almost parallel to the north side, and nearly at one-third of the distance between it and the southern extremity." 

Parish of Lecropt, Presbytery of Dunblane, Synod Perth and Stirling. The Rev. Peter M'Laren, Minister (Statistical Account of Scotland 1845)

This parish is variously known as Logie, Lecropt, Lecroft, Logie and Lecropt, and Logie and Lecroft, and spreads across the counties of Clackmannanshire, Perthshire, and Stirlingshire.



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