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"ARMIDALE, a small fishing village in the county of Sutherland, Scotland, 2 miles to the W. of Strathy. It is situated on the northern coast of the county, and has a safe harbour near Armidale head."

"BEN CLYBRIC, (or Beinchlibrig), the loftiest mountain in Sutherlandshire, Scotland, between the parishes of Lairg and Farr. It is about 3,200 feet in height.

"BONAR, a village in the county of Sutherland, Scotland, 12 miles to the W. of Dornoch. It is situated on the confines of Ross-shire, on the coast of the Dornoch Firth. The Firth is here crossed by a fine bridge of three arches, constructed by Telford. The central arch is of iron, and has a span of 150 feet; the other two are of stone, with a span of about 50 feet each."

"DINART, a river in the county of Sutherland, Scotland. It rises in Loch Dowl, and runs for about 12 miles to Durness Bay, passing through Strathdinart,"

"DORNOCH FIRTH, the estuary of the river Oikell, forming the boundary between the counties of Sutherland and Ross, Scotland. It is the ancient Abona Aestuar. It commences at Bonar Bridge, and extends thence 10 miles S.E. to the Meikle Ferry, with a maximum width of 1 mile, and then goes off to the N.E. for a distance of 133 miles from the Meikle Ferry, where it becomes identified with the North Sea between Tarbetness and Dunrobin Castle. Good harbour accommodation could be provided above the Meikle Ferry, and also below the Little Ferry at the entrance to the Loch of Fleet, but with regard to the former of these localities its usefulness is greatly impaired by the formidable sandbanks called the Geyzin Briggs, which stretch across the firth and greatly impede the navigation."

"EVELICKS, a small river in county Sutherland, Scotland. It abounds in salmon and trout, and falls into Dornoch Firth at Meikle ferry."

"FAROUT HEAD, a bold headland on the E. of Durness Bay, county Sutherland, Scotland, 7 miles E. of Cape Wrath. The rocks rise from 200 to 700 feet high."

"FLEET, a loch in county Sutherland, 4 miles N. of Dornoch and on the coast, is 4 miles by 2, with a ferry to Dunrobin Castle."

"HAA, an islet off the N.W. coast of county Sutherland, Scotland."

"HALLADALE, a river of county Sutherland, Scotland. It rises under Ben Grian, and flowing through Strathhalladale, falls into the sea near Bighoun."

"KINLOCH BERVIE, a quoad sacra parish in county Sutherland, Scotland. It comprises the northern portion of the quondam civilia parish of Edderachillis. It has a Government church with a minister's stipend of £120, and also a Free church."

"KINTRADWELL, an estate and bay in county Sutherland, Scotland, 3 miles N. of Brora."

"KOOMB, (or Neave), an islet off the coast of county Sutherland, Scotland."

"LAOGHAL, a loch in county Sutherland, Scotland, 3 miles S.E. of Kirkboll, It is 3 miles in length by 1 mile broad, and is situated at the head of the river Borgie between the hills Ben Laoghal and Stomine."

"LAX FORD, a salmon-stream, rising in Laxford Stack, county Sutherland, Scotland, 3 miles N.W. of Laxford Loch, which is 5 miles in length by 1½ mile broad."

"LOCH CRAGGIE, a small lake in the northern part of the county of Sutherland, Scotland, 2 miles from Tongue. It abounds in trout, pike, and char. There is also a mountain of the same name near Kildonan."

"MAUL-ELAN, two islets, situated at the entrance of Loch Assynt, on the W. coast of Sutherlandshire, Scotland."

"MERKLAND LOCH, a lake in county Sutherland, Scotland, 8 miles N.E. of Assynt. It is situated on the S.E. border of Eddrachillis, and extends 3 miles in length by 1 mile in breadth, above Loch Shin."

"NAVER, a river and loch in the county of Sutherland, Scotland. The former rises in Loch Maddie, and, flowing through Strath Naver and the loch of the same name, falls into Torrisdale Bay."

"OIKELL, a river of the county of Sutherland, Scotland, rises under Benmore, and, flowing through the glen of Strath Oikell, traces the boundary of Ross-shire, and falls into Dornoch Firth."

"ORD-OF-CAITHNESS, (or Caithness Paps), one of the Morven hills, 1,200 feet high, on the borders of counties Sutherland and Sutherland, Scotland, 2 miles N.E. of Helmsdale. It is situated near the coast, and has been cut through by the Great Northern road."

"SOAY, an island in Loch Inver, county Sutherland, Scotland, 12 miles W. of Assynt."

"STACK, (or Stalk), a small loch under Ben Stalk, county Sutherland, 6 miles E. of Scowrie."

"STRATHMORE, the vale of the river More, county Sutherland, Scotland."

"TORR, (or Bighouse), a hamlet, near Port Skerry, county Sutherland, Scotland."

Description(s) from The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868)