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Help and advice for Graveyards, Burial Grounds and Cemeteries in Wigtownshire

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Graveyards, Burial Grounds and Cemeteries in Wigtownshire

Full details of each cemetery can be found on the relevant parish pages.

Cemetery Address Location Parish & details
Cairnryan cemetery On the A77 north of Cairnryan village grid ref. NX 062689, GPS: 54.976964, -5.029737 Inch
Challoch Episcopal Churchyard On A714, 3 miles north of Newton Stewart grid ref. NX 385674, GPS: 54.9757, -4.5246 Penninghame
Clachan of Penninghame (Penninghame Old Parish Church Burying Ground) About 3 miles south of Newton Stewart grid ref. NX 412612, GPS: 54.920663, -4.47974 Penninghame
Cruggleton Church On the B7063 just north of Palmallet Farm grid ref. NX 478428, GPS: 54.757086,-4.366776 Sorbie
Ervie-Kirkcolm Churchyard and cemetery extension Church Road, Kirkcolm grid ref. NX 026686, GPS: 54.973507, -5.083998 Kirkcolm
Glasserton Churchyard Glasserton grid ref. NX 421380, GPS: 54.713054, -4.452637 Glasserton
Glenjorrie Cemetery North Street, Glenluce grid ref. NX 199578, GPS: 54.882748,-4.808364 Old Luce
Glenluce Cemetery extension To the north of the Old Churchyard, Church Street, Glenluce grid ref. NX 196575, GPS: 54.879369, -4.812634 Old Luce
Inch New Churchyard On the A75 about 1 mile NW of Castle Kennedy village grid ref. NX 100602, GPS: 54.901200, -4.964200 Inch
Inch Old Parish Churchyard On the shore of White Loch, in private ground, just off the main drive to Lochinch Castle grid ref. NX 102608, GPS: 54.906783, -4.961867 Inch
Kirkcolm Old Churchyard Off Main Street, Kirkcolm grid ref. NX 030688, GPS: 54.975240, -5.078908 Kirkcolm
Kirkcowan Churchyard Kirkcowan village grid ref. NX 329605, GPS: 54.911637, -4.607708 Kirkcowan
Kirkinner Cemetery Off Main Street, west of the village grid ref. NX 421512, GPS: 54.830867, -4.459409 Kirkinner
Kirkinner Churchyard - St Kennera's Church Kirkinner grid ref. NX 423514, GPS: 54.833254, -4.456598 Kirkinner
Kirkmadrine (ancient church) North of Garlieston, in a field off the B7004 grid ref. NX 475482, GPS: 54.805453,-4.374028 Sorbie
Kirkmadrine Church 1.5 miles south-west of Sandhead grid ref. NX 080483, GPS: 54.793500, -4.987800 Stoneykirk
Kirkmaiden Old Church and churchyard Off the A747, near St Medan Golf Club grid ref. NX 365399, GPS: 54.727960, -4.539682 Glasserton
Kirkmaiden Old Parish Churchyard & cemetery extension Kirkmaiden village grid ref. NX 124369, GPS: 54.692300,-4.911500 Kirkmaiden
Leswalt Cemetery Bridge of Aldouran, Leswalt grid ref. NX 015639, GPS: 54.930119, -5.098853 Leswalt
Leswalt Old Parish Churchyard Leswalt village grid ref. NX 015638, GPS: 54.929810,-5.098448 Leswalt
Mochrum Churchyard and extension Mochrum grid ref. NX 347463, GPS: 54.785134, -4.571482 Mochrum
New Luce Cemetery At the north end of New Luce village grid ref. NX 174649, GPS:54.791463, -4.429668 New Luce
New Luce Churchyard Main Street, New Luce grid ref. NX 175645, GPS:54.945549,-4.852883 New Luce
Newton Stewart Cemetery St Couan's Road, Newton Stewart grid ref. NX 403648, GPS: 54.95189,-4.49505 Penninghame
Newton Stewart Old Churchyard Church Street, Newton Stewart grid ref. NX 409653, GPS: 54.9570, -4.4852 Penninghame
Newton Stewart, Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady and St Ninian Churchyard Windsor Road, Newton Stewart grid ref. NX 409658, GPS: 54.961676,-4.486711 Penninghame
Old Luce Churchyard Church Street, Glenluce grid ref. NX 196574, GPS: 54.8790, -4.8120 Old Luce
Portpatrick Cemetery Merrick Terrace, Portpatrick grid ref. NX 004545, GPS: 54.84608, -5.109361 Portpatrick
Portpatrick Churchyard St Patrick Street, Portpatrick grid ref. NW 999542, GPS: 54.842645, -5.116686 Portpatrick
St Catherine's Croft (ancient church) off the B7041 south of Drummore grid ref. NX 138324, GPS: 54.652596,-4.886931 Kirkmaiden
St. Ninian's Chapel - The Old Kirk of Cruives (ancient church) On A714, 6 miles north of Newton Stewart grid ref. NX 377706, GPS: 55.003987,-4.537927 Penninghame
Sheuchan Cemetery and extension Leswalt High Road, Stranraer grid ref. NX 055609, GPS: 54.905071,-5.034195 Stranraer
Sorbie New Cemetery Reiffer Park Road, Sorbie grid ref. NX 439464, GPS: 54.788488, -4.428654 Sorbie
Sorbie Old Churchyard Main Street, Sorbie grid ref. NX 438468, GPS: 54.791463, -4.429668 Sorbie
Soulseat Burial Ground On the site of Soulseat Abbey, in private ground on the shore of Soulseat Loch grid ref. NX 101587, GPS: 54.887262, -4.962414 Inch
Stoneykirk Cemetery On the A716 just north-west of Stoneykirk village grid ref. NX 086533, GPS: 54.837786, -4.982734 Stoneykirk
Stoneykirk Churchyard Stoneykirk village grid ref. NX 088532, GPS: 54.837300, -4.977500 Stoneykirk
Stranraer Dalrymple Street burial ground Dalrymple Street, Stranraer grid ref. NX 062606, GPS: 54.902969,-5.023410 Stranraer
Stranraer Glebe Cemetery Moorefield. Stranraer grid ref. NX 052604, GPS: 54.900278,-5.040128, Stranraer
Stranraer Ivy Place churchyard London Road, Stranraer grid ref. NX 064606, GPS: 54.9029,-5.020854 Stranraer
Stranraer Old Parish Churchyard Church Street, Stranraer grid ref. NX 059608, GPS: 54.904269,-5.028310 Stranraer
Stranraer Relief Church Burial Ground Bridge Street, Stranraer grid ref. NX 060607, GPS: 54.903801,-5.026878 Stranraer
Stranraer Thistle Street burial ground Thistle Street, Stranraer grid ref. NX 063608, GPS: 54.904384,-5.02323 Stranraer
Whithorn St Ninian's New Cemetery St John Street, Whithorn grid ref. NW 444404, GPS: 54.734195,-4.416574 Whithorn
Whithorn St Ninian's Old Churchyard Bruce Street, Whithorn grid ref. NW 443404, GPS: 54.733566,-4.417588 Whithorn
Wigtown Churchyard Church Lane, Wigtown grid ref. NX 436555, GPS: 54.870000, -4.439100 Wigtown
Wigtown Park Cemetery On the A714 about half a mile south of Wigtown grid ref. NX 428546, GPS: 54.861817,-4.449559 Wigtown
Wigtown Top Cemetery [sometimes called Wigtown High Cemetery] Jubilee Terrace, Wigtown grid ref. NX 430556, GPS: 54.870532, -4.448133 Wigtown