Where in Wigtownshire is .......?


This list gives 1200 place names in Wigtownshire and the parish(es) in which they can be found. Once you have located the parish, go to the relevant parish page where a link to Places in .... parish takes you to a selection of online historical and modern maps.

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This list is complied from various sources. Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

Back of the Wall OldLuce parish
Backbraes Whithorn parish
Backmoor Mochrum parish
Bailliewhirr Whithorn parish
Balcarry OldLuce parish
Balcraig Moor Glasserton parish
Balcraig, Big Glasserton parish
Balcray, High Whithorn parish
Balcray, Low Whithorn parish
Baldoon Airfield Kirkinner parish
Baldoon Mains Kirkinner parish
Baldoon, Crook of Kirkinner parish
Baldoon, East & West Mains of Kirkinner parish
Baldoon, Moorpark of Kirkinner parish
Balfern, North Kirkinner parish
Balfern, South Kirkinner parish
Balgowan Kirkmaiden parish
Balgown Kirkcolm parish
Balgracie Leswalt parish
Balgrennan Stoneykirk parish
Balker Inch parish
Ballaird Kirkinner parish
Ballochadee Kirkcowan parish
Ballochalee Stoneykirk parish
Balmeg Wigtown parish
Balmesh OldLuce parish
Balminnoch Kirkcowan parish
Balmurrie NewLuce parish
Balnab Inch parish
Balnab Whithorn parish
Balneil NewLuce parish
Balscalloch, East Kirkcolm parish
Balscalloch, West Kirkcolm parish
Balsier Sorbie parish
Balsmith, Meikle Whithorn parish
Baltersan Penninghame parish
Baltersan Cross Penninghame parish
Baltersan, High Penninghame parish
Baltersan, Low Penninghame parish
Baltier Sorbie parish
Balwherrie Kirkcolm parish
Balyett, High Inch parish
Balyett, Low Inch parish
Bankfield OldLuce parish
Bankhead Inch parish
Bankswell Kirkcolm parish
Barbeth, High Kirkcolm parish
Barbeth, Low Kirkcolm parish
Barbuchany Penninghame parish
Barbuchany, High Penninghame parish
Barfad Kirkcowan parish
Barfad, Ring of Kirkcowan parish
Barglass Kirkinner parish
Barhapple Kirkcowan parish
Barhaskine OldLuce parish
Barhill Farm Stoneykirk parish
Barhoise Farm Kirkcowan parish
Barhoise Mill Kirkcowan parish
Barhullion, Fell of Glasserton parish
Barlae Kirkinner parish
Barlae OldLuce parish
Barlaughlan Penninghame parish
Barlaughlin Bridge Penninghame parish
Barledziew Sorbie parish
Barlennan Kirkcowan parish
Barlockhart OldLuce parish
Barlure NewLuce parish
Barmeal Glasserton parish
Barmeal, High Glasserton parish
Barmore Kirkcowan parish
Barmore, High Stoneykirk parish
Barmore, Low Stoneykirk parish
Barnbarroch Kirkinner parish
Barnchalloch Stoneykirk parish
Barncorkrie Kirkmaiden parish
Barnean Penninghame parish
Barnean Penninghame parish
Barnearie Kirkcowan parish
Barneight Kirkcowan parish
Barness, High Kirkinner parish
Barness, Low Kirkinner parish
Barnharrow Kirkcowan parish
Barnhills Kirkcolm parish
Barnhills, Old Kirkcolm parish
Barnkirk, North Penninghame parish
Barnkirk, South Penninghame parish
Barnsallie OldLuce parish
Barnshangan NewLuce parish
Barnsladie Kirkcowan parish
Barnultoch, High Inch parish
Barnultoch, Low Inch parish
Barnultoch, Mid Inch parish
Barnvennan Penninghame parish
Barquhill Kirkcowan parish
Barr, Moor Park of, House Penninghame parish
Barr, Carse of Penninghame parish
Barr, East Mochrum parish
Barr, Moor Park of Penninghame parish
Barr, Nether Penninghame parish
Barr, Upper Penninghame parish
Barr, West Mochrum parish
Barrachan Penninghame parish
Barrachan Home Farm Mochrum parish
Barrachan Mains Mochrum parish
Barraer Penninghame parish
Barrhill Farm Penninghame parish
Barsalloch Penninghame parish
Barsalloch, Mid Mochrum parish
Barsalloch, North Mochrum parish
Barsalloch, South Mochrum parish
Barscarrow Stoneykirk parish
Barskeoch Kirkcowan parish
Barsolus Inch parish
Bartrostan Penninghame parish
Barvernochan Kirkinner parish
Barwhanny Kirkinner parish
Barwhirran Penninghame parish
Barwhirran Croft Penninghame parish
Barwinnock Glasserton parish
Baryerroch Kirkinner parish
Bean Portpatrick parish
Belgaverie Kirkcowan parish
Bell Knowe Penninghame parish
Belvidere Stoneykirk parish
Benfield Penninghame parish
Beoch Inch parish
Beoch Penninghame parish (in Bargrennan registration district from 1865)
Bessie Yon Glasserton parish
Big Balcraig Glasserton parish
Bine Kirkcolm parish
Bing Kirkinner parish
Bishop Burn Wigtown parish
Bishopton Whithorn parish
Bishopton, High Whithorn parish
Bishopton, Low Whithorn parish
Blackhill OldLuce parish
Blackhill Croft Penninghame parish
Blackpark Leswalt parish
Blackpark Penninghame parish
Blackpark Wigtown parish
Blackquarter Penninghame parish
Bladnoch Wigtown parish
Bladnoch Bridge Kirkinner parish
Bladnoch, Grange of Penninghame parish
Blair, Inner Stoneykirk parish
Blair, Low Sorbie parish
Blair, Outer Stoneykirk parish
Blairbuie (Blairbuy) Glasserton parish
Blairderry OldLuce parish
Blairmakin Kirkinner parish
Blairshannoch Kirkinner parish
Bog End Stoneykirk parish
Bogside Stoneykirk parish
Bones Plantation Stoneykirk parish
Bonny Braes Inch parish
Boreland Kirkcowan parish
Boreland of Longcastle Kirkinner parish
Boreland, High Inch parish
Boreland, High OldLuce parish
Boreland, Low Inch parish
Boreland, South OldLuce parish
Borrowmoss Wigtown parish
Botany Stoneykirk parish
Boyach (Buyoch) Whithorn parish
Brae Mochrum parish
Braehead Kirkinner parish
Bridge Mill OldLuce parish
Bridgebank Inch parish
Bridgehouse Whithorn parish
Bridgend Penninghame parish (in Bargrennan registration district from 1865)
Broadfield Wigtown parish
Broadwigg Whithorn parish
Broch, The Kirkinner parish
Brockloch Penninghame parish
Broompark OldLuce parish
Broompark Whithorn parish
Broughton Mains Whithorn parish
Broughton Skeog Whithorn parish
Brownhill Sorbie parish
Burgess Croft Leswalt parish
Burgess Outon Whithorn parish
Burnbank Kirkinner parish
Burnfoot Inch parish
Burnfoot Bridge Inch parish
Burrow Head Whithorn parish
Bysbie Cottage Whithorn parish