Where in Wigtownshire is .......?


This list gives 1200 place names in Wigtownshire and the parish(es) in which they can be found. Once you have located the parish, go to the relevant parish page where a link to Places in .... parish takes you to a selection of online historical and modern maps.

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This list is complied from various sources. Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

Cable House Leswalt parish
Cailliness (Cailiness) Kirkmaiden parish
Cairn, North Kirkcolm parish
Cairn, South Kirkcolm parish
Cairnbowie Kirkcolm parish
Cairnbrock, Little Kirkcolm parish
Cairnbrock, Mains of Kirkcolm parish
Cairndoon Glasserton parish
Cairndoon Bank Glasserton parish
Cairndoon, Low Glasserton parish
Cairndrain Kirkmaiden parish
Cairnerzean Inch parish
Cairnfield Kirkinner parish
Cairngaan, East Kirkmaiden parish
Cairngaan, West Kirkmaiden parish
Cairngarroch Kirkmaiden parish
Cairngarroch Stoneykirk parish
Cairngarroch Croft Stoneykirk parish
Cairngarroch Farm Stoneykirk parish
Cairngarroch, West Stoneykirk parish
Cairnhandy Stoneykirk parish
Cairnhead Whithorn parish
Cairnhill Sorbie parish
Cairnhill Stoneykirk parish
Cairnhouse Wigtown parish
Cairnpat Portpatrick parish
Cairnryan Inch parish
Cairnryan Cemetery Inch parish
Cairnside Kirkcolm parish
Cairnweil, East Stoneykirk parish
Cairnweil, South Stoneykirk parish
Cairnweil, West Stoneykirk parish
Caldons Park Stoneykirk parish
Caldons, Mains of Stoneykirk parish
Caldonshills Stoneykirk parish
Calf Park Stoneykirk parish
California Whithorn parish
Camford Kirkinner parish
Campbells Croft OldLuce parish
Camrie OldLuce parish
Cardryne Kirkmaiden parish
Carleton Glasserton parish
Carleton Port Glasserton parish
Carscreugh OldLuce parish
Carscreugh Croft OldLuce parish
Carse of Barr Penninghame parish
Carse of Clary Penninghame parish
Carsebuie Kirkcowan parish
Carseduchan, High Mochrum parish
Carseduchan, Low Mochrum parish
Carsegowan Wigtown parish
Carsenestock Penninghame parish
Carseriggan Kirkcowan parish
Carslae Wigtown parish
Carty Farm Penninghame parish
Carty Port Penninghame parish
Castle Penninghame parish
Castle Clanyard Kirkmaiden parish
Castle Feather Whithorn parish
Castle Kennedy (ancient) Inch parish
Castle Kennedy House Inch parish
Castle Kennedy Village Inch parish
Castle Loch Mochrum parish
Castle of Park OldLuce parish
Castle Sinniness OldLuce parish
Castle Stewart Penninghame parish
Castle, Meikle Penninghame parish
Castlemoor Kirkmaiden parish
Castlewigg Castle Whithorn parish
Castlewigg Farm Whithorn parish
Castlewigg Hotel Whithorn parish
Catyans Whithorn parish
Cauld Hame Kirkmaiden parish
Cauld Hame Portpatrick parish
Caulside Whithorn parish
Causeway End Penninghame parish
Challoch Leswalt parish
Challoch Stoneykirk parish
Challoch Church Penninghame parish
Challoch Farm Penninghame parish
Challoch, East OldLuce parish
Challoch, High Leswalt parish
Challoch, Upper, & Glenpark Leswalt parish
Challoch, West OldLuce parish
Challochblown Plantation, North Glasserton parish
Challochblown Plantation, South Glasserton parish
Challochglass Mochrum parish
Challochglass Moor Mochrum parish
Challochglass Moss Mochrum parish
Challoch-hill Portpatrick parish
Challochmunn OldLuce parish
Changue Mochrum parish
Chapel Outon Whithorn parish
Chapel Rossan Kirkmaiden parish
Chapelheron Whithorn parish
Chapman Kirkinner parish
Cherry Valley Glasserton parish
Chilcarroch Mochrum parish
Chippermore Mochrum parish
Chlenry Inch parish
Chlenry, Low Inch parish
Clachan Kirkcolm parish
Clachan Hill Farm Kirkcolm parish
Clachan of Myrton Mochrum parish
Clachan of Penninghame Penninghame parish
Clachan, High Kirkcolm parish
Clachanmore Stoneykirk parish
Clachanmore, High Stoneykirk parish
Clachanmore, Low Stoneykirk parish
Clachanpluck Inch parish
Claddy House Inch parish
Clantibules Mochrum parish
Clanyard Mill Kirkmaiden parish
Clanyard, Castle Kirkmaiden parish
Clanyard, Low Kirkmaiden parish
Clary Penninghame parish
Clary, Carse of Penninghame parish
Clashmahew Inch parish
Clauchaneasy Penninghame parish (in Bargrennan registration district from 1865)
Clauchrie Kirkinner parish
Clauchrie Wigtown parish
Claunch Sorbie parish
Claycrop Kirkinner parish
Claymoddie Glasserton parish
Clayshant Stoneykirk parish
Clendrie Kirkcolm parish
Clone, High Mochrum parish
Clone, Low Mochrum parish
Closes Croft Kirkcowan parish
Clugston Kirkcowan parish
Clutag, High Kirkinner parish
Clutag, South Kirkinner parish
Cock Inn OldLuce parish
Colfin Portpatrick parish
Colfin Creamery Portpatrick parish
Colfin Smoke House Portpatrick parish
Common Park Whithorn parish
Coreholm Mill Kirkmaiden parish
Corhulloch Mochrum parish
Corner House Cottage Inch parish
Corse Head OldLuce parish
Corsemalzie Mochrum parish
Corsewall Castle Kirkcolm parish
Corsewall House Kirkcolm parish
Corsewall Lighthouse Kirkcolm parish
Corsewall Mill Kirkcolm parish
Corwall Mochrum parish
Corwar Sorbie parish
Corwar Outon Whithorn parish
Cotland Wigtown parish
Cowans Kirkmaiden parish
Cowend Portpatrick parish
Craichmore Leswalt parish
Craichmore, Hillhead of Leswalt parish
Craig OldLuce parish
Craig Whithorn parish
Craigbirnoch NewLuce parish
Craigcaffie Inch parish
Craigcaffie, High Inch parish
Craigcroft Glasserton parish
Craigdhu Glasserton parish
Craigeach Mochrum parish
Craigeach Moor Mochrum parish
Craigencrosh Stoneykirk parish
Craigencross Leswalt parish
Craigendous Mochrum parish
Craigenholly OldLuce parish
Craigenlee Portpatrick parish
Craigenlee Croft Portpatrick parish
Craigenquharroch Portpatrick parish
Craigenveoch OldLuce parish
Craighalloch Moor Mochrum parish
Craighlaw Mains Kirkcowan parish
Craighlaw Mains Kirkcowan parish
Craiglemine Glasserton parish
Craiglemine, Low Glasserton parish
Craignarget OldLuce parish
Craigoch NewLuce parish
Craigslave Portpatrick parish
Crailloch Mochrum parish
Crailloch Portpatrick parish
Crailloch Croft Portpatrick parish
Crammag Head Kirkmaiden parish
Cree, Cruives of Penninghame parish
Cree, Grange of Penninghame parish
Cree, Moss of Penninghame parish
Creechan Kirkmaiden parish
Creechan Park Kirkmaiden parish
Crews OldLuce parish
Croach, High Inch parish
Crook of Baldoon Kirkinner parish
Crosherie, East Kirkcowan parish
Crosherie, West Kirkcowan parish
Crows (Crouse) Kirkinner parish
Crows Moor Kirkinner parish
Cruggleton Castle Sorbie parish
Cruggleton Church Sorbie parish
Cruggleton Farm Sorbie parish
Cruise NewLuce parish
Cruives of Cree Old Kirk - St Ninians Penninghame parish
Crungle (Crungie) Penninghame parish
Culbae Kirkinner parish
Culbratten Penninghame parish
Culderry Sorbie parish
Culgarvie Kirkinner parish
Culgrange Inch parish
Culgroat, High Stoneykirk parish
Culgroat, North Stoneykirk parish
Culhorn Mains Inch parish
Culhorn Parks Inch parish
Culkae, East Sorbie parish
Cullach Penninghame parish
Cullerpattie Inch parish
Culmalzie Kirkinner parish
Culmore Stoneykirk parish
Culnoag Sorbie parish
Culquhasen OldLuce parish
Culquhirk Wigtown parish
Culreoch Inch parish
Culroy OldLuce parish
Culscadden Sorbie parish
Culshabbin Schoolhouse Mochrum parish
Cults Inch parish
Cults Sorbie parish
Culvennan, East Kirkcowan parish
Culvennan, West Kirkcowan parish
Cunningham Wigtown parish
Cupid Hill Mochrum parish
Curghie, High Kirkmaiden parish
Curghie, Low Kirkmaiden parish
Curghie, Mid Kirkmaiden parish
Currochtrie, High Kirkmaiden parish
Currochtrie, Low Kirkmaiden parish
Currochtrie, Mid Kirkmaiden parish
Cutcloy Whithorn parish
Cutreoch Whithorn parish